How To Film Yourself Playing Tennis?: Your Full Guide

how to film yourself play tennis

There’s nothing like watching a good tennis match. The back-and-forth rallies, the speed of the ball, and the athleticism on display can be truly mesmerizing. But what if you could watch an even better tennis match? One where you are the one playing!

Are you looking for a way to improve your tennis game? Have you considered filming yourself playing? Filming yourself can help you see your flaws and correct them.

Filming yourself while playing tennis is a great way to improve your game. In this blog post, I will show you how to do just that. Stay tuned!

Tips for filming yourself play

1) Use high-def cameras that can capture fast action shots    – Action cams like GoPros are perfect because they’re waterproof and have wide-angle lenses so you can get close-ups of your hands while still being able to see the ball in frame. The best ones also have powerful microphones to pick up audio from the court.

2) Put the camera on a tripod or monopod  – For any kind of sports video, you want to make sure your camera is secure and not jostling around as you play. Using a selfie stick or holding it in your hand will result in both shaky videos and lots of blurry shots.

3) Use a helmet or hat  – A good way to avoid jostling is by putting the camera on top of your head or in front of you. You can even mount it on your shirt and attach it to it. So you don’t have to worry about holding it! This will greatly reduce any shake and shakiness in your videos. And will help you gain a first-person perspective angle.

4) Film from the side  – Don’t film from behind or above because it will add a lot of weird fish-eye distortion to your video. Shooting from the side will give you a better perspective and let you see more of what’s going on in the court. It also gives viewers a chance to see your face and reactions.

5) Wear light colors for best color contrast  – If you wear black, it will be hard to see the ball coming toward you. Anything from dark grey to bright white is ideal because it’s easier on the eyes of your viewers. And if it’s really sunny outside you want to avoid dark clothing or it will be difficult for your camera to focus.

6)  Keep it simple and short  – Don’t make your videos too long. Keep them between 30 seconds and 90 seconds and cut out the parts where you just miss shots or swing and miss. If that makes up 80% of your video then people won’t want to watch it! Cut out all the low points in your game to only show footage of you making great shots and playing well.

How to improve your tennis by filming yourself play

How to improve your game by filming yourself play

1) Use video to improve your game  – If you’re making videos of your matches, you’re more likely to pay attention to what you’re doing right and wrong. And that extra focus can help improve your game. So take the time after every match to look at how you played. To see which shots worked well for you and which ones didn’t. And to see if you need to change anything in your game or strategy.

2) Use video analysis tools like Coach’s Eye  – If you want more information on how well you’re playing, upload the footage into video analysis apps like Coach’s Eye (available for iOS and Android). The app will automatically detect where the ball is during each frame of the video. It will then give you detailed statistics that let you know how many shots out or in, what your first serve percentage was and other info like that.

3)  Share videos online (with caution!)  – The great thing about filming tennis matches online is that it helps players find opponents of their skill level. You can post a video of yourself online, and players from around the world will contact you. It’s a great way to learn about new techniques and strategies as well! Just be careful not to share your videos with anyone you don’t know or trust. Because there are some people who use these websites for unsavory purposes like bullying or harassment. So once you upload your videos, be sure to set the privacy settings so that only people you know can see them.

4)  Study professional tennis  – Watching great tennis matches will help improve your game. You can learn how to play smarter and less error-prone by watching professionals like Roger Federer or Angelique Kerber make all their shots. They are the best in the world because they have great instincts and always know what to do when they reach a certain point during a match. Watching them can help you develop your own instincts so that you make better decisions in tough situations too!

5)  Practice your groundstrokes and serve  – If you’re new to tennis, it will be best to focus on the core skills first. Before you worry about strategy or tactics. The most important shots that beginners should focus on mastering are their forehands and backhands for both singles and doubles matches. Also, their serves as they improve, filming your technique and reviewing it with coaching tools will help you make adjustments.

6)  Practice your volleys – If you’re looking for a way to improve your netplay, consider filming yourself playing tennis online. Since the camera gives you a closer perspective of what’s going on in the court, that will give you more help to adjust if there are balls coming at your head. Plus, if you’re playing doubles, it will be easier to see where your partners are and who they should pass the ball to.

7)  Keep matches regular and consistent  – It’s important that you keep a regular practice routine of playing matches regularly. That way, you’ll force yourself to learn new techniques and strategies as well. The more often you play, the faster you’ll improve.

Why Should You Take Videos of Yourself Playing Tennis?

It is important to note that capturing yourself while playing is not good for everyone. Although several players profit from the additional information, it negatively affects others. This is true of all players, regardless of sport. Seeing yourself play would have been enough to make you feel self-conscious, which is dangerous for your mental game.

When you begin the practice of recording oneself playing tennis, there are many additional factors to consider. Equipment, perspectives, playback, and so forth are all things to consider.

Even if you do not notice a significant improvement after seeing yourself on camera, it may be a pleasant unique moment that brings just that little color to your game.

