How To Find A Good Tennis Coach?

Find A Good Tennis Coach
Find A Good Tennis Coach

What makes a good tennis coach? Finding a good tennis coach who has the ability to improve your tennis skills and take them to the next advanced level can be difficult, especially for beginners. 

 A good tennis coach who is patient enough to teach you all the tennis tricks and tips is not that easy to get. The truth however is that getting a coach does not happen overnight there is a process to be followed when looking for a good tennis coach. 

Despite the fact that there are plenty of coaches who can teach you the art of playing the game of tennis not every coach is suited to your personality. Your requirements, wants, preferences, and choices are different as a player. 

That said, there are a few factors that can lead to a successful partnership between your coach and yourself as the player. Every good tennis coach possesses these common traits. With that in mind, this detailed article covers 10 tips on how to find a good tennis coach. 

Who Is A Tennis Coach? 

Did you know the correct name for a tennis coach is a Tennis Instructor? Tennis Coaches are skilled instructors who provide training to; students who wish to learn how to play tennis, and players who want to improve their tennis skills so that they can compete in tennis tournaments.  

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The role of tennis coaches includes

  1. Assisting students in developing and improving their various tennis skills 
  1. Assessing students’ tennis skills and areas of improvement. 
  1. Coordinating, conducting, and analyzing individual and group tennis sessions. 
  1. Developing suitable training roadmaps for students and players based on their age, objectives, and respective individual skill. 
  1. Developing innovative ways to assist beginner players in learning and understanding the rules of the game. 
  1. Identifying the learning styles that work best for each player and adapting all coaching strategies appropriately. 
  1. Providing a secure and productive learning environment for players at their different levels. 
  1. Scheduling meetings with players to discuss their progress and points of concern. 
  1. Attending tennis matches, competitions, and tournaments with the players. 
  1. Motivating and encouraging players to fulfill their goals, ambitions, and dreams. 

10 Tips on How To Find A Good Tennis Coach


A good tennis instructor will save you time and money wastage. When looking for a tennis teacher, follow the following tennis coach experience checklist; 

  •  Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) qualifications. 
  • Criminal records check; the Disclosure and Barring Certificate (DBS) 
  • Tennis qualifications with other bodies such as the RPT.  
  • Tennis teaching duration and recommendations 
  •  What ages and what kind of results have been achieved with recent players?  
  • License for teaching children unsupervised. 
  • Professionalism level 
  • Personality type 
  • Level of dedication 
  • Maturity level 
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Tennis coaches are not cheap especially good tennis coaches. When looking for a good tennis coach consider the price per lesson which can be influenced by factors like; expertise and experience, years of coaching, and the respective coaches’ success rates. 

If you are planning to become a serious tennis player then look at the price packages offered by different coaches because the coaching price tag gives a clear blueprint of the different levels of tennis coaches. 

Goal- Oriented 

A good tennis coach should portray a strong responsibility for their role and demonstrates their dedication, eagerness, and capacity to coach their players. They should have the ability to understand that all their respective players are different and are in different stages of the coaching phase.  

Secondly, good tennis coaches understand that the game of tennis is ever-changing. So, they are always current with all changes in the tennis game In order to give their players the best opportunity to accomplish their tennis goals. 

Lastly, a good tennis coach never stops upscaling their skills and increasing their tennis coaching capacity. They read, watch tennis match videos, complete tennis courses, and attend tennis conferences to make themselves better mentors to their players. 

Great Motivators 

It’s no lie- it takes time to understand the rules, tips, and tricks, of playing tennis. Without the help of a good tennis coach giving up is inevitable.  

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There will be days when things will not go your way, especially beginner phases. On other days you will lose tennis tournaments and feel hopeless and a good coach will always come through for you and push you to overcome all challenges. 

A good coach will always motivate you to practice all the tennis game strategies in ways that are fun, engaging, and exciting. It is that subtle motivational push from the coach that drives tennis players to remain focused, optimistic, and full of hope during the training period. 

A good tennis coach should therefore possess the ability to connect with all the tennis students at a personal level. This helps keep up the positive spirit of students until they master the art of playing tennis excellently.  

A good tennis teacher is gentle enough to understand what the players are going through in their personal lives that could affect their playing performance. Calm enough to guide players without losing their temper, and firm enough to guide students until they understand how to play the game of tennis. 

Great Innovators 

A good coach should possess the know-how to convert all the technical and tactical tennis rules into fun and educational bits that are easily understandable.  This is a very crucial step in how to find a good tennis coach if you hate monotony and repetition. 

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The ability to introduce something new makes it easy for students to reach their full potential and the tennis tips and tricks are fully established in their brains. 

In other words, good coaches are never afraid of trying something totally different. 

In-depth Understanding of tennis 

A good tennis coach must have a detailed and solid understanding of the tennis sport. 

This includes: 

  • Rules laid down by the International Tennis Federation (ITF),  
  • Different tennis surfaces; (grass, clay, hard) and how to play on them 
  • All the tennis playing conditions. 
  • The possible effects of the tennis game on the body and mind of players. 

Secondly, a good tennis coach must be aware of all the tennis game strategies. Whether it be the fundamentals of beginner levels or the advanced tactics employed by pro tennis players, a good coach is always prepared for a balanced framework for the players to perfect their skills. 

Good Communicator 

One major way on how to find a good tennis coach is through communication. Communication gives the first impression of whether or not a coach is good.  

A good coach has a distinct way of communicating with tennis students. The mode of communication is always clear, understandable, and transparent. 

A good coach understands how to use communication to compliment a tennis player who is improving and performing well in matches so that they do not get overjoyed and relax.   

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Conversely, a good coach uses the same communication to critique a player who is slacking off and underperforming in a manner that won’t cause them to lose morale and give up.  

A Strong Passion For Tennis 

Tennis coaching would be meaningless if the coach training does not value tennis. When looking for a coach it is important to differentiate between tennis coaches who train for the sake of money from those who train from the heart out of the immense love they have for tennis. 

love and passion are the driving factors that allow tennis coaches to excel at mentoring others. A good tennis coach respects the tennis game and its regulation, they do not violate tennis rules, nor do they ask their students to violate the set terms of playing. 

Teachability Standards. 

A good tennis coach always has a plan. When looking for your potential tennis coach, be sure to ask about their approach to training tennis, their roadmap, and the game plan they have. 

A good coach will start off with the basics of the tennis game first before diving into all the advanced tactics. Afterward, they will teach you the different levels of the game in a structured, well-planned approach.  

Lastly, a good tennis coach offers guidance and mentorship about drills, building physical endurance and stamina, and getting accustomed to the tennis sport. They also introduce their students to participating in local tennis tournaments for a clear understanding of what happens in a tennis match. 

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A good coach should be able to monitor and track students’ progress every step of the way. They should be able to give their respective students the necessary feedback to improve their skills. 

Good coaches look at how their players are maturing in the tennis sport so they can continue to train them in the right direction. These Includes: 

  • Setting SMART goals for the players 
  • Making sure players follow a healthy diet 
  • Emphasizing positivity and enthusiasm 
  • Encouraging players to own their mistakes 
  • Setting up performance reports 
  • Addressing poor performance 

Now that you know ten tips on how to find a good tennis coach. Go get yourself the best tennis coach out there and fulfill your tennis-playing dreams! 

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