How To Dry Tennis Shoes? Few Quick & Easy Ways

how to dry tennis shoes

If you are a tennis player, you know that having a good pair of shoes is important. Not only do they need to be comfortable, but they also need to be able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with playing tennis.

One of the biggest problems that people have with their tennis shoes, however, is keeping them from getting wet.

How do you dry tennis shoes? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t know how to properly dry their tennis shoes after they get wet.

In this post, I’ll show you the best way to dry your tennis shoes so they stay in good condition. Keep reading for more information.

Why tennis shoes get wet easily?

Tennis shoes get wet easily, more commonly when a player has been playing for long hours. Just like the running shoes, these tennis shoes get wet, dirty, and also stinky.

The intense moves and workouts while playing tennis cause your feet to sweat a lot. Also, Avoid putting tennis shoes outside if you live in an area with a wet environment. 

Wearing wet shoes can be very annoying and they might cause infection or small blisters on your sole. But it can be a bothersome job to dry them. 

Can you dry tennis shoes in a dryer?

Can wet tennis shoes affect my feet? 

You might be in a hurry and don’t have time to dry your wet tennis shoes so you just wear your wet shoes and go about your game.

But you should be aware of the fact that wet shoes can greatly affect your feet. Your feet can absorb the water from your tennis shoes which can cause your feet to become wrinkly.

Consequently, painful cracks and blisters might form and you will have trouble moving around let alone playing tennis. 

Can you dry tennis shoes in a dryer?

Drying tennis shoes is not as easy as drying common sneakers or running shoes that you just simply put them in the dryer.

Yeah, they can be dried in a dryer, but their structure and material are different from other shoes.  The heat in the dryer might damage the glue that is keeping them together, shrink their soles, make them rough after drying and your shoes will not remain in their best form.

Drying shoes in a dryer is often a headache because you keep hearing loud thumping noises from the dryer and the shoes are loudly tumbling and sometimes they even kick the door open.

If you still want to dry your tennis shoes fast, tie up the laces of your shoes, make a knot and hand them from dryer’s door so they don’t stumble in the dryer.

Keep the temperature of the dryer as lower as possible. Excess heat can damage them. You can also dry them in a 50/50 method. Use a dryer for few minutes and air-dry rest of it.

You can also reduce the problem of excessive thumping of shoes in the dryer by putting towels, clothes or dishrags inside.

What are the best methods to dry tennis shoes?

One of the most reliable methods to dry tennis shoes is putting them in sunlight. Drying tennis shoes in sunlight might take some time, but this method never damages the shoes. Place a shoe rack in the sunlight and you will get fully dried shoes in 10-20 hours. It’s always great to use natural methods to solve an issue. 

Another great method is the use of newspapers. If your tennis shoes are of sensitive material then this method can be suitable for you. Remove the insoles and dry them separately.

Make newspaper balls and put them into the shoes till their sole is covered. They wrap the shoes from outside in multiple newspapers and put them in a well-ventilated area or just in front of a sturdy fan.

The newspaper will absorb all the wetness completely and your shoes will be safe from any kind of damage. Not to mention how effectively paper absorbs smell, the newspaper will also take away the smell from your wet tennis shoes. Replace the newspapers if they get extra wet. This method is time taking.

Might take one or more days to dry the shoes, but it’s not a problem if you are not in a hurry, right?  Just follow these steps with patience and your shoes are ready to be worn once again, completely dried! 

Same as newspapers, you can also use clothes and towels and stuff them into the shoes after removing their insoles and laces. Put them against a wall in-plane position in a well-ventilated area.

This method will save your tennis shoes from any damage is also cost-free. 

Can I dry my shoes with the help of rice?

You must have often seen people putting wet phones in rice bags and magically they start working normally again. Well, it’s not magic. Rice is a great desiccator. They absorb moisture completely in less time.

The simplest way to use rice to dry your shoes is to put them in socks. Fill the sock, not all the way to the opening, leave some space to tie it with something, preferably a hairband.

Remove the insoles so they can be dried separately Put the rice-stocked socks in the shoes and leave them for good hours. If they are not much wet, 4-5 hours will do the work. 

Drying tennis shoes with a fan

Fans can dry the shoes, but you have kept the material of your shoes in mind before using this method. Fans work great on shoes with durable gel-sole and thick cushioning.

For this method, you have to take two steel wires, cut them and make a S- shape or hanger shape with it. Hang your shoes on the DIY hangers you made to the out of the fan and place each shoe at least 5-8 inches apart. You should have a tall and studier fan to carry out this method.

Remove the insoles and laces and dry them separately. Make sure your shoes placed in such a way that they are getting air from the fan in the inside as well as outside. 

Put your fan on medium or low and not more than that. Excessive air with heat can damage the shoes depending on the material they are made of. 

