Tennis Singles vs. Doubles – Comparison 

Tennis Singles vs. Doubles

There are many people who participate in tennis, but few may know the difference between singles and doubles.

The most basic difference between these two styles of playing tennis is the number of players.

There are only two players on the court in a single game, while doubles games require four players. Other differences include court boundaries, a different set of rules, different strategies and patterns of playing tennis. However, the differences are quite vast when you look at things in detail.

Basics About Singles and Doubles Games

Before comparing these two, it is important to go through the basic definition of these two playing forms in tennis. You can only understand the differences only when you have the basic understanding about their aspects. These two games are briefed here.

  • Singles Match

Singles is a game that includes one player versus one player. This mode allows for more long rallies, which can often be more impressive to watch. This game generally leads to rallies of precision before one finally ends up failing to return the ball correctly.

The game can have an explosive twist when both players have a competitive spirit in them, which leads them to use their shots strategically to win over their opponent using any means necessary.

It may seem simple but these games frustrating and exhausting as a single person has to cover the complete courts.

  • Doubles Match

Doubles is a variation of tennis, created in the sport’s early days. It is the same as singles played with two players on either side.

However, players are divided into two teams, charged with beating each other up at the net. The game is extremely fast-paced and unpredictable.

The doubles game consists of more extreme changes to shots that players use to score points for their team, most of which rely on a player’s ability to quickly change strategy based on how his or her opponent plays and responds to a specific situation.

It involves a lot of strategy and teamwork, which makes it a more complex game than singles tennis.

Comparing Different Aspects Of Singles And Doubles Match

The rules that govern the matches played in these two different versions are quite different. The rules for singles are quite straightforward because they only involve one player versus one player.

There are no team-based matches in this game, so there is no need to make tactical decisions while playing tennis.

The difference between some crucial factors between singles and doubles tennis games is shared here.

  • Boundary Limits

In tennis, singles are played on a court with small boundaries that are marked, and they don’t change. The court has no obstructions, and players can use any part of the court to score points.

In doubles, however, the courts are always large-sized, generally divided into two parts separated by a net. The court is also marked off by lines that show the division into deuce and ad side courts.

The lines also divide up areas of the court according to how many players there are on either side so that they know where they may run while playing to not encroach upon their opponent’s area of play.

  • Difference of Reaching Moves 

All the basic differences between singles and doubles are based on the style of play. The typical methods of playing these games are not very different for most people.

However, professional players control their shots carefully through techniques that use their strength and ability to compensate for errors; otherwise, there would be no way to get near the ball. 

  • Time limit 

The game continues until one player or team wins by two (2) sets, including six (6) games. The set ends when a player or team reaches a 6-0 lead.

However, if the set score reaches 5-6, the tiebreaker comes into play, and it continues till one player or more than two players wins seven points but not more than ten points and no second chance to win points.

  • Use Of Tennis Racket

The rules in doubles tennis are quite different from those in singles. Instead of using a normal tennis racket, players need to use a special version that is more suited for team games.

This makes it difficult for players to read their rival’s shots and react appropriately.

That is what makes doubles very interesting and challenging because there are so many factors involved that need to be considered (see the difference between competitive spirit and endurance).

  • Timing Setup

As mentioned before, there are so many factors involved in doubles, such as switching decisions and adapting to different situations during a match.

In addition, one needs to be able to think quickly and react quickly to score points for their team.

So, one player’s chance of winning is determined by how well they do this because they need those quick decisions and quick reactions while playing back-and-forth on the two sides.

By contrast, singles tennis players have more time since only two people are involved in each game.

Which is Difficult Among Singles and Doubles?

There have been so many debates about which one of these two types of tennis is more difficult to play and which one is better to play.

Singles tennis game requires you to use greater amounts of endurance since you must run all over the court.

You have to save yourself to avoid hitting the ball into the net or missing it completely.

Doubles tennis, in contrast, allows you to take your time and take aim at your opponents with more precision. 

The more comfortable you are hitting the ball and hitting it at the right moment, the better you have of winning.

You have to think fast when playing doubles, and you need to pay close attention to what your opponents are doing.

In singles, players can determine where they should be based on their opponent’s moves, so they don’t get into trouble while playing back-and-forth on both sides of the court.

Doubles make things a little more complicated since two people are involved in each game.

Is singles or doubles better in tennis?

It depends on your personality and your goals when you play. 

Singles: As mentioned above, singles players can use their time more efficiently and they need to focus on the ball and what it’s doing since there is only one player involved in each game.

That player has all the time in the world to think about where they should be on the court when playing back-and-forth on both sides.

It also allows you to play more aggressively and take your time instead of rushing into shots that will give the opponent an easy point.

Doubles: The doubles game requires players to switch positions and adapt quickly depending on how many people are involved in a certain game.