How To Film Yourself Playing Tennis

Someone who has successfully handled a racquet may have pondered how they seem on video. It is a logical progression from watching the professionals on TV. They appear to be elegant, athletic, and skillful. You are curious to see how your tennis game looks on film. Obviously, there is more potential value to it than just narcissism. A recorded tennis practice hour allows for assessment and insights.

Believe me, if you videotape yourselves, you will know. You will be astounded when you watch yourself performing for the very first time. What is the reason behind this? We hardly know there is someone with an average to semi-professional level of skill whenever watching television because so many of the athletes we see on TV are professionals.

The easiest method is to have people take a mobile phone video of you playing from behind the baseline. This is particularly good if you can connect a phone, GoPro, or any other camera to the back-barrier and obtain a better view. You will be able to see where your shots fall on the court this way. You can videotape yourself opposite the baseline if you want to study more of your drop shots or serves. When you capture yourself performing tennis, you have access to a wide number of training opportunities that can help you make considerable progress.

Now that you have decided to record yourself, let us just examine how you may go about doing it. We will begin by examining the tools required to do this task.

Options To Film Yourself Playing Tennis


The GoPro is praiseworthy for being a very inexpensive and simple means to capture high-quality videos. The GoPro is ideal for filming tennis matches since it is small enough to fit into tight spaces, such as the fencing behind the court for a behind-the-scenes picture. There have been tripods available for GoPros, as well as a number of additional attachment devices that make it simple to put them up.


You could even utilize drones to record your tennis play if you want to go really high-tech. Drones are not simply a trendy item. High-end devices can record stunning 4K videos and often have access to smart technologies that allow them to fly and function independently.

For recording a tennis match, it is not like each drone will be suitable. Because most units demand a person to handle the controllers, the majority of people are unlikely to be capable of doing the job.

Some of the finest options on the marketplace, on the other hand, have aim tracking characteristics. Essentially, you can program the drone to track and record your game as you play. It is a luxurious method to just get the task completed. However, it will leave you with some very great videos.

Mobile Phone

The excellent point is that recording high video in a second is as simple as it gets these days. Mobile phones have cameras that can compete with high-end cameras designed specifically for photographing.

The same is applicable for the majority of tablet devices. All you actually want is a stand to film oneself with one of these commonplace gadgets. You can also get them designed to fit most cellphones online, and the best part is that they are typically quite inexpensive.

Recording Yourself

You can also use the camera attachment to shoot and record any tennis match since you can place it either indoors or outside the court. Parents and coaches of junior and college tennis players will appreciate the ability to put the camera on the fence outside of the court. When recording, make sure you get the consent of the competing players! If you ask first, most people would be okay with it.

You may film your tennis in a variety of different ways. It is up to you to decide what you want to do with it. Position the camera one foot adjacent to the base point if you would like to examine your approach, contact point, or simply want to know why you are missing so many shots. Whenever you put it there, you may look at the touchpoint, for instance.

We recommend using a stand to keep the camera off the surface and at a distance of a few feet. These exclusive devices like GoPros, drones, and mobile phones can function on their own and do a lot more.

From the Right Angles, Record Yourself

It is important to begin considering angles when you have already gathered all of the equipment needed. Of all, the goal is to acquire the shots that will reveal the most information about your gameplay. Getting a side somewhat distorted so that your front is usually visible and rear shot is the best way to place your devices. That is where a modest bit of imagination will help. In all likelihood, you will not get it fully correct the first time.

And besides, filmmaking is an artistic expression. As earlier said, putting a camera behind the fence, like a GoPro, is a great way to get a good look at your technique and other aspects of your game. After a few times of filming oneself, the angles will become a little more natural. Then, you’ll be able to actually produce high-quality videos.

How do you record a tennis serve?

With any of the devices mentioned above, you can record your serve with ease. Record yourself away from the court and then put it together later on using various editing apps like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

What is better to use – A smartphone, GoPro, a drone?

It all depends on what is your main goal in recording your tennis practice sessions.  If you primarly want to record yourself, get the cheapest camera/phone case. Or better yet, get an old phone or tablet and velcro it to a metal pole (or something like that). Just make sure you make it secure so it doesn’t fly away.

When your main goal is to film tennis matches, then get a GoPro.

When you want to film yourself and tennis matches, then get a drone or any other camera with a remote controller.

I personally believe that with today’s smartphone camera’s outstanding quality, you can definitely use your phone and get great shots. But if you want to distance yourself from the court, then a drone or any kind of stand is what you’ll need.

How do you set up a camera for tennis?

The camera should be as static as possible. The best way to do it is by putting the tripod or stand on a solid surface, for instance clay or carpet. You can even put a drone in the air and have a friend hold a small stand next to you. However, if your budget isn’t too high, then use what you already have or what is mentioned in the article.

My Thoughts

So what can you do to improve your tennis skills? We recommend that you film yourself playing and then watch the video. This will give you a chance to identify areas in which you need improvement so that when it’s time for practice again, you have an idea of where to start. It also gives others the opportunity to critique what they see and offer suggestions on how best to play better or correct mistakes. The more feedback we get from other people, the easier it is for us as athletes, coaches, and trainers alike; because we know what needs work and how to fix these problems!

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