Best Returners in Tennis


1. Andy Murray 

When it comes to determining the best tennis returner, it is only a two-way competition. Even though Nole leads the way in return games this season, I chose to support the Brit. 

Murray has been a dominant player in his return games for a long time. It is hard to ignore this talent just because someone else has done it better in an individual season.  

Murray’s semi final match against Roger Federer at Shanghai Masters was a great example of a perfect return game. Andy, who hit three consecutive winners, broke Federer’s first serve. 

Antsy Murray is more considerable and consistent in his gameplay as compared to other players in this list. Andy has more backhand winners than any other player in tennis today, which is why he plays well against some of the best players in the game.  

His forehand returns have also improved greatly, and he would be next to Agassi on the all-time best returners’ list. He also ranks one of the best returners on the grass as he won four hundred seventy-one games out of the total games that he played, that is one thousand one hundred seventy-seven. 

2. Novak Djokovic 

He is the most consistent male tennis player but a Serb, as he is on the list of the greatest returners on clay at third position. After returning to his game, his win rate is 32.18% against opponents’ service games, and he is also one of the best returners on hard courts. 

He was the one who played in the thrilling six-hour final down under. Nadal was forced to go back to baseline by Djokovic to retrieve his returns, as he hit them with precision and depth.  

Djokovic doesn’t leave any serves unreturned, and he returns them from different angles. Djokovic’s return game is solid, except for being a little predictable. 

Do I need to repeat what Federer did while playing against Djokovic at the 2011 US Open semifinals? It is not necessary. I think Out of 81 matches played this year, he has won 35%. 

Novak Djokovic is one of the best returner players in his game as he improved his skills by his placement of shots, mostly deep and in the corners. He also plays like a rocket for winners on both sides, so the opponent player will not get any chance to attack. 

3. David Ferrer 

David Ferrer also known as the spanish bull and the best returner to the game. He wasn’t wrong in his assessment.  

David Ferrer isn’t as tall as the top-ranked players, so he doesn’t have a lot of serves. He does, however, have an amazing return game.  

He returns the ball close to his opponent’s baseline, forcing them to play half-volleys at the back. He hits the ball hard with his forehand, which gives him many chances to get the points.  

He’s also very efficient in returning first serves, despite not being tall enough to be a tennis player. Of the 76 matches he played, 31% of his return games were won. 

David Ferrer is very intelligent and cerebral as he knows the weak points and areas of the opponent player during the game. He is also one of the best serve returners in the modern era, as he is also on the list of returners who won the game on all surfaces at fifth position. 

4. David Nalbandian 

The return of serve is one of the many talents this Argentine has. In the way he returns, he resembles Andre Agassi.  

He pushes and stretches and does everything to get the ball in play. He can hit winners from nowhere and return serve.  

He can exploit your weaknesses if you’re a regular server. His returns are enough to cause real damage to opponents.  

He can return the ball any way he wants, no matter how it bounces. He can return serve with both his forehand and backhand and all the time, he plays with a right-handed and two-handed backhand. 

David Nalbandian’s serve is perhaps the most extraordinary of his numerous talents with his Argentine poses. David has been out of the tour from his game for the hip problem surgery since May. During all these things, his no.14 rank has been protected. 

David Nalbandian is the most talented and famous player of Cordoba, Argentina. David Nalbandian is a retired professional tennis player on the ATP tour from 2000 until his retirement in 2013. 

5. Lleyton Hewitt 

It was 2002, and it is obvious that it was due to Hewitt dominating his opponent with his amazing return game. Although he is not a great server, he can still compensate for it by making good diagonal returns from both ends.  

He also returns most of his first serves with ease. He can also respond quickly to fast serves because of his agility and athletic ability. When he returns the ball, he does so very deeply. 

Lleyton Hewitt is a very good player as he did reach number one in the world as well; he did return very well to his game again to win his Grand Slam. Getting back to his game again after a long time makes it very competitive for years for Lleyton Hewitt. 

The Lleyton Hewitt second serve was not as effective as compared with the first one because most of the time, he wants to play safe. From the players’ list of these 12 players, Lleyton Hewitt is probably one of the best players for dealing with serve and volley game style. 

6. Rafael Nadal 

The strength of this Spaniard is his ability to play long rallies. To achieve that, he must have decent returns.  

He is a great player who keeps the ball in play and wins more than most. He is more consistent than many of the other players on this list. 

 He is adept at latching onto them, no matter their serve. Although you cannot claim that his returns create points for him, this is how he earns them.  

He can hit some fantastic backhands down the line, returning second-serve winners. For the record, he won points on the second serve 38 times out of 100 times.  

All the time, Rafel Nadal is standing way back from the baseline, but it works for him as he can chase down. He is one of the excellent returners as he can face challenges during the gameplay. 

