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Over the last two decades, Swiss tennis has evolved to greater heights at the team level and individual competitions, precisely due to the contributions of 3 great tennis players. 

However, what is this future hold for Swiss tennis? The prospects here appear bleak, with not a single one of the players being at the age of 21 or under within the ATP’s top 200. 

The Swiss athletes bear an entire combination of total titles at Grand Slam Singles is 28. Switzerland witnessed a great victory at the Fed Cup in 1998 and significantly at the Hopman Cup in 91, 2001, and 2018.

Switzerland witnessed a victory at the 113-year-old tournament in 2014, the Davis Cup, finishing the runner-up in 1992. 

Here is the rank of both male and female Swiss tennis players emerged to date. 

Best Men Swiss Tennis Player 

1. Marc Rosset 

Marc Rosset entered the tennis circuit in 1988 and was noted as a professional for over a decade on the ATP tour. 

Rosset being 6ft 7 in, was victorious at the Singles titles reaching an entire career ranking at the number 9 spot in 1995 at the World. We saw his best performance at the 1996 French Open at the Grand Slam, where he eventually rose to the ranks of semi-finals. But, he got defeated by Michael Stitch, who was the 15th seed. 

He met his crowning achievements in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics Games, where he victory the Singles Gold Medal, beating Jordi Arress, a Spaniard who is 8-6 under 8-6. In the finals for this run-up, he even defeated the Grand Slam title holders with the top leading players like Goran Ivanisevic, Jim Courier, Wayne Ferreira, and Emilio Sanchez. 

He won 8 titles, including the French Open in 1992 for the Doubles with Jakob Hlasek, his compatriot. He is also noted as a member of the Swiss Team Davis Cup, finishing runner-up in the United States of America. Marc registered the 5-set singles rubber against Jim Courier, ranking at the number 1 position despite the loss at Switzerland. 

2. Heinz Peter Gunthardt 

In a 14-year tennis career that started in 1976 and ended in 1990, Heinz Peter Gunthardt had even been victorious at the 5 Singles titles and about 30 titles in the Doubles game. He consists of the singles ranking at spot 22 in World. 

However, it was during the Doubles wherever he indeed excelled in climbing an entire career-highs ranking at the World Number 3 in July 1985. That year, he became victorious in the Wimbledon titles at the Double games and the Mixed Doubles titles at the US and French Open associated with Martina Navratilova. 

After his playing career in tennis, he even achieved a lot of success being a coach for the legendary Steffi Graf for the entire career. He even attained a lot of famous faces across tennis while they were the coach of the legendary Graf. He later coached some of the reckoned players like Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Dokic, and Jennifer Capriati. 

Overall, he had won over 4 titles at the Grand Slam with the Doubles and categories for mixed doubles retiring with the reward money earning over USD 1.5 million. 

3. Stanislas Wawrinka 

Stanislas Wawrinka, as noted as the Stan The Man or ‘Stanimal,’ is earning a reputation of becoming a vast killer after several years. 

Wawrinka had made it immensely great during 2008, reaching out to the finals of the Rome Masters, lying defeated at the hands of Djokovic during the finals despite they having turned professionals in 2002.

In the same year, he evolved victoriously and won the Gold Medal, winning in the Doubles at the Olympic Games in Beijing with Roger Federer. He even broke into the top 10 rankings that year, whichever followed through the slump that resulted in their dropping out of the 10th rank. 

He re-emerged in the year 2013 as a force that is reckoning with. During the 4h round of the Australian Open that year, he became associated with one of the most brutal matches ever being played at the Rod Laver Arenas.

He even lost in the 22nd game of their fifth set in the match and lasted the duration of the 5th set for over 5 hours. He even won at the Portugal Open, his initial one since 2011. He even earned a reputation of being a sort of killer over the years. 

Irrespective of them having turned into professionals in 2022, Wawrinka had emerged as a huge one during 2008 to reach out to the finals at the Rome Masters, getting defeated at the finals of Djokovic.

During the same year, he was victorious in winning the Gold Medal for the Doubles at the Beijing Olympic Games associated with Roger Federer. He even broke into the top 10 rankings that year, followed by a slump in the results, dropping out of the top 10th

2013 is the year where he re-emerged as a potential force to recognize with. It was during the 4th round of that year happening at the Australian Open is an active part of one of the best matches being played at the Arena of Rod Laver.

He even got defeated in the 22nd game at the 5th set in the matches lasting over 5 hours. He even won the Portugal Open, his initial one since 2011. 

It was during 2014 when he amazingly beat up Rafael Nadal during the finals of the Australian Open, having his first win over Nadal in the entire 13 attempts. 

He achieved his primary win at the 2015 finals for the French Open. He even lost the initial set to Djokovic and won over the following 3 sets preventing it from taking a sweep of the Grand Slams that year preventing them from having a solid career at the Slam.

His end Grand Slam came up at the US Open 2016, wherever he even got better off at the finals with Novak Djokovic. 

He even saw the persistent knee injuries being dogged his campaign during 2018 and Wawrinka, where he slipped out of the top 50 ranks and instantly made the proper amends in 2019. 

4. Roger Federer 

No questions arose in anyone’s mind as to who had become a vast Swiss athlete during the all-time. Quite a few would not disagree regarding the massive tennis players of all time. 

