A-Z Guide for 15 Best Tennis Shoes | Men + Women

Over the years, tennis shoes have evolved from a simple canvas shoe to a complex of high-tech modified technologies and bold designs.

With the development of a shoe culture, which manifests itself as a complex combination of fashion, concentration of capital, politics, culture, race and the public, tennis shoes continue to hold the cutting edge of technology in their field. 

This could be cushioning air cells in the outsole, new rubber varieties for better traction, lighter materials, or even more sophisticated inflatable support for Reebok Pumps. Tennis shoes have always been a clever combination of form and function.

If you’ve bееn shopping fоr tennis shoes lately, thеn уоu knоw – thеrе аrе tons оf options оut there. In this article, we will cover the best tennis shoes in a few of the major categories – and we will try to find the best-sourced and best-reviewed tennis shoe manufacturers.

Many people often ask the question, “Do tennis shoes really matter?” The answer is yes, they do.

Tennis is a game where the players do a lot of running and cutting with sudden stops when chasing the ball. It puts heavy stress on your ankles and feet. It is also the reason tennis shoes are heavily cushioned for maximum shock absorption and comfort.


Are running shoes good for tennis?

Many of you may think, “Running shoes are heavily cushioned too; shouldn’t they be fine?” – This is the most significant mistake people make when they start playing tennis. Running shoes isn’t ideal for tennis and is, in fact, dangerous because of the design. Running shoes are designed to have high, soft heels to cushion the feet for forwarding motion. An old pair of shoes may no longer fix or protect your foot from injury.

Common sense says that tennis shoes are meant for playing tennis and running shoes for running, but in reality most of us choose to use one pair for two of the above actions, when we will usually use running shoes for both running and tennis.

Playing tennis is not the same as running. When a player sprints across the field from right to left and back over and over again , what he needs above all is precision, freedom of movement and speed , which is particularly demanding on the ankles . 

The right shoe should therefore be tailored to the player’s playing style and offer both the necessary support and the necessary freedom of movement in the right places. 

In addition to that, the outsole type which must provide the ideal charasteristics for the surface.

It’s easy to get to the closet and take out your old sneakers, And even more problematic, as this pair of shoes might not be suitable for tennis.

Tennis does involve forward running, but it also incorporates side-stepping and cutting back and forth across the court. Because of this, running shoes aren’t recommended as replacements for tennis shoes. A good pair of quality tennis shoes is essential for a good tennis match.

Let’s narrow down our list according to the variety of the characteristics of the game. We’ll cover six categories: Best overall, Durability, Support & Stability, Quick & light, Comfort, and Best Value. Each category will have its best tennis shoes winner and a runner up.


Main Features

  • Durability is one of the most important things you can look for in a tennis shoe. You can use this shoe for intense training sessions. They have a reinforced center area that makes the shoes very comfortable and easy to handle.
  • You can spend five or six hours on the court and see tiny tears in the shoe. So you can use it for months, and it will hold well.
  • The frame of the shoe is also designed uniquely – wave style stripes. It helps you flex and bend the shoe any time you’re on your toes when you reach low to the ground or stretch for long distances.
  • The back of the shoe is considerably cushioned in the ankle area. So you’ll be able to perform on the court with excellent stability and maneuverability, which makes them the best men’s tennis shoes.
  • As for comfort and weight, you won’t be able to step in comfort and run for hours with heavyweight shoes, and I find that they are pretty light on foot, reminding the Nike Vapor X’s a lightweight shoe also.
  • It’s quite impressive how Asics managed to bring durability to this shoe without compromising weight and keeping the shoe lightweight and comfortable to play with.
  • The Asics Court FF II is designed to be an all-around shoe that will last you a long time because it is made to take a lot of punishment.
  • You will find that it gives you a lot of traction while you are playing, especially when you are practicing and when you are playing against other players.
  • So if you want a lightweight and flexible shoe and great for all-weather, then this is what you are looking for. It is made to give you the support that you need and the performance that you want. You will love it.
FitTrue to size 
Arch supportYes 
Asics Court FF II fit details


