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Becoming a top-level tennis player sounds exciting. But it takes endless hours of hard work to reach the top. Most importantly you need someone who can guide and support you in the right direction. This is where the need for a good and reputable tennis academy comes in. 

No doubt, there are several tennis academies out there. You should choose a tennis academy based on your needs. Check the programs they offer, the cost structure, the coaches, and everything else before making your final call. After all your dream to become a successful tennis player is riding on the tennis academy you choose. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss the best tennis academies in Florida. 

  1. Extreme Tennis Academy 

Based out in the city of Aventura, Extreme Tennis Academy is one of the renowned places to train. This tennis academy is managed by coaches Carlos Maehama and Freddy Azucey, who have produced many great players in the past. They are known to work with young players and help them hone their skills. 

ETA boasts 12 well-lit courts; 9 hard courts, and 3 clay courts. Besides that, the center has a lot of extra space to play and practice. Student-players can choose from 7 different programs. This includes high performance, college placements, a full-time program, and an extreme tennis adult program. 

The full-time tennis program is ideal for anyone who wants to pursue a professional career in this field. For 12 months of training and boarding, the price is $42,000. The program runs from Monday to Friday where players are trained for hours. This program is designed to train advanced players. It focuses on dedication, technical innovation, and ingenuity. 

They also have a post-school program that is aimed at young players. It is more affordable than the full-time program and perfect for those who want to play tennis in college. 

The good thing about this academy is that they focus on individual development and growth. They pay equal attention to all players. From amateurs to advance, everyone is welcome at ETA. They shape the career of players and encourage them to become the best. 

2.     Evert Tennis Academy 

This tennis academy was founded in 1966 by legendary tennis player Chrissie Evert and her family. It is located in Boca Raton and features 23 well-maintained courts. This includes 12 hard courts and 11 clay courts. Players are also given access to additional 25 courts located near the academy. 

Evert Tennis Academy offers boarding facilities to students coming to train from far-off places. Additionally, they have room for conditioning and strength. 

The prime goal of this academy is to grow by overcoming new challenges every day. These challenges install important values in players. It makes them better and more resilient. It also teaches them leadership qualities. 

The academy focuses on creating a more friendly and comfortable environment for its students. Over the years, they gave produced many top players. The alumni include Madison Keys, Aija Tom Janovic, Sebastian Gros Jean, and Andy Roddick. 

There are 3 different programs: afternoon program, academy program, and developmental program. Students can choose a program of their choice based on their personal goals. 

The academy program is a full-time program that costs around $45,500 for boarders. The cost is reduced to $29,500 for non-boarders. Players can also attend in a semester. In that case, the prices will be reduced further. 

A typical day at Evert Tennis Academy includes conditioning for 1 hour, followed by 4 hours of hardcore training, and 3.5 hours of schoolwork. They also have other study options, the details of which can be found on their website. 

3.     ClubMed Tennis Academy 

Next up we have ClubMed Tennis Academy which is located in Club Med Sandpiper Bay, in PortSt.Lucie. This academy is known for its excellent facilities. It boasts 14 hard courts and 6 clay courts. With 20 courts in total, this place is focused on training champions. 

The head coach and director of the tennis center are Gabe Jaramillo. During the peak of his coaching career, he worked with many top 10 players. He is an experienced coach who helps players to bring out the best in them. 

One of the other directors is Scott Del Mastro, who has a master’s degree in sports psychology. This makes him an asset to the academy. The winner of the 2019 US Open Junior Championships was Natsumi Kawaguchi, a student of this academy. 

ClubMed offers a full-time program, including academic work. Students are subjected to 6 hours of school and 4 hours of training from Monday to Friday. They are also conditioned to become strong players. 

Saturday mornings, they organize competitive activities. From Saturday afternoon to Sunday, students are given relaxation time. The cost of full-year training is around $68,000. The prices are comparatively high, but it is worth it. 

The full-time program is only for players who are serious about tennis. It is a challenging package that can’t be handled by everyone. Students in the full-year program are encouraged to dedicate themselves to training. If you want your child to become a great tennis player, ClubMed Academy is for you. 

4.     Saddlebrook Tennis Academy 

Saddlebrook Tennis Academy is another great tennis center for both young and advanced players. Situated in the Tampa area, the academy was founded by world-class tennis player Harry Hopman. 

STA has the most courts compared to any other tennis academy in Florida. It has 45 courts, out of which 4 are Grand Slam courts. Currently, the academy is headed by Rick Crockett. He has years of coaching experience and delivered many top players. Other than him, other well-trained coaches help run the center smoothly. 

STA is very serious about tennis training. They have accountability exercises and goal-setting exercises to boost the potential of a player. Besides that players also take part in various competitions and themes. 

The academy offers a junior tennis program and an adult tennis program. The latter is a full 12 months program where players are taught different strategies, tactics, and techniques. 

