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Tennis is the most prominent sport that people today watch and play with greater interest. Playing it daily is associated with various health benefits, including lowered heart rate, better metabolism, and blood pressure to help reduce body fat toning muscles. These are benefits of a non-content sport, as tennis is easy to play. 

It is a well-balanced combination for a better, healthier body, strategy, and stamina required for mastering the game and turning into a pro tennis player. One has to indulge in some excellent practices learning new techniques to become a refined player to get a firm hand in this sport. 

Although you may not attain tremendous success only by attending the best tennis academy, it emphasizes younger players across the ideal position for succeeding. Various all-time players go to the tennis academies earlier in their career, never checking out anything more. 

A few fantastic tennis academies have structured the future for the grand slam winners across the United States. These academies recruit individuals internationally while they are bringing the best of the players from the United States. 

Here are the top 15 tennis academies across the US one can try out their luck to build a future in tennis. 

1. Tucker Tennis Academy, Oklahoma, USA 

One tennis academy has transformed dramatically, although Tulsa in Oklahoma may not have become the cradle for tennis across the United States. The Tucker Tennis Academy offers several similar benefits being one of the top-notch tennis academies present across the US while it arrives with the best cost-effective prices. 

It aims mainly on the prospects of the colleges, with the facility having six indoor and 15 outdoor courts. It is easier to avail every training required to achieve the best spot. 

2. Saddlebrook Tennis Academy, Tampa, Florida 

There are forty-five courts, including four main surfaces at the Saddlebrook. Some prominent players have trained here. It includes the stars like Martina Hingis, Jim Courier, Jennifer Capriati, Andy Roddick, Pete Sampras, James Blake, Mike & Bob Bryan, Jack Sock, John Isner, and Caroline Wozniacki, Mischa& Alexander Zverev, and Belinda Bencic. Numerous players from recent times still arrive back to get their game tuned up. 

The Saddlebrook tennis program was usually discovered by the Davis Cup Captain, Harry Hopman from Australia, who operated the program at Largo in Florida. Saddlebrook even attained the program after the passing of Hopman in 1986. 

The academy even offers non-boarding and boarding options for the students while hosting periodic summer camps. It even had some great pools, spas, and fitness facilities. 

The entire history behind the Tennis Academy at Saddlebrooke reaches its higher rankings. At the same time, they have deteriorated a bit in the current times, however, with only IMG rising at matching their level of successful tennis professionals. 

Saddlebrooke is considered one of the famous tennis academies in the US, with clay, grass, and hard courts. The players get a cutting edge while striving to become a pro when they are offered a chance at training on the grass early. 

It, however, played a bit of a role across Sampras while it became one of the magnificent and prime grass-court for players of all time. 

3. SHOQ Tennis Academy, California, USA 

If you are an intermediate player searching for better opportunities, then SHOQ Tennis Academy offers you all along for those who wish to take their game to the next level. The full-time training obtains outcomes as it arrives with everything a player requires for crafting a professional career outlook. 

SHOQ Tennis Academy is still under significant development, being a part of developing professionals as everything here includes private training. It is mainly noted as the boutique style instead of the identical options. 

4. IMG Tennis Academy, Bradenton, Florida 

IMG is noted as the ideal tennis academy present globally. It was founded about four decades earlier while the academy has generated several top female and male tennis players. 

There are about 55 tennis courts present in this academy and offer tournaments on the campus promoting the competition. 

IMG was purchased by the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, founded in 1987 by Nick Bollettieri. IMG alumni include players like Jim Courier, Andre Agassi, Kei Nishikori, Monica Seles, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, and Serena Williams. 

The tuition for the program is between $65900 and $85900 each year based on the student’s age, boarding status, and grade. 

5. Evert Tennis Academy, Boca Raton, Florida 

The former 18-time singles founded the Tennis Academy matches at grand slam champion and world number one Chris Evert and her brother Job in 1996. 

The primary campus consists of about 23 tennis courts. It is a prominent alumnus from the program that includes Madison Keys, Lauren Davis, Andy Roddick, Ajla Tomljanovic, and Sebastien Grosjean. 

The academy offers non-boarding and boarding options for their students, with costs ranging from $30000 to $45000. As noted, the cost is comparatively cheaper than the other tennis programs available. The academy also claims that 100% of its graduates pursuing college scholarships receive some financial help. 

6. Advantage Tennis Academy, Newport Beach, California 

The Tennis Academy here invites players from every corner of the US and international recruits. Several players love the sublime weather conditions at the Country Club of Newport Beach. 

They are sparingly less expensive in structuring this academy, allowing its players to succeed. 

During this point, the only aspect that keeps this academy out of the other academies of the upper echelon is the lack of professionals. It can indeed alter the significant other years. 

7. John McEnroe Tennis Academy, Manhattan, New York 

John McEnroe Tennis Academy is located across Manhattan in New York. The legendary player John McEnroe founded it in the year 2010. Since its inception, it did not bring in a significant name for the alumni identically the other academies. Noah Rubin is noted as the alumnus of this program for the Wimbledon Championship in 2014. 

The academy consists of 20 courts with advanced tennis programs placing several students at the top of the Collegiate programs in the US, including Harvard, Amherst, University of North Carolina, Yale, Columbia, Wake Forest, and Princeton. 