  1. The cushioning is soft and comfortable, and the fabric is breathable, soft, and lightweight.
  2. The support and stability of this shoe are excellent. You’ll get enough support on the run
  3. Well designed and can match with a lot of outfits
  4. These shoes fit great to most of the sizes
  5. The durability on these is hard to beat


  1. The shoes are quite expensive, though they offer great value
  2. You have to adjust to the feel
  3. You might feel some pressure in the first hours of use
  4. Thin laces

Main Features

  • The lightness is noticeable when you put them on. And that mesh on the toe and that extends through the tongue gives the shoe greater flexibility when it comes to bending it on the move or on the server itself.
  • The Vapor excels in extra support and stability, they always have been, and in this new version, they are even more comfortable. With that lightweight and that feeling that the Zoom is something better. With which, with the multitude of colors coming out and with the retro vibe they have now.
  • Lightweight: Structured in mesh and synthetic materials to reduce weight and increase the aeration of the shoe
  • Designed for lateral movements:the dynamic fit system allows grip between the base of the shoes and the laces for excellent lateral support.
  • Zoom Air and phylon midsole cushioning:  offers cushioning close to the ground and extreme comfort
  • Wear protection: lateral protection throughout the shoe to increase support and protect it against wear
  • Great traction: Addition of XDR compound in the sole at the level of the heel and forefoot to improve traction to the ground and durability
  • Designed for players who run long and use changes of direction as part of their DNA.
  • Rubber outsole reinforcement to limit wear
FitTrue to size 
Arch supportNo 
Nike Air Zoom Vapor X fit details


  1. Lightweight
  2. Superb comfort and feel
  3. Highly durable
  4. Great overall tennis shoe


  1. You may need slight adaptation for the fit
  2. Durability issues occured in some instances


Like everyday shoes, tennis shoes will wear out after many hours of use. And you won’t be able to fully take advantage the performance of your shoes. Specifically, the functions such as the grip force to assist stable running and the cushioning property to reduce the load of impact when touching down will deteriorate.

How does a tennis shoe gain durability?

  • Usage of leather and inserts made of kevlar or other materials, which are sewn into most commonly bent parts of the shoe.
  • Special outsole compositions. Manufacturers use rubber in combination with durable polymeric materials, for example in the outsole to increase durability
  • The materials of the midsole protect the inside of the shoes from wearing.

If you want to keep your shoes for a long time, you will want to buy tennis shoes that are highly durable. You should notice that more durable tennis shoes tend to be less lightweight.

Main Features

  • Its durability and added comfort are the result of S-Shield, Pro Shield and Soft Shield technology, which uses high-performance materials and reinforcements in specifically localized areas to last longer than other tennis shoes.
  • Babolat Power Belt materials and Active Flexion technology give you the ultimate in heel and midfoot support, offering maximum responsiveness and durability.
  • This Babolat Propulse Fury tennis shoe has a wider toe box for a comfortable fit, a Kompressor system to cushion the heel, and a 360-degree construction with Insock technology that wraps the foot for increased support and stability.
  • In other words, they work to take that pressure off all those key points, making you never worry about the comfort of your feet again during a game.
  • There is a small oval arch curve in the heel’s middle, the heel is not too thick. well padded, wide enough, very stable and high traction.
  • It is a wider shoe, the sole structure makes the shoe last long and give it excellent durability, featuring toe protection. Like the Asics court FF 2, the tongue is connected to the body of the shoe.
FitTrue to size 
Arch supportNo 
Babolat Propulse Fury fit details