At STA all players are given equal attention. They not only train them to become the best players but also inculcate true sportsmanship spirit in them. The full-time program comprises tennis training of 4 hours and academic work of 4 hours. 

Players are also given fitness lessons depending on their personal development. Additionally, they are conditioned mentally to make them more focused and confident. The cost of the full-time program is around $63,560. 

5.     Proworld Tennis Academy 

Next in the line, we have Proworld Tennis Academy. It is based in Delray Beach and has 15 hard courts and 3 clay courts. It is a reputable tennis center that is run and managed by Lorenzo Cava. He is assisted by a team of experienced coaches. 

Players from across the country come to train at Proworld Tennis Academy. They create a friendly environment where players and coaches from diverse backgrounds can thrive. The multicultural training environment is what makes the strength of this academy. 

They offer a full-time program which includes tennis training for 3.5 hours, 1 hour of mental training, and 1 hour of fitness lessons. Players are trained 6 days a week. This is what helps them to master their skills. 

The cost structure of the full-time program can be divided into weeks, months, or years. The price for 12-months training is $38,400. If there are any changes, you will be informed at the time of admission. 

Those who want to play tennis in college can opt for the half-time program which costs around $24,000 a year. It includes 1 hour 45 minutes of training, and 1 hour of fitness lessons. 

Proworld Tennis Academy doesn’t offer academic work. They only emphasize tennis training. If you are fine with this schedule, then you can contact them and proceed further with your admission. 

Compared to other tennis academies in Florida, they charge less. Despite the low price, the academy is equipped with the best infrastructure and facilities that are needed for tennis training. 

6.     Bill Clark Tennis Academy 

The name of the academy gives us the hint that it was founded by Coach Bill Clark. He has been titled 2-time Florida coach of the year. In his 35 years of coaching, he has trained several players, including some of the top 10 players. 

It is located in Hollywood and has 8 courts. Here you get the opportunity to train with experienced coaches. Instead of expanding the academy, they focus on the individual development and growth of players. 

Players like Audra Cohen have put their faith in this academy. They offer 2 to 5-afternoon sessions every week. Each session is about 2 hours long where players are given hardcore training. 

The academy has 3 different programs: intermediate program, high-performance program, and beginner program. Players can select a program based on their level of skills and experience. 

The high-performance program is aimed at advanced players and is supervised by Bill Clark himself. He provides customized training plans to each player, depending on their individual needs. He not only teaches them different techniques but also works for their overall development. 

As far as the prices are concerned, it depends on the hours of training. They offer a flexible training schedule. To know the pricing structure you will have to directly contact the academy. 

7.     Rick Macci Academy and Tennis Center 

Located in Boca Raton, this is another great tennis academy for aspiring young tennis players. It features 19 hard courts, out of which 3 are indoor courts while the rest of them are accessible to the public. 

This academy was founded to help players learn and grow their skills. They focus on building top-class players. It is founded by Coach Rick Macci who has trained several young players and helped them reach their goals. He has worked with 5 no.1 players and 8 Grand Slam champions. This should give you an idea of the amount of experience he has. 

Some of the best players who have trained here are Sofia Kenin, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick, Jennifer Capriati, Tommy Ho, and Venus Williams. 

The full-time program is 12 months long and includes tennis training for 30 hours a week. For the convenience of players, they also offer free transportation.  

The friendly environment makes players comfortable to train. However, this academy may not be suitable for everyone as they don’t include any academic work. The pricing starts from $1,900 and $6,800 for a month. Both boarding and non-boarding students are welcomed here. 

To know the exact pricing structure of the academy you will have to contact the academy. They have multiple plans and programs which makes them suitable for all levels of players. If you want your child to become a successful tennis player, you shouldn’t have a problem with this academy. 

8.     Saviano Tennis Academy  

Lastly, we have Saviano Tennis Academy located inside David Posnack Jewish Day School in Davie. It has a total of 8 courts; 4 clay courts and 4 hard courts. 

This academy is founded by Nick Saviano. Over the years, he has trained many great players including Sloane Stephens and Eugenie Bouchard. Saviano turned to coach after being a successful tennis player. 

He is known for his unique teaching method called the Saviano method. He uses this technique to help players discover their creative genius. He brings out the true potential in each player who is training under him. 

The academy offers 7 training programs, each of which is designed to suit the different needs of students. Players can pick a program of their choice. The full-time morning program is meant for advanced players.

Besides that, they have a full-time afternoon program, a summer program, a weekly visitor program, a full-time afternoon with AHS, a holiday program, and a part-time after-school program. 

They also offer a college placement program where players are given special attention by coaches and support staff. By opting for this program you can seek admission to the top universities and colleges in the country. The cost of the full-time program is around $30,550. 

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