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Podcasts are globally renowned as the most straightforward way to enjoy a day filled with entertainment and knowledge. A few people are listening to the podcasts as they are working, while others are doing it while they work out. Irrespective of anything, they are an amusing, relaxing, and informative way of staying updated about this gameplay. 

So, which tennis podcasts are the most happening in recent times? Is there a person planning on staying updated with the game of tennis at the pro level, or if they want to gain more knowledge about the tennis games, here are the options you should be worthy of trying to listen to! 

1. Behind the Racquet Pod 

Tennis fanatics can avail themselves of a lot of this podcast; however, anyone searching to improve their mental health will find it advantageous. Noah Rubin and Mike Cation are never afraid of touching on some sensitive topics that make other podcasts shy away. 

In tennis, mental stability plays a significant role, while a few players have witnessed their struggles derailing their entire careers. They have had several touring players landing on their podcasts to ask questions and take a pick to their brains. 

2. The Tennis Podcast 

Some listeners are sure to catch a glimpse of every detail associated with tennis with the help of this podcast, whose hosts are Matt Roberts, David Law, and Catherine Whitaker, as the trio keeps things casual, bringing on a few significant names about once a while. Indeed, things heat a lot during the Grand Slams as listening to them the entire year is more accessible. 

As the podcast starts in the UK, fans can get accustomed to getting better news through specific parts of the globe. 

They may even get to spend a bit more time on the specifics from every region; however, they will still have a global reach of audiences. They even close in over the decades of these podcasts that include chemistry. 

3. The Body Serve 

The podcast will never take matters seriously, and they plan to restrict only matters involving amusement and fun as they never mind getting unorthodox enroute. You get intrigued to adapt to different players in varied ways as they grab the storylines others may fail to catch. 

If you search for loads of amusement will surely get their worth of listening. Tennis need not be a serious affair, and the relaxing and friendly podcasts do not get any better. 

4. No Challenges Remaining 

Some people adore podcasts and hear about them at least once in their lifetime, and it has been lurking for quite some time now as the initial tennis podcasts gained a significant following. They rely on narrating noteworthy stories while keeping things extremely light-hearted so that it never gets boring. 

Fans who specifically love the WTA will discover this as one that is spending a significant time on this tour. You should not make a bit of error since they cover several ATP stories; however, the WTA is not much adored on several other podcasts. 

5. The Racquet Magazine Podcast 

It is relatively a newcomer to the scene, as the Racquet Magazine Podcast prides itself in becoming an unfiltered glimpse of tennis. 

It can help as they have the Rennae Stubbs being one of the main hosts once they like to narrate several stories from the playing days. They still know several people on this tour, as no questions are included here since it has created a bit of significant chemistry with Caitlyn Thompson. 

Some listeners will never get a lot of hard-hitting analysis, which is more likely a casual glimpse at the sport here. It would make things great for people who love the game of tennis and wish for some fun-filled storylines instead of the entire breakdown of the entire time. 

6. Podcast 

You can check out a few incredible podcasts here on The Tennis Channel; however, it is a great starting point for the podcast. The host here is Nina Pantic, along with the recent touring professional Irina Falconi. 

It comes with the advantage of having a real professional. Being a hard worker herself offers people a good appreciation for the ones who try creating a sport that they enjoy entirely. 

It consists of more minor episodes, and there had been a few intriguing guests to arrive and speak about. It offers their listeners a different insight about tennis which is not about the glamor and glitz for the ideal players here. 

7. Beyond the Baseline 

The podcast has sports illustrations working for a while, with weekly episodes satisfying to listeners out there. It is hosted by the producer Jamie Lisanti and John Wertheim since it has pretty professional approaches that a few people enjoy. 

They even bring along celebrity fans from other entertainment or sports to speak about a bit of love instead of bringing in the tennis professionals and the ones. They are involved directly in this game. 

8. Holding Court with Patrick McEnroe 

Patrick McEnroe has been highly reckoned in the world of tennis for a long time, whether it involves professional gameplay games or the running life of a commentator. He initiated the podcast series that closes in at about 100 episodes, and it appears to get better than before. 

The lengths of the episodes are about half an hour since they are often across the locations while offering a unique insight to the fans who try to keep up with the game. A couple of individuals may appear a bit twisted towards a few people; however, it is a slight change to the aspect of podcasts among the entire community of tennis enthusiasts. 

9. The Mini Break 

Podcasts start dragging along; however, these appear to be shorter and precisely to the point where one can enjoy The Mini Break. The entire episodes of daily podcasts are simple to consume, with a cast of individuals speaking about the tennis news daily. 

A few unique features to help fill in time across the scenarios offer a few incredible debates that the tennis fanatics can get into. This podcast is unique; however, it continues rising across every download. 

10. Essential Tennis Podcast 

Whenever you are checking out for the regular free tennis podcasts comprising the gamut of topics on tennis related to the game, the Essential Tennis Podcast of Ian Westerman is the ideal place to be in. 

Westerman has long been speaking about tennis since 2013 with topics ranging from how one can enhance the external aims to more technicalities that enhance the forehead of one and, more recently, to get better about the game despite staying at home. 

