Famous Tennis Pushers  

Many tennis players have become famous for being the best pushers. There are various types of tennis players, including slicers, counterpunchers, and retrievers. Among them are Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. But how did they get to be the best? Read on to learn about their techniques and their defining moments. 

Types of tennis players  


Tennis counterpunchers are hitters who react to shots by an opponent. They are often fast on the court and have excellent footwork. They are also known as defensive baseliners. They rarely start their own attacks. In addition, their style of play makes them vulnerable to an opponent’s aggressive shots, so they should be prepared to make errors occasionally. 

The main goal of a counterpuncher is to force an opponent to make a mistake so that they can take advantage of it. They hit the ball in a high arch but with little speed, which takes the opponent off balance. They use their racket mainly to block the ball and get the opponent out of rhythm. Because of their mental strength, they can reach nearly every ball on the court. 

Historically, counter punchers have done best on slow courts, where their opponents have little time to come up with winners. However, they can be equally effective on faster courts if they know how to mix up their game. This tennis player often has good groundstrokes and passing shots. 

Gilles Simon is a Frenchman who is currently ranked thirteen in the world. His career high was sixth, and he has been a top player for many years. His classic counterpunching style has helped him reach the semi-finals at the ATP 500 event at Queen’s Club, where he beat Milos Raonic. He also reached the final ATP Masters 1000 event in Shanghai last year. 

While there are still many counterpunchers in the sport, the old style is becoming obsolete in modern tennis. Players have become faster and more robust, and the game has completely evolved. Counterpunchers can no longer rely on a few weak shots to impact a match. 


A slice shot is a type of forehand serve where the ball bounces off the ground before hitting the strings. It is considered a difficult shot to return because it requires great timing and accuracy. A slice shot is often used to hit a backhand volley. 

You need to learn a few tips to beat a pusher with a slicer. First, it is crucial to understand how your opponent hits the ball. The best pushers can generate a good amount of ball speed to hit winners. To do this, you must know how to attack the pusher’s weaknesses. 


The Retrievers are famous for their fantastic athleticism and agility. They have solid mental and physical makeup, and their strength forces their opponents to lose patience and go for it on shots. As a result, they are beneficial in tennis. These dogs are great examples of how tennis players can use their strength to their advantage. 

The best Retrievers can hit long deep slices that travel cross-court for a long time. They are also adept at hitting powerful backspin shots. They can also clear the net low to gain extra time for recovery. They can also hit a backhand slice that forces their opponents to hit the ball over. 

 Every player, regardless of style, must occasionally push themselves in their game. However,  players must know that constant pushing is not alawys the best approach. A better counterpuncher will hit the ball back more often. 

What is a tennis pusher? 

A tennis pusher is an opponent who uses speed against the other player. Their shots are more creative, and they have a better defense. They are also patient and can anticipate a ball better than their opponents. As a result, they can often score more points than their opponents. They also know how to control their emotions. 

A pusher often tries to hit an aggressive shot to get an advantage; when making a push shot, their opponent has to cover a large amount of ground. In a normal situation, the opponent can take one or two steps on the court to get the shot. However, pushers often try to hit a lob when they approach the net. 

The pusher’s primary aim is to get the point across to their opponent. Their opponent is more likely to make mistakes when trying to chase the point. It’s also important to note that a pusher’s aggression will wear a player down. They will also often make poor decisions if they feel like they’re not on the winning side. 

A pusher is one of the hardest players to beat. They don’t play flashy tennis. Pushers will use a variety of shots to snag the ball. They are prone to making mistakes due to a lack of appropriate technique. An excellent way to beat a pusher is to stay close to the net and use the lob to get an edge.Many fans don’t approve of pushers because they make the sport less appealing. They are perceived as trolls as opposed to competitors. 

How to beat a tennis pusher 

There are a few things that you can do to beat a pusher in tennis. First, you need to be patient and wait for your opportunity. Second, you need to make sure you take control of the points. If you are patient, an opportunity to take control will eventually present itself. Pushers usually play a waiting game; if you wait long enough, you’ll be able to take advantage of their plan. 

When you get an opportunity, you must make sure you take control of the point. You must be aggressive and not let the pusher dictate the game’s pace. You need to take charge and make them play your game. 

Another strategy is hitting the pusher’s slice. Pushers tend to hit a high slice that will float over the net. If you do this correctly, your opponent may be forced to hit a low percentage, passing shots down the line. This strategy will also create an opportunity for the pusher to hit a defensive backhand through the middle. 

Another way to beat a pusher is to hit the ball low and away, exposing their mentality and style. Typically, pushers prefer to stand behind the baseline. They do this because it is a more comfortable position. The pusher will not like being forced to come to the net because they will feel vulnerable and frustrated. The key is to make your pusher leave their comfort zone so you can take advantage of this weakness. 

Finally, you can use a lob or a passing shot. The pass does not have to be deep or hard; it can be a low-pace drive with an underspin. 

Who are the best tennis pushers in the world? 

1. Roger Federer 

Roger Federer is a professional tennis player from Switzerland. At the time of his retirement, he had won 20 Grand Slam singles titles, which is the most ever for a man. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. 

2. Serena Williams 

Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player who was ranked the world’s No. 1 female tennis player from October 2004 until November 2005. She is the first African American woman to be both number one in singles and number one in doubles at the same time. 

3. Rafael Nadal 

Rafael Nadal is a professional tennis player from Spain who plays on clay courts. He is thought to be one of the best tennis players of all time. He is a five-time French Open champion; a three-time Wimbledon champion; a two-time US Open champion; and a four-time Masters Cup winner. 

4. Novak Djokovic 

Novak Djokovic is a Serbian professional tennis player, considered among the greatest tennis players of all time, and is often referred to as the “King of Clay.” He is a six-time French Open champion and a former world No. 1. 

5. Andy Murray 

Andy Murray is the world’s No. 1 men’s singles player and is a Scottish professional tennis player. He is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, a two-time Davis Cup champion, a two-time Grand Slam champion, and a two-time Olympic silver medalist. 

6. Maria Sharapova 

Maria Sharapova is a professional tennis player from Russia who is known for her solid groundstrokes and aggressive style of play. She is a five-time WTA Tour singles champion, a three-time WTA Tour doubles champion, and a three-time WTA Tour mixed doubles champion. 

7. Venus Williams 

Venus Williams is an American professional women’s tennis player who is the only person to have been ranked world No. 1 in singles (1993), doubles (1994), and mixed doubles (1998). She is a seven-time Grand Slam singles champion, a five-time Grand Slam doubles champion, and a four-time Grand Slam mixed doubles champion. 


Beating a pusher in tennis takes patience and aggression. You must wait for your opportunity and then take control of it. If you do this, you will be able to win the match. 

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