Rafael Nadal’s return approach is much different from other players if we compare it with other players on the list. His different return approach helps him with high speed and a lot of heavy spins deep into the court during the gameplay. 

7. Roger Federer 

Federer might have been higher ranked if he had a double-handed backhand. His single-handed backhand returns are not terrible, but he sometimes makes simple mistakes.  

He has been very successful with his forehand returns throughout his career, and he doesn’t make many mistakes off that wing. He can still make good returns with his backhand while receiving second serves.  

He smashed them over the net and pushed the server forward to claim the ball. He is ready to hit a powerful forehand crosscourt winner as soon as his opponent enters the court.  

He does not always do this but often counters second serves with his devastating inside-out forehand. This allows him to hit more of them. However, his first serve returns are susceptible. 

8. Nikolay Davydenko 

As I mentioned at the beginning, even if you don’t have excellent service, you should still be able to return well. This Russian is a returner because if we see the list of all-time best players, his name will be in the top 10 individuals.  

His returns were much better five years ago than they are now. If you wanted to make an all-time list, this Russian would be among the top ten. This article is about the current situation, and I couldn’t rank him higher.  

This year, his percentage of points won on second serves was 54%, which shows that Nikolay Davydenko is the best and most talented player. This article shows the result of the present and past; we did not tell the impact of the future, only we can predict, so I could not rank him in a better position.  

9. Juan Martin Del Potro 

Del Potro’s problem is that he doesn’t seem to be able to take advantage of his long wingspan to reach most serves comfortably. He makes mistakes when returning, which is why he sometimes returns unforced. 

So that’s the reason he makes unforced errors at times while returning to his game. He also doesn’t seem to pick serve early enough during his match. 

Del Potro returns off his backhand, always well-placed, which helps to target the baseline of the opponent’s court during the gameplay. He returned to the game as a wildcard entrant at the Argentina Open, which was his first competitive decision or action since March 2019. 

Although in their career of 33 years old, he got many outstanding achievements and some surgeries on his right knee. Del Potro suffered from his right knee surgery, so he told his fans or supporters that Argentina and Brazil was his last tournament held in the year February 2022. 

10. Richard Gasquet 

The Frenchman is known for his aggressive returns. He is undoubtedly a great backhand player and can generate huge swings with his returns, especially when facing weaker second serves.  

He is very consistent, keeps his baseline well back and, by this, gets many returns on the court. He isn’t as consistent as the others, so I keep him at the bottom. 

Richard Gasquet is not much consistent with his returns as compared to others. Richard Gasquet also achieved the world no.7 ranking in the high ATP singles held on 9 July 2007. 

Richard Gasquet played a total of ten thousand five hundred thirteen return games, and he won the first serve point 30% and the second serve point 51% in his career. Richard Gasquet is one of the most famous players worldwide, mainly known for his one-hand backhand and groundstrokes during the gameplay.  

From the return games that Richard Gasquet played, he won 38% for his gameplay, and the 38% returns points. 

11. Roberto Bautista Agut  

Roberto Bautista Agut is known to be an outstanding Spanish tennis returner and shining star in the world of tennis, whose tennis performance has impressed his fans.  

In 2013, his first tournament held in Chennai inspired Roberto to the ATP Finals in his first career. Roberto Bautista came out with a great performance to beat Czech tennis player Tomas Berdych, who is listed as the world’s No. 6 tennis player, in three sets in the quarter-finals.  

Roberto was crowned the winner of ten ATP singles titles. His biggest final was the 2016 Shanghai Masters, but unfortunately, Bautista lost to another outstanding tennis returner, Andy Murray.  

This brilliant ATP player has played 539 career matches and has an amazing win rate of 26.61% in comeback games. He holds the record for winning 1,755 games out of a possible 6,595 tennis games.  

Bautista Agut specialises in playing on all kinds of surfaces. He ranks highest among the players who specialise in playing on the grass. 

12. Fabio Fognini 

Italian professional tennis player Fabio Fognini began his career by playing a wide range of Future as well as Challenger events. He won his first Futures title in 2005 at Spain No. 1, while another at Italy No. 9. 

Fognini made some significant strides on the ATP Tour in 2007, most notably by earning a spot in the French Open, making his debut in a Grand Slam tournament. 

This Italian No. 1 tennis star holds the distinction of winning 2,297 out of the 8,540 games he has faced so far in his career and a game return of 26.90%. 

Specialising in playing on clay, Fabio Fognini surprised people by ranking in the top 10 of comeback games with an expected percentage of 30.15% on clay.   

Likewise, in terms of ranking, Fabio is in 11th position with 22.54 percent. By bad luck, he was unable to secure a place in the top 25 for the return games with a percentage of 24.02%. 

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