How To Ship Tennis Rackets?


Shipping a tennis racket is an essential but often overlooked step. If you o not pay enough attention or proper precaution, there is a high chance that you may end up damaging your most loved rackets. With the help of this guide, you’ll have a racket in your hands in no time and ensure proper safety for it while shipping. 

You have a wide range of choices to choose from when you think about sending a racket.

You can choose to send the package via a courier service, a postal service or an express mail system.

The best way is usually through a courier because they are able to track your stuff and insure them against damages.

Courier services offer great convenience as well since you can choose to pay on delivery and the packages usually arrive in about 2 days or so.

Tips For Shipping A Tennis Racket

When you ship a tennis racket, it is best to secure them in an upright position by using bubble wrap or any other cushion.

Packing the waist of the racket is also important so that it does not get damaged during transit.

You can use bubble wrap which can be found in different sizes at your local hardware store for this purpose.

Another effective way to protect your racket while shipping is to use a hard case.

This ensures that the frame of the racket stays in its original shape and does not get any scratches or damages on it.

There are many tennis rackets which do not have built-in hard cases so you would have to buy them separately before shipping them out.

You can also make use of the original packing material which you received when you bought your racket.

Just ensure that there are no visible damages or stains on it. It is always good to have an extra wrapping so that if the first one gets ripped, you’ll have an alternate option in place.

When you pack your tennis rackets for shipping, do not forget to pack the accessories which you have bought with them as well.

For example, a pair of strings and some extra grips might come in very handy during shipping so do not just leave it out.

It’s better to use a separate box for these things so that they do not get misplaced or lost somewhere during transit.

The Size Of The Box

You have to make sure that you choose a box that is big enough for your racket . A medium sized box would do the trick but you can still go for the big one if you want to make sure it’s safe.

The Material Of The Box

When choosing a box, do not go for the flimsy ones with inadequate protection like recycled boxes or used boxes .

Choose a new one that is sturdy enough and has enough cushioning.

Also pay attention to the size; you wouldn’t want to end up with extra space inside the box.

The Padding Material

Once you have chosen your package, you can use bubble wrap to pad it . Make sure that it is put in all the corners of the box.

This would make sure that it is protected from any side or angle.

You can also cover up your racket in tissue paper before putting it in the box for extra padding.

When you choose to ship a racket, it is essential that you put in some thought and consideration about its safety and security because like they say “Prevention is better than cure”.

Decide what kind of shipping you want to do

When you decide to ship your racket, it is important that you know what kind of service you want to avail. You can choose between courier services which would send the package via express mail or through the postal service who will usually require you to drop off the package at their office.

Both have their perks and downsides so make sure that you take into account what you want to ship it in, how much time you have and the value of your racket.

Evaluate Different Packaging Materials Available

When packing your stuff to ship it out, it is important that you are aware of the different packaging material available.

There are cardboard boxes, paper bags with jiffy straps or bubble wrap and tissue paper for padding.

So you need to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each one in order to make a sensible choice.

Choose A Strong Box With Plenty Of Protection

When shipping your racket, it is important that you choose a strong box with plenty of protection like bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper .

You can also use the original packing material which came with your racket or you can make your own custom wrapping style.

Find a box that will fit your racket 

When you are looking for a box, make sure that it is big enough for your racket . You can also use the original packing material which came with your racket or you can make your own custom wrapping style.

Ship out your stuff in time

You are bound to miss deadlines if you do not ship out on time. Therefore it is always better to be early than late when it comes to shipping things.

Seal the box with packing tape and make sure there are no holes or tears in it

If there are any holes in the package, it might put your stuff at risk of dust and dirt. You also have to make sure that you seal up all the openings properly by using packing tape so that nothing falls out during shipping.

Write “This Side Up” on one side of the box, “Handle With Care” on another side, and “Fragile” on a third side

A lot of people seem to put stickers on one side and sometimes they also write the things at the top which you might not see. It’s good practice to have these warnings written on each side so that no one misses them.

