Best Tennis Tournaments

Best Tennis Tournaments

Tennis sports have been around for a long time, and it is on the path of constant growth of fame. Every season, the best tennis tournaments are organized, drawing global attention from thousands of watchers experiencing the unique environment surrounding the global events. 

These are the massive tennis tournaments being a few of the best tickets in sports offering fans the opportunity to check out the best tennis players live on the massive stages.

There is a lot of tradition and history behind these tennis actions, which is unique to every tournament. If you wonder about the best tennis tournaments you should check out, then here is the list of our selected ones: 

1. Wimbledon 

There are about four Grand Slams, as there is always something a bit of specialty about Wimbledon. It can be the lush green courts, or it is the fact that consists of most of the history. 

Irrespective of what the case is, several may consider it the best and the most spectacular tennis tournament. The renowned players compete on this grass once a year, and it is typically one of the highly-watched tournaments by non-tennis fanatics. 

You can love or even hate it; watching tennis on the grass is simply a callback to their early ages. Fans can view the spectacle of the grass being damaged in just a fortnight with the winner who hoists the trophy and retains the rank in the world of tennis amid summer. 

2. Italian Open 

There would be times when the Italian Open often gets overlooked with every other clay court event to get on in this year. 

It may not be the main one; however, it draws many quality women and men yearly. A few top players will skip this in favor of the other events on clay courts; however, it is mainly not a general occurrence each year. 

The Italian part in tennis has been keeping up well in the last couple of years as they have some aspiring youth players who appear to be prepared to go too. The prominent component of it gets motivated by the rage of the Italian Open among the younger players who study the star closely. 

3. US Open 

Everything here appears a bit bigger and highly intense across the US Open. The part of it arrives at the atmosphere at the massive tennis stadium in the world, the Arthur Ashe Stadium. There are tons of individuals on the ground each day with the electricity playing across a major city like New York, which is tough to beat. 

It is considered the only Grand Slam played across US soil on hard courts in the last couple of decades, and it will not modify any time sooner. It is considered the last Grand Slam of this calendar year and is witnessed as the official ending of the summer. Several players in the past and present times have stated that it is the best tennis tournament taking place each year. 

4. Shanghai Masters 

Shanghai Masters is opening up, where you can check out the top Asian players. The trip here is not achieved by the top player, which is the reason why it is one of the best tournaments taking place here. 

But, those who do wish to take this trip may appear as if they will play across a better spot. They even have better things to mention about the Shanghai Masters since it grew up within a few years. 

There is always a great chance that the tournament will continue with more players from Asia rising to the ranks on both the women’s and men’s sides. Financial backing is also offered to make this possibility well-received. 

5. French Open 

While summer is kicking off on this clay court across the tennis world, the French Open stays the only main one on the surface that is left. The fans often believe it is the most grueling part with points that can be long on the slow clay court. 

There are a few players who do flourish across the clay courts, while there are others who struggle a lot with their movement and hitting those passing shots. It is an excellent chance of speed and arrives near the end of the season for clay court each year. 

As of lately, Rafael Nadal has been dominating the men’s side as he has countless records on the clay courts. Still, it is the most anticipated tournament taking place each year. 

6. Canada Masters 

The Canada Masters is considered one of the unique tournaments taking place yearly for both of the tours. This uniqueness is because they are hosting two cities, Montreal and Toronto, alternating the WTA and ATP tours. 

It would appear that they are not technically holding a tournament at the same place each year as they continue simultaneously across the nation. 

The positivity of the matches feels less congested entering this route. It allows people to watch tennis across two different cities instead of being the same in the city each year. 

7. Australian Open 

Rare tournaments that occur prior to the Australian Open take place in the month of January. A prominent one is marking the official start of the calendar year across every spectacle. It is organized in Melbourne annually as it consists of the nickname Happy Slam. It includes a few unpredictable results due to the time of the year and its location. 

The game’s surface is highly similar to the US Open held in New York. However, there are sufficient differences that make it unique. It is a kind of haul for several players who get there from various parts of the world; however, they mainly play a few tune-up tournaments in front of that area. 

8. Monte Carlo Masters 

It involves a lot of debate regarding the tournament happening this tennis season. Every location is making its argument to a few degrees. However, Monte Carlo is the winner having the most delightful view. The event on this clay court is located at the city’s core, which several people love in terms of the overall energy. 

