Difference Between Women and Men in Tennis

There is no hiding the fact that women and men athletes are different in terms of physiology. That is why most sports have separate leagues for men and women. Also, apart from physical attributes, there are differences in psychological attributes too.

It is often seen that men show more aggression in tennis games, which may become “self-defeating.” Whereas women, on the other hand, are more level-headed and can handle losses well. But to avoid too much aggression, they sometimes miss out on winning leads while playing.

Tennis is a game that depends a lot on physical strength, so it will not be very fair to let both the gender compete against each other. But despite this logic, over the years, all the professional and league players have overcome these differences of men vs women in tennis.

As for the answer to the above question, yes, there are differences in women’s and men’s tennis in terms of gameplay, rules, and athletes.

What are the differences between women’s and men’s tennis?

History shows that there had been some epic tennis battles directly between men and women, and both had equal chances of winning the matches. But ultimately, due to the power factor, most of the matches were won by men.

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So, it becomes hard to forget that if the male opponent is tall and has more endurance, strength, and power, then a female opponent may be a bit at a disadvantage.  

Apart from all these factors, tennis is one of those high-profile sports with a different set of rules and gameplay for men and women.


It is seen that in even the most important and prestigious tennis tournaments, like Grand Slams or the top four major tournaments, women play best-of-three matches to win the game, whereas men play best-of-five matches. The difference in the number of matches creates a difference in the playing time. The men’s tennis matches last longer compared to women’s.

This difference of men vs women in tennis many times raises issues, like the men players need to have much more stamina to play longer matches than women. So, many argue that men players are working harder than women tennis players.

Also, this shorter gameplay proves to be advantageous to weaker female players when playing against higher ranks up because, in this short time, the higher rank opponent cannot judge their opponents “tells” or have time to correct judgment mistakes. But in the men’s tennis match, there is more consistency, and the opponents are more clearly able to judge the movements of each other.

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Prize money

In the past, the prize money was different for men’s and women’s tennis matches. Men were paid more than women tennis players. This discrepancy in prize money has been sorted recently. But making it equal has also raised arguments, where people say that men play longer and harder to win so, they should be paid more than women, who play best-of-three matches.


Another difference between men’s and women’s tennis matches is that men’s tennis matches are more fast-paced than women’s tennis matches. The reason being men are more physically stronger. So they hit the ball harder, giving it higher speed and the opponent less time to hit the ball back.

Also, men tend to hit more aces when serving, and women have more of a back and forth volleying game. But when a spectator watches these games, both the men’s and women’s tennis matches have the same level of competitiveness and are equally entertaining.

Racket option

 Some may find it surprising when it comes to a tennis racket, but there is no difference in the racket options between men and women. The rackets are available in different grip sizes, head sizes, weights, and flexibility.

The differences in these racket types do not label them as male or female rackets. Based on the player’s preferences, they can choose the type that suits their gameplay.

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There are not many differences in the rules of men’s and women’s tennis games. The only major difference is the way both the genders play the game.

Should the differences be removed?

There have been many arguments about whether the differences in the game plays are justified o not. Many say the men’s tennis matches should also have the best-of-three rule; then many have an objection about the equal price money situation.

But if seen in reality, the whole concept of equal price money in tennis matches is only a myth. When actual statistics and results are checked, it is still seen that the men get paid double the price money won by the women players, despite their same performance.

So, even if tennis claims they pay equal price money to both genders, the reality is different. Resolving these arguments is not easy because there are many sides to these statements and arguments.

What about mixed double tennis matches?

There may have been few matches where men and female tennis players directly played against each other, but it is unlikely that the same will happen in any major tournament. Or, even if it happens, there will be major modifications in the rules of the game. But mixed doubles are not unheard of; it is a very big part of the sport.

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In mixed double matches, there are two teams, each having one man and one woman. There are no specific rule modifications that will give any of the genders any advantage. Both the players are completely free to hit the ball when they want.

The mixed doubles are played in all the Grand Slams and have also been included in Olympics since 2012. One thing about these mixed double games is that they are usually played in entirely separate tournaments because the men and women tournaments happen at different times.

The mixed double matches are not played too often but, that does not impact its popularity among the viewers and the players. One of the major reasons fans love watching mixed doubles is its unique nature and the interesting tactics and gameplay used in the matches.

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