How To Play Touch Tennis – Rules, Strategy and Game Tactics

how to play touch tennis


If you love tennis and want to play a casual game with your friends, but don’t have the time or energy for an entire match – consider playing some touch tennis. Touch tennis is just like regular tennis in many ways, however, it has its own set of rules that make it more enjoyable than normal traditional games.

While being very similar to the casual game of “tennis” due to having been derived from this type of format, there are distinctions in how touch works as opposed to what takes place during typical matches which involve standard sets and net-based scoring methods.

Let’s dive in into this interesting sport and learn how to play touch tennis, and everything the revolves around it.

What is the difference between touch tennis and tennis?

TennisTouch tennis
BallRubber & wool balls 6.5 cm in diameter.Full foam balls with 8 cm diameter
Court78x27ft(23.77m x 8m) for singles, 78x36ft(23.77m x 10.97m) for doubles.12m x 5m for singles and 12m x 6m for doubles.
RacquetTennis racquets up to 27” usuallyJunior tennis racquets/touch tennis racquets up to 21” in length
Attempts of serveTwoOne
‘Let’ on serveYesNo
‘Deuce’ ruleYes (in singles)No
Replaying a serve after dropping a ballYesNo
TiebreaksBest of 7 with no decisive point. Win by a margin of 2.Best of 5 with a decisive point at 4-4.
Throwing the racquet at the ball (and getting it into play)Not allowedAllowed
Hitting the receiver at the serveWins the pointLoses the point
Racquet abuseProhibited.Breaking a racquet leads to disqualification.

What is the appeal of Touch Tennis?

A lot of people are attracted to touch tennis because it’s a fun way to interact with friends on the court, while still being able to train your skill. Touch tennis is also an enjoyable alternative for those who would prefer not to play full-court but enjoy some competition as well. 

The appeal of playing with friends in a tight court makes for great memories and a ‘closer’ feel of the gameplay.

The game allows you to play close together and have more chances at touching each other which may lead to funny mistakes that will be entertaining for everyone involved in this version of tennis!

touch tennis vs tennis

Is it a good way for professional tennis players to train and practice with reduced court space and light balls?

Yes, many professional tennis players use touch tennis to improve their skills, warm up before a game and even as practice. 

This is certainly being used by many players be it professionals or recreational club members who just want to have some fun playing something different than regular court size games like this one can help you focus your specific parts of the game from practicing hitting technique greatly which helps out tremendously if you are looking at improving yourself as a player.

As a way for professional tennis players to train and practice, touch tennis is especially helpful in honing your hitting technique. Players can focus on specific parts of their game while practicing with reduced court space and light balls. 

Many pros warm up before matches by playing “mini-tennis” – just like touch tennis! This experience will only contribute to your level as a player, so whether you’re an amateur or pro it’s definitely worth giving this sport (or mini version) a try!

How Touch Tennis helps a tennis player to train?

  1. You have the ability to limit your pace and focus on your technique.
  2. Due to the slow pace of the game, you pay more attention to your swing movement.
  3. In this time of gameplay, you need razor sharp instincts and replies to your opponents shots, improving your reaction time.
  4. You can train a variety of shots and improve them using this format of tennis.

What are the Touch Tennis Rules?

The rules of touch tennis are slightly different from casual, or traditional, tennis. For example, while being very similar to the game we all know and love – due to it having been derived from it – there is a distinction in this version’s rulebook that makes them unique. In fact these distinctions make up only several small details which can be seen below as well as some other notable characteristic.

General Rules of Touch Tennis

  1. When serving, the ‘let’ rule does not apply. This means that if you hit the ball at the net while serving, and it proceeds to go into the reciever’s box, the play will continue.
  2. You can actually play with your own hands. This rules is much different from casual tennis, when you can’t play with your own hands or body. You can only utilize this rule when throwing a racquet out of your hand in order to make a shot, and proceed to make the following shot with your body parts.
  3. Court size is smaller, being 12x5m for singles and 12×6 for doubles.
  4. Racquets are shorter
  5. The net height must not be lower than 80cm nor more than 85cm.
  6. You can use any small net for social play, and it will most likely be no lower than 80cm.
  7. Smaller balls.

Rules of professional Touch Tennis play

  1. Once you toss the ball, you have to hit it.
  2. No textures on the racquets.
  3. If you hit your opponent while serving, the opponent wins the point.
  4. You can’t volley back a serve.
  5. You have only one serve attempt as opposed to two in traditional tennis.
  6. If you hit a shot and the racket flys out of your hand, you can still win the point in case it didn’t fly to your opponent’s area.
  7. There is an age minimum of 16 in order to participate in professional touch tennis.
  8. You can’t throw the racquet at the opponent nor the ground. Disqualification.
  9. You can use an underarm serve as well.

What type of racket is used in touch tennis?