It is considered the most competitive. However, it involves a lot of varied clay-court tournaments happening around the same time. A few players will skip them and will not have any type of holdups in doing so. 

9. ATP World Tour Finals 

The ATP World Tour Finals is a bit hard to attain the rankings for loads of people. However, tennis is quite competitive, being only the best of the best who gets invited here. 

But, there is a lot of importance to winning the tournament, which is quite there as it takes place at the year-end. A few players are clearly not about any win robbing the fans. 

It thoroughly deserves a worth mentioning being one of the best tennis tournaments present globally. On any given day, the schedule is filled with top 10 players competing against each other. The winner will get the hefty check; however, it involves the bragging rights for the following year. 

10. Cincinnati Masters 

The tournament takes place before US Open, and it has several players who love how things are being set up expressly. It involves a laid-back tournament across the Midwest of the United States, with the courts designed identical to NYC. 

The temperatures here sometimes get quite warm; however, the players feel they have a perfect ending to the hard court seasons before significant tournaments under the Big Apple. 

11. Fed Cup 

The Fed Cup is mainly the version of the Davis Cup for women. The countries here are playing against each other to check out the one who wins here. 

It consists of a few varied venues throughout the entire competition; however, the rivalry is matched to have a better atmosphere. 

12. Davis Cup 

Over the years, there has been a significant push to make this David Cup a huge deal since it pitted the countries against each other in this tournament for years. Recent changes have made them even more compact, allowing them to drum up the entire interest. 

Whenever the final arrives, it becomes a highly intense matchup when both the countries are not exactly getting along. For instance, the crowds can start roaring and cheering even at these points. It is playing a bit differently than the traditional game of tennis, where a few people appear to get the entire kick out. 

13. Indian Wells Masters 

Being located in the middle of the California desert, it may at the start appear to think that Indian Wells is never precisely an incredible location to organize a tournament. 

But, loads of people across the West Coast are to get away from the hustles and bustles of the cities escaping to the tennis oasis of the spring season. It is considered the tournament attended by hundreds of spectacles where several players love the weather out here. 

14. Miami Open 

It is weird to check out that Miami Open has undergone a few changes in the last couple of years, and it is mainly associated with knocking down a couple of spots on this list. 

The long-time residence at Key Biscayne close to the downtown of Miami is entirely gone being replaced by the Hard Rock Stadium present in the suburbs. The design of the entire venue is done with football in mind; however, it turns out to be a tennis court every couple of weeks. 

Despite any changes for the worse considering the atmosphere, there are a few high-quality tennis since the last hardcourt events present before the clay-court season. The weather here is near perfect across Florida, especially at this time of the year, helping the players perform and show their best strikes. 

15. Madrid Open 

In the late spring each year, the Madrid Open is the best clay-court tournament that is taking place. As Span is noted for producing innumerable clay-court experts, it turns out as a resident tournament that many love to watch. 

It is considered one of the more stable significant tournaments for the WTA and ATP players, with a bit of alteration happening throughout the years. 

It is noted that there had been a time when they thought of experimenting with blue-colored clay instead of red-colored ones. But, it was not accepted well by the watchers. 

16. Hall of Fame Open 

It was since 19756 that the tournament had its inception. However, it is being played under the Club of International Hall of Fame present in the Newport area of Rhode Island, marking the site of initiation of the Championships of the National Tennis in the US. 

However, the tournament offers a glimpse at this historic iconic game. The event mainly takes place across the historic grass courts, with the atmosphere being a complete throwback to the events happening in the past, which is a world away from this day’s bustling US Open.

It is marking the end of the grass-court season happening every year and the beginning of the North American swing that takes place the way it does in weeks following the Wimbledon. 

The players having a likeness to the grass courts and the ones who did not reach out to the final here at Wimbledon are directly beforehand more likely to get attended along with the direct scheduling after the only grass-court Grand Slam event. 

In 2019, the last winner of this tournament, big-serving John Isner, is considered the mighty server, which is more likely the Greg Rusedski and Ivo Karlovic featuring across the roll of honor. It is considered one of the oddities of this tournament till Isner had broken off the bilge in 2011 involved that the top player had never got a chance at winning a title till that time.

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