30+ Magic Tips on How To Become a Better Tennis Player

how to get better at tennis

One of the most satisfying things about tennis is that it’s one of the few sports where you can improve your skills dramatically with only a relatively small amount of time and effort.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s played by hundreds of millions of people all around the globe. It’s also one of the few activities that can be played throughout life, from childhood to old age.

In this blog, I will share with you a few practical tips on how to improve your tennis game. These are some of the pieces of advice that have helped me become a better player and they might help you too.

Why You Should Want to Get Better at Tennis?

With all of its sophisticated techniques and strategies, tennis can be challenging for beginners.

It is a great game for all sorts of people. There are so many benefits to playing tennis that it’s hard to not want to play! I’m going to go ahead and list just some of the reasons for wanting to get better at this sport.  

  1. 1) Tennis is an amazing exercise.
  2. The game is good for your reflexes.
  3. You can always find someone who wants to play with you.
  4. You’ll be in shape by the end of summer if you try it out!

If these things don’t convince you then maybe one other thing will- how much fun does anyone have while playing tennis?!

how to become a better tennis player

How to get better without a court?

When you can’t find a court to play on, don’t fret. Instead of using the same skills and techniques as if you were playing on a tennis court, use your imagination and creativity to come up with ways to practice without it. For example, try changing the ball to red or green color depending where you are (try making yourself more aware of what’s happening around you) and play against some wall. Practice your fitness so that you won’t be fatigued next time you play. As well as many drills you can do to your movement and to your footwork. There are many other creative ideas for practicing tennis that will help keep things fresh and interesting- just be sure to have fun!

How do I get better at tennis fast?

The best way to improve quickly at tennis is through a consistent training program. Tennis is a sport that requires you to be able to do many different things, from running and hitting the ball with your racquet in various ways, so it takes time for any player to learn how to play well. The best way for me is also to put emphasis on footwork and how you move around the court, this could flip a failing player into a successful one quickly.

How to get better at tennis for beginners?

Get a better backhand

Learning how to play tennis can be a daunting task for beginners, especially when it comes to mastering the backhand. However, if you invest time in your backhand and work on learning the proper grip as well as whether to go with one-handed or two-handed shots, then this shot will become much easier.

Once you’ve mastered your backhand, the rest will feel much easier! Although tennis is an advanced sport for beginners, it can be broken down into small parts. Learning how to play a good game starts with learning how to hit shots that are difficult in the beginning stages. For example, mastering your backhand shot can make hitting other shots easier because you’ll have more control over where the ball goes and what direction its spinning when it hits another player’s racket.

Get a better forehand

The forehand is the most used shot in tennis, and it’s also one of the easiest shots to improve quickly. Skilled players use their dominant arm, but even if your game isn’t quite there yet – try practicing with your less dominant arm, It can be improved quickly and it’s the strength of most players so utilize your game by improving this shot!

So if you want an edge over other players it’s crucial that you work on improving this technique. With a few simple adjustments and some practice, you can improve your game without needing much time or effort invested into building muscle memory for new shots.

You’ll benefit from improved coordination skills that will translate into more powerful swings on both sides of the court. 

Get a better serve

The serve is the most important shot in tennis for beginners and it takes a long time to master. Don’t give up on your service game because you will be rewarded when you spend the necessary time perfecting this skill, so go get started on that.

The serve is where all beginner players struggle. It takes the longest to master and most players prefer to serve underhand, don’t do that! Take the time to learn this skill carefully so you can improve your game in no time. 

You’ll take a long time mastering this skill if you’re not learning how to execute an overheaded serve properly. Take your time with this one–it’s worth it in the end.

Get better at home

You know how to play tennis, but you don’t have a partner. It’s hard to find someone who wants to be your practice partner all the time and it can also get expensive if they’re charging for each session. 

If this sounds like your situation, then there are some things that you can do at home with a few simple pieces of equipment that will help improve your game on your own terms without any hassle or cost. 

Just play with your friends and family! You can also practice on public courts when they are vacant. And if all else fails, do drills on your own or play against a wall.There’s no excuse not to work hard now, it’ll pay off in the end!

