What Is the Average Height of Tennis Players? 


The sport of tennis has evolved tremendously during the last 30 years.

Racket forms and materials have evolved, new technology (such as hawk-eye) has developed, and even the existing rules have altered.

Players have had to adjust as the sport has emerged.

Tennis players are now strong enough, more endurable, quicker, and taller than ever. 

Back in the 1980s, it would have been unthinkable to think that we would one day see players standing over 6 feet 5 inches (195 cm) moving all over the court and playing 5-hour matches.

However, on the ATP circuit nowadays, this is a typical occurrence. Four of the top ten ATP players are above 6 feet 5 inches tall. 

Average in General

The average top-ten male player stands at 6ft 2 inches (188cm), whereas the average top ten female player stands at 5ft 8 12 inches (174cm). 

It implies that having height on your side is beneficial if you want to be a successful tennis player.

There have been countless cases throughout history that show that you don’t have to be over 6 feet tall to be a professional tennis player. 

The average range of heights of tennis players 

The top 500 male tennis players in the world stand at an average height of 185.5 cm (6-feet-1).

The average altitude of professional tennis players is between 183 cm and 188 cm, as measured by 222 of the top 500 players. 

While many of the greatest tennis players are between the heights of 183 and 188cm, this is not to argue that altitude does not matter in tennis — it does. 

The top 10 players have an average height of 190.9 cm (6 feet 3 inches), while the other players ranked 401–500 have an average altitude of just 183.5 cm (6 feet). 

In tennis, is it better to be short or tall? 

Although small tennis players have an advantage when it comes to manoeuvring about the court fluidly, their taller counterparts have the upper hand in the majority of situations. 

Tall players have a greater reach and can hit stronger serves due to their height. Their additional inches also enable players to strike the ball from more advantageous angles. 

Is Height Beneficial in Tennis? 

Height is considered a physical advantage for the contender who takes advantage of it correctly.

A tall player who approaches the net at the time might threaten his opponent since his height allows him to grab lobs.

Furthermore, his reach will enable him to deliver strong serves from above. 

Elite tennis players are becoming taller with each generation.

Although we haven’t yet reached basketball levels, the appearance of taller tennis player greats who can also move quickly all around the court is becoming more and more common. 

Top Male Players’ Heights 

The Big Four 

When we look at the most successful players in recent history, we can see that they’re all well over six feet tall. 

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have won nearly every major in the previous five years, and they’re all about the same height. 

Andy Murray is 6’3″ tall (191cm) 

Andy Murray, who stands at 6ft 3 inches, is the tallest of four players. He doesn’t look very tall on TV, but he’s considerably above average in stature. 

6’2″ Novak Djokovic – 6’2″ (188cm) 

Djokovic stands 6 feet 2 inches higher than his two constant adversaries. 

With 17 Grand Slam titles, Djokovic is within striking distance of Nadal (19) and Federer (20), so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the Serb. 

Roger Federer is 6’1″ (185cm) 

The GOAT – 6ft 1 inch tall, and his suaveness get balanced due to his incredible tennis. Thus the layperson, a bit of a stretch. But for a good tennis player, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. 

Rafel Nadal is 6’1″ (185cm) 

Rafel appears to be a little shorter on TV. But when you meet him in person, he’s a tall and intimidating figure. 

He’s always been close behind Federer and has provided us with some thrilling tennis throughout the years

What About Some of the Greats of the Past? 

So, we know that people over 6ft tall dominate the present game, but what about in the past? 

Boris Becker 6’3″(190cm) 

He is another player with a strong serve with an excellent Wimbledon record. In the 1980s and 1990s, the German won six grand slam titles, and at 6’3″, he wouldn’t have looked out of place today. 

Pete Sampras is a 6’1″ (185cm) 

When you think about Agassi, you have to think of Pete Sampras, the legendary Pistol. While Sampras was famed for his superb serve, he was just 6 feet 1 inch tall, dwarfing today’s players. 

John McEnroe 5’11” (180cm) 

John McEnroe is a tennis legend who can still be a noticeable spot for commentating on international tournaments. In the 1970s and 1980s, the American won seven grand slam titles. 

Andre Agassi 5’11” (179cm) 

Agassi had a remarkable career as a tennis player, winning eight Grand Slam championships and a lifetime Grand Slam. He is an example of a brilliant ex-player, under 6ft tall, standing at 5′ 11″. 

Rod Laver is 5’8″ tall (174cm) 

We get to Rod Laver, the all-time great if we go back a little further. The 5’8″ Australian also has 11 major slam championships and has won the Grand Slam twice.

Top Female Players’ Positions 

Players Currently in Play 

  1. Serena Williams is 5’9″ (175cm) 
  1. 5’5″ Ashleigh Barty (166cm) 
  1. 6’1″ Karolina Pliskova (186cm) 
  1. Naomi Osaka is a 5’11” Japanese tennis player (180cm) 

Is Height Important in Tennis? 

As you can see, elite tennis players’ heights are all over the place. Some excellent players are 211 cm tall, while others are 170 cm tall. 

Tennis is a sport where height matters a lot. Shorter players have an advantage in the case of mobility, while taller players may serve quicker and strike better angles.

Athletes on the opposite side of the spectrum dominate in one area and vice versa. Yet players between the heights of 185 and 190 cm excel in both. 

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