Head Ti S6 Review 

Head Ti S6 review 
Head Ti S6 review 

Last updated on September 27th, 2022

Roger Ferder, one of the world’s most celebrated tennis players, said, “Tennis is a tough sport; there are no draws.” Whether playing tennis for fun or with the aim of going pro, choosing the best racket is not negotiable. 

Head is a well-known brand for quality tennis rackets. Head’s best-selling tennis racket in the company’s history and worldwide is the Ti S6. The Head Ti S6 was first manufactured in 1996, but it is still a great racket that works well today; this shows that function always comes before style.  

But what makes this racket so popular? This article will look at the Head Ti S6 and talk about its features, how easy it is to use, and what it can do for you. 

Even though the Heads Ti S6’s exceptional construction is unusual for a racket in this price range, the design is pretty standard for a beginner’s racket. New and casual tennis players will benefit significantly from the lightweight frame if they want to train for more extended periods without fatigue. Players can react more quickly to incoming volleys because of the open layout’s ability to keep them light on their feet. Additionally, the grip on this racket is small, making it easy to handle. Players will be able to hit the ball faster while still keeping a firm grip on the racket. 

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What are the features of the Head Ti S6? 

Racket head 

The Ti s6 head is made of titanium and graphite, making it robust, durable, and lightweight. This racket comes prestrung with HEADS synthetic gut. The Ti s6 also has a large frame of 115 inches. 

Racket handle  

The Ti s6 boasts a strong handle made of titanium and reinforced with graphite, making it lightweight. The racket’s handle is long and has a small grip of 4.5 inches. 


The Ti s6 is made with shock-stop technology that reduces vibration when using the racket. This feature helps the player handle fast incoming balls with ease. The racket also has a stiff graphite frame weave weighing 252g. 


The Head Ti S6 is also incredibly light compared to other rackets on the market. While this racket has a solid frame and head, it only weighs 300 grams. The graphite construction makes it ultra-light and easy to handle. A light racket is perfect for beginners because it boosts their confidence to hit the ball with power. 

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The Head Ti s6 is affordable compared to other rackets; it retails for less than $100. 

Finding a unique, good-quality, affordable racket is essential for new and casual tennis players. As a beginner, you will want to spend the least amount of money on a racket before progressing to a more advanced level. 

The Head Ti S6 Tennis Racket’s main advantages 

The Head Ti s6 is an all-around racket for beginners and recreational players. This racket’s construction offers features that make it easy for new players to handle incoming balls at an affordable price. So, what benefits should you expect when buying the Head Ti s6 racket?  

The Benefits of the Head TiS6 Racket 

No stringing is needed. 

 The Ti s6 comes fully strung; hence, no stringing is needed. A prestrung racket is a massive plus for a beginner because all you need to do is buy it and start playing. You will avoid the extra cost of having your racket strung in a store and can consider restringing at an advanced level. It might be helpful to know that this racket is strung with HEAD synthetic silver gut and has a string tension of 61 pounds, which is within the ideal range in case the strings snap. 

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For less than $100, you can buy the Head Ti s6 at the nearest sports store. Considering all the benefits you will get from this racket, it’s definitely worth its price. The Head Ti S6 is highly recommended, and its price tag makes it one of the most popular and well-known rackets now and in the future. 


Weighing less than 500 g with a large head and strong frame, the Ti s6 is an easy-to-use racket. Serving and hitting balls with this racket is a walk in the park because of its large head, tightly strung frame, and lightweight nature. Due to the compact grip created for players with smaller hands in mind, the Ti S6 is also a good fit for them. Also, a beginner should use this racket because it will help them build confidence in their shots as they get better and start hitting more balls in the middle.  


The head Ti s6 frame is made with titanium, making it solid. You are assured of getting an efficient, long-lasting racket. The head frame is made with technology that absorbs shock, which reduces pressure on the racket frame. This feature boosts power while hitting the ball and increases the racket’s lifespan. 

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The Ti s6 frame is constructed with graphite and weighs only 300 grams. For beginners and casual players, handling a heavy racket takes the fun out of the game. This racket will be a good choice if you want to stay light on your feet and avoid strains and fatigue for longer training sessions and court play. 

Recreational players will not use much energy because they’ll still have all the strength needed on the court. Also, the lightweight design and power-focused features will make it easier for players with short-to-medium but powerful swings to get the most out of their swing speed. It’s an excellent racket for those willing to learn and enjoy tennis. 


The Head Ti S6 has a large head and a heavy frame with an open string pattern, which gives the player maximum power while retaining an incredibly light handle and quick swing weight. The players will enjoy returning shots with a large head and great power. The Head Ti S6 tennis racket is a great choice if you want the most control with the least amount of effort, a durable design that will last for years, and a light frame so you can move around easily. 


The Head Ti s6 is, without a doubt, one of the best tennis rackets for new players. However, it is challenging for more advanced players in terms of control. 

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While its large head size and lightweight nature offer lots of power, controlling the racket will be crucial when you become a professional player. You may be forced to get a new racket with better control when you become a professional tennis player. 

 Experiments have been conducted by tennis experts to examine the head Ti s6 racket in detail. We would all like to buy a racket that has been tried and tested. Let’s look at how this racket performed on the court; 


The long racket handle and large head size make it easier to hit the ball. The lightweight frame makes it easy to control the racket. Even though the Head Ti S6 isn’t very easy to control, it has a lot of power when returning volleys.  

The racket’s lack of control might be an issue for professional players, but beginners and recreational players will enjoy using it. 


Head Ti s6 offers lots of serve power for experienced and new players. The racket also favors players who like flat and slice serves. The long racket length allows players to hit the ball while tossing it at a high point. 


Returning fast shots with Head Ti s6 may be challenging due to its lack of control. This fact is especially true for beginners when playing with more experienced players. You may not experience this problem as a new player until you become a professional player. However, the racket will make it easy for you to return slow serves as fast as possible.  

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When it comes to groundstrokes, the head Ti s6 outperforms the rest. The racket’s large head and light frame give it lots of swinging power. With the 1619 string pattern, the racket also has excellent spin and slice. Players looking for power with complete, slow swings will enjoy using this racket. 

Why is Head Ti s6 superior to others? 

Compared to the Ti S6 and Ti S7, the Ti S6 provides more control than the Head Ti S7 and more power than the Ti S5. 

The Head Ti s6 outshines other beginner-level rackets on the market. Its large head size and light frame make it unique compared to other advanced rackets. 


The Head Ti s6 has everything you need in a racket, especially for new and recreational tennis players. This racket offers strength, power, and durability and is easy to use. The racket’s rugged build and large and rigid frame style give you extra power when serving and returning shots. 

As a new tennis player, hitting the ball with power and force will be one of your most significant challenges. Serving and returning balls will help boost your confidence. Its ultra-lightweight nature makes it easy for you to maneuver and learn new skills. Lastly, this racket is affordable for beginners yet offers many benefits. 

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