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Several players have depended on the primary technique throughout their tennis history. They are known as the singles or the doubles since there were innumerable players serving and volleying since it had been quite prevalent; however, modern strategies and technology have altered the entire outlook of the game. 

We have formed this entire list of the best tennis net players having a great blend of ancient and current players who have changed the entire perspective of the game. It is fantastic to check how the game has evolved and how the net play plays a significant role here. 

Top Men’s Net Players 

1. Mike Bryan 

It is quite a tough pick between the Bryan brothers since both primarily play together more often. But Mike Bryan has a bit more success in terms of his career, and it is revealed with the number of weeks they had been ranking in the top 1 position. The player here holds a significant record of about 500+ weeks, which includes the back-to-back streak reaching about 163 weeks. 

In its entirety, he is noted to have about 124 titles in career doubles while bagging about 18 Grand Slam titles. His partnering with Jack Sock enabled him to push past his brother in the entire number; however, both have been highly adamant about collaborating in the spotlight. 

2. Bob Bryan 

Being a doubles player, he bags in about 23 titles with Grand Slam, and sixteen arrived from men’s doubles as he had even picked up about seven under mixed doubles. He can check out a ton of successes with his sibling Mike; however, a few hip injuries have held him back in the current years. 

So, which is the striking difference marking both the brothers? The primary difference lies with the reality that Bob is reckoned to play left-handed while Mike is the significant right-hander present in this group. They can get this job done victoriously to balance in the court, retaining the opponents of the guard. 

He made his titles under 119 doubles in 439 weeks, ranking on top of the doubles players across the globe that has nothing to frown upon. Usually, Mike overtakes his number-wise; however, they need to share the titles collectively for the iconic duo in doubles games. 

4. Sergiy Stakhovsky 

Sergiy Stakhovsky has earned a significant rank in our list today following serve-and-volley techniques of the old school in his incredible distress to Roger Federer at Wimbledon. 

He is not known to generate the skills he showed while consistently playing against Federer, but the glimpse he displayed in the game is worth a mention. His angled volleys, short and drop volleys across both the wings, have retained Federer at the defensive end. 

He had followed his initial serves netting against Federer while playing the serve-and-volley technique about half times during his second serves. 

Although a single match does not portray the worth of a player termed a volleyer, we are enlisting him. However, the match entirely displayed his skills at the net. 

5. Andy Murray 

The volleying tactic of Andy Murray is simply great while he is noted to win immensely compared to his share of points while he is charging forward. The incursions are limited to the net, while successes are entirely based on the game in the backcourt and mental strength more than volleying. 

It appears most unlikely that Murray will have a greater emphasis on the net playing anytime sooner associated with his coach Ivan Lendl. 

It was noted that there were quite a few good volleyers present across the singles tour, while Andy Murray consists of better tactics while understanding his mode of covering the entire net, as he is noted as the best. 

6. Leander Paes 

Leander Paes is considered the globally reckoned doubles player even in their forties, highly evident by the significant amount of his skills on the net. 

Paes had started his professional career in early 1991, while net playing had been his distinctive portrayal of his gameplay. In recent times, only a handful can match up his skills at half-volley and volley. 

He is not known for winning professional tournaments for singles; however, he bags 13 Grand Slam titles in doubles, including six mixed and seven men’s double games. He and his partner Radek Stepanek went up to the semifinals at the 2013 Wimbledon double games. 

7. Mardy Fish 

He is noted as one of the ideal volleyers among the recent players of the USA. 

His footwork is the key highlight of his skills and efficiencies. He closes in rapidly, mainly having a hit at his first volley from within the service lines whenever he is following his service to the net. He even showcases excellent skills at his angled and drops volleys. 

It may appear to be dim praise; however, it is pretty exaggerated on the one who had played the net game succession the men’s tennis. 

8. Radek Stepanek 

Radek Stepanek is quite an efficient player for net tennis due to his mastery of the net, although he is an average server. 

It was noted during Stepanek’s win at Spain’s Nicolas Almagro in the 2012 Davis Cup that he had displayed his game style. He showcased great aggressiveness and skills over volley tennis that dominated his opponent and others. 

His volleying skills have allowed him to stay a significant force in the men’s double games, although his rank had fallen to No. 51. 

Currently, he is number 10 spot in the doubles even at the age of 35 and won Australian Open in 2012, teaming with Paes while reaching out to the semifinals of Wimbledon. 

9. John McEnroe 

John McEnroe is exceptionally famous as a highly successful player for singles matches. However, he is considered one of the best players in doubles marking history. He had an ironically-crafted game to attain success for the doubles games, although he did not play with a partner for a long time and won against different mixes. 

