Difference Between Tennis Ball and Cricket Tennis Ball

Difference Between Tennis Ball and Cricket Tennis Ball

If you mean tape tennis ball by cricket tennis ball, there are significant differences between a tennis ball and a cricket tennis ball. The only distinction discovered between these two balls is their bounces. A tennis ball is typically constructed for tennis games and bounces much higher than a cricket ball. Even though a tennis ball pressurises 14 PSI the inside, a cricket tennis ball is not Normally 8 to 10 PSI.

What makes a tennis ball different from a cricket ball?

The disparity between the two balls is already established (tennis and cricket tennis ball). Now I’ll explain some of the other key differences between these two balls so you can easily divide them and eliminate your confusion.


You may notice that a cricket ball is heavier than a tennis ball if you have ever played cricket. To make a lot of bounce: keep the weight stable tennis ball has hefty materials and is less elastic. As a result, tennis is a simple game than cricket. Overall, a cricket ball is more durable than a tennis ball, and you can play more matches with it.

Why Do Tennis Players Check The Balls Before Serving?

Tennis and Cricket Balls on Electric Tape

Tennis balls are soft and light, and they bounce excessively, making them unsuitable for bowling. When the ball coat in electric tape, it turns deadly. A cricket tennis ball contains a little electric band making it unsuitable for use on a tennis court.

Tennis balls should be kept between 2.57′′ and 2.70′′ in diameter, according to the International Tennis Federation. A cricket tennis ball should be between 2.80 and 2.86 inches in diameter. Even though the sizes of these two balls appear to be the same,

they are not. You can play cricket with a taped tennis ball in a local game. However, you never play tennis with a cricket tennis ball because it lacks bounce and is under-inflated.

To hit a tennis ball far.

A tennis ball is softer than a leather ball, as you probably already know. As a result, when the ball strikes the bat, a large portion of it compresses inwards. It has disadvantages for the tennis ball of which is the distance hit. The tennis ball has a rough surface to make matters not better. Even when hit forcefully, it slows down due to the friction caused in the air by the ball’s rough.

How do Tennis balls And Cricket balls Look?

Tennis balls feature a felt layer hollow rubber core filled with pressurised air. Cricket balls have a cork core encased in a densely woven thread. An exterior leather coating with a sewed seam, which might be in two or four parts, protects this. Tennis balls used to be white, but now they are fluorescent yellow.

Why Do Tennis Balls Smell?

Cricket balls are usually red, although they can be white as well. For one-day and Twenty20 matches played under floodlights, a white cricket ball is a superior choice that allows the players to see the ball better. Tennis balls have an official diameter of 6.54-6.86cm. Cricket balls have a diameter of 2.80 – 2.86 inches.

The weight of a tennis ball should be between 56.0 and 59.4 grams. The women’s game and junior cricket use a lighter cricket ball, weighing 140-151 grams and 133-144 grams, respectively. If a cricket ball drops on a steel plate, it can bounce to nearly a third of the height from where dropped.

It’s Nearly Impossible to Swing a Tennis Ball!

The duel between the bowler and the batter is one of the most exciting aspects of cricket. A batsman is always an edge over the bowler since possessing a bat demoralises the bowler hitting the ball.

Swing bowling has the same effect on a batsman as a batsman feels vulnerable as unable to play a ball that swings. Swing bowling is a significant weapon for a fast bowler in getting the batsman out.

When a fast bowler bowls at above 135 kilometres per hour and swings the ball in the air giving the batsman very little time to react, the batsman dismiss. Even if the batsman survives, he will be uneasy and vulnerable to mind games.

Why Are Tennis Balls So Expensive?

Swinging a tennis ball is tough. One half of a ball must be smooth half must be rough to sway it. It causes an imbalance in the friction caused by air, causing the ball to move in one direction or the other which we call a swing.

The bounce of a tennis ball is excessive.

Even though a tennis ball is much softer than a leather ball, a tennis ball bounces far higher. The rationale is simple: a tennis ball is not only softer than a leather ball, but it is also much lighter. A leather ball is approximately 156 grams in weight. A tennis ball is only about 58 grams in weight.

In the air, the tennis ball moves slower.

Tennis balls are much slower in the air than leather balls. It is one of the reasons not used in international cricket. A rough tennis ball surface with green strands all over the place indicates that the ball is slow in the air. The surface of a tennis ball is rough.

A closer examination of the tennis ball’s reveals that the soft green strands are dispersed and inconsistent! As a result, when the ball toss in the air, the uneven surface generates a lot of resistance to the air, slowing the ball down.

Two significant consequences of this could impact the game of cricket as we know it. The ball does not move very far in the air resistance. It indicates that the ball will not move very far if thrown or hit forcefully.

Do Tennis Balls Have Air In Them?

It also means that when a fast bowler bowls with a tennis ball, the ball will travel at a significantly slower speed when it reaches the batsman than when released from the bowler’s hand.

Cricket play in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. It is not a negative thing to play cricket with a tennis ball! Most cricketers begin by practising with a tennis ball in their backyard or a gully. It’s just that the disadvantages of utilising a tennis ball outnumber the benefits!

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