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Even in individual sports like tennis, you need a solid team to guide and support you. A tennis coach not only prepares you for tough situations but also motivates you to become the absolute best. 

Unlike other sports, a tennis coach is hired by the players themselves. Choosing the best tennis coach can make a huge difference as they play an important role in tweaking the gameplay, making the technical adjustment, formulating strategies, and more. 

An experienced tennis player can help a player reach the next level. They bring out the best in players using their special training methods. Even the best tennis players in the world can’t go without a coach. 

You may be capable of winning big tournaments like Grand Slams, but you need a coach to break through and unleash your true potential before the world. 

In this post, we are going to talk about the best tennis coaches of all time. These coaches have one thing in common. They have all produced top tennis players in the world. 

  1. Toni Nadal 

Toni Nadal is arguably one of the best tennis coaches out there. He was the coach of his nephew Rafael Nadal till 2017. Their relationship as coach and player started at Manacor tennis club. According to Rafa, Toni has taught him everything about tennis. His methods might be brutal, but that’s what helped him become successful in the field. 

The duo has won 16 Grand Slams. Their record was intact before MarjanVajda broke it in 2020. Toni is known for his unique teaching methods. After retiring as Rafa’s coach, he started training and shaping the careers of young players. He is currently the head coach at RafaNadal Academy in Manacor, Mallorca. 

  1. MarjanVajda 

MarjanVajda is a former professional tennis player from Slovak. He is currently coaching Novak Djokovic, who is one of the top-class tennis players in the world. Together, they have won 77 titles. This makes Vajda the most successful tennis coach in history. 

Vajda has been coaching Novak throughout his career. His influence on Novak is not just limited to the tennis field. The player also treats Vajda as a confidant and guide in his life. The relationship between the two is seen and praised by the world. The partnership between Vajda and Novak will forever be engraved in the pages of history. 

  1. Nick Bollettieri 

Nick Bollettieri is a big name in the tennis world. He is not just known for coaching the best players, but he is also the founder of IMG Tennis Academy. This American tennis coach has delivered many top players in the past. Some of the players he has trained include Mary Pierce, Monica Seles, Andre Agassi, and Jim Courier. 

Nick is a legendary coach who has also worked with players like JelenaJankovic, Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams, Martina Hingis, Serena Williams, and many more. He founded the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in 1978.

At present, it is known as the IMG Tennis Academy. It is located in Bradenton, Florida. The establishment of this tennis school transformed the way tennis was taught to students. It slowly emerged to become the best tennis coaching academy in the world. 

  1. Tony Roche 

Anthony Dalton Roche, popularly known as Tony Roche is a former Australian tennis player. He is the winner of 15 Grand Slam doubles and one Grand Slam singles. He was ranked the no.2 player in the world. After retiring as a professional tennis player, he started coaching young players. He was hired by Ivan Lendl as his full-time guru in 1985. 

Lendl wanted to win Wimbledon, and Roche was a master of the sport. This caused the player to seek his guidance. Besides Lendl, Roche has trained many other top players such as Roger Federer. He worked with Federer for two years from 2005-2007. He also trained Lleyton Hewitt, who is a two-time winner of the Grand Slam singles title. 

  1. Patrick Mouratoglou 

Patrick Mouratoglou is a French sports commentator cum tennis coach. He is famous for coaching the world-class player Serena Williams. The duo started working together in 2012. Currently, he is also training the rising star player StefanosTsitsipas. 

He is also the founder of Mouratoglou Tennis Academy which came into existence in 1996. It is located close to Paris, France. Serena Williams started training with Mouratoglou after losing the Grand Slam tournament in 2012. She won three Wimbledon titles, sixth US open titles, the Olympic gold medal, and many more after training with Mouratoglou. He is currently one of the top tennis coaches. Other players that Mouratoglou has helped include GrigorDimitrov, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Marcos Baghdatis, and Jeremy Chardy. 

  1. Brad Gilbert 

The next name is Brad Gilbert. You must have seen him commentating for ESPN. Before becoming a sports commentator, he spent his share of time training other players. He has coached some of the best players during the peak of their careers.

These include Andre Agassi, Kei Nishikori, Andy Murray, and Andy Roddick. With his crafty teaching method, he has helped these players reach the next level in their careers. 

Out of all the players, he has coached; his relationship with Agassi is the most prominent one. Gilbert as a tennis player was never on the top, but as a coach, he helped many players hone their skills. He may have become a TV personality now, but he has the potential to be a great coach. No wonder, many players tried to get him back to coaching. 

  1. Bob Brett 

Bob Brett may not be alive anymore, but he was one of the best coaches to exist. He worked with top players like GoranIvanisevic, Boris Becker, and Marin Cillic. His impressive teaching method is what made him a successful tennis coach. 

