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There are a few outstanding narratives worth mentioning throughout the entire tennis history. Best tennis documentaries are congenial, mainly for the sports fanatics out there. Even the ones not following any specific game can attain a distinctive level of amusement from the ones we have enlisted below. 

An astounding documentary surrounds an intriguing topic along with narrating a story. The top 13 we have mentioned today fill the description perfectly and are shortlisted for tennis enthusiasts who wish to know more about this game! 

1. Unmatched 

ESPN offers the 30 for 30, aiming specifically at the rivalry between Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert. The renowned top two iconic players in the era that stood up against one another innumerable times in some more significant matches showcase their compelling relationship. At times their friendship was worth a mention; however, a specific amount of competitiveness made them distant. 

The other difference between them is how the media perceived them. They had undergone many differences that showcased that they were playing different sports at different times as it ranges from their playing styles and appearances.  

ESPN did a marvelous job entering the details of the sport that are not covered since all of these ended up being in documentaries. It is a job well done, revealing the entire details that you may not have known earlier. 

2. Venus & Serena 

These may not have been the last of the documentaries since it comes out for the William sisters, putting the ideal one showcasing their talent journey. Several stories unfold through this documentary since both the sisters are playing to date.

It enters into detailed conjunction of the way both the players rose to fame, beating all the hurdles placed before them before hitting the number one spot in the world. 

A few may even forget that it was just a glimpse of both the sisters had when their ends in their career paths were closing in. Serena dropped her ranking, and Venus began having health issues. 

A decade later, they were still on the game, and it simply started to add some greater depths to this documentary in an over. Both the sisters still inspire us to check out where they came from and the amount of impact they had on their game. 

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Numerous players are popping up through the ranks, citing that the William sisters are the primary reason for them entering the sports. They are sure shot to have attained the place of the most inspiring players in the game’s history at their time of retirement. 

3. Andy Murray: Resurfacing 

Being released in 2017, it is a contemporary documentary that showcased a more momentous possibility to check out what went into Andy Murray’s retrieval to the tennis court after haggling with a few exhaustive injuries.

Andy Murray is among the multiple Grand Slam champions. Being a former number one player around the globe, he is the most-liked player present on tour at the moment, and it’s been an outspoken journey filled with challenges. 

Watching them at the moment has allowed people to check out wherever Murray is ranking. It is almost unlikely that they are coming back in the best of their form; however, simply playing the sport once more may bring back a considerable smile face.

It is interesting to note a player struggling through a lot to get the game shoes on, and the candidness of Murray creates this documentary. 

4. Strokes of Genius 

Wimbledon 2008 final was voted the best tennis match ever to showcase all times. The match was a faced between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in this epic game that appeared like a huge turning point in tennis. 

People think that Roger Federer once again won the championship at Wimbledon. They had a dominant potential on the grass, while Nadal was clay-dominated. 

The match took five hours to complete, resulting in a five-set victory for Nadal. The match has ups and downs, including the fifth set finishing at 9-7, explicitly making it a fascinating documentary.

The documentary will refine with age since both the players are still in their gaming mode. You can take a glimpse back to the winning game where they were both in their prime time showcasing their master skills. 

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5. McEnroe/Borg: Fire & Ice 

The rivalry between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe refined the entire men’s game. Both the players had a couple of other rivals, highlighting the differences between the two men who had placed this game at the top.

One of the guys being competitive enough showcases every possible emotion, constantly against every odd with someone out there. Others appear like laid-back competitors. 

HBO did an extremely great job bringing the rivalry back to life, scoring a few amazing interviews with various players existing during this time, along with Borg and McEnroe. They had even spent a lot of time making it an excellent watch for the tennis fanatics but also the fans of sports. It took place while the game exploded globally, helping these two players. 

6. This Is What They Want 

Jimmy Connors has astonished people with the last in-depth run for the US Open. Most people considered him the finishing player at 39 years old, and they had taken back the journey coming through several challenges that led up to the specific event. As Connors pushed, several individuals, got behind as he turned out to be one of the massive sports stories. 

Connors had inspired a lot of individuals during this time, although he lost during the semifinal match to Jim Courier. They had even won over many fans during his career, which showcases that he had imposed a lot of hard work being an underdog years after being the best across different matches. The film holds back to this time, ideally in tennis. 

7. Facing Federer 

The best documentary about Federer was released with a bit of hold back. But, in 2004, there were insightful documentaries known as Facing Federer. During the tour, he was a completely new force across the tour, although they had been a champion since none knew how he would turn into one of the greatest players of all time. 

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It is the documentary that distinctively aims at the 2004 Master Tour. Federer was relatively young, boosting into the scene as your guy having every potential in the world. It is exciting to look back at knowing whatever people know about, trying to know whatever the best is for them. It consists of all kinds of evolutions, shocking many. 

