Best Backhands In Tennis



10. Nicolas Almagro 

You would be amazed at his style of play if you knew his nationality. It would be hard to believe that a Spanish man, who is not allowed to see other surfaces than red clay (Madrid has blue), was taught how to play with a single-handed backhand. Tommy Robredo will also surprise you with the same reasoning.

He doesn’t use more than one hand, and he has one of the most impressive single-handed backhands on the planet right now. He considers his forehand his favorite shot, even though it is less well-known. He can smash the tennis ball off his backhand and strike it with incredible power. He is short, which may be a problem in his game.

This can cause him to make mistakes as the match progresses. He does, however, win many matches with his backhand, especially down the line. 

9. Mardy Fish 

The American is one of the millions who use both their backhand and forehand in the ATP. He is a master of his forehand and can serve, volley, and even service return. He is best known for his backhand, with which he sets most of his points.

He is not known for being a quick mover, but he makes up for it by finishing the points with thumping shots. His backhand play is very controlled and has minimal errors. He sometimes uses the slice backhand to great effect. 

8. Stanislas Wawrinka 

In terms of strengths and weaknesses, this man from Switzerland is very different from his Davis Cup teammate. While Roger Federer excels with his forehand, Stan is a master with his one-handed backhand.

Although there are few options between him and Almagro, I have decided to rank the former higher than the Spaniard because of his consistent backhand. He can stand toe-to-toe on hard courts and clay with his skilled baseliners. He plays well with a great passing shot and has excellent volley skills. He can hit both down- and crosscourt winners. 

7. Tomas Berdych 

After his fourth-round win, he was booed in Melbourne Park by the crowd for acting arrogantly and refusing to shake hands afterward. He ignored his critics and won an unlikely victory over Roger Federer in the quarter-finals of the US Open later that year.

It is not necessary to mention how intense his groundstrokes were. They completely shook off the Swiss. Although the “Bird Man” can’t fly, he can make his opponents miss with some devastating backhand shots. If he develops his power game from the beginning, it is difficult for opponents to manage him from the baseline. 

6. Marin Cilic 

Although he may look a little thin, the man from Croatia stands 1.98m tall and fires his backhand with incredible power. His footwork, which allows him to execute his shots flawlessly, is the most impressive part of his game. You are more likely disappointed when you see him on the courts. He starts matches well.

He takes control from the start and strikes backhands as no one can imagine. Later, he loses focus and control as the games get longer. This is what leads to most of his problems. He still has time and age, and I hope he wins at least one Major in his lifetime. 

5. Nikolay Davydenko 

Davydenko is a great example of where to be at the baseline to stop his groundstrokes. He can move very quickly across the court and sometimes even manages to take half volleys from his backhand.

He has one of the best grips in the game and makes no mistakes when he hits the ball. His persistent backhand approach makes it easy to run from corner to corner on the baseline. He is quick to switch between crosscourt and down the line.

His backhand spin is amazing and probably more than any other player. His backhand is not the same as it was after the 2009 World Tour Finals. 

4. Richard Gasquet 

Gasquet’s one-handed backhand is one the greatest things that have ever happened in men’s tennis. Gasquet is the only hope for children who want to be professionals using a one-handed backhand.

His professionalism and on-field behavior are nearly identical to those of the Swiss Maestro, also known as “Baby Federer,” in the beginning stages of his career. His game is a joke for those who believe playing with one hand is dangerous. His topspin execution and technique are unmatched.

His groundstrokes are amazing, and he plays them with elegance. The Frenchman is one of few all-court players in today’s era. His one-handed backhand is often criticized for its lack of accuracy, but he is an exception. Seeing him perform his magic on the court would be worth it. 

3. Andy Murray 

His two-handed backhand is a classic. He has made improvements to it over the years and has even created his version. He can use the slice for scoring points and defensively. It’s ridiculously simple for him to run backhand down the line winners. His backhand is miles better than his forehand. His backhand is capable of some amazing lobs.

His unpredictability is the best thing about his game, as he has many options. Because he cleverly negotiates with his opponents when they reach the net, his passing shots can be very difficult for them to counter. He is also very good with his backhand returns, even on first serves. Murray’s greatest asset is his backhand. 

2. David Nalbandian 

The Argentine can make even a double-handed backhand look beautiful and elegant. Even in an impossible position, he can create amazing angles from the baseline. His game is highlighted by his forceful backhand diagonals and passing shots. He is a master of technique and footwork, which allows him to hit the shot.

He has a huge swing and heavy topspin that confuses his opponents. This makes it difficult for them to keep the ball in play. You must watch the video of his match against Nadal at the US Open last year (2011) to see his backhand. Nalbandian lost that match.

Before Nadal turned things around, the first set seemed to be heading towards being a one-sided affair. However, the Argentine outdid himself with incredible shot-making before Nadal woke up. Although he is primarily a baseliner, he can shorten the points by controlling rallies and hitting winners in a flash. 