The more players, the harder it is because everyone needs to know where they should be based on their teammates’ actions.

Where one has to think fast and react quickly before the ball goes out or comes in your way?  The doubles game is faster than singles, so you need to know what you and your team mates are going to do as soon as possible.

That requires a lot of concentration, fast decisions and quick reactions.

In tennis, a player requires a lot of athletic ability and endurance to play all the games.

It’s very difficult to concentrate on the ball for a long period of time.

Professional players can keep their attention on the ball for about 1 minute or more before they get tired and find it hard to navigate throughout the court.

Doubles require you to have good coordination with your playing partners, so it’s important to be in sync with them.

That is why you see doubles teams are usually friends or relatives who have known each other for a while and play together regularly.

Singles tennis can be played equally well by men and women.

Describing a situation in which you have to make a decision that determined your team’s victory or loss?

There are many situations in doubles tennis when players need to think quickly and react quickly to score points for their team, such as when partners switch positions.

For example, when one partner is playing on the left side of the court, and your opponents move to your right (the opposite side), you need to be able to make use of that opportunity.

Since there are two players on the opposite team, if one opponent fails to score a point against their opponent, they will have a hard time scoring a point on both sides.

How does doubles tennis require you to think faster than singles?

Doubles tennis requires you to think faster because there are two people in each game.

You need to know what your own actions will be, and also the actions of your team members who switch positions based on their opponents’ moves.

For example, if both partners are playing near the net, they should switch positions when they miss a shot in order to give their opponents a hard time.

Is doubles easier than singles?

Looking from a fitness standpoint, doubles is easier than singles. Singles players need to run back-and-forth on each side of the court, which increases their energy expenditure more than doubles.

Doubles only require one player to play at a time while the remaining partners watch and wait for their turn on the court.

Doubles is not easier than singles completely though. It requires a lot of concentration, physical ability and endurance to play all the games since you have to pay attention to two opponents who can move quickly in order to get a point for their team. Good coordination with your partner is also important if you want to perform well in doubles tennis.

When you play singles, you can focus on the ball and what it’s doing since there is only one player involved in each game.

You can also play more aggressively and take your time instead of rushing into shots that will give the opponent an easy point.

In doubles, you have to think fast and react quickly before the ball goes out or comes in your way.

The doubles game is faster than singles, so you need to know what you and your team mates are going to do as soon as possible. That requires a lot of concentration, fast decisions and quick reactions.

Which is harder singles or doubles tennis?

Singles is usually more difficult than doubles, since you have to work alone on your own court.

Doubles is easier since all the pressure of performing doesn’t fall onto one person’s shoulders.

However, this depends on how well you are playing with your partner. If both partners are reliable and good at communicating during the game, then doubles will be just as difficult as singles.

What do I think?

Tennis is a fun sport that requires the players to run around and think fast in order to perform well. In tennis, especially in doubles tennis, players need to work together closely in order to win games against their opponents.

I feel singles is more difficult than doubles because it focuses more on the individual player, while doubles requires team effort.

Why is doubles harder than singles?

Doubles is harder than singles because there are two players throughout the game, so each player needs to pay attention to what their opponent is doing and react quickly to win points for their team.

In doubles, every mistake counts since it affects both of them.

In singles, if one player fails to score a point, then that single player has an easier time scoring a point on the other side.

Why do pro tennis players play singles and doubles?

Pro tennis players play singles and doubles because they want to be able to show their skills in all kinds of situations.

In general, professionals tend to spend more time perfecting their double’s games since doubles tends to give more points than singles.

This is also true because the majority of professional tournaments are for doubles.

Tennis players mostly play singles matches since it requires more stamina, speed and strength.

Doubles is played by some tennis players as well, but it mostly depends on the tournament that they are playing in if they want to participate in doubles or not.

Tennis players play singles and doubles because it is a very convenient sport to play anywhere.

Since you don’t need many people to play the game, a lot of tennis courts have a tennis court next to another tennis court so that two players can work together or compete with each other on different sides.

How can I be a better double in tennis?

As a player, you will have to improve your communication skills if you want to be a better double player.

In doubles, you need to know what your partner is going to do before they even move since it only takes 1 second for the ball to come your way and cost your team a point.

In order to be a good doubles player, you need to know where your partner is going to be on the tennis court at all times.

You can practice this by playing with different partners and switching spots so you will get used to knowing where they are even when it is not announced in a match.

Tennis doubles strategies include using more advanced shots since it’s harder for opponents to figure out where the ball is going.

Otherwise, you can place your shots to a spot that will make it harder for opponents to return if they are playing far away from the net.

How can I improve my singles tennis?

As a player, you can improve your singles by practicing different shots and strategies when playing with people of different levels. You can also practice drills that will help you become faster at reacting to where the ball is going.

