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When it comes to tennis training in the US, California has some of the best academies to go to. This state is known for delivering world-class players and has been doing so for decades. 

To become a successful tennis player, you need the right guidance and support. Luckily, there are several reputed tennis learning centers in California. 

To help you out, we have reviewed the top tennis academies in California. These academies have trained several professional players. If you are serious about becoming a tennis player, then you should consider joining any of these academies. 

Here is a brief rundown of the top tennis academies in California: 

  1. Weil Tennis Academy 

Let’s kick start the list with Weil Tennis Academy which is one of the best tennis academies in California. Based in Ojai, California, it is a hub of young talents who come here to train with the best. It boasts 22 courts along with other facilities such as a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a large gym, classrooms, dorms, and even restaurants. 

Training at Weil Tennis Academy can help you get into the top colleges and universities in the country. It has been rated as the no.1 academy in terms of college placement. Over the years, they have produced many great players who have gotten admission to UCLA and Stanford. 

However, the training doesn’t come cheap. For a full-time program for 12 months, the cost is $48,550. To know the pricing structure in detail you will have to directly contact the academy. 

2.     Advantage Tennis Academy 

This is another top-level tennis academy you can go to in California. It is situated in Irvine, Southern California. This place is famous for delivering top-notch tennis players both at the professional and collegiate levels. Being a reputable tennis center, it offers the best facilities for players to train.  

The academy has 22 hard courts and 6 clay courts. But that’s not all, it also has a large swimming pool and a nice gym. Players come here to train under the best coaches. In the list of coaches, they have Jimmy Johnson who is also the founder and director of the academy. It’s because of his efforts that the academy has reached such great heights. 

Players can choose between different training packages: after-school camps, individual lessons, and full-time programs. They cater to boarding as well as non-boarding students. Students taking up the full-time package are required to pay $42,000 per year. This is inclusive of boarding facilities as well. If you can’t afford an expensive package, they have other affordable options too. 

3.     Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy 

Located in Orange County, California, Jackson-Bridge Tennis Academy offers a friendly and fun training environment to students. It was rated as the no.1 tennis academy in the Orange County region because of its extravagant facilities. It features 23 large courts, 3 pools, and 2 gyms. They also have a nice racket ball facility. 

From full-time boarding to weekly packages, they offer all types of training programs. Students can select a package based on their skill level and requirement. The prime goal of the academy is to train each player to become the best. 

This academy is open to all types of students including boarding, non-boarding, local, and international. Anyone who wants to become a professional tennis player or wants to play tennis for college is welcome here. They also provide personalized training plans for students who need them. To know the pricing details, call the academy. 

4.     Tennis Mechanix Academy (TMX) 

The Tennis Mechanix Academy has the reputation for delivering the best collegiate-level players. It is based in Burbank and was founded by Joel Dacay and Cecil Mamiit. For those who don’t know Mamiit is a former tennis player. He has a long track record of training junior players. With his exceptional coaching skills, he has helped many players reach the pro level. 

At TMX students are offered both homeschools and after-school programs. These packages are available for players between the ages group of 7 and 18. Their main focus is to train each player to become successful. Fitness, point play, and hitting drills are the three key points they emphasize. 

Unlike many other tennis centers, TMX pays equal attention to all its students. They help players to improve their overall skills. From skills to placement and timing to patterns, they teach you everything that is needed to become a top-level player. 

5.     TennisPower Academy 

Next in the line, we have TennisPower Academy. Located at Peninsula Racquet Club, this is one of the best places to get tennis lessons in Southern California. Players from all corners of the country come here to train. Besides the beautiful location, the academy features 12 fully lit courts, a pro shop, a terrace, and a locker room. 

It is owned and operated by Oliver Messerli, who has spent 25+ years in coaching. He is an ATP and WTA touring coach who has worked with many world-class players. Some of the players who have trained under him are Lisa Raymond, Mary Pierce, and Jason Jung. Messerli is assisted by many other experienced coaches. 

Besides tennis training, they also provide fitness training and conditioning. Players are also given the facility of a physiotherapist on-site. It may be smaller in size than other academies, but it is on the top.

They pay individual attention to players and help them achieve their goals. They also guide young players to their specific goals. The full-time training program includes court training of 20 hours and 5 hours of conditioning per week. 

6.     Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy 

Eagle Fustar Tennis Academy has five separate branches based in different locations across Northern California. Each branch is managed by experienced coaches and provides the best facilities. Their locations are Santa Clara, Fremont, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, and Saratoga. 