It is the best legacy and aura that Roger Federer has built over the various years. Wherever he is playing has become the fan favorite. It appears that the whole World of tennis has its roots embedded in him every time he steps onto the tennis court.

There are several emotions associated with the faces of the fans where Federer is winning or losing there with everything that you can check out. There are quite a few sportsmen who have an entire command with the colossal following with the fan along with the respects being bestowed on the magnificent Federer. 

While you chase the entire century of the titles in his 38th year, Federer is the outlier of every kind as they have managed to stay fit. It had become the entire force at identifying with the late 30s whenever most of their illustrious predecessors were known at quitting the way earlier to 37. 

There are about 99 ATP titles for the Singles having an entire host of records at their name, and the Fed-Express is continuing to march towards the more significant and fresher heights with about 20 titles for the Grand Slam. 

5. Jakob Hlasek 

He is noted as the Swiss-Czech player winning about all five singles titles with over 20 titles at doubles titles in his entire career. 

He even reached the entire career ranking at number 7 and the doubles ranking at number 4. 

Black is highly remembered for the different exploits in 1992, wherever he had victorious in the doubles of the French Open with Marc Rosset while being a part of the Swiss teams while winning the Hopman Cup, reaching out at the finals of the entire Davis Cup. 

Hlasek had achieved a lot of glory across the international frontier whenever they were playing for the entire team of the Swiss players that he had won at the 1996 Cup for World Team, being the second-highly prestigious team’s competition for the men since this Davis Cup. 

Best Female Swiss Tennis players 

1. Martina Hingis 

Scaling to new heights is still a sensation for teenage where. Martina Hingis is noted as one of the leading female athletes emerging from Switzerland every time. 

Hingis is considered one of the few tennis players in the Modern Era, having seen the entire transition instantly from the Singles to the Doubles since their retirement to the Singles. She even held the Number 1 spot in their Singles for the entire 209 weeks and at Number 1, ranking for the doubles for about 90 weeks while holding the number 1 positions in every format followed at the 29 weeks. 

In the Singles, Mixed, and Doubles, she had seen victory at the 5,7, 19 titles at the Grand Slam respectively that witnessed a notable win at the Wimbledon at the age of 16 during 1997 in the entire process to become the youngest throughout the Number 1 of the World under the WTA histories. 

It is missing the only Grand Slam titles throughout the entire 3 categories at the Singles French Open trophies. He had even risen victorious at the Suzanne Lenglen trophy, where she had turned out as the 4th such player marking the history of having won the entire “Box Sets” of the Grand Slams. 

Hingis even retired from every kind of professional tennis match in 2017 while they were ranking the number 1 Doubles Player. 

She was just 16 becoming the youngest person ever to win a Grand Slam Singles at the titles at the Australian Open in 1997. 

During the other part of the year, she turned out to be the youngest player to have ranked at the number 1 position. 

Hingis was 22 and had a premature retirement due to the injuries in 2003. She even made a comeback in the season of 2006. 

The Swiss here celebrated marking their comeback by winning her initial Grand Slam mixed doubles title with Bhupathi at the Australian Open in 2006. 

After returning to the number 7 rankings at the end of the year, Hingis returned with the stint cut falling short the other year since she tested positive for cocaine and got banned for a couple of years. 

2. Patty Schnyder 

Patty Schnyder was a massive killer of all kinds, notching up the exciting wins for the number 1 ranks for the players at great ease. Throughout her career, she even lodged wins over Ana Ivanovic, Martina Hingis, Jennifer Capriati, Serena Williams, and more. 

She, therefore, is holding the entire thing with not such a vast record being the only player who has won several matches against the number 1 rank in the World without attaining a single win at the Grand Slam. 

It was during this career witnessed an entire retirement across the 3 different occasions, with about 11 titles for the singles adding up to the trophies of the cabinet. It was during the best career for the ranking at the number 7 ranking for the World having achieved this November 2005.

She even attained the biggest title-winning that arrived at the Tier 1 tournament during Zurich with her hometown. It was during the age of 40 that she retired her possibility for the last time on November 23rd, 2018. 

3. Timea Bacsinszky 

Timea Bacsinszky even rose to utter prominence in 2015, winning 15 consecutively with the Singles matches that resulted in both the titles winning at the Monterrey and Acapulco. Increasingly, both of these titles win arrived in Mexico across both the occasions for her opponents for the finals game Caroline Garcia. 

She even defeated the 8th seed Ekaterina Makarova at the Indian Well Premier Open, which was mandatory before the loss to Serena Williams, ranking as world number 1, resulting in the culmination of her winning streaks across 15 matches.

She also made it out to the semi-finals at the French Open by beating Petra Kvitova in the 3rd round. But, despite the prominence at the set and a break, she also lost at the eventual championships to Serena Williams once more.

She even continues her acceptable forms reaching out to the quarter-finals of Wimbledon, followed by her ranking rising to number 13 in the World. 

She even continued her more OK types in the run-ups at the French Open the following year to grab the other two titles making up for the semi-finals at the Premier Mandatory event in Rome.

However, her ranking rose to a career-high at the number 9 spot in the World. She also won the Silver Medal for the Women’s Doubles competitions at the Olympics at Rio partnering with Martina Hingis

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