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List of shortest tennis matches of all time 

The typical duration of any tennis match is two hours, while a few matches last for several hours. The average duration for men’s matches in tennis can stretch to four to five hours, with a few of the finishes that take even longer! 

Matches that stretch to more than five hours are considered lengthy ones, while these matches generate two forms of spectators. One of them is the ones who are tied down on their seats while excited by the lengthy exchanges of swings between the players, and the other falls off their chairs with boredom.

Whatever it is, the tenure of these matches is noted to affect the audiences and fans significantly. However, what about the shortest tennis matches? What happens when the game wraps up before you realize it’s started? 

In the sports betting realm, the entire duration of the matches becomes a considerable factor affecting every odds, mainly when the player is noted to finish a match either at a rapid or slow pace.

The longer the players exchange the swings, the more they get subjected to exhaustion out in court while their entire performance gets affected. You can count them as oddities mainly when the match offers live odds. 

Here are a few of the shortest matches in tennis history we have come across through extensive research. 

1. 1946, Surrey Open, Jack Harper – J. Sandiford  

Jack Harper is reckoned to win the best of three’s matches in 1946 in under eighteen minutes. He witnessed a defeat in a single point to J. Sandiford, and he did not contest it throughout his tenure in his tennis career.

Harper made it out to the quarterfinals at the Australian Open and Wimbledon’s 4th round, although he was not a slouch. But, during that time, he constantly dominated from the match’s inception. 

J.Sandiford was not victorious either, and he was into the game. There are several minor points throughout the match, and the rapid speed of the gameplay helped both the players significantly. 

They did not recognize or identify that they were on the record-setting mode for speed that is extensively known today; however, it was one of the one skewed affairs ever known in tennis history. 

2. 1963, Eastern Grass Court Championship, Margaret Court – Darlene Hard 

It is the record-setter, shortest women’s match ever documented in the tennis history for high-level games in 1963 when Darlene Hard was defeated at the hands of Margaret Court by 6-1, 6-1. 

Margaret Court is one of the women’s renowned championships in tennis; therefore, being defeated by a player was not considered a huge deal. But, the match took only 24 minutes to finish, even with the two games with hard wins. 

Since the beginning, it was noted as an error on paper while both players had great pace in their gameplay to make a way through all the things quickly intensified. The court even gave out a few victories on the blowout of their career. However, it was highly skewed for them while checking out the whole bodywork. 

3. 1927, Wightman Cup, Helen Wills – Joan Fry 

Helen Willis ranked at the number 1 spot on the list of former players and was at her peak of fame in 1927. She was victorious in both US Open and Wimbledon that year and scored a number 1 rank on the global list for the very first time. It got derived that anyone standing before her had no chance, and Joan Fry was subjected to one of the rapid losses in the tennis world. 

The match wrapped up in just 24 minutes, while Wills cruised the victory helping the US to eventually make a win at 5-2 in the Wightman Cup. It was noted as a bad matchup for Fry; however, the match went down specifically severely. Fry did not have a path of winning even in a couple of games under the first set; however, the second set wrapped up in just 10 minutes. 

4. 2001, Heineken Open, Francisco Clavet – Jiang Shan 

Is the vocation, loser sounds well-known to you then he is recognized as Li Na’s husband. Whenever he was out playing the professional part of tennis, he lost drastically less than 25 minutes in the hands of Francisco Clavet. 

The direct beatdown wrapped up in 6,0, 6-0 as it was never a matchup that got competitive as Clavet showcased a few of the dominating games of tennis as noted in his list of career! 

He subjected defeat on his home soil, and it was never fun as Shan considered that he had a chance of making up a small run at the even at Shanghai. Although he was noted as an underdog, nothing worked for him depending on the shot he took, which eventually led to a rapid defeat. 

5. 2014, Miami Master, Jarkko Nieminen – Bernard Tomic 

Throughout his career scope,  

Tomic made his way up in history for the wrong reasons. He was victorious in under half an hour in a single game, and it had toiled on Jarkko Nieminen coming out with better victories. 

Tomic did not get subjected to fines for the entire effort in the match; however, a few individuals wondered whenever he mails it in the way he lost the game an hour at Wimbledon to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. It never did help much in this case while he played some significant games quite rapidly, and even he won points on the go very quickly. 

6. 1988, French Open, Steffi Graf – Natasha Zvereva 

Steffi Graf was considered one of the best matches even noted in the tennis game in 1988. She displayed her potential to dominate the court by beating Natasha Zvereva in under 30 minutes.

It was the first time in this game at the Single’s Finals of Grand Slam that wrapped up at 6-0, 6-0 while it did not appear as a fair share of fight the whole match. 

Zvereva was an astonishing finalist that year and even had the power to showcase her skills. Therefore, the entire future for the doubles specialist and the Hall of Famer did not get a chance of figuring out to get on track. Graf displayed her entire style for the game marking a rapid work for her entire opponent. 

7. 1881, Wimbledon Championships, William Renshaw – John Hartley 

It is a tough nut to crack that the finals for the main tennis tournament can end up pretty quickly. But, the entire game speed was fast enough for the 1800s, and while a single player dominated the entire time, things unraveled pretty quickly. 