People tend to handle boxes from the bottom, so writing “Fragile” will be pointless . Always make sure that you write the warnings where they can be seen and what side they should be taking care of to avoid any problems.

You can opt for a courier service, a shipping company or the postal service depending on how urgent it is

If you have time to spare then you can choose from the various kinds of shipping companies online or at your local store.

If you choose to ship a racket via courier service or shipping company, then they would usually send your package via express mail .

However if it is a smaller package then the postal service will require you to drop it off at their office.

How To Avoid A Tennis Racket Being Broken While Shipped

Shipping a racket without any damage is not all that difficult. A lot of the times, people break them because they don’t know how to handle it properly during shipping.

However, if you follow the things that we mentioned above then you will be able to ship your racket without any issues.

Also, you should know that the package is at your risk while it is being shipped. This means that if a racket is broken, then you will have to pay for it .

Another thing which people seem to forget is the bubble wrap.

A lot of people do not think about this when they are getting ready to ship their stuff, but it is one of the best things that you can use to protect your gear from breaking.

Just get a fresh roll and start covering each side individually before putting them in between two sheets of paper . This will keep it safe until the package reaches its destination.

What size box do I need to ship a tennis racket?

The perfect box for shipping your tennis racket is a 13x3x30 inch FOL Side Loading Corrugated Box.

This type of container has full-overlap flaps which provide extra stacking strength and edge protection so you can feel confident that nothing will happen during transport to diminish its quality.

How much does it cost to ship a tennis racket?

Shipping in the United States via UPS may cost at least between $11 to $16 dollars without a cover.

The price can vary depending on weight, shipment location and delivery time. However, if your racket needs to be sent outside the US then you might have to pay more than $30 for it.

There are many factors that determine how much it will cost you to ship your racket. Since there are so many different companies which offer the same service, the price may vary depending on where you live and who is offering it.

You should also make sure to inquire about all the other fees that go with it like if they charge for additional weight or a special size you might need.

There may be a minimum charge that might cut into your profit if you are shipping a racket who’s market value is not very high.

What is the cheapest way to ship a tennis racket?

It’s important to think about how much money you want to spend and the timeframe in which you need your racket shipped.

Try looking at companies online and make sure to check out reviews before you give them any of your personal information.

If you do not mind waiting a few weeks, then using USPS is free or very cheap . You can also find other courier services who are less expensive, if you keep an eye out for coupons and discounts.

If you ship your racket using the postal service then it will be much cheaper because their fees for this type of package is around $10.

This is probably one of the cheapest ways to ship a racket since you don’t have to pay anything besides the transportation fees.

If you buy bubble wrap and cut it in order to fit around your racket then this will protect your gear from breaking or cracking which is really important when transporting a tennis racket.

This will add on another $3-$4 dollars, but it’s totally worth it .

Don’t forget that some companies charge more for special deliveries and that you will always have to pay more if your package weighs more than 2 pounds.

How do I figure out shipping costs?

The best way to get an accurate shipping rate is to go online where there are many different companies who offer the service. This way you’ll have a better idea of how much it will cost you to ship your racket.

Also, if you call the company they should be able to give you an estimate depending on what kind of weight or box size you need.

Unless you are shipping a very valuable racket, then it is best to ship your package via the postal service because it is the cheapest option available.

However, if you want to get your gear there faster and with less risk involved then you should go with one of the major couriers like FedEx or UPS.

Ground Shipping Vs. Air Mail

It is a good idea to ship your tennis racket by ground whenever possible. It is best to hire the most professional service so that you can assign the best hands for the safety of your racket.

The downside is that ground delivery may cost more than airmail. The best solution is to find a local tennis club to freight your racket for you or have someone local do it for a nominal fee.

The ground is the safest way to ship a tennis racket as long as it is properly packed.

If you haven’t packed the racket correctly or the package has damage, nothing protects the racket from damage caused during shipping.

There are various cases where carelessness and attention lead to damaged goods while shipping them.

