Places To Donate Old Tennis Racquets

Donate Old Tennis Racquets
Donate Old Tennis Racquets

Last updated on October 1st, 2022

Old tennis racquets are a waste of space and resources for many households. Repurposing an old racquet can provide an easy way to focus on a single cause. 

Old tennis racquets take up valuable space, can be difficult to find new uses for, and often end up in landfills. You can help reduce the stress on our environment by donating your old tennis rackets to places that can reuse them! So donate your old tennis racquets today! 

You can donate your old tennis racquets to charity in many different ways. Local tennis clubs, schools, and private tennis instructors are some of the most popular recipients.  

However, you can also donate to a neighbor, friend, or even a child who lives in a poor household. All of these organizations will appreciate your old racquets, and it will help make the lives of others a little easier. Here is a list of a few places where you can donate your old tennis racquets. 

For Other PeopleSalvation Army, Donation Centers, Community Tennis Programs, NGO, Thrift Shop, Charity Organizations, Recycling programs
For MoneySelling Them, Giving As A Gift, 
For YourselfWall Art, Tennis Clubs & Schools
Where can you donate your tennis rackets to?

Salvation Army 

  • If you want a great way to give back, consider donating your old tennis racquets to the Salvation Army.  
  • These non-profits are known for their charity work and have been around for more than 150 years.  
  • You can search for donation centers near you to donate your old tennis racquets.  
  • Donating your old racquets to these organizations will help them sell them and use the money to help people. 
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Tennis Clubs & Schools 

  • Several different organizations accept used tennis racquets.  
  • There are local tennis clubs and schools that accept used racquets.  
  • You can even use your old racquets to create artwork. Some even sell them.  
  • The possibilities are endless for reusing or donating old tennis rackets.  

Summer Camps 

The Salvation Army Newark runs summer camps for children. The camps run from early July to mid-August and offer literacy, performing arts, and sports classes. This summer, they plan to expand their sports programs and add golf and tennis. So donating your old racquets to the Salvation Army can be a great way to give back to a great cause. 

Donation Centers 

If you’ve got old tennis racquets that you no longer use, you can donate them to charity by turning them into your local Salvation Army Donation Center. The tennis rackets you donate to them are sold, and the proceeds benefit their charity. To donate your tennis racquets, you can search by city. 

Wall Art 

Many keen tennis players go through a lot of equipment each year. Those old racquets can collect dust. You can turn these tennis racquets into unique art pieces for your home or office by painting them or weaving them into wall art. You can also make a cork board with the strings to make an awards shelf. You can also make a jewelry holder out of old tennis racquets or recycle them in various ways. 

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Islington Play Association 

Islington Play Association is an organization that provides tennis equipment to children all over the world, including Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the United States.  

Islington Play Association is based in the United Kingdom and has been operating for over forty years. Other items the organization accepts include DIY equipment, food, and clothes. For example, if you have a tennis racquet that is no longer in use, there are several ways you can donate it. 

Recycling Programmes 

If you don’t want to donate to charities, you can also donate them to recycling programs. Recycling is a great way to eliminate old items that are no longer in use, but it can be challenging to find recycling centers in your area.  

Some websites allow you to search for your local recycling centers by zip code. Then, you can donate your old racquets to charities and get your old tennis gear in good condition. 

Coachella Valley NJTL 

If you are a retired tennis player or just looking for a good cause to give your unused racquets to, the NJTL in the Coachella Valley has many locations you can donate your used sprites. NJTL places to donate old tennis racquets range from the Coachella Valley High School boys tennis team to the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs. 

  • The NJTL of the Coachella Valley is a non-profit organization founded by legendary tennis players.  
  • They promote healthy living and positive attributes through tennis programs and events.  
  • There are currently 950 chapters and 275,000 kids served by the NJTL in the Coachella Valley.  
  • You can donate your old racquets to these worthy causes. All you need to do is visit one of these sites to donate your used racquets. 
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Emirates airline 

Another place to donate old tennis racquets is the Emirates airline. The airline is the official airline of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California, which is billed as the largest tennis competition outside of Grand Slams. Emirates encourages fans to donate gently-used tennis racquets to the stadium for recycling. Once collected, the used racquets will be donated to the NJTL Coachella Valley network. 

In San Diego, NJTL is growing steadily. There are six NJTL programs and two NJTL Year-Round locations. Over fifty youngsters well attended a recent Special Activity Play Day at Peninsula Tennis Club. Tennis Service Representatives from the San Diego office organized the event and gave each participant a Subway lunch and a free NJTL T-shirt. Another NJTL program event was at the La Costa Resort & Spa. WTA pros attended the event, and the youngsters met some of them. 

We have already discussed donating your old tennis racquets to the NJTL of the Coachella Valley. The NJTL was founded by a group of famous tennis players who wanted to provide kids with positive attributes and the chance to play sports. NJTL also provides programs for children, including racquets and tennis balls.  

Community Tennis Programs 

Donating old tennis racquets is also a way to support community tennis programs. Many public park tennis programs need financial help to maintain the courts and offer low-cost introductory lessons. These programs are excellent for helping out your community. In the Coachella Valley, public park tennis is often neglected in city budgets, but it’s a vital part of the community. 

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Other Organizations 

You can donate old tennis racquets in many places, including local tennis clubs, schools, and even private tennis instructors. You can also use your old tennis racquets to create art, recycle them, or sell them. Then your old tennis racquets will be used for a good cause. 


One of the unique places to donate old tennis racquets is a non-profit organization called “Racks for Kids,” run by high school sophomore Zachary Mintz. The group collects used tennis racquets from drop-off boxes at local tennis courts and clubs and redistributes them to kids who otherwise can’t afford them. Because the organization is so small, giving a used racquet a new home is easy, and the children who receive them are very appreciative. 

Thrift Store 

Another way to donate your old tennis racquets is to donate them to a charity or thrift store. Many thrift stores accept donated racquets, which are in great condition and make excellent gifts for family and friends. You can even personalize them with a picture or a small gift to add to their value. If you’ve been playing tennis for a considerable time, you’ll find that your old tennis racquets will make excellent gifts. 

Charity Organizations 

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Donating used tennis racquets to charity organizations is a great way to give back to a cause close to your heart. For example, donating your used tennis racquets to Let’s Play It Forward will help thousands of kids in underdeveloped communities get the chance to play tennis. This organization accepts tennis racquets and golf clubs, among others. The website also offers details about what they accept. 

The non-profit Tennis Racquets for Kids collects and redistributes used racquets to needy children. This program was created by high school student Jessica Seidman, who played competitive tennis for several years along with his sister Paige.  

Over time, the two accumulated an unmanageable collection of racquets that they used to play tennis but no longer fit their needs. When they began to consider the charitable use of these old racquets, they began to think about how children in need had access to racquets and were unable to afford them. 

There are many good options if you are looking for a place to donate your used tennis racquets. Goodwill, a worldwide charity organization, will gladly accept your used racquets. Donate your old racquets to your town or city organization to help needy kids. Donations will help the organization continue its mission of helping people in need.  

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Tennis racquets are expensive to buy and difficult to recycle because the process is complicated, and when donated, they are given to children who can’t afford them. So it’s always better to donate them so kids can have fun. 

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