  1. Long outsole durability
  2. Great foot placement with its wrap tongue
  3. Offers good cushioning
  4. Great Comfort


  1. Quite heavy

Main Features

  • The shoe fits perfectly for most people, and if you usually have your pain in the toe box area, you’ll enjoy those shoes. If your arch is low and your foot is narrow, these are great shoes; if they don’t fit you well, you put your insoles in them to maximize their performance.
  • The GEL ASICS system provides the highest possible shock absorption. The GEL units are strategically located on the midsole. Different components are used for the GEL ASICS cushioning system. Depending on its location, the silicone GEL unit has been encapsulated in polyurethane. The shape of the units is also exactly united by their action and position. 
  • Flytefoam : Material developed to improve the cushioning of the midsole thanks to the addition of organic fibers.
  • A piece that is located in the middle of the foot called Dynawall   to offer better lateral stability in all movements.
  • The Dynawrap System that provides better support in the upper part of the foot thanks to the small elastic straps.
  • –  The most resistant rubber on the market(AHAR+), spread all over the outsole, to offer you better grip and durability. 
  • P-Guard allows reinforced resistance around the fingers and at wear points.
  • Flexion Fit: unique upper profile which that allows great fit to your feet. Improved toe tip to allow ideal flex inward, outward and forward.
FitTrue to size 
Arch supportMedium arch 
Asics Gel Resolution 8 fit details


  1. Comfort and support
  2. It handles shock absorption very well
  3. Great for wider feet
  4. Fits well and feels good
  5. Comes with a 6-month outsole warranty


  1. Slightly thin laces

Support & Stability

High stability means that there is little to no “shake” when touching the ground. If you value balance and stability, look at the shoes from below.

Stability is achieved when the outsole is wider than the upper, it means that the base is wider and stability is increased. Also by incorporating reinforcements that limit the movement of the foot inside the shoe.

Main Features

  • The Dual Density Sprint system that you can see at the rear in charge of providing you with greater stability and support in the rear area, preventing any type of injury and dealing with the large number of lateral movements that we perform in this sport. 
  • These shoes have one of the most advanced technologies of the German firm to practice sports that require constant sprints.
  • Adidas recognized the importance of the sole to practice tennis and paddle tennis, which is why they have used the AdiWear 6 sole , composed of a resistant rubber capable of offering multidirectional traction with great safety on a herringbone pattern. 
  • The outsole has the Adiprene+ technology in charge of achieving a better impulse and cushioning through the midsole, thus favoring the multiple impacts of your footprint during any training or tennis match.
  • To improve stability, a classic TPU stabilizer has been used in the heel area , with which you will gain greater support in the back of the shoe. 
  • Improving the support, there is a TPU side panel , to which a traditional lace closure is added to achieve an ideal fit to the characteristics of your feet.
FitTrue to size 
Arch supportNo 
Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 2 fit details


  1. Low price tag thanks to its successor the Ubersonic 3.
  2. Built all around support for the foot
  3. Offers versatility to play in all types of courts
  4. Lightweight option


  1. There is newer models of this shoe

Main Features

  • Almost the entire upper of this shoe is built with a technical mesh that provides flexibility and in turn facilitates perspiration . Certainly it is appreciated not to have a totally closed shoe, since this way the foot does not end up “cooked” after a game or training.
  • It has a reinforcement in the inner instep area that makes you have support in your lateral movements.
  • One area worth considering, the toe, as it is in charge of stopping us when we go back and forth running. Indeed, the shoe is well reinforced and we will not have any type of performance problem.
  • Breathable mesh that makes it a lightweight shoe, but at no time does this cause you to have a lack of stability.
  • The heel is padded in contact with the ankle, so that once the foot is inserted into the shoe, it is well fixed and secure. Very good since you notice the wrapped ankle at all times , even if it is a low cut shoe.
  • This shoe certainly can be for those with Achilles tendon problems.
FitTrue to size 
Arch supportNo 
Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 fit details


  1. Designed to fit all court types
  2. Lightweight
  3. Very breathable
  4. Suited for quick tennis players
  5. Great fit for wide feet.


  1. Price may be relatively high
  2. High levels of traction on the court
  3. Quite a “closed” shoe, might generate heat

Quick & light

How does a tennis shoe achieves lightness?

  • Use of wear resistant synthetic micro-fiber or mesh material in the upper and lateral parts
  • Outsole or midsole production of lightweight polymeric materials (instead of rubber)
  • The weight of most shoes ranges from 370-580g for men and 290-400g for women.
  • Usually the more technologies are involved in the shoe, the more it makes it heavier.