Westerman from Wisconsin has an incredible website performing well for the lifelong tennis lover who turned themselves into content creators, business builders, and entrepreneurs. He is known for offering online courses, videos, and coaching with the podcasts mentioned here. 

11. Cracked Interviews Podcast 

It is from one of the three main podcasts discovered under the brand Cracked Interview with the lead in charge, Dalton Thieneman, with the Cracked Interview Podcasts. The Interviews here consist of a kind of tennis world’s top players and coaches with other peripheral personalities whenever you wish to follow them outside the ones on the top as it is where one needs to be. 

Cracked Racquets introduces itself as the company for digital sports media looking to fill up those starting void across the recent tennis game coverage that aim at the only Big Four being admittedly maximum of us are guilty of. 

To match up to this podcast, you can also set your ears for the Great Shot Podcast and The Mini Break podcast, with the former consisting of weekly discussions on the thoughts about the game of tennis while the latter takes care of the daily news on this game. 

12. Thirty Love: Conversations About Tennis 

The host of the Thirty Love Tennis Podcast is Carl Bialik. He is considered a celebrity, a reckoned American Journalist working as the Data Science Editor for Yelp and even associated with and Wall Street Journal. 

Here he delves deeper into interviewing various tennis top personalities, including renowned tennis players, authors, filmmakers, and even journalists like Ben Rothenberg. He indeed does a great job being a host of this tennis podcast. 

13. Tennis IQ Podcast 

Tennis involves about 90 percent of the entire mental ability, making this sport a tough one to crack. Josh Burger and Brian Lomax, top sports psychology professionals, shares their perspective on the mental performance involved in the game of tennis, discussing the recent event in the tennis sphere and interviewing guests with unique insights on the toughness of the mind. It is the best podcast for individuals who wish to know more about this mental game of tennis or if you are simply keen on these sports. 

14. Second Serve Tennis 

It is considered the only tennis podcast created for recreational adult players by daily tennis players. They are incredibly passionate about this game, with episodes targeting the adults who love playing this sport in the latter halves of their lives.

The primary aim of this podcast is to promote and grow the entire tennis gameplay for the adult genre. The podcast even discusses all things related to the tennis game for adult recreation. 

15. Wimbledon: Between the Lines 

Between the Lines arrives in association with Evian being an official podcast for Wimbledon. You can quickly join the hosts, the renowned individual’s Matt Edmondson and Mollie King, while they take you to the core of the year’s Championship.

You get to enjoy the entire Wimbledon series in how they converse with celebrity players and guests about the stories revolving around Wimbledon and taking you right to the source of action. You can listen to what Wimbledon appears to them, unveiling the highlights from off and on the court of gameplay. 

16. Rock n Roll Tennis 

Join the rocking podcast of John Lloyd from Davis Cup Captain and former British #1, Keith Fraser, on this fantastic new tennis podcast, with Rock n Roll Tennis. It is not only inclined on tennis as this show appears completely interesting and involves fun-filled topics circulating sports along with guests arriving from the world of tennis and sports, business & showbiz, and politics. Rock n’ Roll is your new residence if you wish to attain your tennis fix. 

17. Court-Side with Beilinson Tennis 

If you are searching for tennis, tennis, and only tennis, this podcast is meant just for you. It involves podcast interviews with the guests who have their core embedded into the tennis industry. You get the entire taste of tennis here. You can hear out from various guests, including a few of the touring professionals, a few of the touring coaches, a few collegiate coaches, along with a few of the high school coaches. You even get to listen from the specific people outside the coaching and gameplay arenas, with every person having a significant impact on these sports. 

18. The Double Bagel Tennis Podcast 

The podcast here brings you some incredible narratives and rare stories from the world of professional tennis gameplay. Each week, Eric Han, a tennis journalist, will effectively serve a thorough conversation with a few vast vocations across the sports ranging from the current coaches and tennis players to the legends having had a glorified game once in their lifetime. 

19. Tennis Talk with Cam Williams 

Here you can start joining the discussions while reviewing and previewing the weekly WTA Tours and ATP World Tour tournaments. They get the glimpse of those seeded players who can get a glimpse of their past winners for the events, giving a unique prediction analysis on whoever you should back up for winning the entire event. 

20. Intercollegiate Tennis Association 

Dave Mullins comes with his guests to deliver the best tennis information throughout the discussions on this College Tennis Coaches Podcasts. The recent coaching topics, guests, and trends added with a bit of fun element will make this entire podcast filled with knowledge-based tennis information. The podcast is known to host an entire series of discussions with the top industry leaders. 

21. Tennis Industry United Podcast 

It is mainly hosted by Chris Michalowski from the US Tennis Association and features Doug Cash, the site’s founder. The Tennis Industry United is featuring some informative and perceptive interviews with business professionals and industry insiders, aiming to better connect to the tennis community and educate those affected by several challenges posed by the pandemic outbreak.  

22. WTA Insider 

Courtney Nguyen is known to host this official podcast. She is the senior writer for WTA Insider from the Women’s Tennis Association. Their primary focus is to bring their fans closer to the WTA with the interviews and weekly analysis with the broadcasters, players, and those present behind the scenes driving the tennis for women. 

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