How Much Does Renting A Tennis Court Cost? The Quick Answer

How Much Does Renting A Tennis Court Cost?

In the United States, the average cost of renting a tennis court is about $15 per hour. There are several options available for players in the country. You can either find cheap or free public courts or choose to spend thousands to play at an expensive club. The exact cost of renting a tennis court depends on a number of factors. 

Tennis players can find a wide variety of low-cost public courts as well as more costly options. In the colder months, one can expect to pay $40 per hour or more for an indoor court in expensive areas. A public hard court generally costs anywhere between $0 and $10 per hour, not including any lessons or coaching. 

Public Vs Private Courts

Choosing between private and public courts depends on personal preferences. Some may just want to focus on the game and simply want a surface with a good net and markings. Some others may look for beautiful courts with extra facilities like swimming and golf. 

If you are not too bothered by the ambiance, you can find several public facilities available across the country to enjoy a good game of tennis. Many institutions, schools, and colleges also rent out their courts for cheap prices or even for free when they are not in use. Some communities also offer public courts for free to residents. 

But there are people who prefer expensive private courts over free public facilities. The most popular reasons are additional facilities and ambiance. You should also be ready to pay extra for competitions, coaching, access to powerful opponents, and social features. However, if you want to play a lot of tennis, there is nothing better than public courts. 

Indoor Vs Outdoor Courts

If you are looking to rent a court in a state with a warmer climate, you are not likely to find an indoor court. This is because areas like Florida have high temperatures even in cold months. In the northern areas, things are completely different. Snow can make it almost impossible to enjoy a game on outdoor courts. 

Colder areas should offer indoor court options to play all year round. However, indoor courts are more expensive than outdoor courts as they involve more costs for construction. Though the cost varies significantly based on the location and depends a lot on the construction of the building, it can cost anywhere between $40 and $100 per hour to play tennis on an indoor court to stay protected against environmental elements. 

This means you should be ready to spend a lot to be able to play a game in colder states in winter, but you have cheaper options available if you don’t want to choose such areas. 


The best place to play tennis is the area with a lot of cheap or free outdoor courts available and where the weather is right. The cheapest place in the United States for tennis players is Albuquerque in New Mexico where the average cost of renting a court is $4 per hour. A majority of courts in the area are outdoor. 

At the other end of the spectrum is Philadelphia that tops with an average rent of $42 per hour. There are more indoor courts in the area and other factors contributing to the expense. As a general idea, you can find cheaper options for renting out a tennis court in the South. 

Court Surface

Most courts in the country are hard courts that are easier to install and maintain. This is why they are rented out at a cheaper price. There are many other options for different types of players. You can look for a traditional grass court or a clay court for a lesser strain on joints. 

Clay courts are generally more affordable at about $40 per hour while a grass court can cost up to $130 per hour for two people. It is possible to find cheaper options, but these prices should give you an idea of what you can expect to pay in general. 

Tennis Court Rents Across the World

Prices for renting a tennis court vary significantly across the globe, depending on the climate and favorable conditions in the country. According to a study, the United States is the 46th most expensive country in the world out of 103 total surveyed. The survey found that UK courts are some of the least expensive ones. Some of the most pricey courts in the world are located in Switzerland and some parts of the United States like Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and New York. 

India has some of the cheapest courts available with rents ranging around $4-$6 per hour. Talking about the United Kingdom, Cambridge has the cheapest rents at an average price of $7 per hour while courts in Newcastle can cost up to $20 per hour. Tokyo in Japan can cost $30 on average per hour for playing tennis.  

Final Thoughts

Regardless of your budget, you can find a number of options to play tennis in every weather across locations. Tennis can be expensive at times, but also surprisingly affordable at other times. A simple internet search for courts in your area can help you find some of the cheapest options for a tennis game. You can also use the search options on the USTA website to get an idea of the private and public courts available near your location. Consider checking out courts in schools and parks near you, as they are most likely to be available for free. 

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