Main Features

  • The upper is made of Matryx 2.0 with highly resistant Kevlar and polyamide fibers that offer comfort, durability, and lightweight support. It has protection in the areas most likley to wear, such as the toe and the lateral sides.
  • The forefoot has a Ti-Fit (Tennis-Inside) protective material composition that will keep your feet stable at all times.
  • Midsole: specially designed for tennis movements. It is equipped with Kompressor cushioning technology that provides support and comfort in the sole and Active Flexxion technology that offers support and keeps you connected to the ground.
  • Under the heel there is a Kompressor technology, as well as a built-in EVA footbed that absorbs shock. The rubber sole is manufactured together with the well-known Michelin brand to guarantee maximum durability and grip.
FitTrue to size 
Arch supportNo 
Babolat Jet Mach II All Court fit details



  1. 1.

Main Features

  • Even though this shoe is considered to be one of the lightest, the Ndurance and Ndurel technologies will improve the durability of this shoe at the sole and upper level to limit the wear and tear of movement.
  • From the first movements, the comfort of reception and the flexibility of this shoe will allow you to have solid but light supports thanks to the new Hypoknit material.
  • These New Balance tennis shoes are light and comfortable thanks to the  FuelCell foam sole  that guarantees quality cushioning while keeping you very dynamic. The foot is very close to the ground and leans forward thanks to the 8mm drop for faster starts.
FitTrue to size 
Arch supportNo 
New Balance FuelCell 996 fit details



  1. 1.

Main Features

These shoes are designed for fast play, allowing you to easily move around the court and will add stability to your feet, no matter if you are playing at the net or if you are playing from the baseline.

Made with a rubber sole, this shoe will offer you the best possible grip allowing you to stop and turn in seconds while maintaining the stability of your movements.

Its SPRINTFRAME technology is designed to offer you speed and stability on the track. The ADIWEAR 6 outsole makes it a very durable and resistant tennis shoe.

This one is lightweight, and its sole is constructed with EVA rubber that adds cushioning while keeping your feet comfortable during a long best-of-five set.

The toes and soles of the feet always tend to be the worst hit areas when playing tennis, and the best shoes will always provide additional protection in this area.

The Adidas Performance Adizero Ubersonic incorporates ADITUFF to give you the protection you need and provides resistance to abrasion in this area.



  1. 1.


The comfort of the shoe is based on:

  • Careful selection of the size (length and width). Tight shoes can cause pain in the feet and poor circulation in the toes. Overly loose shoes can cause abrasions, blisters and calluses
  • Good air passage, which is provided by ventilation holes, using a mesh materials
  • Weight distribution on the toes (that take the biggest weight load)
  • Comfortable lacing system
  • Good flexibility in the forefoot

Main Features

  • But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with its own set of shortcomings. Although many have praised the design of this shoe, the shoe is a little bit big around the ankle, and the width is just a bit too wide.
  • Although it is not as wide around the ankle as some other tennis shoes, the width is still wide for many players.
  • Comfort is another big thing this shoe offers. Tennis players often complain that tennis shoes are too stiff and rigid, so it addresses this with a cushioning system that can reduce the shock and pressure points on the sole of the shoe. This helps prevent injuries and keep the feet from feeling too much of a pounding.
  • Many players will also tell you that the shoe provides enough traction that their feet feel much more active on the court. Because of the N-Durance technology which adds carbon the the sole of the shoe making it more durable.


  1. Great for those who are looking for stability and support
  2. Unique durable sole
  3. Great design
  4. Good for wide feet


  1. It might be heavy for some
  2. It’s priced higher than average

Main Features

  • It weighs 381g which is average for a shoe in this category, compared to the Asics Court FF 2’s 433 grams. There are not many shoes in this category that weigh that much.
  • You can run all over the court and push against the ground with no problem.It has an infinite Knit feature that allows the foot to breathe through the shoe.
  • On the bottom, it has some plastic stabilizer that adds flexibility to the shoe.
  • Overall, the K Swiss aero knit is a very light, innovative tennis shoe that would give you the maximum comfort, traction on the court when you play, and chushioning you’ll look for in a tennis shoe.


  1. High quality materials
  2. Breathable fabric
  3. Great option for those who want a lightweight shoe that is comfortable to wear all day.


  1. 1.

Best Value

Main Features



  1. 1.

