Is Tennis Harder Than Football?

Which game needs more effort?

Playing a game involves both mind and body. Whether a team like a football and a tennis dual or an individual tennis match, the player should individually possess the skills. Even though the argument considers two distinct games, many of their internal skills are basically similar.

One might argue they are incomparable as they have different fields and equipment involved. However, if the broad strategies are considered, we can easily compare them.

Physical efforts required

Both the field games are agile and sportive, demanding tremendous physical power. Tennis or football players are both trained to develop their footwork, agility, and endurance. Quick movements and projection of strength are equally demanding whether they have to swing the racket or kick the ball.

Compared to 1.32 acres of a football ground, a tennis court is proportionately 16 times smaller. Running across the expanse makes football a tough game as more footwork and mobility are required. Even though the tennis court is a compact area, the player never knows the angle of receiving the ball, thus has to be balanced on the feet with quicker movements.

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Playing football certainly gives a break to the individual if the ball isn’t directed towards them, but that’s not the case with sole tennis stars!

Mental organization and skills

Managing the ball, deciding the positions, and planning for a win are inevitable parts of every game. Both sports demand the players’ dedication and love to achieve success. True to the fact, if the players are well-trained and motivated with zeal, they develop ease and strategy to handle every situation.

If these are just personal mental skills, football needs team coordination and analytical planning among all. Agreement and acceptance play an important role when eleven different players are aiming together. It seems easy for tennis players as they can solely depend on their conscience without any possible conflicts.

Yet, dealing with the changing game, the probable chance of losing the match, or changing the decisions can be effective when multiple minds work together.

Other demanded techniques

Playing a match for a score requires strategy and proper techniques to plan for a win. Football requires dribbling skills, tactics to handle the ball with the foot, passing skills, and aim to goal. Compared to these, tennis needs hand-feet coordination or tips to strike quickly, which are quite different. Depending on the player’s ability to pick and ace the techniques, the game becomes tough or easy.

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Are you a team player?

Sports are often categorized broadly into team and individual games. Of the discussed duo, football is definitely a team play whereas tennis offers variety in both. Depending on the players’ will and flexibility to play, a game can be easy or hard. As we have compared the strategies and the possible efforts both the games require, a team easily seems to reduce or dilute the burden. However, playing in a team can also demand clear virtues.

Maintaining coordination

While team play is easy as any single player doesn’t have to exert a lot, the whole game depends on strategic coordination. Scoring a football goal is the linked work of multiple players where a single failure can snatch the point.

In contrast, if tennis individual matches are considered, the sole player is the master to decide and act, which relatively improves decision-making effectiveness. Even if tennis dual or mixed matches are played, the agreement settles quicker as there are only two players.

Duration of the match

Sports matches don’t have any fixed period. As the competition and performance depend on the players, climate, ground, and supportive audience, the time and tide differ for all. If the game is short and quick, it is surely found easy to play and wrap up.

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Tennis tournaments have the best of three or best of five matches that can be as short as 20 minutes or drag for hours. Football has only two halves, each nearly 45 minutes long, which sums the game in 90 minutes. On average, tennis tournaments also have the same duration; however, it depends on the players’ skills. Naturally, if the team is well-organized or the sole tennis star is an expert, the game would be an easy success in a short span.

Which game has more opportunities?

While both sports are popular at the global level, the chances and opportunities also determine the toughness. If you can imagine an athlete’s life, probably the more opportunities and tournaments they play, the more they become famous and flourished. It would naturally make them hard to sustain in the field if there are no ample opportunities.

How does fan-following affect the game?

If we broadly look at the fan base and popularity of tennis, there are around 1 billion followers for lawn tennis and around 850 million for table tennis. In contrast, soccer or football has a humongous crowd of 3 billion, cheering from every corner. Now you can just imagine the revenue football generates compared to the tennis tournaments.

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According to the 2021 power ranking, the highest football players make around $125 million, whereas the tennis players make up to $85 million annually. This diversity can be mainly due to the popularity of the game across the globe.

Tournaments conducted around the year

Tennis and football are both global sports participating in an array of tournaments throughout the year. Though football has a four-year cycle tournament, FIFA, it is also played throughout the year like tennis. Obviously, the more the players get the chance, the easier it becomes to play and sustain in the game.

Tennis conducts prominent tournaments like Grand Slams, ATA professional tournaments for men and women, special cups and team events, or the junior championships. Football conducts competitions in different continents, namely, Asian, African, North American, and European Competitions, along with other encouragement tournaments.

However, the football matches are all individually played compared to the Tennis Grand Slams, which are progressive levels in the same tournament. Thus, the football teams have a higher chance of participation as there are comparatively more occasions. This comparison makes tennis quite difficult as the players have to make big from the limited chances they have.

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