Get better at doubles

Doubles is a different game all together, and it takes time to learn the rules. In order to get better at doubles, you should work with your partner on tactics and strategies for playing in this type of tennis match. 

If you’re just starting out, watch other teams play so that you can develop an understanding of how doubles works! You’ll be able to connect more easily with your partner if both of you know what’s going on during the game.

Finally, listen closely to feedback from opponents – after all they’re an opinionated audience who can give you honest insight about how much work is left before reaching perfection.

Get better at volleys

The key to mastering volleys is practice. Volleys are the simplest of shots but can be difficult to execute. They require a lot of practice to get better at so it is important you continue practicing! 

Practice more around the net and work on your reflexes, because if you do not have good reflexes volleys will become impossible. Be gentle with your racquet while practicing volleys- just like in other types of tennis, too much force could send the ball out or into an opponent’s court. 

Knowing how to volley adds variety to your game and can lead to fewer errors when playing different styles of play against opponents who might use a mix it up strategy.

Get better at hitting

Hitting the ball is a skill that requires both physical and mental effort. As you work on your game, remember to focus on learning how to control where the ball goes by what part of the racket you hit it with. The more time you spend practicing this technique, the better player you will become.

If you’re just starting out, it’s important to learn how to hit the ball and watch for opportunities during your opponent’s turn as well as anticipate what they’ll do next. 

Holding your racquet correctly will make it easier for you to sense how hard or fast to hit the ball as well as which direction to swing your arm in order for your brain and muscles to work together efficiently.

Proper technique is also an essential part of being a good player that will help you develop consistency in all areas on court. Don’t forget about grips! There are different types of grips used by players depending on their skill level and playing style

The process of getting better

The process of getting better at anything takes time and effort. But if you want to learn how to get better at tennis, the first step is understanding that there are different stages in the learning curve for any skill. Your brain will change as your skills improve, so it’s important not only to focus on improving your game but also keep up with changes happening in your head too!

Getting better at tennis is not always linear. There are many facets to consider, which include physical fitness and mental preparation. You can improve your game by practicing different drills that test you in various areas or use a variety of strategies when approaching the ball during games.

You need to be patient about the time it will take for you to see results. Try out some of the following methods and decide which ones work best for your game. If none seem to help, don’t worry! Keep working on what you already know until something clicks in order to get back into form again.

How to get better at tennis quickly – Tips

You can apply these tips to improve your tennis game in just a short timeframe. How are you going to commit the time and energy necessary? What is your goal for playing tennis? Do you want to get better at doubles, singles, or both? 

These are all important considerations when deciding how much effort will be required on your part. Below I have listed more details about what it takes to better yourself if that’s something of your interest.

Don’t hold the racquet tightly

Put less pressure on yourself by not gripping the racquet tightly when you hit the ball. Use props like stationary cones or chairs to help teach proper form during practice swings, try different types of grips in order to find one that feels more comfortable for you.

Holding it too tight will make it difficult for you to move around and swing with force because your hands don’t have enough control over the racquet head.

This will allow for more movement in your wrist, which will make the ball move faster and with greater spin – both of which are good things when it comes to swinging the racquet better.

So remember, just because you may be holding your racket tighter than you does not mean that you will be playing better than you do.

Learn how tennis works

If you want to be better at tennis in a short amount of time, it’s all about understanding the game. You need to know what each aspect means and how they work together in order to get better quickly. 

Tennis is a game of small margins. The better you understand the nuances, the more likely it becomes that you will find success on the court.

If you don’t understand how points are counted or why there is only one ball on the court for players like yourself who aren’t playing doubles then that can lead to frustration when you lose because you didn’t play well enough. When people feel frustrated with something it makes them less likely to keep trying which will make your progress slower than someone who knows what they’re doing! 

It is one by small points and margins

Eat properly

You don’t have to be a tennis prodigy to know that eating well is an essential part of participating in any sport. Eating healthy foods will allow for an increase of oxygen flow, which is crucial for all-around performance including stamina during long matches.

Remember that your body is what powers your game and if it isn’t fueled properly then there’s no way for it to perform optimally on the court.

You need to eat properly before during and after each match or practice session in order to have enough energy for long periods of time without getting too tired.

The next time you’re struggling and find yourself tempted by fast food options like McDonalds, think about how much more effective your performance will be with some healthier choices!