Main Features

  • The upper is made of mesh that maintains a comfortable microclimate and ventilation throughout the match. The side of the forefoot, where the thumb is located, is made of polyurethane, which prevents premature rubbing.
  • Fixation on the leg is caused by lacing. High heel grips and protects the heel from injury during sudden movements.
  • This tennis shoe features a breathable mesh upper to keep you moving comfortably throughout the game.
  • Enjoy each point with maximum comfort. Support your footwork in the most intense rallies.
  • Airy mesh  upper has TPU  inserts on the upper for superior hesitation.
  • The outsole equipped with Adiwear  technology is extremely abrasion resistant rubber and favors adherence on all surfaces to facilitate movements and changes of direction
  • Midsole  equipped with Bounce cushioning.
  • Forefoot features Adituff technology to prevent friction or abrasion



  1. 1.

Main features

  • This ASICS model incorporates the characteristic Gel system, whose mission is to provide the shoe with better cushioning in the foot area .
  • In addition, at a height of half a foot, a support element is included, which reinforces the torsion section, and has its direct reflection on the stability of the shoe.
  • The upper part of the Gel Dedicate 5 is made of a double material of mesh and synthetic leather, which offers more comfort and flexibility , but also favors the shoe with a more specific support for playing the game.
  • The ASICS Gel Dedicate 5 outsole has the standard herringbone pattern on solid rubber, and its features are designed to provide traction on any surface, and to extend the life of this shoe.



  1. 1.

Additional mentions

Main features

  • The GEL ASICS system provides better absorption of shocks against the ground. The GEL units have been strategically placed in the midsole. Different components have been used by the GEL ASICS cushioning system. Thanks to its location, the silicone GEL unit is encapsulated in polyurethane.
  • Ultra light technology that goes through the sole for greater stability. 
  • P-Guard  around fingers and at wear points: reinforced resistance
  • AHAR +: the most resistant rubber available, placed in key areas of the outsole, to give you even more grip and durability
  • Tongue created to prevent dirt or external elements from entering the shoe
  • This shoe has a material called Solyte , which runs through the midsole, and a combination of cushioning technologies to help you stay confident and gain momentum at every point in the game.


  1. Good for narrow feet
  2. Lightweight
  3. Durable more than previous models


  1. Make sure you pick the right size

Main features

  • The Dragguard system that increases the durability of the sole with high-density rubber for optimal flexibility from heel to toe. In addition, its comfortable upper bootie construction ensures a secure fit.
  • The Durawrap Flex thermoplastic inserts on the upper have been designed to improve flexibility, support and protection.
  • Optimized for durability thanks to the DragGuard rubber outsole in the most frequently wear areas.
  • Raised, padded collar features a foam insert for high ankle support
  • Featuring heel grip lining system based on interlaced fibers that adhere to the sock to minimize heel slippage 
  • Improved support with the laces for better foot stability


  1. Removable insole
  2. Highly cushioned shoe
  3. Suited for wide feet
  4. Offers great support and durability


  1. May take time to get used to
  2. Price tag

Parts of a tennis shoe

Now, tennis shoes, јuѕt lіkе аnу fitness shoe, hаvе а lot оf parts tо them. Thеrе іѕ а lot оf lingo thаt surrounds tennis shoe anatomy.

Thеrе аrе twо thіngѕ thаt уоu nееd tо know, twо terms уоu ѕhоuld knоw thаt уоu mау nоt аlrеаdу bе familiar with. Thоѕе аrе thе out-sole оf thе tennis shoe аnd thе mid-sole. Bоth thе out-sole аnd thе mid-sole аrе mоѕt visible іf уоu lооk аt thе bottom оf уоur shoe. Thе out-sole іѕ thе actual surface, thе bottom surface оf уоur shoe, thе part thаt соmеѕ іn direct contact wіth thе court. And thе mid-sole іѕ thе layer rіght undеrnеаth that.

Sо thе purpose оf thе out-sole іѕ tо hеlр provide уоu wіth thаt stability аnd traction thаt уоu need. Whіlе thе mid-sole іѕ uѕuаllу whеrе you’ll find ѕоmе оf thе cushioning thаt уоu gеt оn court tо hеlр mаkе thе shoe аѕ comfortable аѕ possible.

