Is Tennis Hard?

Is Tennis Hard? (14 Reasons + 6 Questions Answered)

Last updated on October 2nd, 2021

We all know that tennis is an incredibly challenging game. But why is tennis so hard to play? It has been said time and again that there are many skills you need in order for the game of tennis to be played.

Accurately hitting a moving ball with your racquet while aiming at an even smaller target than usual might seem like too much, but it can actually become second nature with enough practice and effort put into mastering these necessary skills.

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To clarify this concept: how long will one miss their intended target if they made just one degree off in their initial aim before swinging? This article should answer some questions about accuracy needed when playing as well as provide tips on what technique adjustments must be done in order for players not go missing nearly all shots. That’s not easy!

Read on and learn about some of the reasons why it might take you awhile to master this game, provide some insight into other factors that make playing this game difficult as well as tips on how to adjust your technique so you don’t miss nearly every shot.

Why Tennis Is The Hardest Sport?

What’s the difficult part about tennis?

One of the most challenging aspects about tennis has to be deciding how you should respond during a match. Tennis is an intense sport where you have to make decisions on-the-fly.

As if playing against an opponent isn’t enough, every time your opponents succeeds at returning the ball back at you they force yet another decision on you: which shot are we going to use? How fast does it need to go and in what direction do I hit it towards them? This endless barrage of decisions would make anyone’s head spin!

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You have seconds between each shot and need to make the best possible choice for your next move based off several factors including who your opponent is, what kind of strategy they are using against you, etc.

Winning depends largely on knowing what shots and strategies work best against different opponents, making it hard for beginners who are unfamiliar with all these techniques.

You are your own boss and every time an opponent hits a ball at you, it’s up to you what shot will be played back or if one even needs to be made in this situation.

Where some people might find comfort in having a set plan that they can just follow through without thinking too much about their next move, those players will likely lose out when faced off against someone more skillful than themselves because they won’t be able to adjust quickly enough or react as well if things go south.

This decision-making burden can really bring out both strengths of players as well as weaknesses that they may not have known existed within themselves – especially when faced with these opportunities on a competitive match!

Why Tennis Is The Hardest Sport?

Do you think that tennis is hard? Well, the answer to that question depends on your perspective. If you’re a beginner who has never played before and are just now picking up a racquet, then it’s going to be pretty difficult for you. But if you’ve been playing for years or even decades, then it might not seem so bad.

Whether you come from the football pitch or the basketball field, tennis has quite a few differences that make it harder than the rest of the sports, here we count 14 of them.

How demanding is tennis for professionals?

Mental Part

You’re constantly fighting against mental challenges but as long as you focus on what went wrong in your last game or match instead of moving forward to improve for next time then these moments will lead to periods where you doubt yourself-which isn’t good when playing competitively.

1. No on-court coaching.

A tennis player must coach himself during a match. They are not allowed to receive outside help. The regulations are very strict in this regard, but you can find that most sports usually allow for some type of support from coaches who have the opportunity to provide advice at halftime breaks as well as throughout the game itself where they might come over and offer tips while on break time with players…

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The problem with playing tennis without a coach is that most of the time you are alone on court. Sure, doubles and team matches may be different but when it comes to singles play – which makes up over half of all competitions in any given year – this leaves players at an extreme disadvantage.

Without someone by your side who can tell you what to do or how to think about various situations while also reassuring you after every point.

In boxing at least there are some after-round adjustments made by your coach for when you next go into battle against another opponent: but not with tennis!

2. You are on your own.

Tennis is literally a one-person game (or two at most). With no substitutions, it can be incredibly frustrating when you’re not feeling your best and mistakes are made that could cost the set or match.

It’s difficult to regain an optimal level of play in just two or three games because during this time span, something else might go wrong which leads to loosing the set/match entirely!

3. Focus/Concentration.

Tennis is not solely a game of speed and power, but also one where you need to be able to stay focused on every point.

Without a proper level of concentration, you can risk losing matches that should be won or committing errors during a match. Tennis is an intense game where some games are easier than others but all require your full attention and best effort each time you step onto the court.

Federer once said: “It’s a cruel sport. It drags you for five long sets in a final and then leaves you defeated”.