Watch the ball

 Some people say that tennis is a game of anticipation. You have to watch the ball and be ready for it at all times, anticipating where on the court you need to run so you can get there in time to hit back. If your opponent hits hard shots, this becomes even more important because they will take up some space on the other side of the net – don’t let them catch you off guard! 

Your opponents may also try different styles or strategies when playing against you, learn what these are ahead of time (and how best to counter them) by watching professional games or by practicing your reflexes yourself. 

Watch more tennis

You can’t get better at tennis without playing more matches, but you don’t have to play a ton of them each day. Watch as many old tournaments and live games as possible on TV or online before heading out onto the court yourself. 

If you are looking for a quick way to improve your tennis game, a great thing you can do is watch more matches. The more you see of what pro players do right and wrong, the better off you will be when it comes time to play yourself. 

Watching others play also teaches us how our own mistakes look on court so that we can avoid them in future games! As long as it’s televised or there’s video available online, set aside some time every day to learn from other tennis pros. 

The best way to do that is by subscribing to one of the streaming services like TennisTV. It will help you learn from some of the greatest athletes in history while also improving your game quickly.

Try to stick to one style of play

When it comes to improving, the most important thing is consistency and sticking with one style of play.

Trying out new techniques and styles can be fun and challenging but it also means that your brain has a lot more information on which to process when trying to hit the ball. 

We all have a natural preference for the type of shots we like to hit, so it’s important not to try and change too quickly what you’re comfortable with. If you’ve been playing aggressive tennis but want to start hitting more defensive shots, don’t abandon your current strategy completely as that will take time away from getting better at this new skill set. 

By playing only one type of game or stroke for an extended period of time, your brain will have plenty of opportunity to master what you are doing without being distracted by other things. 

This is true in all sports positions, if you want fast improvement, stick with something. Find ways that work best for you – and stick with those until they become second nature.

Don’t try to serve hard

Remember not to try too hard when serving and always take your time during the backswing of a forehand shot.

If you’re trying to serve hard, then you might be damaging yourself more than anything because your technique will tire faster as a result, and actually, when trying to push the racquet, the ball won’t come out as fast.

Instead, try serving softly but with good form and practice making contact with the ball closer for accuracy instead of power. You will always notice that the best tennis players are holding their racquet so loose you’d think it would just fall. 

The less tight you hold the racquet, the more power you will be able to leverage. You can also take time off in between sets or games if needed so that your muscles have enough time to recover before they start getting fatigued again. After all, tennis is supposed to be played relaxed.

Practice your mentality

You can’t just show up and expect the skills to come naturally, you have to work on it every day. The mental aspect of your skills is just as important as the physical.

Practice your mentality. This doesn’t mean just practicing technique or playing matches. When we take part in competitive sports like tennis, our brains are constantly working overtime because of all the pressure-filled situations we end up in throughout a game – whether it be making clutch shots late in an intense match or diving for balls coming back over the net. 

Your brain is wired to react faster when things start getting tight (and therefore more valuable) which helps us perform higher under stress than if we were doing something completely mundane like watching TV.

Don’t let a missed shot or point get you down. Let it inspire you even more by thinking about what went wrong and then how can make it right next time around.

Tennis is a game of mental strength. The better you are at the mental aspect, the more likely you will be to win against your opponent. There are many ways to practice this mentality – from visualization to meditation – but it all starts with knowing how important this cognitive skill really is for tennis players and athletes in general.

Drink as much as you can

While drinking water is not the only strategy to improve your tennis game, it is an easy and inexpensive way that anyone can do. By taking care of yourself, you are able to better take care of the court!

You may have heard that you should drink water to stay hydrated, but did you know that drinking plenty of fluids can also improve your performance?

One of the best tips is drinking. Drink as much water and sports drinks before, during, and after your matches or practice sessions. Hydration will help with muscle recovery by replenishing electrolytes lost through sweat. Drinking more fluids will also keep you hydrated which can reduce cramping in muscles due to dehydration. 

Avoiding the temptation of caffeinated beverages will help as caffeine is a diuretic and causes us to lose even more fluid than we would by simply sweating it all off on the court.