Not all tennis shoes are created equal

Tennis shoes are constantly evolving. They tend to be flexible, allowing the foot to bend and flex with each stride. If you’re looking to improve your game for a sport like tennis – which include more lateral activity and agility, you will need a tennis-specific pair.

What’s unique about tennis shoes?

Most shoes are not designed in the same way. That is also true for your tennis shoes, getting the right shoe is tied with what you want from your tennis shoe. Some players prefer lightweight shoe, while other will likely go for those that can accommodate a larger foot. You can also use the detailed list above to select the right tennis shoe for you. But many tennis shoes today are designed for all court ground, making your choice easier.

So choosing the right footwear will allow you to avoid feet callosities or ankle and knee injuries as well as back injuries rather than using wrong footwear. Tennis shoes were characterized once for having flat and rubber soles. Nowadays thanks to the evolution of materials we have several elements that can help us identify a tennis shoe.

Crucial elements when buying a tennis shoe


The first element is cushioning:

Our feet and ankles when we play tennis are being impacted a lot while we jump, move laterally, we use a lot of explosive force in tennis, and a good cushioning tennis shoe will reduce the tension our feet receive, and our ankles will be less stressed every time they impact the ground.

Especially when playing high intensity it will reduce the fatigue during the match and keep your feet fresh to keep playing without discomfort.

Types of cushioning materials

There are two types of cushioning materials:

The air sole: it is a thin layer of air between the midsole and the outsole of the shoe, this air is sealed and what it does is reduce the impact that our feet and ankles receive when it’s time to hit the ball or it’s time to run.

As for the mid-sole itself, the thickness of the insole can vary from toe to heel. Currently, the most used materials are usually foam, gel cushioning, or other types of polymers. This type of material has excellent plasticity and incredible ease of compressing and recovery.

That’s what makes cushioning the ideal advantage for your feet.

Both the toe and heel of a quality shoe must be rigid. This is an additional protection of the foot from all kinds of injuries. The interior of the shoe can also tell a lot about the quality of the shoe. All seams on the inner surface must be made neatly. The softness of the material and its hygiene are also important.

The outsole

The sole itself, which has a unique design, as opposed to running shoes that many people wear for playing tennis. And this is a great mistake. because it is what makes us have a good grip on the surface of the court on which we are playing. Also, they have to be comfortable for our feet and protect the ankle from injuries and sprains.

Reinforcements: Tennis shoes are frequently reinforced in all parts of the shoe. On the back, the part that’s close to our ankle and it’s usually more durable and a little bit taller than usual. The toe box towards the nails of the foot is a bit thicker to make it a more durable shoe. Again unlike running shoes, because of the nature of the sport, in which we have to accelerate forward sometimes, so this part needs to be thick and not being worn easily. The sides of the shoe are also harder because 80% of the movements are involving from side to side around the court.

Therefore a tennis shoe is usually more durable and tougher than a regular running shoe. It allows the player to move forward, and do lateral movements without having to worry about tearing the shoe.

Material and weight: A lightweight shoe will produce less fatigue in your legs. With the evolution of materials, brands tend to make lightweight shoes and great value.

The weight of tennis shoes ranges from: male – 370-580g. female – 290-400g.

Now that we’ve spoken about the unique characteristics of the best tennis shoes, let’s find out what types are being sold on the market.

Tennis court types

A good pair of tennis shoes will help you strike a perfect balance between the control of your shots and power. Hence, you should buy tennis footwear that perfectly matches not only with the anatomy of your feet but also with the surface you play on. That is why professional players use different tennis shoes on different tennis court surfaces such as hard, clay, grass and carpet.

Dіffеrеnt Tennis Shoes fоr Dіffеrеnt Tennis Courts- Aѕ уоu mау аlrеаdу know, thеrе аrе dіffеrеnt kinds оf tennis shoes. Thе biggest difference bеtwееn thеm іѕ whаt kind оf court they’re designed tо bе uѕеd for. Thеrе аrе асtuаllу dіffеrеnt types оf tennis shoes fоr dіffеrеnt courts. Bесаuѕе thеrе аrе mаnу tо choose frоm making уоur decision ѕhоuld nоt bе јuѕt аbоut thе dіffеrеnt colors аnd fancy designs unlеѕѕ уоu аrе nоt lооkіng tо uѕе thеm fоr а specific purpose.