4. Quick decision making.

The difficulty of playing tennis is not only in the physical aspect but also in the decision-making process.

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The decision-making process in tennis is like a game of chess with the key difference being that you have to make decisions while simultaneously executing your actions. You need to analyze what’s happening on the court and quickly come up with answers as well as execute them before time runs out.

You have to make approximately 200 – 300 decisions per set, and every one has to be made within a half second! Every time your opponent hits it towards you (except for when they serve), you must decide what shot will follow. This makes quick thinking an essential part of being successful at tennis.

5. There is always one winner

Think about it: Some of the most popular sports in the world can end with a draw, but not tennis. Tennis is just too intense! In fact, even two players who are equally skilled will have to be declared winners or losers at some point.

When two players are equally matched, they play until there’s an outcome: the first may play aggressive enough to win enough sets or their opponent can be tied in each set but make one unforced error when there’s a set point. Whichever comes first to claim the most important points, wins. No draws.

What can influence the difficulty of playing tennis?

Technical Part

6. Variety of different shots.

Tennis is one of the most difficult sports to learn because each shot requires a specific technique and skill, which can be difficult for newcomers who are trying their hand at this game for the first time.

For example, you need to know how to hold your racket correctly in order for it not fly out of your hand when making contact with the ball; this doesn’t happen naturally so beginners have difficulty learning that part first before they can master other shots like lobs or drop-shots which are just as hard if not more complicated than forehands.

7. Variance in surfaces.

Playing on different court surfaces is what makes tennis difficult to play and learn.

For example, grass courts are made of slippery material which requires a player’s technique to be spot-on and precise.

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Players need to master a variety of courts in order to be the best player they can. The transition between different types of surfaces impacts every aspect of your game from how it physically affects you and the ball up until what strategy needs to be applied for success on that particular surface.

For example football is played on just one type or court – grass while basketball has many options including hardwood and concrete which are virtually identical with only small differences such as rebounding ability when compared side by side.

Tennis though has at least three substantially different surfaces so its important not get too comfortable playing exclusively on any given surface because change is inevitable whether it’s due physical factors like temperature affecting playability or simply switching things up strategically according to situation

8. Timing

You hear people say “watch the ball!” all over this court because there are so many ways for an error or missed shot to happen if we’re not paying attention at just the right time.

Poor timing can be seen in many aspects of life, but tennis seems to illustrate the concept best. There are countless moments when we’ve been playing poorly because we hit “too early” or “too late”.

9. Serving

Serves are the most difficult shot in tennis because you use your whole body to create a fast, low-bouncing ball. This is counterintuitive which makes it hard for many players who want more than just recreational hitting.

You are pretty much on your own when serving. A lot of beginner players find this hard because they don’t know how to get their racquet up high enough for power or exactly where the ball will land so then they end up missing every time; which isn’t fun for anyone involved!

10. Endurance

Lack of endurance is a serious issue for tennis players. Players must have excellent physical stamina in order to hit the ball over and over again without feeling tired, as well as mental fortitude.

The health benefits are evident when you see some children who might not be very tall or big but possess an intense amount of agility on court due to their rigorous training regimen at such young age from which they then benefit later in life with improved cardiovascular fitness and mobility.

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11. Tennis requires long years of practice.

Learning tennis requires a lot of practice. Once you get the hang of it, though, and put in your time for self-improvement on this activity we love so much, not only will you feel more confident with what’s happening around you but also enjoy playing because there is less to worry about as months go by.

The more time put into the sport means that progress comes faster with each training session.

Nevertheless, many people forget that mastering something takes years; dedication may be key when learning anything new!

12. Eye-hand coordination.

Tennis Tennis requires a high level of Eye-hand coordination.

is a game requiring precision and accuracy. It’s often hard to see the ball as it flies over the net because of its small size, leading players into guesswork on where they should aim their rackets to return an effective shot back across towards their opponent.

Hand eye coordination is something everyone needs in order to function, and professional tennis players have that skill mastered. They always seem to know right where the tennis ball will be coming from next – making it easy for them just swat at it with their racket.

