Nicest Tennis Players

Nicest Tennis Players. Pretty much nearly everyone enjoys watching tennis. Most spectators follow this sport because it’s the activity between 2 elite athletes. Others are watching it to see competing athletes who are also very attractive.  

Some watch tennis because it’s an incredibly exciting sport that emphasizes fair play. Most tennis players act so nicely that they could be considered role models.  

In time, tennis faced a lot of criticism from certain individuals who claim the sport is made up of dull and uninteresting competitors that have no personality. 

Tennis players are all polite, and some people think this is very annoying after a time. However, tennis started to develop a lot as a sport. Different new personalities are now appearing in the tennis world. Even while it could be a little unpredictable, tennis makes for a fascinating show.  

Many sportsmen have lost control when playing, and this allowed us to glimpse who they are. There is no other way to characterize some players except with the term “disrespect”. That is based on both their behavior when they aren’t in court and the behavior they have displayed.  

There are certainly some celebrities renowned as role models. They treat everyone respectfully and share a lot of their love, so they should be considered genuinely nice. This article presents the list of the nicest tennis players.  

Andy Murray  

The tennis career of Andy Murray looks like is approaching its end. Murray has missed many court appearances recently due to injuries, which means he is now concentrating more on his life next to his family. Many other players wouldn’t be angry about it.  

When touring, Andy isn’t exactly the person with the greatest charm. He receives a lot of criticism for his gloomy demeanor and his whining or complaining. Many people would classify him as being rude, but Andy is a nice person.  

Let’s not forget that he is a devoted father, a passionate supporter of his followers, active in charitable work, and a true sportsman. It seems rather unfair that his reputation has been stained by different “voices”. 

Roger Federer  

Roger Federer is a true tennis sensation and considered one of history’s greatest athletes. It is quite amazing that at 36, he is still competing and winning Grand Slams. Federer never hesitates to demonstrate his drive for accomplishment.  

However, would he still be competing if the crowd would turn against him? That won’t ever take place, as Roger left a legacy. He receives thunderous acclaim wherever he might be going, as he played tennis for a long time and never even gotten into any kind of trouble. 

Federer is very appreciated for minding his own business, being polite and nice, constantly making time for his supporters and the media, and enjoying interacting with big groups of people. He has accomplished a lot not only for himself but also for many people. His charitable efforts shouldn’t be forgotten. When he inevitably hangs up his spikes, the sporting world will sure lose one of the nicest tennis players in history. 

Eugenie Bouchard  

Eugenie Bouchard is naturally nice and has a lovely appearance. She could have lost it because of her youth, the fact that she was considered the world’s most attractive athlete, or because of her fame and wealth, but she goes around and behaves like a regular person, being unconcerned about anything.  

Eugenie constantly has a smile on her face and is delighted to be around her loved ones. Moreover, she generally seems upbeat. Besides, she has done lots of things for her fans, not to mention that she gives a lot of her time to charities.  

Eugenie wagered with a supporter that if her team would win at the Super Bowl, she would go out with him. And the fan’s wish came true. Since their first meeting, the 2 have been out together a few times already. 

Petra Kvitova  

Petra struggled to acclimatize to her sudden celebrity status when she came into the spotlight after winning the Grand Slam for the first time. Although she was bashful and very restrained, you could sense that she was a strong and confident lady wanting to express herself.  

Years passed, and we have seen a lot of her personality. Petra still has a reserved demeanor, but this makes her extremely endearing. This pro tennis player is a genuinely kind person, as has been noticed by tennis supporters’ responses to some situations in which she has been. 

For instance, the tennis community experienced a surge of passion when she got stabbed and injured. This shows how many fans her nice personality won her.  

Serena Williams  

Serena Williams is the subject of many biased opinions. She has certainly had her share of tantrums, but she wouldn’t be human of not venting sometimes. Serena endures much stress for a long time, so she sometimes makes mistakes with her actions or words.  

However, there haven’t been too many occasions seeing her annoyed. She has generally handled herself throughout her entire career exemplarily and like the athletic icon that she has worked on being. 

Then, her approach to playing tennis and her interactions with the press helped her stand out from the crowd as well. Serena has a beautiful chuckle, enjoys being in the spotlight, and can’t take things for granted. It’s almost like her state is always Zen. She is a truly nice person because of that, and this is why almost everyone adores her.  

Angelique Kerber  

The German tennis star Angelique Kerber doesn’t seem to get the recognition or attention that she always deserves. She is not only amongst the best tennis players out there but also the sexiest, many voices would say.  

Angelique doesn’t go out much like other tennis professionals, and as a result, people often don’t recognize her. When it comes to social media engagement and appearances in the media, Angelique might rank among the world’s most well-liked athletes.  

Kerber is quiet and has a somewhat reserved attitude, yet she manages to keep a smile on her face, is upbeat, and behaves appropriately. She also works hard when training and is always communicating with the public. Everyone is aware of her nice personality. 

Sabine Lisicki  

Many tennis players express their emotions through clothing. Fans like seeing emotions, so dressing up isn’t always a negative thing. But in case you are not at all a pleasant person, that becomes an issue. Many of the tennis players on this list exhibit strong emotions when playing, although some of them come across negatively. But it also comes through if you’re genuinely nice.  

Sabine Lisicki is one such example of people fitting this description. Even more when compared to Petra, Lisicki exhibits strong emotions. There are many happy and sad moments in her life, and her admirers enjoy it, offering her their support. This is one method to win over the masses, and Sabine has indeed won the hearts of many people across the world.  

When not on the court, Sabine is a charmer as well, as she has an upbeat disposition. Moreover, she always seems to be enjoying her job and life in general, likes to smile, and tries to spread happiness.  

Caroline Wozniacki  

Caroline Wozniacki is at the top of everyone’s “nice” list. She has consistently ranked high in the tennis world because she’s very skilled when playing. Her most recent victory at the Grand Slam validates her rightful status in the top rankings.  

Caroline is also exceptionally attractive and was even featured in some nude photos. It can be said that she has a mischievous personality and enjoys engaging with people. Moreover, Wozniacki constantly has a smile on her face too.  

On the few occasions she has gotten into trouble, it has simply been due to others misunderstanding her cheekiness. For many years, Caroline has consistently shown that she’s a truly nice person. 

Rafael Nadal  

Rafael Nadal had the entire tennis community sit up to pay attention to him back in 2005. This is the year when he won the Grand Slam for the first time. For the following 18 years, he added another 15 Grand Slam championships to his collection.  

Nadal is often considered among the best players in tennis game history. He’s also a very well-liked person. With such responsibility on his shoulders and so much fame, he could have shown his rude self by now. Rafael, though, is a nice person who maintained his composure and hasn’t even been involved in any scandal other than what the media stoked.  

Rafa is also a very generous person. He established a tennis school to assist young people pursue their ambitions, is actively engaged in philanthropic organizations, and simply makes himself available or ready to put in effort and time for his followers to learn what it means to advance in tennis. 

It can’t be said which of the players mentioned above is the nicest, but one thing’s for sure. Most tennis champions of the world are also very nice people who like interacting with the public and supporting different charities.   

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