How To Play Like Roger Federer?



Analysis Of The Unbeatable Federer Playing Style  

If you have come across Tennis matches, it is hard to miss out on this name. Roger Federer is a renowned tennis player from Switzerland.

He has a world ranking of 9 with 20 grand slams and a record shared with two great players. Tennis is a game that is cherished by most of the people.

The ultimate victory in tennis is when you concentrate, practice, and affirm yourself for aiming at perfection. It is truly a game of wins and losses, suffice to say, it is a game of sheer competency.  

Roger Federer dominated tennis during his time. His playing style led him to numerous wins, having a record of 237 consecutive weeks as world ranking 1.

He has finished five years as the top-ranked consecutively, making him a man of respect. Any sports player is noticed for their unique playing style.

Regardless of thse game, the only thing that matters inside a court or field is how you play. Federer’s playing style, which led him to many successes, is what attracted people from all around the world to notice him.  

One can analyze and learn his game easily. You would just have to have the utmost concentration while watching his matches.

On close observation, one would notice he has a powerful serve. But what makes his serve different and almost unbeatable? 

Federer’s Nearly Unbeatable Serve 

Federer’s serve is based on accuracy and disguise. Disguise as it is hard to predict where the ball would be pitching in the opponent’s court.

One cannot read into his serve or be ready to receive it. This is because, after his service, due to the swift movement, his back faces the opponent.

So, his body movement, posture, or any other key element would not allow his game to be read by the opponent. 

Roger Federer also has immense balance during his serve. He can use the power of both his feet to draw force into the ball.

On close observation, you see that this is due to his stance. His stance is such that his feet and shoulders are in line. This is called the platform service stance.  

There is also very little time given for the knee bend, therefore transferring the maximum force into the ball’s motion. 

It is also safe to say that Federer has one of the best second services. His second service has also lead him to many wins. 

Eastern Forehand Grip 

The analysis would lead to another important observation on the forearm basis of Roger Federer. Even though he uses an eastern grip for his forehand shots, he delivers one of the fastest topspins. How is he able to do that with this grip? 

It is his stance once again. Once he has reached the position and hits the ball, the side of the racket used would face down. This movement would provide great momentum for the ball. Also, his grip is such that the head of the racket is always higher than the grip.  

The grip and stance help Federer to have a wide range of spin shots. This range helps him dominate the other player with his forehand delivers.

Ensuring 78% win during forehand delivers, he can spin the ball at 4000 RPM or 1000 RPM depending on the shot and opponent.  

Another thing of notice is that, during roger Federer’s forehand deliveries, his arm is always straight out. The only other tennis player noticed with such style is Nada. All the other players have at least a slight bend at their elbow. 

Technical Backhand 

Roger uses technical backhand deliveries, making him almost unbeatable in his game. A strong serve with dominating forehand and backhand skills is very hard to win against.

If you have close observations during his backhand shots, you will notice that he uses topspin 80% of the time. This is to create opportunities of bringing the shot back to the forehand. 

Roger Federer is also often seen to be going with flat balls during offensive games. The aggressive momentum of the ball would help him win over one-sided players like Rafael Nada.

This is a very difficult shot to deal with but the tennis player is not seen to be using much of these shots. 

He has a perfect backhand grip. His eastern grip is at 3.5 bevel level, helping him have a smooth transition from his forehand to backhand grip. His grips are what save his game.

But applying a technique in the game is also very important. Roger Federer knows exactly which technique to apply when his shots and angles were coming across as perfect. 

His Tactical Game 

Federer uses a tactical game to bring the win to his side. Having a game plan set in his mind, that is, to dominate the game with his forehand skills, has helped him with many matches.

But this would cause a problem when he does have to change the strategy for certain players. And the man is seen to be effortlessly doing this as well. 

The advantage of Roger Federer over other players is his wide range of shots. He seems to be good at every shot he plays and, therefore, can position himself in the court accordingly.

But his style is such that he only uses the right shots when necessary. 

Just because he can play offensive, defensive, and neutralize does not mean he would try for each shot alternatively.

Roger seems to have perfect knowledge of the best shots for the delivered ball with the ball’s placement.

His placements are tactical enough for the opponent to move with the required speed and reach the ball.  

But it is not just the tactics that help him the game. If anything, one of the main reasons for his unattainable tactics is his physical and technical strengths.

It has become hard to decide if he tops at his games due to his technical or physical skills as he every requirement for a tennis player.

All the requirements are fulfilled exactly, and this is what makes him different from other players. 

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