1. Novak Djokovic 

Since 2011, the current World No.1 has done everything right. His game has greatly improved, and he is now the man to beat at all tournaments. His backhand has improved threefold and his forehand twofold. It is a double-handed backhand down the line that even Nadal or Murray can’t seem to master.

He has improved his clay-court skills since he developed that shot. That dropped shot from his backhand is one of the greatest displays in tennis. He is powerful in his groundstrokes and equally effective at delivering the ball to winners.

Although he makes more mistakes, to begin with, he quickly learns how to eliminate them once the game is moving along. He takes control of the game at this point, and his backhand is amazing.

He continues to hit crosscourt backhands on his opponent’s side, and when he corners him, he quickly switches modes, becoming the down-the-line winner, which rarely misses its target. 


10. Daniela Hantuchova: 

Despite being a great tennis player from Slovakia, WTA is not too fond of her backhand. Her backhand can take many shots off the baseline. Although not very strong, her backhand can push the pace almost effortlessly. 

9. Francesca Schiavone: 

Francesca Schiavone instantly brings to mind Justin Henin whenever you think of Francesca. The “one-handed backhand”, their most well-known shot, is now an obsolete one. Schiavone, Carla Suarez Navarro, and Schiavone are all women in the top 100. Schiavone plays with a single-handed backhand. It is impressive to see the 32-year-old Italian’s backhand crosscourt. It’s also a lot of fun. She can hit some incredible winners with her backhand at the back of the court. 

8. Jelena Jankovic:  

Sometimes this Serb seems more adept than others that the backhand down the line can be a difficult shot in tennis. Her backhand is powerful and elegant. She can cover any position on the baseline and score great court coverage. You won’t find her using her forehand to complete points. She is so proficient with her backhand. She is a natural backhand wing player and will often score. 

7. Li Na 

The Grand Slam was won by the first Chinese girl named Li Na. It was won by her last year at Roland Garros. Her backhand is very technical, and her groundstroke is far more reliable. Their backhands are very similar. She can handle or control them perfectly during long rallies down the line and across the court. She did their best to be agile and mobile, which allows her to use the backhand with great precision. 

6. Nadia Petrova 

It’s often hard to believe Sania Mirza could beat this Russian with her backhand. Sometimes, she can hit winners with her backhand in difficult positions. Even when the court is closed, she can still score stunning winners. Even though she isn’t within reach of her opponent, her supernatural power with her arms can still help her win amazing matches. Petrova does make mistakes, but not as many of them as others. 

5. Caroline Wozniacki: 

The World No.1 Danish girl is trying very much to win her maiden Grand Slam title. Even though she isn’t as strong as the top 10, her backhand plays better than most. She can use her backhand for multiple shots. This is more than any WTA tennis player. She can generate multiple angles and can play the slice. She can play the slice and backhand well. 

4. Maria Sharapova: 

Sharapova was awarded her first French Open title in this year’s final Grand Slam. She is known for her strong, powerful groundstrokes and success at the baseline. Her backhand is more consistent than her forehand. Grunting makes her groundstrokes more difficult. Her backhand can be sped up through the court, and she can pass her opponent in a flash when she hits the line. Her backhand is never in danger because she doesn’t make too many mistakes when she executes shots. 

3. Serena Williams 

Serena Williams is an American tennis player who shows the raw power of women in their game. Her game is so strong because of her power. Her natural ability to play all-court makes her sometimes unbearable. Her backhand is unstoppable. Even when her opponents think she is a good player, her backhand still amazes them. She’s quick on court and can hit winners with her backhand even from the most unlikely places. Her backhand is undoubtedly the best in modern times. 

2. Victoria Azarenka: 

Azarenka is the World’s No. This season, Azarenka is the World’s No. 1. Despite many defeats to Serena Williams, she is still World No. 1. She has achieved such success because of her continued improvement in shotmaking. Her backhand can make powerful shots that are difficult for other players to miss. She can hit double-handed with her backhand with a big, smooth swing that allows for great precision and ease. She can easily hit her backhand down and cross the court with ease. Her backhand is a great weapon against opponents. 

1. Venus Williams 

Venus Williams is the most consistent, effective and consistent female tennis player. Venus Williams’ smooth backswing makes it possible to make strong groundstrokes with her backhand. Her ability to grab the ball from her backhand without difficulty and hit a crosscourt winner is amazing. Her backhand is a winner. She might have more WTA players than anyone else. Her backhand is among the best in modern tennis and one of her most beautiful. 


What is the forehand? 

Forehand is a shot that involves swinging the racket while the hand moves palm-first. The forehand involves swinging the racket right to left for a right-handed and left to right for a left-hander. 

What is Backhand? 

The backhand is a type of tennis shot that involves swinging the racket with your back against the palm. The backhand involves swinging your racket from left to right for a right-handed and right to left for a left-hander. 

What is the difference between backhand and forehand? 

Forehand is played by moving the palm first, while backhand is played using the back of your hand before the palm. 

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