When playing touch tennis, the length of a racquet is typically shorter than for traditional adult or junior tennis rackets. Standard rackets are 27 inches long whereas sport-specific ones for touch tennis tend to be 21″ at most and can also use junior sized racket frames if desired.

What is the History of Touch Tennis?

Ahmad, a successful entrepreneur from London, created the sport of touch tennis in 2003. This fun alternative to traditional tennis follows similar rules but with mini-nets and foam balls that anyone can play with regardless of age or skill level. It is also more egalitarian than regular tennis as all people are able to participate at once rather than waiting their turn for each match like normal games played on clay courts or grass fields. 

Ahmad mentions “It’s a small version where everyone can compete at the same time” because it takes away much pressure when there are only 2 players or 4, at a much closer range and it feels more in control than full-size tennis gameplay. Making this new game accessible even if you’re not an amazing player yourself!

What is needed for Touch Tennis?

You need four things to play touch tennis:

  1. A court
  2. A touch tennis ball
  3. A net
  4. A racquet

Touch Tennis courts

The dimensions of touch tennis courts are measured at 12m x 5m for singles play, whereas doubles play at 12m x 6m courts.

You can improvise a touch tennis court in your own garden if you wish because it is not as long as a traditional tennis court. 

Touch tennis balls

The balls for this format of balls, are made from different materials, diameters, foam balls. Touch tennis balls are made from pure foam with 8 cm in diameter, as opposed to larger tennis balls. Usually, a TouchTennis logo is printed on them. As well as mini tennis nets can be used for recreational play, also foam tennis balls can be used to play touch tennis for fun.


The net height of touch tennis nets varies between 80cm to 91.5cm(31.5-36”). While in professional venues there is a requirement for the net to be at least 85cm tall. Of course that if you play touch tennis for fun, you can use whatever mini net you wish for recreational play.

Touch tennis racquets

Sport-specific touch tennis racquets are usually used and measured up to 21” in length while also kids’ tennis rackets can be used to play the game.

How is touch tennis scored?

Similar to traditional tennis, tennis touch points are counted when one player fails to return another’s shot.  Also, touch tennis scoring works quite similarly to how tennis scoring works in casual play, but it differs in few exceptions.

  1. Games are played in a 0-15-30-40 format. Like tennis.
  2. There is no ‘deuce’ in touch tennis, rather a deciding point in 40-40.
  3. Most touch tennis tournaments are played in the best of 3 sets format.
  4. Each set of touch tennis consists of 4 games, while if there is a 4-4 tie, a tiebreak proceeds.
  5. The final set tiebreak happens at 4-4 also.
  6. Tiebreaks consist of 5 points, a two-point advantage to win. At 4-4, there is also a deciding point, keeping play short.
  7. On the deciding point, the receiver can choose where the server will serve from.
  8. Touch Tennis Grand Slams is being played in the best of 5 sets format.

Examples of touch tennis scoring system:

Winning a game in touch tennis.
Player APlayer B
Deciding pointWinLose
Game resultWin the gameLose the game
Player APlayer B
Result of the setPlayer A wins the set.Player B loses the set.
Player APlayer B
Result of the tiebreakPlayer A wins the tiebreak.Player B loses the break.

What is touch tennis?

Touch tennis is an alternative game to traditional tennis that was invented in 2003. The dimensions are smaller, as well as the balls and racquets. Instead of regular scoring, it uses a different system with shorter games than typical ones. 

This type of gameplay may be practiced by both amateur players who play solely touch tennis or club/professional tennis players looking for improvement through practicing with the new skills they learn while playing this sport.

Where can you play it?

Touch tennis is a very versatile sport. You can play it at tournaments, different sized courts anywhere you please as long as they are in the correct dimensions, and even improvise with any court that has availabilities like your backyard or local parking lot. It’s fun to just take advantage of whatever is around!

What are the benefits?

  1. You can focus on specific skills in your tennis games.
  2. It is a more personal sport and you feel your opponent more.
  3. It is fun
  4. It can be played literally anywhere for fun.
  5. There is variance in equipment that can be used to play this format of tennis.

What are the primary shots used in touch tennis?

You can use all the shots that are allowed in regular tennis, in touch tennis as well. Be it a forehand, a backhand, a volley, a lob or whatever, as long as it’s according to the rules.


The history of touch tennis is a relatively new idea. It was first introduced in the 00s as an alternative to regular tennis, and it has been growing steadily ever since. You may not be able to play professional-level tournaments just yet, but you can still enjoy playing this unique sport with friends for a healthy recreational activity that will get your heart pumping! 

Touch Tennis is a game that can be played by anyone, whether they are an experienced tennis player or not. This makes it perfect for people who have never picked up a racket before and want to learn how to play without being intimidated by having to deal with all of those pesky rules! 

The only equipment needed for this fun sport is an empty space (or court), a net, some balls, and a racket if desired. There’s no need for expensive rackets either as any type will work just fine so long as it’s compliant.

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