John McEnroe Tennis Academy offers several options for training unlike any other tennis program; the cost of the entire training program for the 34-weeks is about $30,000. 

8. OSSA Tennis Academy, Rockville, Maryland 

Several tennis games are appearing across the Washington DC region. The best appears to travel off from the DMV after they have become in better health with OSSA tennis academy. They also provide some remarkable programs allowing the players to focus on the outcomes they wish to attain.  

You need not be astonished to check whether the tennis academy continues to raise its ranks, establishing itself a few more. It is never a major one as they appear in warmer climates like others on this list, while it appears to work great regionally. 

9. Van Der Meer Tennis Academy, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina 

The Van Der Meer Tennis Academy was founded in 1973 on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. It even founded the Professional Tennis Registry, a firm certifying and training tennis coaches. In 2019 he passed away. 

Thirty-seven tennis courts include 7 indoor ones. The academy alumni include Margaret Court, Alison Riske, John Isner, Billie Jean King, and Amanda Coetzer. 

Pat and Dennis Van Der Meer operated this facility while taking the entire potential of the location. It is located near South Carolina Beach, where the player gets to relax during their downtime. Arriving at training, they use a couple of varied facilities while having the clay, complex, or indoor courts. 

The cost here in Van Der Meer Tennis Academy is $23745 for the boarding students and $39000 for the students boarding. 

10. The John Newcombe Tennis Ranch, Texas Hill Country, USA 

The John Newcombe Tennis Ranch has discovered varied ways to bring in a few of the great professionals in the middle region of Texas Hill Country. 

Several top players attended the academy, while Ryan Harrison, Li Na, and Lleyton Hewitt had spent great times in this academy. At the same time, numerous of them reside on this campus, while others commute from Austin or San Antonio to get the required training. 

Some students reside in these dorms with their teammates and consume every meal in the cafeteria. These academy players are training for about six hours of the day along with fitness about four times each week while weight training a couple of times each week. During the weekends, they take the players out for tournaments too. 

Several players are residing at the academy, heading out to the public for the New Braunfels and taking part in the AP classes. These students are also performing the online programs they select, while a few players here in this academy are working with Texas Connections, K12, and Laurel Springs. The tuition fees included here for each month are $3300, while they offer scholarships based on UTR’s ratings. 

11. Gorin Tennis Academy, Granite Bay, California 

The Gorin Tennis Academy has developed to the point where there are a couple of varied locations across California, and their prime locations are highly notable at Granite Bay. Vitaly Gorin was able to offer to coach a few of the top rising players who have attained the ranks of the top 30 internationally across the WTA and ARP tours. 

The academy can never help blow the people off initially while seven courts are present at the prime locations. It is excellent for those who wish to attain more personalized attention since the professionals are not being stretched out thinly. 

12. Weil Tennis Academy, California USA 

Weil Tennis Academy and School for College Preparatory has been there since 1997 placing 100% of its students in the top NCAA colleges and universities. It includes UCLA, Stanford, John Hopkins, Dartmouth, Brown, Pepperdine, Yale, USC, Princeton, Cornell, and more based on the scholarship programs. 

The players, teachers, families, and coaches at Weil all have a single aim college preparation and better placements. The primary goal for each student is to gain proper admission, play college tennis, and study at the most reputed universities across the USA. 

The international coaching staff for the professionals at Weil mainly travels with players across hundreds of tournaments annually around the globe, including the sectional and regional events, WTA, USTA National, ITF, and WTA. 

13. Saviano Tennis Academy, Florida, USA 

Nick Saviano has been a prominent name for four decades and has risen to the ranks of famous players. He had structured this academy with an entire career history to have coached several players like Eugenie Bouchard and Sloane Stephen, holding one of the best names across the US. The players are allured to the weather in South Florida with its prime location at the Plantation in Florida. 

The other perk associated with the Saviano Tennis Academy is its prime location at a similar facility for the Junior Orange Bowl each year. The prime goal for most younger tennis players is to reach the Orange Bowl, while having the opportunity to compete against the perfect one often launches the point for the future winners at the Grand Slam. 

You can retain the smaller class sizes with the Saviano Tennis Academy founded as being quite a success in its entirety. At the same time, the players here are entirely willing to place at work with an opportunity to succeed in this game. 

14. Academia Sanchez-Casal, Naples, Florida 

The Sanchez-Casal Tennis Academy is situated in Naples and is relatively a newcomer to the scenarios compared to the significant other top-level opportunities. 1998 was the year it was founded by a pair of former tennis professionals, Sergio and Emilio Sanchez Vicario. 

It had a significant focus on the technical attributes of this game while this tennis academy is trying something a bit different from the rest of the world. They always retain their low numbers allowing the players to get personal attention. 

It may not reach the rank of the top academies in the US; it is the other great location bringing in some serious players for the game. 

15. Austin Tennis Academy, Texas, USA 

Austin Tennis Academy is the first to strike a name whenever one thinks about a tennis academy here in Florida. 

Numerous aspects of the academy make it a significant choice, including the greater cost reduction compared to several other tennis academies across the United States. The Tennis Academy is located across the Spanish Oaks and the Texas Hill Country. 

About 2 Italian red clay and 12 hard surface tennis courts are present across the academy with a 3200 square foot with the fitness centers. At the same time, there is a complete-service pro shop with several classrooms for academies. 

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