Using a shoe dryer to dry the tennis shoes

Mankind has successfully used technology and made machines for almost every kind of problem, making our lives easy. You can simply buy a shoe dryer which can dry your shoes in less time.

First, remove the insoles and laces of your shoes. Put your shoes on both the stands of the shoe dryer upside down. Turn the shoe dryer on and leave your shoes overnight if they are mostly soaked or only 8-9 hours would work if the shoes are damp.

These shoe dryers not only dry but also deodorize and remove the bad smell from them. You will find your shoes looking all dried and smelling good like they are new.

Why is it better to dry tennis shoes naturally than in a dryer?

Nothing can go wrong with natural ways. These common clothes dryers and shoe dryers are indeed the best tools when drying your tennis shoes in less time without putting much effort.

But they can really damage your shoes depending on their material and they might become slacked, soggy or dry and won’t give you the same comfort as before.

Drying your shoes in sunlight and air or using rice socks, clothes and newspapers will surely take a little more time than these dryers, but you will not have to worry about losing the quality of your shoes.

How do you dry tennis shoes fast?

The fastest way to dry your shoes is to use a hairdryer and blow dry air with low or medium heat. Put the fan on low speed and leave them for just 10 minutes.

If you have time, you can try the shoe dryers I said before which will definitely work great with such problems. However, always be careful when using any machine near or around your shoes.

You can use a dryer or you can opt for natural ways and never forget to dry your shoes in a place where there is proper ventilation and sunlight.

Never try drying your shoes using too much heat because ‘fire’ can damage the material of your shoes badly and they might get burnt if the intensity of heat is too much.

How do you dry tennis shoe insoles?

There must be different methods for drying shoes if they are mostly wet or if their soles and insoles are wet. For most of the shoes, the best way to dry them is using sunlight and air.

This also works great with shoe insoles because this method takes time and makes sure your shoes will be dried from the inside too. I would take the insole out of the shoe and let it dry alone aside.

Can you put tennis shoes in the dryer?

Drying shoes in the dryer works if you have time and they are not made of suede, mesh or any other kind of material which can damage them using dryers. You will need to air dry your shoes for at least 24 hours before putting them in the dryer. If possible, do not use too much heat because it might damage the shoes.

How long do tennis shoes take to dry?

Leaving it a whole night or a whole day out in the open or in sunlight will make sure they are dry and ready to use again. If you think 9-10 hours of drying is not enough, then it might be a problem with their material which might also be causing the bad smell.

You can go for dryers and shoe dryers if you want to speed up the process and save some time.

Humidity will also affect the drying time so choose a dryer place with proper ventilation and sunlight. The process of drying might get faster if you put them in the freezer for an hour or two which will decrease their moisture.

You can even use rice socks to absorb the extra moisture while waiting for your shoes to completely dry up.

How do you get moisture out of sneakers?

There are two ways to dry your shoes – by using the sun and air or you can use a sock full of rice inside (similarly to how you dry a smartphone) and let it absorb all the extra moisture.

This method will take a little more time than using dryers or shoe dryers, but you will not have to worry about damaging the quality of your shoes in any way.

How do you dry tennis shoes after washing?

I would recommend you to leave them out in the open for a few hours and then use a hairdryer to speed up the process. I would not recommend putting them in the sun or using heat because it might damage their quality due to heat effects.

Put them in a place with good ventilation and where there is sunlight.

Tennis shoes might stretch if you use a dryer right after washing them and this might cause problems with using them in the future.

It will not take too long for them to dry and I would leave them out in the sun and air before using a dryer or putting them on high heat.

Is it okay to dry tennis shoes in the sun?

Yes, this is my preferred method of drying them up,  but this is only best if you have the time to leave them out for a whole day.

If I do not have much time, I will opt for dryers and air dry my shoes overnight with their insoles taken out. You can also use rice socks placed inside or put your shoes in a Ziploc bag filled with rice.

Can you dry tennis shoes in the oven?

It is a funny question, I don’t know a man who would put his $50 or $150 tennis shoe inside an oven and pray for the lord for it to come out normal.  I know someone who did this with theirs, but I would never recommend it for shoes.

If you really want to protect your shoes from extreme heat, go for dryers or shoe dryers which are designed specifically to work with tennis shoes. Using an oven will ruin your shoe’s quality and make them vulnerable to damage in any possible way.

You can use rice socks but that’s about it, you cannot use your oven.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you want to get your tennis shoes dried quickly and efficiently without the hassle of using a dryer or hanging them outside for hours on end, placing them in front of an electric fan is one way to do so.

Just make sure you keep them away from the electric fan and do not let it blow directly to your shoes. If you can stand the smell, you can also try drying them in a car with the AC on before stepping outside to let them dry in the sun and air.

That always does work for me and I managed to get rid of that terrible smell within a few hours.

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