How To Start Watching Tennis 

Last updated on September 27th, 2022

Most people don’t know how to start watching tennis. They are unaware of what they’re supposed to do to enjoy the sport and don’t have any idea where to start. 

Some people might know what tennis is, but they don’t understand the complex rules that govern the sport.  

They want to learn more about the game to start watching it themselves but don’t know where to go for information. 

This article will introduce you to how you can start watching tennis, from beginner tips for understanding the game up to viewing it at a professional level, so you can get involved with this great sport! 

  1. Watch on television or OTT 

If you are interested in learning more about tennis, you should start by watching live matches. This will allow you to know the rules of the sport and the best players.  

This will also give you a taste of how exciting the sport is. 

While most people prefer watching live matches on television, one can now also watch tennis matches on the internet with the help of OTT platforms.  

These platforms have taken the world by storm and now offer viewers access to unlimited content, including tennis matches.  

These platforms are especially convenient for viewers on the go, who can now stream live matches from anywhere, any time. Also, they satisfy the needs of tennis fans who need to keep up with the latest news and scores. 

In addition to satellite services, most television networks offer online streaming services. These services can be accessed with an existing cable subscription or without a cable subscription.  

Some internet service providers offer free digital access packages. These services typically include advertisements. Other internet providers offer broadband-only services that do not require a subscription. 

Sling TV is one of the best options for viewing tennis online. The service is cheap and offers a free 7-day trial. The company offers more than 45 channels, including tennis.  

FuboTV is another popular streaming option. One can subscribe to Sling TV for $35 per month. 

  1. Learn the rules of tennis 

Before you watch tennis matches, it’s a good idea to learn the rules. The game of tennis is incredibly complex and the rules are often confusing to newcomers.  

Even professional players may not be familiar with all of the rules. Some of the top players in the world will often argue with umpires regarding rules.  

There are several different rules and areas of the game, including the singles court and the doubles court. 

The tennis player’s feet must be parallel to the net. This allows him to swing his body in a way that allows him to rotate his torso, which adds considerable power to his stroke.  

The way he rotates his body is similar to the coiling and uncoiling of spring, and it helps add to his power. 

A point in tennis starts with a serve, in which the player tosses the ball into the air and attempts to hit it over the net into the opponent’s service box.  

A player has two chances to serve a point, and if both attempts fail, he loses the point. The first serve is called a serve, and the second serve is called a let if the ball hits the net. 

  1. Know the top players in tennis 

To begin watching tennis, it is helpful to know the top players and the rules of the game. It is also beneficial to understand the terminology used. You can learn about the game by watching videos on YouTube and studying the rules.  

Watching a tennis match can also help you understand the rules visually. This can help you understand the game better and be more engaged. So, make sure to give yourself enough time to understand the game. 

Some players’ movements are different than others, which can make them look tight. For example, some players stand still on the baseline while others run back and forth.  

You can also observe how players act on the court. Those who run back and forth force their opponents to run, which is another technique that can be effective. 

There are four main tournaments held each year: the Grand Slams. These are the most prestigious tournaments in the sport, and the prize money is high.  

Those who win the most Grand Slams are considered the best. The Australian Open, known as the “happy slam,” is the first one of the year. The French Open is held in Roland-Garros and is played on clay. 

To watch a tennis match, you should be patient. The game can last several hours. You need to be able to watch the different players and observe the different strokes and techniques they use to win points.  

In addition to watching the strokes, you should also watch the tennis player’s technique. This will allow you to better understand the way they place the ball. 

You should start learning about the top players of the game like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Djokovic, etc. so you can get excited watching their matches. 

  1. Fundamentals to follow in tennis 

Tennis fundamentals are the building blocks of the game and must be followed to play well. These basic skills do not come naturally and must be learned through years of practice and training.  

It is, therefore, crucial to provide tennis lessons to kids at an early age. The most crucial years in a child’s athletic development are during the years before the age of twelve.  

This helps the child to acquire the fundamental skills that will help him improve his game. 

A player must be agile and well-balanced to play well. He must be able to leap out of the way to intercept an incoming ball. Moreover, he must be able to maintain a strong base that will help him track the ball.  

The player’s footwork will determine the direction of the ball, and he should use this information to his advantage. 

Tennis players use two basic strategies for hitting a ball.  

  • The first is coordinating the body’s segments to generate high racquet speed at impact.  
  • The second strategy is reducing the number of body parts used to improve precision.  

This strategy is particularly important during volleys at the net, which challenge the player’s segment coordination. 

While groundstrokes are the most common type of shot used in tennis, players can also use backhands, forehands, and volleys.  

These shots are played from a variety of positions, although they are usually hit from closer to the net. A volley is a shot that hits the ball before it rebounds, while a groundstroke lands before contact. 

Tennis is a complex game that demands quick decisions. Each player must decide how to hit a ball with the proper technique for the situation.  

This can mean deciding which tennis strokes are best used, where to position the baseline, or which side of the court to hit the ball. In addition, they must consider the angle at which the ball is placed on the court. 

  1. Getting a friend to watch tennis 

Getting a friend to watch tennis is an excellent way to help you improve your game and have fun.  

You’ll have someone to chat with, and they can help you remain entertained before the match, watch a pro tennis tournament on TV, or bring in some food while watching the game.  

While watching a tennis match, it can be helpful to bring a drink with you. Unlike sports, tennis matches are usually not played for the fun of it.  

But there are several ways to have a great time watching tennis, and you can even have a tennis viewing party! You can send out invitations stating that you’ll be watching tennis. 

  1. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of players 

There are many ways to identify players’ strengths and weaknesses while watching a tennis match.  

There are several aspects to consider, including tactics, mental toughness, fitness, footwork, timing, strength, and read of spin. Once you have an idea of a player’s strengths and weaknesses, you can start to see how these are leveraged during a match. 

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents while watching tennis can be extremely useful for your own game. For example, if a player struggles to get a grip early in the match, he or she may be able to rally back and take control of the game.  

Players who struggle early on, they may need to develop a strong mental fortitude to play well or a strategy to exploit an opponent’s weakness. 

While watching tennis, it is important to reflect on every aspect of the game and analyze matches to identify strengths and weaknesses. After all, knowing your strengths and weaknesses is half the battle.  

For example, a player who wins more often in doubles is likely a better collaborator, able to read his or her partner’s movements and anticipate his or her shots. 

  1. Keeping up with tennis news 

If you enjoy the following tennis, keeping up with news about important players and tournaments is crucial. Luckily, there are many apps available to keep you informed about the latest developments.  

These apps can provide you with highlights, breaking news, and more. If you’re constantly on the go, these apps will make it easier for you to follow the game. In addition, they’ll let you know about important matches and provide you with news on relevant topics like women’s tennis or Wimbledon. 

A popular site that covers tennis news is WWOS. You can watch interviews with top pros and read articles about the best tennis techniques. The site also offers live scores from ATP and WTA matches.  

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