Pickleball VS. Tennis 


Tennis is a more traditional sport with stricter rules that make it difficult for newcomers to learn.  

On the other hand, Pickleball is an easy-to-learn and inexpensive sport that all ages can enjoy.  

Tennis requires expensive equipment, while Pickleball only requires a ball and some paddles.  

Tennis is also more physically demanding, while Pickleball can be enjoyed by those who are not incredibly athletic.  

Tennis has a long history and is more popular than Pickleball. Tennis attracts well-funded professional players, while Pickleball is primarily played by people who are simply interested in having fun. 

Pickleball may be best for those who want to improve their coordination and hand-eye coordination, as it requires these skills the same way that Tennis does.  

These skills can also be enhanced through other activities such as golf or swimming, but they will likely not be as quickly developed when done separately from picking up a racket or paddle. 

What is Pickleball? 

Pickleball is a sport that involves hitting a round, mallet-sized ball with a paddle in an outdoor environment.  

The game can be played by people of all ages and skill levels, making it one of the most accessible sports. 

Pickleball originated in the 1950s as a recreational activity for WWII veterans at military camps throughout California. 

It quickly gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike and has since become one of the fastest-growing non-contact sports on earth. 

What are Tennis Rules? 

Tennis is a sport played with a ball and two wooden or plastic racquets. The game is played on a rectangular, hard surface divided into three sections by white lines called service boxes.  

Two players play against each other, using their feet to hit the ball over the net and towards their opponent’s court.  

The game’s object is to hit the ball, so it passes through one’s opponent’s service box and out of play.  

Points are awarded for serving, hitting the ground outside your opponent’s service box, or striking the ball over the net.  

A player can only serve once during each point and then must wait for their opponent to serve again before hitting the ground with the racket.  

A point is lost if the player’s racket touches the ground outside their opponent’s service box. The first player to reach six points wins the match. 

Tennis has been played for centuries across countries around the globe.  

It can be found in every continent except Antarctica, and some variations are played in different parts of the world. Some popular tennis styles include singles, mixed doubles, and wheelchair tennis. 

How can You Play Pickleball? 

You will need a round, mallet-sized pickleball ball, some paddles, and an outdoor space to play Pickleball.  

Once you have gathered all of your necessary equipment, take a few minutes to learn how to play by following these simple steps: 

1) Set up two lines about 10 feet apart outdoors. 

2) Each player takes turns hitting the ball from one line to the other, trying to hit it as close as possible to their opponent’s side without going over. 

3) The first player to reach six points (or any predetermined number of points) wins the game.  

There are a few tips to keep in mind while playing Pickleball: 

1) Always be aware of your opponent’s position and hit the ball nice and soft, so it doesn’t bounce back and hurt them. 

2) Use your paddles lightly – don’t try to overpower the ball with excessive swings. This will give you more control over where the ball goes, making it easier to hit it closer to your opponent. 

3) Have fun! Playing Pickleball is a great way to work out without going on an intense treadmill or lifting weights – just some gentle swinging and throwing! 

How are the Pickleball Rules different from Tennis? 

Tennis aims to hit the ball into your opponent’s court and score points by hitting it over their head or bouncing it off the ground and into their court.  

In Pickleball, players try to hit the ball close to their opponent without going over. There are a few differences between these two sports that should be taken into account: 

1. In Tennis, there are three main types of strokes – forehand (hitting with your hand at an angle towards your body), backhand (hitting with your hand away from you), and serve (hitting the ball with your foot). 

2. In Pickleball, there are only two types of strokes – the backhand and forehand. In Tennis, you use one hand to hit the ball. In Pickleball, players use both hands to hit the ball. 

3. Tennis is played on a rectangular court with lines marking where each player can stand and serve.  

In Pickleball, there are no defined boundaries; players try to keep the ball in play by hitting it close to their opponent’s side without going over (unless they make a “serve”). 

4. In Tennis, you can only hit the ball in one direction – down the middle of the court. In Pickleball, players can hit the ball in any direction except diagonally (left to right and back again). 

5. In Tennis, when your opponent makes a good serve, they are safe because there’s not much you can do about it.  

If you don’t return their serve quickly enough or make an error on your own, they’re likely to take advantage and win points.  

In Pickleball, however – even if your opponent is hitting great shots all game long – you can still potentially win if you make a great return or block their shot. 

6. In Tennis, there are two main types of games – men’s singles and women’s singles. Men’s doubles are also played, but it features two men playing against one another. Women’s doubles are split into “singles” and “doubles.” In Pickleball, there are only “singles,” meaning that players compete one-on-one against each other. 

7. Tennis is a physical sport that takes much stamina to play at the highest level. In Pickleball, players often have to run around the court – sometimes in windy conditions – and they also have to be quick on their feet. 

8. Many different tennis rackets are available, but Pickleball sticks only come in two varieties – round and square.  

Round picks are easier to grip because they’re shaped like a ball; square picks are more traditional (and harder) because they look like an L shape. 

9. In men’s singles, the first player to score 21 points (or more) wins the game. In women’s singles, the first player to win six games (or more) wins the game. 

10. There are different pickleball balls – wood, composite, and hard rubber.  

The ball you use is based on your playing style – if you like to hit more challenging shots, you might want to use a harder ball, while someone who plays slower might prefer a softer ball. 

11. Tennis is a sport that takes practice to get good at – just like in Pickleball. If you want to be a better player, you must find an activity to dedicate time to practicing regularly. 

12. In Tennis, rallies consist of two players going back and forth between the court and the net – Pickleball is a rally game without any physical contact.  

To win a rally, you must hit your opponent’s ball into their service area (near their feet), then hit your ball past their serving line. 

Differences Between Pickleball and Tennis Play 

Here are some key differences between Pickleball and Tennis: 

1. Number of Players: 

In Pickleball, there are only two players on a court at a time, while in Tennis, there are four players. 

2. Court Size:  

In Pickleball, the court size is usually smaller than what is used in Tennis. This makes it easier to move around the court and be quick on your feet. 

3. Service Area:  

In Tennis, each player has their service area (near their feet). In Pickleball, all the balls collide near one end of the court – this creates more opportunities for points and rallies! 

4. Points: 

In Tennis, points are scored when a player hits the ball into the other player’s court and gets it back to their side – this is called an “opponent’s service.”  

In Pickleball, points are scored when either player lands a hit in their opponent’s service area. This makes for more action and excitement on the court! 

5. Winning: 

In Tennis, the player who gets to 5 points in a game wins. In Pickleball, the player with the most points at the end of a game wins. This makes for more strategy and excitement during matches! 

6. Pace of the Game: 

The pace of the game in Pickleball is slower than in Tennis. This allows players to take their time and strategize more before hitting a ball. 

7. Equipment: 

There is no need for special equipment to play Pickleball – all you need is a ball, paddle, and some court space.  

While in Tennis, it is crucial to have a good racket and balls that are in proper condition. 

8. Gender: 

People of all ages usually play Pickleball, but some specific rules apply to girls and boys playing together.  

While in Tennis, many different restrictions apply to boys and girls playing together, such as height differences and court size. 

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