Renshaw was the seven times winner at Wimbledon his entire career. Therefore, it was not the case of being under luck. But, it was his first title for All-England Club, while none knows about this level of dominance in the play. 

In reality, being the winner of the two titles in Wimbledon before being skewed matches was Harley, where Renshaw instantly turned up the match throughout their career’s trajectories. 

8. Match between Fred Perry Vs. Baron Gottfried Von Cramm 

Fred Perry is highly recognized as the winner of the Wimbledon championship three times, with the winning across 10 Majors in a career that includes about eight Grand Slams with both the titles of the Pro Slams.

On the other hand, Baron Gottfried Von Cramm was a noted German tennis player ranking second in the globe in 1934 in 1936, ranking at the Number one position in the tennis world in the year 1937. 

It was in 1936, noting these historic matches. The match wrapped up in just 20 minutes, which astonished the spectators. It is noted as one of the shortest matches in tennis history, and Perry won with a score of 6-1, 6-1, 6-0. 

9. Susan Tutt Vs Marion Bandy 

Always keep in mind that the second shortest match in tennis history for women. It is never considered the shortest match for tennis matches for women while considered the shortest match throughout the history of tennis.

Tutt displayed his skills at defeating Bandy with an entire score of 6*0, 6-0 at 1969 Wimbledon allowing you to identify the guess works, and it took just 20 minutes. 

10. 2022, Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic Vs Nick Kyrgios  

Novak Djokovic had returned to the lawns of Wimbledon to start the latest campaigns for a couple of weeks while they went out at the grounds with additional pressure on their game.

He had even been deported before that year’s grand slam tournament while he got outplayed during the second one. It was not ascertained where he can get permitted to play the other time. At court, he started toiling for regaining the entire mental edge that got him evaded. 

It even got returned in one of the most awaited finals of the Grand Slam for mixed players. Djokovic made an impeccable start from Nick Kyrgios before increasing his level through gradual smothering of his opponent often to recover from this setdown defeat marketing his victory in the fourth consecutive title at Wimbledon. 

11. 2021, Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic Vs Matteo Berrettini 

It was a noteworthy championship match with Novak Djokovic’s initial shot at being victorious in his Grand Slam title for the 20th time with a new opponent. 

Having roots in Serbia, he made his way victoriously to the men’s single’s finals at Wimbledon, with Matteo Berrettini setting up an entire Sunday showdown. 

Berrettini got victorious against Hubert Hurkacz in four sets in the opening match on Center Court on Friday, securing his first position at the final berth of the Grand Slam finals. 

At the age of 25, the Italian rose to become the latest challenger from the top players under the younger generation challenging Djokovic. 

Djokovic defeated Daniil Medvedev at the Australian Open and became victorious at the French Open by defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas at winning in the initial two majors for the season finals of 2021. 

12. 1936 Wimbledon Fred Perry d. Gottfried von Cramm 

Fred Perry got a victory title by raising against his opponent Gottfried von Cramm in the finals game of Wimbledon’s Championship in 1936, winning the men’s single final game by 6–1, 6–1, 6–0. Perry got victorious at the last single’s title at Wimbledon by a British man tile Andy Murray got his win in 2013.  

Perry was on the route to attaining professional expertise. At the same time, his decision to compete in the singles first Wimbledon was a tough nut to crack. Losing made him less alluring to attain those professional ranks, while winning can ensure his financial benefits.

The semifinals against Don Budge were more challenging than the final against Gottfried von Cramm, who became injured during the match and insisted on checking it out to the end. 

13. 1881, Wimbledon, William Renshaw Vs. John Hartley  

It is the 1881 Wimbledon Championships. They were scheduled at the grass courts outdoors at the Croquet Club in Wimbledon, UK, London. The match stretched from 2nd to 13th July. 

It included the entire 5th edition of the Wimbledon Championships, including the initial Grand Slam tennis events held in 1881. John Hartley lost the entire set to his final challenger Renshaw in just 37 minutes. The outcomes of the matches had Hartley’s influence, who suffered from the outbreak of English Cholera. 

14. 1984, Wimbledon, John McEnroe Vs. Jimmy Connors  

John McEnroe is globally reckoned as the defending champion, being defeated by Jimmy Connors in the finals to win the men’s singles title at the tennis game for the Wimbledon Championship in 1984.

It was his very much noted third Wimbledon and title at the six central singles in the entire life span. These finals lasted for only 80 minutes while McEnroe made four unforced mistakes during his match. 

It was initially the major appearance for the six-time champions’ future for Boris Becker while he heads out to winning the title the following year. 

15. 1938, Wimbledon, Don Budge Vs. Bunny Austin 

Don Budge successfully retained his title by attaining a victory by defeating Bunny Austin in the finals game, winning the men’s singles title at the tennis game at the Wimbledon Championship in 1938. It marked his last appearance in the finals for men, British man Andy Murray who made his game in the finals of 2012. 

16. 1923, Wimbledon, Bill Johnston Vs. Francis Hunter 

Bill Johnston defeated Frank Hunter in the finals to win the men’s tennis title for the singles matches at the Wimbledon Championships of 1923. The court had about 133 players at the preliminary round for five matches, bringing down to an entire draw of 128 men. The defending champion here was Gerald Patterson; however, it was not for participation. 

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