13. Agility and lateral movements

In tennis, you must have agility and lateral movement in order to change directions. The difference between football is that it requires more than just moving up the field; instead, a good player will need be able to move side-to-side as well.

This means perfecting your body’s ability to quickly switch from one direction of motion into another–something every athlete should work on!

Physical Part

14. The Endurance Requirement

I have to be honest with you, the physical part of tennis is no joke. If you haven’t played before or if it’s been a while since your last game- don’t worry about being behind because everyone has to start somewhere. After every session I’m exhausted but in such an amazing way where my body feels like jelly (in a good way).
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Before playing tennis, it’s important to know what your previous activity levels have been. You might be a stellar athlete and not even realize that you need special training for the sport of tennis. If you haven’t ever played before or aren’t in good shape currently then the learning curve will correspond.

Special Scoring System

The tennis scoring system is an interesting one. Tennis has a unique scoring system that allows no draw in case of a match with two equal competitors, even when it’s the deciding set and someone could have up to 5 match points before losing! Sometimes you need something more than just winning statistically, like rising to big moments or taking chances – not always going by what seems logical and probable.

Here’s an extreme example of how a match can go:

Total difference: 4 games up for the loser! Same goes for the total number of points.

Is tennis a hard sport?

Tennis can be a hard sport to master and grasp at first experience, especially when compared with other sports like football or basketball – because of the mental side, strategic side, technical aspects involved in tennis make things very challenging for beginners. This is something we hear from professional tennis players themselves emphasizing how difficult this game really is.

So, what is the most challenging sport in the world? One might argue that it’s tennis. Novak Djokovic himself keeps reminding us how hard this sport is and here you have two occasions where he outlined just how difficult his chosen profession can be: one from a few years back, and another recent example by him – one of them is a response to Simone Biles’ quitting Olympic games controversy.

  1. “To play tennis at a truly professional level, you need a lot of money, perhaps more than in any other sport. In Italy the Federation has been helping many promising tennis players since they are very young. However, not everyone has had this luck, so you have to grit your teeth and continue alone. That’s what happened to me. Many have given up, or because they did not believe they could reach a high level, In the end, every sport poses many difficulties, but tennis even more, because it is an individual sport. If you don’t have some form of help or sponsorship it is very hard”.
  2. On July 29th Djokovic referred to Simone Biles quitting: “On the court, but also off the court, all the expectations and all that buzz and all that noise … I’ve learned to develop a mechanism how to deal with it in such a way that it will not pose a distraction to me, it will not wear me down… I feel I have enough experience to know myself how to step on the court and play my best tennis.”
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What might be a bit comforting to read is his next statement: ““No one is born with those abilities, those abilities come with time”, that does give hope to those who want to master this sport.

Is Tennis Hard To Play?

Yes, tennis is hard to play. It is not easy to play tennis. The first thing you should know about tennis is that it’s a lot more complicated than just hitting a ball over a net. There are many different rules and regulations in the game, as well as different strokes for various situations on the court. With the rules, equipment, and skills needed for playing. It’s a sport that requires stamina and speed, but also has you moving in all sorts of directions. 

Is tennis hard for beginners?

This is a common question that many people have. Tennis can be a difficult sport to get into for beginners, but it is also one of the most rewarding. The game requires patience and precision while allowing you to exercise your body in ways that other sports cannot. You need to learn how to hit the ball, run, and get into position on the court before you can start playing tennis matches. If you are not familiar with it, it can be difficult to play against an experienced player. However, with proper preparation and training, you will find the game much easier.   Tennis is also difficult for starters because it requires players to have a lot of coordination and quick movement. However, tennis does not require as much endurance as other sports such as swimming or running when playing at a beginner level so it can be a good first step into the world of competitive sports.   It’s not an easy sport to master at first glance, but there are plenty of resources to learn it and if you have the consistency, over time you will master and enjoy it like no other sport.  
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Is tennis hard on your body?

