16×18 Tennis Racket Buying Guide 

16x18 Tennis Racket
16×18 Tennis Racket

Last updated on October 1st, 2022

In this 16×18 tennis racket buying guide, we’ll cover topics such as – 

  • the types of rackets available,  
  • the benefits of Graphene technology, and  
  • how cost influences performance.  

Moreover, we’ll explore the differences between the natural and synthetic gut, as well as how string tension affects performance. 

Tight StringsLoose StringsBalanced
BenefitsA more condensed feel when contacting the ball, better grip of the ball in contact.Greater ‘trampoline’ effect when striking the ballA tradeoff between power and control
For:Those who feel insecure in their techniqueThose who want to maximize powerEveryone
Tight vs Loose tennis strings
Open PatternClosed Pattern
Examples18×19,16×19, 16×1818×20, 18×19, 18×18
BenefitsSpin friendliness, more powerBetter control, more confidence in your shots
PopularityVery commonCommon
Suits ForPlayers looking for precision and ease in producing spinBetter focus and higher predictability of the trajectory of the ball
Tennis string pattern closed vs open comparison chart
  1. Introduction 

Buying a 16×18 tennis racket can be a challenging process, but a little research will ensure you’re getting a quality racket for your money.  

Firstly, determine the size of your hands. For this, measure the distance between the tip of your ring finger and the second line on your palm. Once you’ve calculated this distance, you’ll be able to choose an ideal grip size for your hand. 

Yonex Ezone 100 VsYonex Vcore 100

Another important consideration when choosing a racquet is the string pattern. A 16×18 tennis racket with an open string pattern will have a softer response than a racket with a closed-string pattern.  

This type of racquet tends to feature softer polyester strings. Some examples of rackets with this pattern include the Head Speed Pro 2022, Wilson Blade 98, and Tecnifibre TF40. 

In addition to power, other essential factors include control and maneuverability. Different players need different levels of power and control.  

For example, a defensive player needs a racket with less power, whereas an aggressive player will need one that provides maximum control and maximum power. 

Besides the frame, the string pattern is equally important. If you want to generate power, a racket with an open string pattern will produce more spin.  

You should experiment with different string patterns to determine what suits you best. Alternatively, you can consult a tennis pro to find out what type of string pattern is best for you. 

Another consideration is the string gauge. Open strings have more string elasticity, while those with tighter strings have better spin.  

However, the more string gauge you choose, the more durability your racket will have. Moreover, they are less likely to send shock waves up your arm. 

[Racket Comparison] Wilson Blade Vs Pro Staff

The sweet spot of a 16×18 tennis racket is typically larger than those with a larger frame. This allows you to maintain longer strokes and improve your technique.  

Its weight is also more compact, weighing just nine ounces, and it features a 115-square-inch head. Depending on your needs, a 16×18 tennis racket may be better for you than a 14×16 one. 

When buying a 16×18 tennis racket, it’s essential to choose the type of string you need for your racquet. For a beginner, it would be helpful to find out the recommended string tensions for new players.  

For intermediate players, a multifilament string is recommended, while a polyester string is best for advanced players. 

Headlight balance is an important consideration when selecting a racquet. Headlight balance allows you to swing harder and longer, and it also helps you get more power.  

This type of string pattern helps you control the ball and maximize your control. 

  1. Graphene technology improves performance 

Graphene is a thin sheet of carbon, one atom thick, that extends in two dimensions. It offers superior electrical conductivity, mechanical strength, and optical purity.  

The use of Graphene in a tennis racquet improves its overall performance. Graphene improves swing weight and maneuverability and allows players to hit harder, more powerful shots. This technology also enhances touch, allowing for greater control of the ball. 

How To Ship Tennis Rackets?

The Head Youtek Radical series, used by Andy Murray, received a significant boost in performance when Graphene was introduced to its rackets. The new Graphene Radical Pro offers players control, spin, and power.  

  1. The synthetic gut is cheaper than the natural gut 

A synthetic gut is a cheaper alternative to a natural gut. However, it isn’t as durable and may become brittle quickly. While this material is a good option for beginners, seasoned players might prefer a natural gut racket. 

