How To Qualify To Grand Slams? 


Grand Slam tournaments happen each year, but only a few players qualify for this biggest stage of tennis tournaments.

There are certain qualification rounds through which each player has to confirm their seat in grand slam tournaments.

These spots are given to the players having highest-ranks in the world and the winners of recent qualifying tournaments.

A player needs to meet one of these criteria to qualify for a Grand Slam. Typically, no more than eight players from each country are given chance at any given tournament.

However, if there is an odd number at the top ten rankings, the 11th player will also compete for their country’s spot in that tournament.

  1. Ranking Based 

There is a total of 128 seats for the grand slam tournament out of which the majority of seats are reserved for top rank players.

To be specific, 104 seats are given to the top-rankers of tennis around the world (Rankings for the current year of the tournament).

If a player is in the ranks among the top 104 spots globally, they get a spot. However, the players need to complete qualifying tournaments to get a seat in the grand slam.

The remaining 24 seats are then given to the winners of the previous Grand Slam tournaments or the winners of the qualifiers.

Among the total seats for grand slam tournaments, only 16 seats are put under reservation for players from each member country.

The remaining slots are then given to the winners of the previous Grand Slam tournaments or the winners of the qualifiers.  

  1. Qualifying Tournament 

The remaining 24 seats are then given to the winners of the previous Grand Slam tournaments or the winners of the qualifiers.

Players who do not make this cut among top rankers can then participate in an open tournament.

These tournaments are known as “open” because they are open to anyone, irrespective of country or relationships with anyone.

There are about 160 players who qualify for these qualifying tournaments, which are held over two weeks during the grass-court season.

Tournaments like the Australian Open conduct qualifiers on the basis of points.

Here, a player needs to achieve particular points per qualification on the criteria of his on his/her performance at previous tournaments. 

  1. Wildcard Event 

In addition to the main draw, there are also wildcard spots. Wildcards are given to players by tournament officials as per their choice.

If they feel that a player deserves a chance in a grand slam but did not earn enough points to qualify through the rankings system.

After facing elimination from the qualifying event, players may qualify to finals on ranking points.

The total number of players who will play in the round-robin here is 128, including ten wildcards.

The previous year’s champions and runners-up from each tournament can defend their title.

They need not qualify for that particular tournament if they wish to do so. All the big names of tennis tournament are commonly given this special treatment in grand slams.  

Working of Grand Slam Tournaments 

The qualifiers take place in two steps. The first step is single elimination, in which the top seeds of the qualifiers get a bye in the first round.

The remaining 128 players will then play matches against one another to decide which players will qualify for the second stage of the competition.

In this round, 32 seeded players see matching against 32 unseeded players.

The number of players that earn spots is on the basis of how many spots remain open in each tournament after the main draw is filled.  

For example, if a tournament has 16 seeds and four wild card matches, there are 20 openings for the second qualification stage.

In such a tournament only eight unseeded players will make it through the qualifying section.

The unseeded players will determine the final spots in the main draw. Usually, the number of seeds is less than the number of entries so that all seeded players can qualify. 


Maximum Tournaments a Player can Appear

To qualify for a Grand Slam tournament, a player must win an event and/or earn enough points to qualify for that tournament.

The number of tournaments that a player can participate in depends on how many points he earns throughout his career or during a specific year.

Points are necessary for qualification to a grand slam tournament and to remain in a top 100 ranking.

For instance, if a player earns at least 170 points in one year, his ranking will remain effective in-between years.

Therefore, players must actively compete in tournaments and accumulate points to stay in the rankings.  

Final Ranking Points for a Season 

Ranking points are given at the end of each year.

There are different types of rankings: Grand Slam and International Tennis Rankings.[98] For each tournament players participates, they earn points as follows:  

  • 500 points for a win (1st place) 
  • 250 points for a draw (2nd place)  
  • 150 points for each player who loses in the match 

Grand Slam ranking system includes tournaments, their winners, their defending champions, and the World Cup, winner.

For instance, if a player wins two grand slams in a calendar year, then he will receive 2500 Ranking points in that calendar year.

In addition to these rankings, scoring is given to players who complete sufficient matches as per the requirement for the grand slam.  

Players are also given points as per the top 10 rankings in each category.

This also holds true for all players who playing at least one tournament from January 1 till December 31 of that year.

Rankings are given from January 1 till December 31.

Therefore, to better understand how point system works, it is necessary to determine the latest rankings and the tournaments under consideration for them.

In the first instance, it is better to look at how many ranking points a player has already earned before taking a look at any other details about his ranking history. 

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