Best Place to Buy Tennis Rackets: Your Complete Guide

best places to buy tennis rackets

If you’re in the market for a new tennis racket, it can be tough to know where to start. With so many different brands and models available, how do you know which one is right for you? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best places to buy tennis rackets, as well as some of the factors you should consider when making your purchase. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert player, read on for tips on how to find the perfect racket!

What is the best tennis website?

Tennis Warehouse

When talking about the best place to buy tennis s, the first that comes to mind is the Tennis Warehouse. The ultimate spot has it all. Not only do you get a massive collection, but you can rest assured they are all from trustworthy brands. 

The best part is the feedback and reviews of people that are the perfect thing for anyone wanting to buy something from Tennis Warehouse. Many tennis pros around you will mention this place if you ever need advice for buying as this is a big name in the tennis equipment world. 

A major selling point of Tennis Warehouse? That would be the provision of good quality content for tennis buffs that is a rarity to be on tennis retail websites. We are talking comprehensive racket reviews where the players test the s and dive deep into all it entails. 

The platform’s ‘Talk Tennis’ forum qualifies registered members to talk about existing issues in the tennis game and give each other helpful advice on the best equipment for their unique needs. To top it all off, Tennis Warehouse offers a demo program that entitles you to test a maximum of three for one week. Wondering what’s the price? You’d be surprised. It is just a postage expense with a returnable deposit. 

Tennis Express

Another fantastic spot, the Tennis Express is there to fulfill all your racket-shopping needs. Here the website offers all the latest goods and the best products from top names like Head, Wilson, Yonex, and Babolat. You name it, they probably got it. Many people prefer Tennis Express alongside Tennis Warehouse for the former has popular choices from Dunlop, Volkl, Tecnifibre, Pro Kennex, etc.

You don’t have to be a pro, a beginner or intermediate to shop for rackets here because the website has everything for everyone. Get better at your game with that special racket or play tennis for fun on weekends, you can find your perfect racket match here. 

We have yet to tell you the best part, folks. Aside from the standard-length varieties, Tennis Express has reduced-length frames, too. Isn’t that amazing? It is perfect for aspiring players competing and wanting to hone their skills. Top brands like Yonex and Babolat also have extended-length options for those seeking more spin, power, and reach. 

The platform carries all the rackets that legends like Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer use. What more could one ask for, right? It would be safe to say this is one of the top spots to shop for s and don’t worry about scamming or quality because they carry originals. 

Official Brand Stores

Well, it goes without saying, but let us say it anyway because many beginners still fall for scams. If you are interested in a tennis racket model and wish to buy it, then a great option would be to go to the company’s official store and make a purchase. Not only would you get 100% authentic product, but you will get exceptional customer service, as all the brands always want to take care of their customers. 

Sure, the prices may not always be competitive as that’s not their goal. Sometimes there are exclusive and spectacular offers and deals that are not to be missed. Moreover, these websites will have so much to offer and might even suggest products that will suit your needs better.

You can also contact them and have details about any specific model. Such websites will focus heavily on promoting their product so they always sing praises of all the s they have which means you will get in-depth knowledge of all the technicalities that went into creating the .

Also, if pro players use their s, they will emphasize that and might even release products in collaboration with them. Such products are limited and only on official websites.  Most manufacturers will give customization options too so if you want something tailored specifically to your needs, the official website is the way to go. 

They also offer informative data like feature guides so even if you are unsure you can read and narrow your options from the labyrinth. 

Your Local Shops

Like the old-school way of doing things? We know how you feel. Visiting your local tennis shops is always a good way to get the best options. A huge advantage of such places is that the people dealing with you know what they are selling and have ample knowledge so you will get good individual advice on what you want. 

You get a nice and calm atmosphere where you can look around with ease and discuss in detail the racket you like. They can guide you better about which brands are currently the best and which will suit your needs or budget. Some might even let you borrow the rackets so you can try them out and see how they fare. 

It’s always nice to have such options while shopping that don’t restrict you especially when you are getting into a sport and don’t want to make any extreme purchases you might end up regretting. Moreover, if some issues transpire, you can always go back and sort it out with them. 

You won’t have to wait on exhausting customer service to respond after days because you will be talking face to face and the matter will resolve quickly. 

