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To become a world-class tennis player, you need to train with the best. This is when you ask the question “what is the best tennis academy in the world?” 

Honestly, it is not easy to name just one academy as there are so many of them. Most of these academies are equipped with world-class facilities and have the best coaches to train. 

When choosing the best tennis academy, a lot of important factors come into play. For instance, location, coaching, heritage, what other players train there, courts, etc. 

There are many recognized tennis academies all over the world. To give you a clear picture of the top tennis academies, we have prepared a detailed list. This list is based on reviews and the reputation of the academies. 

Here is a brief review of the best tennis academies in the world: 

  1. IMG Tennis Academy 

We are kick-starting the list with IMG Tennis Academy, formerly known as Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Founded by Nick Bollettieri in 1978, the academy is supported by many top sports brands.  

IMG has produced world-class players like Andre Agassi, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, and many others. It is known for its complex training process, school programs, and excellent facilities. But Bollettieri Tennis Academy may not be for everyone, as it is also the most expensive tennis academy in the world. The cost of full-year training ranges between $83,000 and $86,000. 

The biggest difference between IMG and other academies is the sheer scale. It is the home of many talented players, striving to become the best. It follows a strict training method. The morning is spent in school, while mental and physical conditioning takes place in the afternoon. 

  1. Saviano Tennis Academy 

Located in Florida, USA, Saviano Tennis Academy is founded by Nick Saviano who has spent over 42 years in the field. He has trained over 50 players, who have made a full-time career out of tennis. He has developed a special training method called the “Saviano Method” which helps players to bring out their creative genius. 

They have different packages to suit the different needs of players. This includes a full-time morning package, a full-time afternoon package, and a full-time afternoon with AHS. They also have other programs like summer programs, weekly visitor programs, part-time after-school, and holiday programs. A typical day at STA includes 4 hours of continuous training and one hour of physical and mental conditioning. 

There are 28 courts with a 4 to 1 player-coach ratio. They offer a safe and friendly environment to learn tennis. The cost of a full 9 months course can go up to $30,500, excluding school tuition. To know the exact fee structure, you will need to contact them. 

  1. Saddlebrook Academies 

This is another established tennis academy in Florida, USA. It came into existence in 1993. For over two decades, they have been delivering the best training facility to tennis players.  

Saddlebrook has been home to many top tennis players. Based near Tampa, Florida, they use a method of coaching that’s called the Harry Hartman method. They offer different tennis programs, so players can select the one according to their choice. Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, Justine Henin, and Josh Isner, have all put their faith in their tennis program. 

The coaching team is led by director Rick Crockett. Players are given weekly themes and exposed to various competitions. Student players spend 4.5 hours in school and another 4 hours in tennis. They are also required to practice fitness work. As far as the pricing is concerned, for full-year training, it will cost you around $63, 560. 

  1. Bill Clark Tennis Academy 

With 35 years of experience, Bill Clark founded this academy to help young players learn and grow. His academy is based in Hollywood, California, and features 8 hard courts. Compared to other bug academies, BCTA is fairly basic. However, it offers all the facilities needed for the development of players. 

BCTA is far from the likes of IMG and other big academies. It is best suited for people on a budget. Instead of focusing on the market position, they take more interest in the growth of each student. Players are provided with a friendly environment, where they train with experienced coaches. 

It is a high-performance academy on a budget that allows players to attend 2-5 sessions every week. Each session lasts for 2-3 hours and usually takes place in the afternoon. BCTA is certainly the place if you want to play tennis at the college level. 

  1. ClubMed Tennis Academy 

Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, this is another great place to hone your tennis playing skills. It has an excellent infrastructure not just for tennis, but also for other sports. For tennis, they have 6 clay courts and 14 hard courts.  

The academy is headed by Coach Gabe Jaramillo and director Scott Del Mastro. They have trained over 27 top players and helped many others to hone their skills. At ClubMed, players can avail different types of packages. Academic and residential work is scheduled at different times. Players train for 3-4 hours and condition for another one hour. Schooling lasts for 6 hours. 

At ClubMed, they follow the ‘farm; approach to encourage players to do better and compete against each other. It is a difficult program, but that’s what helps prepare players for the real challenges. The cost of full-year training can go up to $68,000. This academy is suitable for players who want to pursue tennis as their professional career. 

  1. Extreme Tennis Academy 

This is another great tennis academy that has been made to our list. It is run by a group of experienced and qualified coaches, including Carlos Maehama and Freddy Azucey. They have delivered many successful junior players throughout their years of coaching. 

The academy features 9 hard courts, 3 clay courts, and 12 floodlit courts. The full-time program is specially designed for advanced players who want to step into the professional world. However, it is not a cheap place. The prices for yearly training can go up to $42,000. 