For your information, he helped Cillic win a Grand Slam title. He put it all together to make Cillic a celebrated player. Unfortunately, he is no longer among us. He is survived by his tennis academy in Italy. It can’t be denied that tennis lost a world-class coach. He could have helped build the careers of so many other players. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anymore. 

  1. Mike Estep 

Mike Estep is a celebrated tennis coach. There’s hardly any tennis fan who is not familiar with his name. As a professional player, he tasted moderate success, but as a coach, he is fine as hell. He established himself as a successful coach after training Martina Navratilova in 1983. He has also trained other women players including Arantxa Sanchez Vicario and Jana Novotna. 

Estep has a unique teaching style that kept the players focused on their goals. He worked to bring the best out in his players. He helped Navratilova win six Wimbledon titles. He taught her the technics and gave her all the information about the sport she needed to know. He put great effort into building each of the players he has trained so far. 

  1. Robert Lansdrop 

Robert Lansdrop may not be as popular as other coaches on this list, but he is known to all serious tennis lovers. He is a great teacher and has helped many take their skills to the next level. 

Lansdrop has a long track record of working with top tennis players. The list includes Tracy Austin, Pete Sampras, and Maria Sharapova. He has also trained Lindsay Davenport and Eugenie Bouchard. The impressive thing about Lansdrop is that he can easily adapt to different types of players and help them focus on groundstrokes.

He is currently in his 80s and still working as an instructor. He has devoted his whole life to coaching players and helping them reach their goals. 

  1.  Harry Hopman 

Harry Hopman was among the top professional tennis players. After retiring from his playing career, he turned his attention to coaching. He was not only an exceptional player but also a great coach. He founded his tennis academy in Florida, California. He trained players like Ken Rosewall and John McEnroe. 

Hopman was the first ever coach to emphasize the importance of having a group of coaches around the top players. He is survived by his tennis academy and the legacy he has left behind. 

  1.  Richard Williams 

All tennis fans are familiar with the name Richard Williams. Yes, he is the relative of Serena Williams and Venus Williams. He had a big hand in getting both Serena and Venus into the tennis world. It cannot be denied that tennis runs in the blood of Williams’ family. They are all great players, but so far none of the sisters have reached the success level of Richard. 

Richard had to do a lot to bring Venus and Serena to the tennis world. From getting them extra coaching to motivating them, he did it all, and the result is before us. He may not be as good as other coaches in terms of technicality, but his efforts helped build two of the best players. He made them compete for back-to-back titles to make them what they are today. 

  1.  Stefan Edberg 

Next up we have Stefan Edberg who is known for his unique style of teaching. Before turning into a coach, he used to be a top-class player. His knowledge of the sport is what helped him become one of the top tennis coaches in the world. During his playing days, he was called a smart tennis player. It is no surprise that coaching comes naturally to him. 

In 2013, he was hired by Roger Federer as his coach. He acted as his mentor and helped him get back on track. Edberg is the person who helped Roger evolve in the second half of his career. They both analyzed Roger’s game to spot his weakness and fix it. Even though the duo trained together for just two years, it was enough time for Roger to rejuvenate himself. 

  1.  Ivan Lendl 

Ivan Lendl is fairly new to coaching. Most tennis fans know him as the former star player in the Hall of Fame. However, he played a big role in coaching Andy Murray. It was with Lendl’s help that Murray was able to bring out the best in him. 

Murray signed Lendl after losing four consecutive Grand Slam titles. Lendl helped Murray at a time when his career was going down. He helped him start over and get him back on his track. As a player, Lendl may have lost the Grand Slam finals, but as a coach, he helped Murray find what he was missing. He not only acted as his mentor but also helped him overcome his mental blockage. 

  1.  Magnus Norman 

Magnus Norman is the man behind the transformation of four big players – Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic. Norman’s teachings helped them unleash their true potential and dominate every single game they played. 

Norman is one of the best tennis coaches that the world has seen. He ranks in the no.2 position. He also helped Warwinka win back his confidence and play against other big players. He put up a consistent performance and even made it to the quarter-finals. Norman is the reason that Wawrinka could win a Grand Slam title. 

  1. Tony Pickard 

Lastly, we have Tony Pickard who is considered one of the most intense tennis coaches of all. He is Stefan Edberg’s former coach and mentor. Under his tutelage, Edberg won six Grand Slam titles. This shows how good Pickard is as a coach. 

Unlike others, Pickard has a very strict coaching approach. He likes to subject his players to a tough routine to bring the best out in them. Well, this is how he helped Edberg reach his goals while unleashing his true potential.

According to Pickard, Edberg needed to train harder and eat better. Instead of the physical part, he made Edberg focus on the mental part of the sport. No doubt, this method worked out well for Edberg as he went on to win six Grand Slam titles.  

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