You might be playing tennis in full swing, but are you aware of the toll it takes on your body, is tennis hard on your joints, hips and back?  Playing tennis does put stress on your body, similarly to how any sport does. However, as you climb and get more experienced, you will encounter tougher opponents that take more effort to beat. Sometimes, matches last up to 4 hours which will absolutely tear up your body and joints and will require serious rest afterward.   It is known that tennis players have to be not only physically fit, but also mentally tough. However, tennis players often experience injuries during matches and training sessions so it’s important to know what signs of injury may indicate that you should stop playing for a while.    What are some common injuries that happen? A common injury for racquet sports like tennis is lateral ankle sprain which causes pain at the back of the ankle. The anterior tibialis muscle can also tear or strain from overuse due to repeated plantar flexion-pointing of the foot. Other common injuries include forearm strains, shoulder impingement syndrome, knee ligament sprains or tears.

How demanding is tennis for professionals?

Tennis is an exhausting sport for professionals, with many complaining about the calendar.

This begs two questions: is it too much? and which professionals can complain with good cause?

Unlike basketball where you get to go sit on your bench when tired or need second wind, this isn’t an option in tennis because it’s not like they take any breaks between sets (unless there are weather delays).

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With the sport being so demanding, professionals only get to rest in December and all of their energy goes into preparing for January until early February when they can finally take a break before starting again at the Australian Open.

It goes without saying that professional athletes who know their limits shouldn’t be afraid if they ask themselves these questions- but should we go any further than this navel gazing or put aside thoughts on what constitutes an acceptable level of load at all levels – from academy teams up through “elite” competition (whatever you might call them)?

Is tennis hard to learn?

Is tennis hard to learn?

Learning to play tennis is easy, but becoming a good professional can be difficult. It’s no wonder then that many people who try learning it think it might not be for them. Is this because they had a terrible first experience?

I find it hard to believe that tennis is hard to learn inspite of so many people are really into the game of tennis. It sounds like a brutal sport, with good players often not letting others touch the ball.

It might be overwhelming to learn tennis at first, but with a good coach and enough time you will be hitting the ball like pros in no time. Even at 30 years old your mind is still flexible so learning anything should not prove too hard for you.

You’ll find that there are three fundamental strokes involved: backhand, forehand and serve. When it comes to actually playing on court then most of these tasks come down to moving around quickly without being lazy or complacent.

if an opponent hits shots from different angles they’re bound get tired out fast as each shot requires more concentration than just one type of stroke would require.

Picking the right coach can make or break for beginners: if you you coach won’t communicate well, motivate you enough, and teach complicated concepts in ways that help you learn- then there isn’t much hope for those of us trying to take up our rackets again after years away from playing on regular basis.

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What can influence the difficulty of playing tennis?

  1. You own skills and abilities. The level of your technique, athleticism, coordination and more.
  2. The opponent that you face, and the ball you receive. Whether you play a better opponent or receive though balls.
  3. Your positioning and footwork on the court. If you’re proficient at positioning yourself at the right spot on the court, tennis will be much easier.
  4. Recognizing your opponents weakness’ and lack of abilities – he can’t handle high balls? he can’t smash well? has trouble with slices?
  5. Positioning and footwork of your opponent.
  6. The type of surface on which you are playing on. Be it a hard court which is a fast paced court, or a clay court which is slower.
  7. The playing conditions – It can be windy, sunny, rainy, it all can influence your ability on the day you play your match.
  8. How well prepared are you, physically and mentally? Are you confident? Did you sleep well?
  9. Same as 8, only for you opponent.

How to make tennis easier to learn?

  1. Although it might seem tempting, do not get too creative and try to stick with one pattern of playing. Develop it, then move on.
  2. Avoid exaggerating on your serving speed, it won’t bring any good, focus on technique.
  3. In matches, try to dictate the rhythm.
  4. Learn how to identify your partner’s or opponent’s weaknesses and head the ball there, giving you the edge.
  5. Find a good tennis coach that will help you improve your game and guide you.
  6. Start watching a lot of tennis matches and see how the pros play.
  7. Look for more articles about tennis and tennis guides on YouTube.
  8. Find yourself a good racquet, you can view our list of the best tennis racquets.

Final Thoughts

Tennis is one of the most difficult sports to play and can be considered a sport where it’s talent, technique that make all the difference. It’s also relatively easy if you have the right talent and technique.

However even if you are not naturally gifted in this game, even those who don’t can still play tennis well by always using their determination when playing – in that way they will never lose!

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