The sole is a very important part of our shoe, it connects us with the court and allows us great stability.

You don’t use the same sole for every type of court. To illustrate this point, imagine you driving with the same tires on an asphalt road as you would drive on snow. Same for tennis shoes, it is dependent on the court type we’re going to play on.

Clay Court and Artificial

Clay courts аrе јuѕt that, а court mаdе uр оf clay іn а field. Probably the most associative picture with clay is when a player hits the shoe with his racket and large amounts of dirt come out of the shoe. The outsoles of the best clay court tennis shoes are designed with zig-zag stripes with little space between them so the clay won’t get inside. Besides, clay court outsole generates a large amount of traction at every movement we make in tennis, forward, or lateral.

Hard Court –

Hard courts аrе uѕuаllу paved asphalt tо create thе court wіth layers оf color coating. The soles usually have a mix of different patterns. Hardcourt tennis shoes might have a condensed pattern on one side of the sole, and a spaced one on the other side. The separation between the stripes is greater, and each stripe is bolder and the depth varies. The overall design of the sole varies, And there is no particular pattern for this type of sole.

Grass Court –

Lastly wе hаvе grass courts. Thеѕе аrе јuѕt аѕ thеу sound tо be, а tennis court оf јuѕt grass аnd painted lines wіth thе net. On the natural grass, sometimes wet, you can slip a lot. Grass court tennis shoes’ soles are non-slip, frequently flat, and have small points across it, what they do is hold us well to the grass and avoid slipping. They are specialized in great grip and support and at the same time do not harm the grass.

Carpet and other

Some of you may say, “I’ve seen tennis shoes with a very smooth type of sole” – Well for some types of interior courts or some carpet courts a smooth type of sole is used but it is quite rare.

It might be okay for a beginner or an intermediate player but never for an advanced player. Because of all of the rapid movements and the hook with the ground, your joints will suffer a lot and that’s the reason this type of shoe is not very popular for hard courts.

Sоmе оf уоu mау play mоrе frequently оn clay courts. Sоmе оf уоu mау еvеn hаvе access tо grass courts. But thоѕе аrе thе thrее types оf courts thаt mоѕt tennis players аrе playing on. That’s whу thеrе аrе fоur dіffеrеnt types оf shoes thаt уоu саn gеt fоr еасh оf thоѕе surfaces. For this reason, it is recommended to try several brands or types of patterns until you find which suits you best and make your ankle and foot the most comfortable.

Choosing thе rіght type оf shoe fоr thе style оf court уоu play оn саn mаkе а significant difference іn уоur gameplay. Because it is what makes us have a good grip on the surface of the court on which we are playing. Also, they have to be comfortable for our feet and that we protect the ankle and avoid injuries and sprains.

Know your foot shape

The second element you have to take into account to know which tennis shoe you should buy would be the type of footstep you have. Additionally, you may have high arch or low arch feet.

Types of footsteps

There are three types of footsteps: A pronated foot, A supinated foot, and a natural.

Moving on to picking out your best tennis shoes. There are two main types of feet: pronated and supinated.

Because of this rolling, people with pronated feet should look for tennis shoes that are more roll resistant than cushion heavy.


Pronation is the inward roll of the foot (excessive pronation is flat feet). Pronation increases the contact surface of the sole of the sneaker with the surface of the court, which means there is good stability. Pronated feet make up about 65% percent of people in the world.


The other type of feet, supinated, makeup about 20 to 30 percent of the human population and have generally high arches with the feet pointing inward. These feet require more cushion than roll protection.

Supination the position of the foot to the outside. Supination promotes an active pushing off phase (excessive supination looks like clubfoot).

How to check your foot type?

  1. Take an A4 paper, get your foot a little bit wet, and step on the paper with your foot.
  2. Mark the surface that is covered that our foot left on the paper
  3. The final result should be your footstep type.

There are three possible results:

  1. Your whole foot is marked on the paper, in this case, you have a natural foot type.
  2. Only the right side of your foot is marked – in that case, you have a pronated foot.
  3. Or the opposite, your left foot is mainly marked, which hints that you got a supinated foot.