Walmart and Target

How can we forget the ever-fabulous Walmart and Target that carry everything and rackets are no exception to the rule. Yes, they have all the tennis goods, too! We know you probably did a cheer reading this, right? 

For newbies or occasional players, the main concern is pricing. You might be looking for a tennis racket that appears nice yet can help in getting good hits, but you are not very keen on extreme technology then Walmart and Target are good options for you. Go to their websites or outlets, they have a good gear collection from the best brands and carry a good variety range. For getting budget options, these two are the best way.  

Tennis Racket Buying Guide

Let us help you out a little choosing the right racket for your style because we know how overwhelming different options can be so we will guide you.


Rackets can vary in weight and they can all offer various kinds of advantages. The lightweight rackets offer greater control plus maneuverability however they might not generate the most power. These are ideal for beginners wanting to progress towards the bigger games. Mid-weight rackets offer a mixture of control and power and they are for the club players who wish to better their game. Lastly, the heavyweight models deliver more power to the ball and enable better control maintenance on a fast swing.

Grip Size

It is best to understand your grip size then choose your racket accordingly or you could end up purchasing the wrong model. To examine your accurate grip size, you must be almost able to put your index finger of the non-racket hand between your palm and fingers while holding your racket naturally in the racket hand. 

Head Size

The tennis rackets come in head sizes like midsize, midplus, oversize and super oversize. The bigger ones deliver more power and retain a bigger sweet spot. These are idea for newbies. Skilled players stick with the mid-range head sizes for more precision.

Are Tennis Warehouse reliable?

Yes, they surely are. Tennis warehouses aren’t a new concept and have been around for a while now. You can get all the necessary equipment from the world’s best brands in one place so you have easy access to everything at once.

They have excellent quality products because they get their stock directly from the manufacturers, so there is no question of any defects. You can also get your rackets customized to fit you better and improve performance.

Tennis Warehouse’s prices are not the lowest we have seen around but I think they offer value for money because of their excellent customer service and wide selection, plus lengthy warranty periods.

What is the best tennis website?

Personally, I think Tennis-Warehouse is one of the oldest suppliers to date on the tennis field, and they care to review every racquet, ball and string they put on sale with high accuracy, that’s why I pick them as the best tennis store.

Well, Babolat is one of the oldest tennis string manufactures in history (founded in 1875) and they are constantly improving their technology to offer more impressive products. They use premium quality materials to produce strings with great durability and comfort so you can enjoy rallies without worrying about your racquet straining your elbow or shoulder.

Are Tennis Warehouse and Tennis express the same?

They serve the same purpose and offer the same products and services but you can’t consider them as two different names for the same company.

Does Amazon have a good tennis gear selection?

Yes, it surely has. Amazon is an excellent option for getting tennis goods because you can find almost everything under one roof. As funds are always limited for people at the beginning of their careers or during seasons when they are practicing more hours, Amazon is a great option for shoppers with tight budgets because they offer lots of promotions and discounts on products.

They also carry the best brands but the only downside is that there aren’t enough reviews to help you assess your purchases before finalizing them, so sometimes it can be risky if you don’t know what exactly you are buying. Amazon is great for the casual tennis customer.

How long is Tennis Warehouse shipping?

According to their website, when they ship internationally, you should expect to receive your gear in around 4-6 weeks. When shopping inside the States, you should get your gear by your door in between one day to around 4 days.

How do I return to Tennis Warehouse?

Tennis-Warehouse have a return policy in which your should fill out a form and send it out in the email. ([email protected]), I’d say that their return policy and handling is great also from personal experience. They do their best to come to your good interest.

Is legit?

Yes, are a trusted company, founded in 77′, they serve customers in the tennis field up to this day, I haven’t heard much complaints of them in my time.

Is Tennis Express Tax-Free?

No, there are some sales in which they usually make an offer where they cut the tax off the price, but that’s about it. They have the same pricing model as the other websites.

How fast is tennis express shipping?

Tennis Express commits to shipping your gear in between a week to a couple of weeks max.

Wrapping Up

You can find a variety of tennis rackets at any sporting goods store, but it’s best to purchase one from a professional shop. A pro will be able to show you the differences in all types of rackets and help you decide on which is right for your skill level. This way, you’ll know that whichever racket you buy is perfect for your needs.

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