If you’re a beginner, the synthetic gut may be a better option because of its cheaper price tag. However, if you’re looking for a natural gut racquet, you’ll want to consider a pre-strung racquet with high-quality natural gut strings.  

It’s also important to remember that cheap pre-strung racquets typically come with inexpensive nylon strings. These strings are not as durable as the ones used in tournaments. 

Natural gut strings are the most expensive option, but they’re also the most comfortable. Natural gut is the best option for heavy top spinners and string breakers, as it provides the best mix of power, feel, and comfort.  

However, natural gut is more expensive than synthetic gut, so it’s essential to know which is right for you. 

The synthetic gut is cheaper than the natural gut for the mains and serves the same purpose. Still, it doesn’t have as much durability as a natural gut, and it needs to be restrung more often. The synthetic gut also has a softer feel and reduces power. 

Are Tennis Rackets Allowed On Planes? With A Detailed Table

Synthetic gut strings are less expensive than natural gut, but they are not as durable as natural gut.  

However, synthetic gut strings are generally better for beginners and are more affordable than natural gut. Synthetic gut strings are not for all players, and you should be sure you choose the right one for your needs. 

Synthetic gut strings last between 10 and 20 hours, depending on the quality. Lower-quality synthetic strings break down more quickly, which can lead to uneven string breaks and inconsistent performance. Therefore, it’s better to use a natural gut when playing in a tournament. 

Multifilament strings are a cheap alternative to natural gut, but they don’t provide the same feel and performance.  

A multifilament string mimics the natural gut by incorporating hundreds of microfilaments and covering them with a durable cover. Because these strings are made of synthetic fibers, they are a more affordable alternative. 

  1. String tension affects performance 

Choosing the proper string tension can make all the difference when playing a tennis game. It can also determine how much power and control you can get from your shots.  

Some of the best players use string tensions over 70 pounds. Serena Williams and Andy Roddick are known to use this string tension. 

What Are Tennis Rackets Made Of?  

Many different types of strings are available, and ultimately, the choice is personal. You may like the feel of higher tension or a lower one.  

The former is better for those who have natural power. On the other hand, lower string tension can help lower-level players get a boost in mph. When buying a 16×18 tennis racket, you need to consider the string tension and the feel you want from your tennis racquet. 

String tension also affects the distance a ball travels during a shot. If the ball travels too far off the racquet’s long axis, it will rotate and increase unwanted spin.  

This can result in a significant error in shot precision. Further, higher tensions tend to have a more responsive string bed and lower contact times with the ball. 

The proper string tension can significantly improve your performance and will determine how much power you can get from your tennis racket.  

Professional stringers recommend that you keep the string tension between forty to fifty pounds. However, some players go lower than this. It is better to stay within this range as this will increase your chances of winning. 

The number of strings and string patterns will also influence your performance. A 16×18 tennis racket will have 16 main strings, while an 18×20 one will have 18 cross strings. Typically, the main strings are listed first, followed by the cross strings. 

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A 16×18 tennis racket with a higher string tension will produce more power and spin. A racket with lower string tension is less powerful but will provide more spin.  

However, the correct string tension depends on your playing style. Some players prefer lower string tensions for more control, while others prefer higher pressure for more power.  

You should experiment with different string tensions and determine which one is the best for you. 

  1. Cost of a 16×18 racket 

Tennis rackets are expensive, and you need a good quality racket to compete at the highest level. You can buy inexpensive rackets to play with for fun, but if you’re serious about playing tennis, you’ll need better equipment.  

You can spend up to $100 for a good-quality racket, and the top professional players often get a racket given to them by their sponsors. 

Several factors will affect the cost of a tennis racket. You will need to consider the size and material.  

A beginner’s racket can cost less than $30, while an advanced junior model can cost more than $100. While expensive rackets are more powerful and often have more advanced features, they’re not necessary for the average player. 

If you are considering buying a 16×18 tennis racket, you will have to consider the type of strings you prefer. An open pattern generates more spin than a closed one.  

Where Can I String My Tennis Racquet? [All To Know]

However, both types of strings are equal in tension. For the most part, you should be able to find the proper tension for you. If you are not confident with your current strings, you can always purchase extra ones from a retailer that sells tennis rackets. 

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