What To Do While Shipping Your Racket?

If you have the requirements to ship your racket, then make sure that the racket is hung at its length before packaging.

For example, if you’re shipping a one-inch shorter than you want shaft, it’s best to just hang it from your hand or tie it on. You can follow these steps to ensure safety for your racket.

  • Proper Packing Method

If possible, avoid knotting or folding as this can cause breakage; instead, try tying in figure 8 or with four loops around the handle.

You may want to wrap your grip with tape to protect it from damage. The wrap should be applied horizontally, not vertically, and the racket head should only be wrapped at the top of the handle.

  • Avoid Bending 

Avoid sharp bends in the racket. This can happen when packaging a full-size frame, so you may want to consider flying with a travel bag instead or sending it via UPS/FedEx, or hiring someone local who will do it for you.

Try to use a padded envelope and add more padding around the handle of your racket.

We recommend the Velvet Hammer Tennis Grip for this. If possible, consider using bubble wrap or newspaper instead.

  • Address Line Verification

The address on your shipment is crucial, so make sure you mention all the necessary details on the package to avoid any problems in the future or loss during shipping.

You can buy a special label from the market to help you avoid confusion and any delivery problems. If your product gets lost in transit, then there are high chances that it will certainly be damaged in the process.

You can opt for a delivery system that provides insurance against lost shipments to avoid such issues.

  • Special Packaging Products

A good suggestion is to double wrap the racket in bubble wrap, newspaper, or maybe even a protective dry-bag from one of our suppliers, and fill it with crumpled newspaper to help prevent damage during shipping.

If you are shipping a boy’s racket, we suggest using a product such as rubber grips or using insulation tubes to add extra padding to your package.

  • Never Forget Grip Protection

Make sure to add extra tape along the bottom length of your handle or on the protective grip. We suggest putting 2-3 strips of tape at each end and three strips across; wrapping them three times instead of twice can help with fit issues that may occur over time.

Make sure that the racket is strapped to the handle, if possible, with twine or string. If possible, try not to use tape because it can stick to the strings and result in damage.

If your package gets damaged, you should call your service immediately and fill out their insurance claim form.

When you get home, carefully inspect the racket for any damages like scratches or dents and develop an action plan for how you will deal with those issues in your next shipment.

Step By Step Guide To Pack Your Tennis Racket For Shipping

Before you start packing your racket, you MUST have two tennis balls available to you. This will be your seamstress, making the process MUCH easier.

  • Step 1 – Take a handful of newspaper and saturate it in PVA glue. Now wrap each side of your racket handle with the moistened paper. Once all sides are covered, leave it to rest for a few minutes so that the paper can continue to dry and not moisture thoroughly. 
  • Step 2 – Once your racket is completely dry, use the PVA to glue the handle onto the shaft. If you have a PVC pipe handle, place it on the PVC first and attach the spear end to it with its rubber band. 
  • Step 3 – Once you are finished, move onto to cover your racket grip in the same manner. Just make sure that you do not use any strong glue or gum, which may damage the handle grip while removing it. You can also use a grip protector available in the market to ensure the utmost safety of your racket and its grip.
  • Step 4 – Now that your handle is sealed, you can begin to wrap your racket in newspaper and bubble wrap. The handle should be the first thing covered so that there are no gaps at all. Always double wrap it if possible and never use tape on the handle. You can use rubber bands or soft treads to tie the newspaper with the racket.

Take all of your newspaper and fold it over itself to fill any gaps you may have. If you are using the box for packing, try making a perfect fit space for your racket using newspaper or bubble wraps. This will ensure that any sudden movement caused during the shipping process will cause no harm to your racket.

Wrapping Up

If you follow the above steps correctly, your racket will reach safely without any damage.

Before shipping it always double check that you have included a set of strings and tension with your package to make sure your rackets make it through without any injury whatsoever.

Make sure to include a note listing all of your personal information as well as contact details on the outside of the box.

Good luck and happy racket shipping!

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