You can look back to be quite insightful for the educational aims. Some people eventually thought they had several unrestricted potentials in their earlier careers. 

8. Untold: Breaking Point 

It is a documentary of 2021 throughout light on the pressures undertaken by professional tennis along with the tools on the enhanced tennis starts expected to win over every expense. Breaking Point is a portion of the Untold series by Netflix examining the rise of Mardy Fish as the next big hope in America, directed by Maclain Way and Chapman. 

It eventually takes a thorough check at the rise and fall of his career, wherever serious disorders consumed them with anxieties compounded by severe heart ailments. The documentary exposes the entire approach to push the younger tennis players to reach beyond the limits in the vocation of mental rigidness and how it negatively impacts their mental health. 

9. Love Means Zero  

It is a documentary in 2017 directed by Jason Kohn with the depiction of the famous tennis coach Nick Bollettieri. He had coached several celebrity players like Jim Courier, Andre Agassi, Serena Williams, Venus Wiliams, and more.  

The documentary aims mainly to track the early lives of Kohn, the son of immigrants from Italy who made it controversial. The film is known for deconstructing the lawlessness surrounding tennis in their earlier times, preserving the real passion for this game. 

10. Arthur and Johnnie 

The Tennis fans of this day have kept in mind the fantastic legacies of Arthur Ashe. We know about his name each year since their center court in the name of honor for him at the Flushing Meadows. Their influence in this game and on the world is entirely undeniable. 

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But, it would have been the same thing with this development as them being the tennis player who gets interrupted whenever they serve in the army in the war of Vietnam. 

The reason included here is something we would not know about his little brother Johnnie since they had returned from their tour of duties under the conflict, volunteering to serve the other place for Arthur. 

Johnnie and Arthur offer the initial person keeping an account of this fantastic story. 

11. ‘Stranger than fiction 

It is better whenever you have read about “Open,” depicting the autobiography of Andre Agassi. 

Agassi is the All-American genius created by the Bollettieri and demanding father’s tennis factor across the Florida region. The instant ascent to the higher ranks had equaled one of the most impressive falls culminating in 1997.

Agassi battled severe injuries, even failed a drug test, and witnessed the downfall of his marriage with the actress Brooke Shields. In the meanwhile, the rank of Agassi fell to 141 in the globe. 

The comeback had become one of the most astonishing ones like the fall. 

He worked his entire way to the bottom, competing with their low-tier events. They returned to the top 10 in 1998 and made a remarkable history at the 1999 French Open. During the finals, their opponent was Medvedev and Russian Andrei.

Agassi had offered their younger counterparts with the best advice a couple of weeks earlier during Monte Carlo, paying off for the tips that were the best. 

Grabbing it back to two sets, with heavens all opened for, Agassi helped through the solace of rain, sometimes offering a barrage of powerful epithets from his coach’s help. When all was done, Agassi finished his career at Grand Slam and won his first title on this Parisian clay. Steffi Graf became Andre Agassi’s wife that year. 

12. ‘Horror in Hamburg’ 

In the April of 1993, Monica Seles returned on track rewriting the tennis book record. At 19, she had won about eight Grand Slam titles holding the upper hand in the rivalries with the German phenom Graf. 

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Delusions had spurred in this rivalry for the super fan of Graf named Gunter Parche, who had stabbed Seles during their changeover during the Hamburg Open. Everything is narrated beautifully in the autobiography of “Getting A Grip.” 

Pache had only attained a suspended sentence for their noted crimes; however, the immeasurable actions had a huge impact. Seles had stayed off from this sport for a couple of years, with time Graf spending consolidations on their grip to this tour. 

The story of Seles was never-ending as the American came back to this pinnacle in 1996 whenever she had captured for the Australian Opens. It was the final and ninth Grand Slam titles as none were going around it, with Seles being robbed off several more. 

13. ‘You don’t know Pete’ 

The unknown George Bastl eventually dispatched Pistol Pete at their kingdom in their second round. Losing to Pay-Henri Mathiey and Wayne Arthurs followed it. When this term was around, washed would describe it as the Sampras state whenever they entered the US Open in 2002 during the No.17 seed. 

Sampras, 31, is of the age, considering the ancient times in this tennis game at a time. Sampras had brought into coach Paul Annacone. 

In their third round, Sampras had survived about a five-set war with the Brit Greg Rusedski claiming the American legends being lost across several steps before the match. Sampras gets demolished with Andy Roddick and Tommy Haas, who is expected to take over Pete over the decline. 

Sampras had discovered something at the end of the match at Rusedski, riding it to the finals wherever the familiarity of the foe waited. Sampras had been the second-favorite with the script playing out since it has been whenever they met Agassi at the significant stages. It is 31-year old, capturing about 14th as Grand Slam’s final title, proving all except themselves at being wrong. 

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