This academy was established by Nock Fustar and Brian Eagle in 2003. Both of them are experienced coaches and have produced many top players in the past. Players love them because they focus on their individual needs. They help them bring out the hidden potential to become successful. 

Like most other recognized tennis academies, they also have a full-time program. Aside from that, they have a flexible drop-in system, so students can join the canter at a per clinic rate. As far as the cost structure is concerned, nothing is mentioned on their website. 

7.     Gorin Tennis Academy 

If you want your child to become one of the best tennis players in the world, then Gorin Tennis Academy is for you. Located in Granite Bay in Northern California, it has emerged to become one of the top tennis centers in the whole country. 

It is headed by Vitaly Gorin who is famous for coaching top-level players such as Dmitry Tursunov, Yaroslava Shvedova, and Nikoloz Basilashvili. All three players are in the top 30. They offer a full-time boarding program which costs around $33,175 per year. If this is not within your budget, they also have non-boarding classes that are much cheaper. 

The advantage of Gorin Tennis Academy is that they have plenty of space to train. There are a total of 7 courts and other facilities for both boarding and non-boarding students. Enrolling in this academy means you will get the opportunity to train under the best coaches.

According to their official website, around 85% of students get a scholarship. Players passing out from this academy either get admission to top colleges or go professional. 

8.     JMG Tennis Academy 

Founded in 2011, JMG Tennis Academy is based in Sacramento, California. It is established by Joseph Morris Gilbert who is a reputable tennis coach in the country. They have produced many high-performance players in the past years. 

Whether you want to be a professional player or play at the college level, JMG is suitable for everyone. Players like Collin Altamirano and Jenson Brooksby have got their training from this academy. Many players after passing out from this academy have gone on to play at the University of Texas and Stanford. 

They offer personalized programs depending on the skill level and requirements of students. These programs are specially designed to meet the individual needs of players. Since the scheduling depends on players, it is not mentioned on the website. At JMG players are offered private attention, physical training, group training, sports psychology, academics, and tournament consulting. 

9.     Sylvano Tennis Academy 

This tennis learning center is based in Santa Clara, California. It was founded by Coach Sylvano Simone, whose aim is to build the career of young players. He works with junior students and coaches them through hours of intensive and hardcore training. 

They have both individual and group training programs for all levels of students. No matter what your age is you are welcome at Sylvano Tennis Academy. The advanced group is trained by Sylvano himself. 

The pricing details are not mentioned on the website, so you will need to contact the academy. Training at Sylvano Tennis Academy helps players to master their skills like never before. 

10.NorCal Tennis Academy 

NorCal is a renowned tennis academy for young and pro players. It was founded in 2003 and since then it has been offering top-notch coaching to players. They have a total of five branches, including one in Fremont-Newark, one in Morgan Hill, and three in South San Jose. 

The academy is currently headed and run by Coach Thomas Le. It has a reputation for producing world-class players. Players who have trained in this academy have gotten into the top universities in the country. 

They have a unique, but simple coaching approach. They build a strong foundation for each student that helps them improve their skills tremendously. There are different training programs including group training and private lessons. Aside from that they also offer tournaments, conditioning, and team competition. The price of training will vary depending on the duration of your training period. 

11. Cello International Tennis Academy 

Cello International Tennis Academy is known to offer tennis training and summer camp lessons. It is located in Fairfield, California, and is perfect for anyone who wants to play tennis in college. 

Students can choose from different training programs which include group training and individual training. Group training sessions are provided during the summer which runs from Monday to Friday. For more serious players, they have individual training where players learn new techniques and master their skills. 

One of the best things about CITA is that they offer tournaments to prepare student players for the real challenge. They work on each student and help them determine which events to play. They also offer daily drop-in and part-time training.

This is available for non-year-round academy players. To find out more information on the training programs and their pricing you should contact them directly. 

12. Steve Adamson Tennis Academy 

We are rounding off the list with Steve Adamson Tennis Academy which is home to top junior players. Based in San Diego, California, it has produced many great players over the years. The alumni consist of students who have played at Harvard, Stanford, the University of Texas, and USC. 

They focus on education, strong work thick, and integrity. Players at Steve Adamson are not built differently. They are not equipped with skills that make them the best not only in tennis but also in life. 

Like most other academies, they offer different training programs. Students can select a program of their choice. This includes tournament group, elite tournament group, and summer program. These programs are specially designed to help students improve their overall skills. 

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