He reached the end of his career, making a name with 78 titles for doubles and 9 for Grand Slam Doubles. He is one of the most victorious players in tennis history while checking out attributes from the perspective of singles and doubles games. He enjoyed his gameplay throughout his career, while the prominent players mostly do not worry about the doubles. 

He had a victorious partnership with Peter Fleming at the doubles games while they had won an entire seven Grand Slam titles together. He is even known to share victory at the Grand Slam Titles with Michael Stitch and Mark Woodforde while combining mixed doubles with Mary Carrillo for French Open titles. 

Best Net Tennis Female Players 

1. (Tie) Serena and Venus Williams 

Technically, it comes with a trick here; however, the two sisters deserve recognition for their accomplishments. Being part-time doubles players, they did not reach the numbers like the others, especially with the concerning rankings. However, they are the most vital matchups for the significant teams there whenever they take the Grand Slam pretty seriously.  

In the entirety, both these sisters bag about 14 Grand Slam titles for the doubles games throughout their careers. It is performed mainly with about a single of the two players making an in-depth run to the end of the single. 

The chemistry shared between the players is a part of their mixed equation while they hit pretty hard while rising against their opponents. They have an entire size covering up the court well, creating an entire matchup a pretty scary situation for their opponents. While they are rarely playing the doubles without having to work associated with one another, they are worth deserve the collective, as mentioned for listing this post. 

2. Cara Black 

Cara Black is not into the single games any longer. However, she is famous for being great at volley, which helps her to retain her position as a highly ranking doubles player. 

As noted by a blog recently, it is studied that Cara Black is worth a notice while she is showcasing some of the best volleying skills in her practice net. 

She notably has retained the mark of a winner for six women’s doubles and five massive titles for the mixed double in Grand Slam. 

3. Roberta Vinci 

She is noted as one of the few net volley players on the network of women’s tennis at this time. She has a massive record for some great shots focusing mainly on her classic net touch. 

She is ranking in the 11th sport in the singles game, and her excellent skills in volleying are amazing as she never made it through the 16th round of Wimbledon. 

But, her play at the net has given her some rewarding doubles. She and Sara Errani had tied at the number 1 spot for doubles while winning three of the earlier six doubles titles at the Grand Slam. 

4. Martina Navratilova 

She is always there in everyone’s heart for the extreme successes of her singles match, almost similar to John McEnroe. She is even well-known as a doubles player across the history of tennis. There are other left-handers out there playing various styles partnering with several her entire career winning over 31 massive titles for women with more main mixed doubles. 

It may appear shocking to the career of Navratilova is the reality that she is the winner of all four doubles titles at the Grand Slam, which was about seven times. She even finished her career in Grand Slam across the mixed doubles and reached the pinnacle where she got the title of 2003 Australian Open. 

She was on the record for the match 109 win streaks associated with her co-player Pam Shiver, and it got retained for 2 consecutive years. She could play at higher levels till the 2000s displaying the physical shape she had been in her entire career. 

5. Liezel Huber 

It becomes extremely tough not to have any doubles players with roots in South Africa since one of the reckoned players is more likely making up for this spot. She had been able to attain excellent success craving for a long time. She retired bagging about 53 titles in doubles, five titles for Grand Slam championships for doubles games, and having the capacity to show players how they can attain success in the doubles game. 

Her duration in this sport is one significant aspect placing her at the top ranking position, although she remains unmatchable to any players. People may fail to realize it is a tough challenge to attain a successful career with two partners. Players typically start showing signs of slowing down their pace while choosing to work with anyone new. 

6. Natasha Zvereva – Gigi Fernandez 

Zvereva had won several games, being highly young in her singles game and also winning at girl’s singles titles at Wimbledon and then girl’s singles at US Open the consecutive year. Like every other famed women player for the doubles, she ranked highly even in the single games, attaining a greater height in her career at the position of 5 in World ranking, gaining final rounds throughout the French Open. 

The most notable of her matches involves beating Steffi Graph, and Monica Seles in the Wimbledon women’s singles matches. It is a significant mark repeating the second time in the player’s history that has been witnessed so far. However, it was during the doubles games that she rose to such fame. 

7. Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza  

The combination here is the most dominant force in the women’s doubles games that have been recognized over the past decade. The duo was named Santina while the team stormed the double tennis scene. They even won over 14 titles in the sixteen months, including the winning shots for 41 matches and a total of titles 9 in WTA wins on this shot. 

Hingis and Mirza are noted to have been victorious in six Grand Slams they fought during their entire partnership term. Sania failed in both attempts made in Roland Garros while winning at Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and US Open. They even rose to the rank of 1 in the women’s doubles. 

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