When our bodies are dehydrated they use more energy just to pump blood through the body. By keeping yourself well-hydrated and avoiding dehydration, you’ll be able to play better tennis for longer periods of time without feeling tired or worn out.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your game quickly while avoiding injury, drink up!

Try to stretch points as much as possible

When it comes to playing tennis, you want the ball in play. And when it’s not in play, you’re looking for a way to get back into the game and keep points going as long as possible. The best players know how important this is- they use every point available to them and try their hardest at all times so that there’s never any downtime between rallies or games.

It sounds like tough work but by stretching points out and having long rallies you can improve quickly.

It takes time to develop a solid baseline skill set, but with some dedication and practice it is possible for anyone to learn how to keep points going as long as possible by stretching them out or hitting deep balls that force an opponent into difficult decisions.

Learn to read your opponent

First determine the strengths of your opponent then form a strategy to take advantage of their weaknesses. Next focus on what you are doing well during matches (are you hitting hard or playing defensively?), also train yourself with drills that work for your game style.

A good strategy to winning a game of tennis, is the same when you want to improve your skills quickly. When playing against an opponent with greater skill than yours, use their size as leverage by moving in close and using more forceful strokes. 

If they are weaker or shorter than you, make sure to move around them so that they can’t easily hit the ball back at you. By focusing on these strategies for each match-up, we can help you get better fast!

It is important that you know how to read the opponent. When a player knows their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses they can better predict what type of shots will be coming next. 

The more time players spend reading their opponents, the less likely they are to find themselves in an overwhelming situation where their opponent has them on defense constantly. This allows for controlled rallies which lead to better ball placement and more winners.

Stretch before you play

Make sure to stretch before playing and take frequent breaks throughout the day if necessary. 

This will help loosen up the muscles and prepare them for intense activity. If it is too difficult to stretch on your own, try using a foam roller or ball to work out any knots in your back, thighs, calves, hamstrings, etc. Be sure not to push yourself too hard during these stretches so that you don’t cause injury!   

Once stretched properly begin with drills where you are running around chasing balls while picking them up off of the ground. After about 10-15 minutes of this play some full-court singles games against other players who have just warmed up as well. The goal is to get better at being able to react quickly when tracking down shots and movement on the court.

Get a good tennis racquet

If you are looking for a way to improve your tennis game, the racquet is one of the most important pieces of equipment. The right tennis racket can make all the difference when it comes to improving quickly and making shots with ease. 

Tennis is a game that requires you to use both of your hands and arms in order to strike the ball. By practicing with a good tennis racquet, it will be easier for you to get better at playing this sport quickly. The best way for someone who has never played before or plays just occasionally is to start out by hitting some balls against the wall so they can build up their arm strength and learn how much force should go into each swing.

I recommend getting an inexpensive tennis racket that offers players excellent control without sacrificing power or feel on contact with the ball.

Document you pathway

If you want to become a proficient player, the best way is by documenting your pathway and seeing what areas need improvement. You can do that through videos or even just writing down observations about where you have succeeded or failed – but it’s important for self-reflection so you know how to improve.

If you’ve been playing tennis for a while, but still feel like there are some aspects of the game that elude you, you should start documenting your improvements. 

Keeping records will allow you to create a pathway for yourself and measure how much work it takes to improve at this sport. You can also use these notes as motivation when you feel like giving up or want an extra push during tough times. 

If you’ve been struggling with your game lately, try keeping track of what happens in each match so that you have something concrete to analyze later on!

Play with better opponents

Playing against better opponents will make the game more challenging which in turn will help you develop new skills faster than if you were playing someone of an equal or lesser skill level. Find out who has some free time on their schedule and offer them to play with 30-60 minutes of practice with you – they’ll thank you!

This will allow you to learn faster and more effectively by constantly being put in different situations on the court that force you to make decisions or react quickly. You can also work on your game outside of matches, which should help too.

You can also play against a friend and trade off hitting back and forth for an hour or two if they’re of similar skill levels, but better opponents will always drag you to improve. 