Becoming a better singles tennis player includes improving your speed so you can reach shots faster.

This is important because it takes time for the ball to bounce on the other side, and if you are slow then you will lose valuable seconds that might cost you or your team some points.

Are Successful Singles Players Good At Doubles Also?

Yes. Many singles players who are very successful have also done well in doubles.

However, there are some singles players who do not play doubles because they prefer to focus on their own game and know that it is more important at this point of time for them.

Why do top tennis players play doubles?

Top tennis players play doubles because they want to show that they can be good in both singles and doubles.

Although the majority of top players only play doubles when it is required for a tournament, there are some who have won many titles in both singles and doubles throughout their career.

Top tennis players play doubles for many different reasons.

Whether they are playing because it is required, or they simply want to show that they can be good at both singles and doubles, top players will always practice their shots in both areas until each shot becomes second nature.

Why is singles harder than doubles?

Singles is harder than doubles because you have to focus on yourself. While it’s important that the opponent doesn’t get any points, you also have to pay attention to your own game and what you are doing wrong so that you can fix it every time you play.

You also need stamina so that you can play for more than 1 hour straight.

Doubles is easier than singles because you can use different strategies that are effective against opponents.

You also have the support of your partner, which makes it very helpful when playing doubles.

If I start Playing, Which One I Should Pick?

You should choose to play doubles since it is easier and provides more support for your partner.

If you’re playing in tournaments, however, then the coach will decide which one you should play because there are some tournaments that require you to play singles.

Also, playing doubles is more enjoyable since your partner will help you out and you can work together to earn a point.

You also get to build relationships with other players on the court, which makes it even better for new tennis players.

As a player who prefers singles, you should also try playing doubles because it requires different types of shots and strategies.

Whether you’re a top player or just starting out, it is always good to try something new so that you can improve your game in the long run.

Playing doubles is different, but it will help you become a better singles player.

If you focus on doubles first, then the experience that you gain playing with your partner over time will be very helpful when playing against other players in singles tennis.

Advantages Of Tennis Doubles.

– You get to play with people that you don’t know.

– It is very helpful as a beginner because you learn how doubles work as well as different strategies and shots.

– Lower impact on your body since it takes less energy compared to singles tennis.

Disadvantages Of Tennis Doubles

– You can lose points when paired with poor partners.

– It is difficult to get used to the different angles at which balls are returned in doubles.

– There is no room for making mistakes since a partner’s mistake will cost both of you the point. This might make it more frustrating for new players.

Advantages Of Tennis Singles

– There is no one to blame for your mistakes.

– You get lots of experience and training, which helps you improve over time.

– Your results will be determined by how much effort you put in as an individual.

Disadvantages Of Tennis Singles

– It requires a lot of endurance to play for more than 1 hour straight.

– It can be tough to learn different types of shots and strategies because you have to work it out on your own.

– If you have a weak serve, then it might be harder for you to win points against other players.

In the long run, both doubles and singles tennis are very helpful as a beginner since they teach you everything that you need to know in order to become better at the game.

At the same time, it is very important for players to play both types of tennis games so that they can learn how different strategies work and their own strengths and weaknesses.

Mixing Singles And Doubles In Your Playing Schedule.

Even if you’re more comfortable with one of the two types of tennis, it’s still good to play both types. Playing singles is good for improving your endurance and strategy while doubles will improve your communication skills with other players.

By playing the two games every week, you are bound to become better at them over time.

Even if it’s hard to improve certain skills when playing doubles, you are bound to fall back on what you have learned in the past when playing singles.

Also, if you keep practicing both types of tennis games regularly, then your body will get used to it and everything becomes easier over time.

It is important to play with different people so that you can learn and improve every day. If you keep playing with the same partner, then it’s going to be harder for both of you to improve since he or she might already know your strengths or weaknesses by now.

In the end, both singles and doubles tennis games are good as a beginner because they teach you how everything works in tennis. As you improve your skills over time, you will eventually be able to determine which type of tennis is more effective for you.

In general, singles are tougher to play as a beginner since it requires more energy and concentration compared to doubles.

In the long run, both games are very important because they make sure that you can improve your tennis skills every day.


During practice, try playing singles tennis first before switching over to doubles if you feel comfortable with it. In tournaments, however, you should listen to the coach so that he or she can determine which one of these games is more beneficial to you as a beginner.

It would also be helpful to play with different players so that you can learn different types of shots and strategies.

Seeing the pros playing singles on TV makes it seem very difficult, but keep in mind that they have an extremely strong serve which has helped them win many points over the years.

They are naturally good at some aspects of the game, but they have also worked hard to improve their weaknesses.

If you’re just starting out, then there is no need to worry because you can always get better with time if you truly love playing tennis. Just focus on improving your game while having fun playing the sport that you enjoy most.

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