Do Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Underneath?

Do Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Underneath?

Skirts are popular among female tennis players because of their ease of movement and ladylike appearance. Female tennis skirts are not only fashionable, but many of them also have a pocket for storing balls, making them excellent for all female tennis players.

The Tennis Skirt’s Background

Women have been wearing skirts on the tennis court since the very beginning. They’ve evolved in length, color, and style over the years, but they’re still skirts. Calf length was considered a short skirt in the early days of tennis and everyday life. Women are now more socially acceptable to expose more skin, which benefits my performance.

In the 1920s, short skirts became popular, and Suzanne Lenglen was one of the first celebrities to experiment with alternative appearances, wearing short sleeves, a headband, and a shorter Skirt. In that era, a shorter skirt meant displaying a little calf than was customary, but it was still far below the knee.

She was the first to prioritize performance over the usual off-the-court appearance. Tennis is a sport that necessitates a lot of rushing around the court, and a lengthy skirt hinders this. Women didn’t want to play in heavy gear that covered their full-body since it was too hot outside during tournaments.

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The tennis skirt has changed over time, but it remains a popular choice. There are many reasons why professional and recreational players continue to wear Skirts while playing.


Women’s tennis players have more alternatives than ever before, but many still prefer to wear skirts. They are comfortable, which is one of the reasons. Underneath the tennis skirt, most ladies will wear spandex to allow for the full range of motion. The tennis skirt is well-fitting and does not obstruct movement.

Several lengths are currently considered stylish; the majority will be around mid-thigh, and so anything too long may make it difficult to glide around the court, while anything too short may reveal too much underneath.

Athletes who get not accustomed to wearing skirts may believe that comparing shorts to them is difficult. Shorts appear to be the most comfortable when worn from the outside, and they are highly similar.


Although a skirt is not appropriate for every player, many female tennis players prefer it. It’s simple to make a tennis skirt look modern and feminine at the same time with so many various color options and styles. In terms of alternatives, the early days were somewhat limited. Although all skirts appeared nearly identical, this has evolved as more brands into the tennis apparel market.

Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

A solid, simple color can work well with a brightly colored top. Skirts are fashionable and easy to personalize. Choosing a simple, plain color for the top can allow you to be more creative with it.

Unique to Tennis

Tennis skirts get worn for decades, and no one questions them at the professional level or even at the local tennis club. If you try that in softball, you’ll get a lot of stares. Tennis players appreciate the distinction, and it results in a distinctive method of playing a sport with a fashionable appearance.

Tennis appears to fully embrace this feminine touch in a sport that is so physically demanding. Tennis players argue that they get not constrained in any way. Athletes from other sports may believe that wearing a skirt is not the ideal fashion choice for moving around in it, but they insist that they are not.

Why Do Tennis Skirts Have Shorts Underneath Them?

Shorts are usually used underneath tennis skirts since the skirt does not disclose too much when worn with them. In addition, wearing shorts underneath is more comfortable and firm, and many of them include pockets.

Fit and comfort.

Undershorts that are elastic, tight, and breathable are comfortable, and they will fit perfectly, considerably better than a skirt on its own. Underskirts are frequently composed of a polyester and elastic combination that correctly adapts to your body and gives you a terrific athletic feel.

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The pockets on the shorts beneath the skirts are yet another fantastic feature. The tennis skirts wouldn’t have pockets on their own, and even if they did, they’d be impractical since tennis balls and your phone, for example, wouldn’t be secure enough to interfere with the game.

When the pockets get sewn into the shorts, you may safely store your valuables without them falling out or interfering with the game. Side pockets for one or two tennis balls are prevalent, as is a waistline pocket for a membership card, phone, or cash.


When you wear shorts under your skirt, it simply looks nicer. It appears to be more professional, athletic, and appropriate than a skirt without shorts. Undershorts come in a variety of styles. Short undershorts are hard to see beneath the skirt and longer ones with even the slightest movement. It all comes down to personal opinion about how comfy the skirt and shorts are to wear.

What are the terms for skirts with shorts underneath?

Skorts are the proper term for skirts with shorts underneath. The word skort gets formed by combining the first two letters of the tennis skirt with the last three letters of shorts.

Types of Tennis Skorts

In the market, skorts are two categories; the first type features a fabric layer that covers the front and short area, but from the back, it appears to be a typical pair of shorts. This style is popular in swimsuit bottoms and regular clothing stores.

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Another skort variation looks like a skirt from both the back and front. It’s essentially a pair of shorts surrounded by a layer of cloth or a Skirt. This look is prevalent not only for tennis but also for school, swimwear, and cheerleading uniforms.

The skorts’ skirt fabric serves no use; it’s the short underneath that does. It eliminates the possibility of unintentional undergarment exposure while playing your game.

Women appreciate the freedom and comfort that skorts provide and expose less of their figure than shorts. Furthermore, skorts are dressier than shorts and efficiently disguise any recognizable flaws.

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