Play tournaments

If you want to improve your tennis game quickly, there’s no better way than playing in a tournament. Playing competitively on stage under pressure will help give you the best idea of what areas need improvement and where you should focus your energy for training sessions.

laying in a tournament can help you get better at tennis quickly and more effectively than just playing day-to-day. When it comes to tournaments, there is no better way of challenging yourself and highlighting your weaknesses so that they can be improved upon.

Give yourself a chance by playing as often as possible – whether that’s joining tournaments or taking on friends for some friendly competition. 

And if you’re looking for an extra challenge, try practicing with someone who is much more skilled than you are so they can help give pointers along the way. It may take time before you see results from this strategy but it will pay off when tournament day arrives.

Develop a solid footwork

Whether preparing for an incoming serve or hitting one back over the net, good footwork is essential in preventing errors from happening.

Footwork is the foundation of tennis. The more you practice moving your feet, the better your game will be! Make sure to put an emphasis on footwork because it’s one of the most important skills in any aspiring tennis player’s arsenal. 

Paying attention to your footwork is a key component of any good strategy for winning the game. You’ll also find that increasing your speed on court can make it easier to hit winners or send shots back over the net with consistency.

Additionally, make sure that you are practicing with a partner or coach; this way they can help critique and improve your technique as well. You may also want to start taking lessons from a professional–they’ll provide great insight into tactics like how to get good at returning serve quickly.

With this tip in mind, I think it is the easiest for bettering yourself at tennis in no time, there aren’t other tips I can think of that can impact your game substantially like this one.

Ask people to give you feedback

One of the best ways to improve quickly is by asking people for feedback. Ask your friends, family members or even another player at a local tennis club what you are doing well and where you need improvement. 

Find someone who is more advanced than yourself so that he or she will have advice worth listening to. 

Feedback from others can be invaluable when trying to identify weaknesses in your game that may not have been obvious before. 

If it seems like too much of an effort to get out on the court with someone else, head over to YouTube instead! There are tons of videos available online about how tennis techniques should look so ask yourself which video contradicts what you do naturally during playtime. 

After watching some clips, go back onto the court and test out new strategies while continuing to pay attention for any feedback from other players nearby who might notice something different in your play.

When you are practicing, make sure you pay attention to what your coach or mentor has to say about your form and technique. If they offer feedback, take it with a grain of salt but also try the suggestion on for size – see if it works! 

You can get better at tennis quickly by following these tips on how to improve technique from easiest-to-do to more challenging ones. Remember that there’s no need for frustration when working on improving skills. All you need is patience and an open ear, and some good advice.

This could be a great strategy if you’re feeling frustrated with your current level of skill and want some guidance as soon as possible without having to figure out what works best for yourself first.

Learn how to focus

In the end, it’s not how much time you spend playing tennis that matters. It is all about your focus and determination to get better at the game – no matter what level of player you are. 

If you want perform better, focus on the points and try not to think about anything else that’s going on in the match. Do what it takes for you to get a point or stay in the game by taking timeouts when necessary and rallying with your opponent. 

When playing tennis, be sure to keep focused on all of these things so that you can improve more efficiently than ever before. Focus on what you want, focus on playing points and games well, focus on being a great opponent for others, and finally focus on how to hit the ball better.

How can I improve my tennis skills?

Tennis is a game of power, finesse, and agility. It takes years of practice before someone will be able to play competitively at the highest level. You won’t get there overnight but these tips should give I should give you some ideas on where to start.

First thing I would recommend is follow the following tips to help you on your way to being the next Andre Agassi! I’ll also be suggesting some tennis drills for beginners. 

These are easy ways for newcomers of all ages to learn the basics of the game before they take on an opponent. Once you have mastered basic techniques techniques, it’s time to move up into intermediate level drills which will challenge your hand-eye coordination and more advanced strokes like volleys and lobs. 

When you’re ready, try playing against someone else or joining a league where players at all levels compete together. Remember – practice makes you better.


 We all want to get better at tennis, but not everyone is willing or able to put in the time necessary. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that can help you improve your game quickly and easily! 

You may not be able to play like a pro in just one day, but you can improve your skills by following these simple tips.

There are so many different components that need to come together in order for you to have an enjoyable experience playing tennis.

Remember that practicing makes perfect – keep at it until you’re getting better each time out there on the courts. You never know who might want to hit around with you once they see how good of a player you’ve become.

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