How Can I Be A Tennis Ball Person? 


When watching a major tennis tournament on television, one of the most noticeable contrasts between club matches and local matches is the appearance of ball people.

These on-court workers were once known as ‘ball boys,’ ‘ball girls,’ or, more recently, ‘ball kids.’

Some events now welcome people of any age, making them ‘ball folks.’ Their function reduced significantly, but they continue to make the game faster and easier for players.

So, how exactly do you go about becoming a ballplayer? Depending on the event several methods to become a ball boy or lady.  

In tennis, the ball boy. What does this imply?


Your pay will be small, and your main contribution to the match’s progress will ensure that the players have everything they need to play as soon as possible.

You’ve probably figured out that the youngster sitting next to the tennis court is a ball boy. Girls also participate in this service we refer to as ball girls. 

Wimbledon job to males until 1976 when they began to recruit ball ladies for the first time 1977. In 1980, they formed a squad that included both girls and boys.

The notion of ball boys or girls introduces at Wimbledon for the first time. For Wimbledon tournaments, there are about 250 Boys and Girls available at all times.

What Does It Take To Become A Tennis Ball Person? 

Volunteers from local schools or tennis programmes in minor events can join.

If you affiliate with one of these organisations, your chances of being picked are good—volunteering may be enough to gain you some court time.

The competitions, including the Grand Slams and the World Tour Finals, each has their unique procedure for picking ball people, and none of them makes it simple to get selected.

You must attend a local school in Wimbledon. Around 30% of candidates are successful if they are in the correct age group. 

Approximately 300 ball people chose for the US Open, half of whom are from the previous year’s group and the other half via a series of tryouts.

Typically, over 500 individuals apply for the tryouts, your chances of being chosen are around 30%.

Around 360 ball people chose from 2,500 candidates at the Australian Open, who are sorted through a thorough programme of tryouts and training, implying that you have a 15% chance of being chosen. 

You must be one of roughly 4,000 candidates for a year-long training programme if you want to be a ball-handler at the French Open.

These are finally reduced to 220, giving you a little over a 5% chance of succeeding. 

Is it necessary for them to train? 

Yes, they do. It’s not simple to complete the task quickly and efficiently while avoiding getting in the path of a great athlete competing in one of the year’s most significant competitions.

Sessions begin in February and are held every two weeks until the competition. Ball boys and girls weekly 2.5-hour lessons in Wimbledon after Easter.

Another ability is ball-rolling, which entails sending a ball from one BBG on one side of the court to a waiting BBG on the other without either of them moving.

The moment the aspiring ball boys and girls were given their white court shoes — and admonished not to wear them outdoors. 

Jobs as a Ball Boy 

We don’t see any advertisements for ball boy positions in newspapers or on any internet site, just like we don’t see any for day-to-day occupations.

As a result, you should not seek or expect employment vacancies for this position. For each of its events, Wimbledon recruits ball boys from local schools.

However, you get curious about what their role on the court is. 

On the tennis court, there are usually six ball boys/girls.

Two of them are near the net, while the other four are in each corner of the court.

Each of two people next to the court position one youngster is on each side of the net. These ball guys do not stay for the entire game.

They alternate shifts, lasting 30 to 60 minutes.

The Average Tennis Ball Employee’s Wage 

Ball folks were traditionally unpaid volunteers who hoped for little more than free food and a few autographs.

In recent years, there has been a tendency toward increasing professionalism in tennis officiating, which has extended to the ball people to a limited extent.

While ball participants are likely to be unpaid, the tournaments provide compensation. 

Ball people at Wimbledon will be paid a couple of hundred dollars for a fortnight’s work, with meals provided.

The pay during the US Open is moderate, ranging from $7 to $11 per hour.

They are almost likely to receive a better bargain in Australia.

Although the ball people don’t get paid, receive complimentary tickets for family and friends a prize like a racket or headphones at the conclusion.

The people who work at the French Open doesn’t get paid. They do it for their status and experience. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Participate? 

The age criteria for each event will be different. For example, in many tennis years, the ball handler duty event fill with 19-28-year-old female models.

Depending on your point of view, this might either add glamour or be disappointingly misogynistic. 

Schoolchildren are still the most prevalent ballplayers. They must be between ages 14 and 16 to compete in Wimbledon.

There are no age restrictions in the US Open. The Australian Open accepts submissions from children aged 12 to 15, whereas the French Open accepts applications from children 12 to 16. 

Tips For Ball Person 

You must be quick-witted, enthusiastic, and quick-thinking. You’ll be on the court for several hours, so you’ll need to be physically fit.

As a result, pay special attention to your physical condition. Players look agitated by the fierce rivalry, and they may take their anger out on you remain patient. 

When it comes to punishment, they maintain a strict no-tolerance stance. You must remain completely motionless with your hands behind your back for several hours.

Fidgeting or fiddling with your hair in any manner is not allowed. So, stand perfectly motionless and concentrate solely on the court.

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