However, they do have some cheaper and limited after-school programs. These programs are aimed at students who want to play tennis in college. Given the facilities and quality of training, it seems like a great place to train ambitious players. 

  1. Weil Tennis Academy 

Weil Tennis Academy is one of the top tennis academies in entire California. It is a hub of young players who come from different corners of the world to complete their training. Based in Ojai, California, it has 22 hard courts, a large gym, a pool, dorms, restaurants, classrooms, and a Jacuzzi. 

WTA emphasizes leading students to the top universities in the United States. Student-players training at WTA is given opportunities to play at schools such as UCLA and Stanford. Not just that, but they are also given the best placement. 

The price of full-year training is around $48,550 per year. However, the prices might change from time to time. So it’s better to enquire about it at the academy. Taking admission in WTA means training with the best coaches. 

  1. Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy 

Located in Orange County, California, this is a reputable tennis academy in the whole US. It focuses on the intensity and individuality of students and offers various packages to suit the needs of different players. 

From full-time programs to weekly lessons, they have different options available. Players can select a program based on their needs and what they want to accomplish. The academy focuses on each student and their goals. They also offer customized training plans to get the best out of each student. 

This facility has 23 courts, 3 pools, one racket ball facility, and 2 gyms. It is rated as the no.1 sports club in Orange County because of the quality of training it offers. The full-time program is suitable for anyone who is looking for professional career development. For more details, you should visit their official website. 

  1. Tennis Mechanix Academy 

Next in the line, we have Tennis Mechanix Academy. It is located in Southern California and has produced many young talented players over the years. This academy was founded by Joel Dacay and Cecil Mamiit, the two best coaches with a long track record of training junior players. 

At TMX players can avail both homeschools and after-school programs. These programs are designed for players for young players between the ages of 7 and 18. They focus on three important aspects of success – point play, hitting drills, and fitness. This helps students to improve their overall skills, patterns, placement, and timing. 

Talking about the pricing structure, it is not a cheap academy. You will have to contact the academy to know the pricing details as nothing is mentioned on their website. 

  1.  NorCal Tennis Academy 

NorCal Tennis Academy was founded in 2003, and since then it has emerged to become one of the best tennis academies in the world. They have five branches, including 3 in San Jose, 1 in Fremont-Newark, and one in Morgan Hill. 

The academy is run by coach Thomas Le, who has delivered several sets of young talented players in the industry. After training from NorCal, students go to the best universities and colleges in the country. 

The focus is on building a student’s foundation and helping them to gain experience. This is done by offering group training, private lessons, team competition, tournaments, and conditioning. Since this is not a boarding academy, the cost of training will depend on your sessions. The prices are higher for customized training plans. 

  1.  Sylvano Tennis Academy 

This academy came into existence in 1997. It was founded by Coach Sylvano Simone, whose priority is to train young players and make them better. At STA, players train for hours. They are exposed to intensive training required for skill building. 

The good thing is that they offer both individual and private lessons to all levels of students. His advanced group training plans focus on the key aspects of success. Besides tennis training, players are also given fitness and mental training. 

At STA you get to practice with the best coaches and play with other skilled players. The prices are not mentioned on the website, so you will have to contact them directly. 

  1.  Gorin Tennis Academy 

Gorin Tennis Academy is located in Northern California, with multiple branches in different locations. For your information, their main branch is the one located in the Granite Bay area.  

It is not only the best academy in California but in the whole United States. This place is perfect for anyone serious about tennis and who wants to be a professional. It is headed by coach VitalyGorin, who has trained top players such as DimitryTursunov, NikolozBasilashvili, and others. 

Training at GTA allows you to train with the best. This academy has 7 courts and other facilities. Every player is given equal attention and provided a fun and friendly environment to train. They have both non-boarding and boarding programs. The prices start from $33,175 per year. 

  1.  Rick Macci Academy and Tennis Center 

Next up we have Rick Macci Academy and Tennis Center, which is known for its quality training and coaching. It is Boca Raton and has 19 hard courts. While three of the courts are indoors, others are available for the public. 

The best thing about this academy is that they provide a very friendly environment for players. From young players to pro players, everyone is welcome here. 

As far as prices are concerned, it will cost around $2,000 a week. The charges for individual training go up to $600 per hour. Additionally, the sessions need to be booked in advance. Despite the expensive rates, players from all corners of the country come here to train. 

  1.  ProWorld Tennis Academy 

Lastly, we have ProWorld Tennis Academy in Delray Beach, Florida. This is a high-performance academy with 3 clay courts and 15 hard courts. Players take admission at ProWorld to train under the best coaches. 

At ProWorld, they have built a multicultural environment to accommodate players from different backgrounds. They emphasize offering intensive training and shaping the mindset of players. 

They offer both full-time and half-time programs. The current cost of training starts at $38,400 per year. However, the prices may vary depending on various factors.

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