How To Spot Fake Tennis Rackets?

fake tennis rackets

You might have sometimes landed on an impressive deal for a tennis racket but wondered whether it is authentic. As the industry has been growing too rapidly in recent years, it is no surprise to encounter counterfeits from internet auctions, unofficial stores, and websites, and sometimes even in official stores. 

Fake tennis rackets may not be covered under an official warranty and are often made out of low-quality materials, breaking easily and causing injuries at times. So, is there a way to spot fake tennis rackets? Let us talk about a few things to keep in mind while buying your tennis rackets to identify counterfeits and avoid them. 

Spotting a Fake Tennis Racket

Asia has been developing its manufacturing capabilities recently, making copies of big brands across product categories. These companies make tennis rackets that look and feel the same as real ones the only difference being price. It is easy to find counterfeits of Rafael Nadal’s, Babolat, or Andy Murrays for about one-third of the original price. Once you get them, it is really difficult to tell the difference between the original and the fake one. 

Enthusiasts often buy these rackets to enjoy the feel of using branded equipment. Upon initial inspection, everything looks good and it is hard to spot the difference. They have similar weight and balance though some experts can identify quality differences between them. But fake rackets have poor quality construction as compared to originals and tend to deteriorate faster. 

A detailed, closer look at the racket should help you notice tiny differences to spot a fake one. You can look at the position of the writing, hologram, and other details to verify the authenticity of the racket. Grommets are generally a sure sign of poor-quality construction. You can also identify a fake racket by looking inside the shaft, taking off the butt cap. 

Experts also suggest that the quality of the paint is inferior for fake rackets. The paint on these rackets chip easily and the undercoat is generally poor in appearance, denoting an inferior quality. Swing weight and balance are also not as advertised. These metrics are important to players as a head-heavy or head-light racket influences the playability to a great extent. Inferior materials used in the construction can leave a lot of weight in the handle, creating a head-light racket with a heavy handle. 

how to spot fake tennis rackets

How To Spot A Fake Yonex Racket?

Yonex USA has set a minimum market price for its products which means it is impossible to find a genuine racket at a cheap price. Another way to identify a fake racket is by looking at the hologram sticker applied to the racket using a special glue that makes it difficult to peel off. If the racket is counterfeit, you should be able to peel it off easily. 

An effective way to verify an authentic Yonex racket is the brand logo. The logo and the ‘YY’ mark should be clearly printed. A fake racket would have a wider ‘O’ in YONEX. Moreover, genuine rackets come with laser engraved production codes on the cap above the handle. See that the code matches the country of production. Counterfeit rackets may contain only printed codes and the code may not match the place of origin. 

How To Spot A Fake Babolat Aero Racket?

Another big brand of tennis rackets, Babolat Aero also has counterfeits available because of its immense popularity. A fake racket from the brand looks very similar to the original one though there are a few noticeable differences. A genuine Babolat Aero is a head-heavy racket with a good balance. Moreover, the writing on the racket contains a gleam or silver color. A fake racket has wording in dull grey.

A genuine Babolat Aero tennis racket has a mixture of white and yellow colors whereas a fake racket has a brighter white. The grommets are also a bit different in a fake racket. They are black and low-quality instead of grey. The pattern of the grommet is also different from the original one. In a genuine racket, the butt cap is deep red and has a product code. 

Are there fake tennis rackets?

Yes,  there are lots of counterfeits available. But, by following the above guidelines you can avoid buying an inferior product. The most popular fake rackets are versions of the Babolat aero series’ and the pro staff line. It

Remember, if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to do your research before purchasing a tennis racket, in order to avoid counterfeit products. By looking for the telltale signs of a fake racket, you can ensure that you are getting the most for your money.

Are Fake tennis rackets good?

By once purchasing a fake racquet through Aliexpress because I haven’t had much money back in the day, I can tell that to a certain sort, fake tennis racquets aren’t that bad. 

I say this because you can’t really tell the difference if you’re a beginner, or if you don’t know much about tennis racquets. I’ve hit with people who have Wilson, Head, and Babolat rackets, and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference unless someone pointed it out to me. The only time when it becomes more difficult to hit with a fake tennis racquet is when the strings become older because they tend to snap more easily.

But overall, if you’re not too serious about tennis and don’t mind having a counterfeit racket, then go ahead and purchase one-off of Aliexpress or eBay. It’ll save you a lot of money.

Where can you find fake tennis racquets?

So a lot of people have been asking me where to buy fake tennis racquets so I’ll tell you all now. If you’re okay with buying a counterfeit racket, then go ahead and purchase one of the following…

– AliExpress (the most common)

– eBay

– Amazon (more expensive, but the quality is better)

It is important to be able to identify a fake racket in order to avoid purchasing a low-quality.

Just be wary of the sellers that you’re purchasing from. A lot of times, the pictures that they have of the products are not of the actual product that you’ll be receiving. Make sure to read the reviews and ask questions before buying.

Should you buy a fake tennis racket?

I don’t think so.  I think that you should save up and purchase the real thing. However, if you’re someone who is just starting out in tennis and you don’t want to spend too much money, then go ahead and buy a fake racket. It won’t make that much of a difference. Just be careful of the quality of the racket and the strings.

What is it like to play with a fake racket?

As an experienced player that can feel the smallest nuances in my own game and flow, you can feel a fake racquet in your hand. Or at least notice the par when a racquet is said to cost $200 but it just feels and plays like a $50 one.

Counterfeit rackets are getting better and better these days, as manufacturers find it harder and harder to make an exact copy of the real thing. But if you’re not a professional or experienced player, you may not be able to tell the difference between a fake and real racket.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable option and don’t mind playing with a fake racket, then go ahead and purchase one from AliExpress or eBay. Just be sure to read the reviews and ask questions before you buy.

Final Words

With these tips, it should be easy for you to spot fake tennis rackets in the market. The biggest difference between a fake and an original racket is how it plays. 

The post was aimed at helping viewers avoid getting caught in the fraudulent sale of tennis rackets. Always purchase your rackets from an authorized dealer and contact the company to ask about any concerns you may have. 

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