Badminton Vs Tennis

Badminton and tennis get to compare in numerous ways. They’re both racquet sports, which necessitate a high level of speed and agility, as well as strong hand-eye coordination. They are, like many sports, simple to learn yet critical to master.

So, which sport is hardest: tennis or badminton? When we look at the many areas of comparison for each sport, we might see that badminton is physically complicated in the case of speed, agility, and explosive force. Badminton also features more stroke variants than tennis, so there’s a lot more to master.

Differences among them?

However, there are numerous significant distinctions between the two sports, and understanding them might help you decide which is a better fit for you. Even though both sports need players to use rackets, tennis employs a fuzzy yellow-green ball as its principal object, whereas badminton uses a shuttlecock (or birdie) made of plastic.

Individual competition is available in both games if you prefer to play one-on-one, including doubles or two-on-two competition. I won’t bore you with too much information and will keep it short and sweet. Below are some of the significant distinctions between the sports.

  • Tennis is a sport that requires continuous running, primarily from side to side, whereas badminton is a stop-start activity (moving radially or in all directions). Note: This isn’t to suggest that you don’t go forward and back in tennis, but there are a lot of lateral motions in general.
  • The shuttlecock (4.75 to 5.50 g) and the tennis ball (57.7 and 58.5 g) are two pretty different items to whack about with a racquet!
  • The weapons you use to strike them are also highly different: Tennis racquets weigh between 255 and 365 grams, whereas badminton racquets weigh between 80 and 100 grams.
  • In tennis, the ball gets permitted to strike the ground once. In badminton, contacting the surface with the shuttlecock results in a point loss.
  • The court – A tennis court is considerably larger than a badminton court, yet it’s interesting to note that an athlete’s distance travelled in both sports during a match is similar.
  • Badminton is the fastest racquet sport on the planet (493 km/h vs. 263 km/h in tennis).
  • Tennis (£2,350,000 Wimbledon Winner in Singles) has a higher earning potential than badminton ($125,000 World Championships Winner in Singles) if you play racquet sports for a living.
  • Badminton has a greater emphasis on wrist strength and power, which might help in tennis.
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Badminton versus Tennis – Time Limits

When it comes to comparing badminton and tennis, time is one of the most significant factors to consider. However, time may get measured in various ways, which is also true in sports.

A rally’s average length

According to a University of Sydney research, the range in tennis is 5.2 seconds for male players at Wimbledon to 7.0 seconds for female players in the Australia Open. It indicates that a tennis point lasts between 1.1 and 1.7 times as long as a basketball point.

Which Sport Is More Difficult?

It is a difficult question to answer. Tennis and badminton are both strenuous sports. Although a tennis court is huge, there is a more gap between games and points. Badminton is a lot more fluid.

Tennis matches are lengthier, especially when played in a best of five-set style in Grand Slam events. Tennis is arguably significantly more critical in terms of endurance and stamina. The match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010 lasted almost 11 hours!

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However, badminton is unquestionably more hard in terms of reflexes and agility. You have less time to respond to your opponent’s shot because it is a speedier sport. Tennis players can strike with a lot of speed, but they can’t hit with more power.

Physical exertion and fitness

The most direct similarity between tennis and badminton is the endurance and physical demand. It’s the most straightforward way to compare sports. Tennis and badminton played at the highest level need extreme physical fitness. However, even at lesser levels of play, endurance, speed, and strength are required for both.

Mastering the shots and the method

Tennis and badminton are both racquet sports, as learning all shots are one of the most critical aspects of both. Both games have changed over time, and new forms of playing have emerged owing to modern technology with racquets, balls, and shuttlecocks.

Who is eligible to play tennis and badminton?

The beautiful thing about badminton and tennis is that they might play by anybody who can move around the court and grip a racket. As a result, these sports are ideal for athletes who like to play at home. However, if a player wishes to compete in tennis or badminton, there are restrictions on who may compete.

One-Handed vs Two-Handed Backhand

In badminton, there are just five categories in tennis. There are five categories plus a few others, including wheelchair divisions and three-player categories.

Is badminton a sport that tennis players can play?

Tennis players may benefit from badminton, particularly strengthening overhead shots and net sense.

The action for striking strokes, on the other hand, is considerably different from tennis. Tennis and badminton both need a lot of wrist movement, whereas badminton requires complete arm movement.

It’s best to perform the sports at different seasons of the year, rather than all at one shot like tennis in the summer and badminton in the winter season arrives.

Badminton versus Tennis Calories Burned

The calories burned in each sport gets compared in the last section. When comparing the two sports, badminton is critical than tennis in many internet forums.

However, the evidence we’ve gathered from credible research. As much as we’d want to believe that badminton is the victor, the data suggests otherwise.


As you might guess, deciding whether tennis or badminton is the more difficult sport is not a simple task. Some components of each sport are more critical than others.

Tennis is perhaps a little bit difficult in terms of endurance and stamina. Despite a great pause between points and games, matches may be exceedingly protracted. Badminton is more critical in terms of agility and reflexes.

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