What is my feet arch?

  • If you have a huge gap in the middle of the marked area, you’ll probably need high arch tennis shoes.
  • If your foot covered the paper almost completely, you have low arch feet, and you’ll need low arch tennis shoes.
  • If your foot has covered a normal area of the paper, you got naturally arched feet.

You might sometimes go to the tennis shop and ask for a “supinated” tennis shoe, the seller might tell you the store doesn’t have that kind of shoe. But what you can do is buy a template mid-sole that is with the correct shape of your foot, maybe with gel cushioning. So when you play, you’ll travel around the court much more comfort and support. 

Style of play

The third factor is your style of play.

Wherever you are an aggressive player and go directly to the volley to quickly finish the point, you should pick a shoe with a tip that is much stiffer than usual.

If you’re a player that tends to play from side to side, lots of lateral movements, deep behind the baseline you need to have a shoe that is more reinforced on its sides. 

Like I mentioned previously, most shoes have a reinforced toe box and side parts because they cover the entire range of play. Whether you serve and volley, or if you play a long game behind the baseline.


How many pairs of tennis shoes should I buy?

It usually depends on how many times you practice per week:

  1. 1-2 times a week- One pair would be enough
  2. 3+ times a week- You should get two pairs of shoes

What brand of tennis shoes is the best?

Adidas remains the king of the brand in the world of sportswear. Springiness is the main advantage of the Adidas tennis shoes. All kinds of bold colors allow its owner to excel on the court. Shoes that fit the foot very tightly allow you to accelerate in speed and reach heights.

When it comes to the connection between adidas and tennis, you can’t help but recall the legendary Stan Smith sneaker, created in the 60s. Interestingly, at first they bore the name of the French tennis player Robert Haye. But after his retirement from the sport, the brand renamed the sneaker in honor of new tennis star and adidas partner Stan Smith.

How to wash your tennis shoes?

When it comes to sneakers it is important not to neglect hygiene, to avoid bad odors but also dermatological problems.

Most of these shoes can be safely machine washed, but it is best to take a look at the label before proceeding.

You have to remove the laces and the inner sole and remove the dust on the surface, using a brush will make this operation easier, especially as regards the herringbone sole. Place the shoes in a cloth bag (for example an old pillowcase) and wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees, remembering to deactivate the spin cycle. Leather shoes should be dabbed with a clean towel and not left to dry in the sun.

What are the most popular tennis shoes?

How long do tennis shoes last?

Although it is not possible to answer this question precisely, it is good to take into account the wear to which tennis shoes are subject. Let’s say that, in principle, the models on sale are able to “endure” about 150/160 hours of play, at the end of which it is advisable to think about their replacement.

How to keep tennis shoes for long time?

In order for sneakers for tennis to be used as long as possible, you need to follow some rules for the care of footwear such as:

  1. In the case of removable internal parts pads, it is recommended to dry them after each game at room temperature.
  2. Chlorine-containing chemicals should not be used during washing. In the absence of a special shampoo for shoes, it is recommended to use regular soap.
  3. In order for the shoes to hold an attractive shape at the end of washing or cleaning, it is necessary to carefully fill the inside of the paper or use special joints.
  4. You can remove the unpleasant odor by treating the face with a deodorant shoe with a bacterial effect or with hydrogen peroxide.

How to wear tennis shoes?

Once you have bought a new pair of shoes you need to take the time to give the upper and foot a way to adapt. It is important not to force too much and push excessively, thus risking to ruin some parts or deform the shoe.

It is important to have all the laces well unfastened, leaving the foot the possibility to enter comfortably. For those who have found shoes that fit little and have difficulty the first few times, our advice is to use a shoehorn and wear socks that are not too thick as much as possible.

Wrapping Up

That’s it, We hope we’ve helped you, whether you are a beginner player, or an intermediate or advanced, check the type of outsole you have and see if it fits the type of court you’re playing on. We would urge you to try several brands and various types of outsole patterns to see which you feel more comfortable with. You also have to find your footprint because maybe you’ll need a template to improve the foot shape of your insole. Now its time for some Game set and match.

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