Tennis Vs. Basketball

Last updated on September 27th, 2022

Tennis and Basketball both seem like fun games, but they’re not the same. There are many differences between the two. 

Ever wonder what makes them so different? The court, the ball, the scoring system, and even the footwear are different!  

Unlike Basketball, tennis requires more hand-eye coordination and decision-making. In addition, the tennis court has fewer injuries than the basketball court. Also, tennis shoes are more lightweight. Despite these differences, we’ll look closely at some key factors in each sport. 

Tennis Requires More Hand-Eye Coordination 

While many sports require excellent hand-eye coordination, tennis requires even more. Players must use all of their body parts to be successful in tennis. For example, tennis ball drills require athletes to use their entire body and visual information to execute a successful catch. The correct effort, speed, and direction are crucial for success.  

  • Tennis demands more hand-eye coordination than Basketball, primarily because of its different court measurements.  
  • In tennis, players have to react quickly to a change in direction and keep their balance. 
  • For players with great hand-eye coordination, the sport of tennis is a perfect choice.  

However, both games require excellent reflexes and a high level of intuition to excel. 

Professional tennis players often make the game look easy. That is because they always have the racket in the right place. Because of this, they have highly developed hand-eye coordination. However, even the smallest mistakes can lead to big errors.  

  • For beginners, practicing hitting tennis balls off walls or bouncing them off walls can help them improve their hand-eye coordination.  
  • And if you want to improve, tennis is an excellent sport for hand-eye coordination. 
  • The first step to improving hand-eye coordination in tennis is to practice the fundamentals.  
  • Hold a tennis-sized ball in each hand. Then, using the dominant hand, throw the ball upwards in front of you. 
  •  After you have mastered the basic throwing motion, you can start hitting a second ball similarly.  
  • The second ball should be caught as the first one is still in the air. 

Basketball Requires More Cushioning 

There is no systematic agreement between impact levels, midsole densities, and the cushioning capacity of a basketball shoe. However, the density of a basketball shoe sole can be related to impact loading and the amount of protection it affords the player’s tibia.  

Therefore, a study aimed to examine the effects of different landing heights and shoe cushioning performance on basketball players’ biomechanical responses and comfort perception. 

This study chose three pairs of basketball shoes based on their cushioning performance. The shoes underwent a standard mechanical impact attenuation test, which is part of ASTM protocol F1976-13. For each shoe, a mass weighing 8.5 kg was dropped from a height of 50 mm, and twenty trials were averaged. This standard assessment procedure allowed the researchers to compare different shoe models. 

Unlike tennis, Basketball requires players to move quickly and use their intuition. For this reason, Basketball needs more cushioning than tennis. As a result, these shoes should have more cushioning. Many people opt to wear an insole for added support to combat this problem. It makes them more comfortable and less likely to get injured. 

Number of Players 

One difference between tennis and Basketball is that Basketball requires more players. Most NBA teams have at least twelve players, but most have more than fifteen.  

Tennis is played with two players on each side of the court playing against each other. It can also be played between 2 teams of 2 players. 

Size of Balls 

Another major difference between tennis and Basketball is the size of the balls.  

  • Tennis players use smaller balls, which are green/yellow.  
  • Both are hollow rubber shells.  
  • The pressurized balls are generally heavier and longer than the pressure-less balls. 
  •  A pressure-less ball is cheaper and more durable than a pressurized one. However, it lacks quality bounce.  
  • Basketball is played with a ball that has the standard size of 29.5″ while that of a tennis ball is 2.57″ to 2.70.” 

Tennis Shoes Are Lighter Than Basketball Shoes 

One of the most notable differences between Basketball and tennis shoes is their weight. Basketball shoes are bulkier, while tennis shoes tend to be lighter.  

  • A tennis player will often favor a lighter shoe depending on the position a player plays. A player can also decide to wear a higher or lower top on their shoes. The lower-top style of tennis shoes offers more lateral support, while a high-top version rubs on the ankle. 
  • A lightweight tennis shoe can improve side-to-side movement, footwork speed, and rebounding shot. 
  •  The cushioning in a basketball shoe is thicker than that of tennis shoes. Therefore, a good basketball shoe will be made from a combination of materials for maximum performance.  
  • Leather, textile, and synthetic materials are commonly used for tennis shoes. In addition, some models use a combination of materials to enhance durability. When choosing the best shoe for your game, consider what type of physical attire you will wear. 
  • A lightweight tennis shoe typically offers a low-profile, foam midsole with minimal cushion tech. It allows you to move faster and feel more efficient.  
  • The lighter tennis shoe will feel lighter on your feet. A high-top may be a better choice if you are a purely lateral player. 
  •  A low-top tennis shoe will allow you to move faster without additional weight. 
  • A lightweight tennis shoe can be more durable than a traditional basketball shoe.  
  • While basketball shoes are designed to be used indoors, tennis shoes are meant to be worn outside.  
  • Because a court’s surface differs, a basketball shoe’s outsole will be less durable.  
  • The outsole is the key part of a tennis shoe’s durability. If the sole is not made of solid rubber, the shoe may become loose and will not last long. 

When choosing between a basketball and tennis shoe, personal preference will determine which type is better for you. Some people prefer the stability and traction of a basketball shoe. Others prefer the flexibility of a tennis shoe. While both styles have advantages, there are important differences between the two types of shoes.  

While both styles have a similar purpose, they are completely different in how they perform. They are designed to provide more support and flexibility while preventing injuries from knee, hip, and ankle pain during repetitive movement. 

Tennis Requires More Decision-Making 

  • The game of tennis requires players to make many quick decisions on the court, much like chess.  
  • To succeed in tennis, players must analyze every situation on the court and quickly come up with an answer.  
  • Players make 200 to 300 decisions in a matter of half a second in a tennis match.  
  • They must determine what shot to take when an opponent hits the ball toward them. Hence, fast thinking is a crucial factor in the game of tennis. 

A player who has played Basketball and tennis knows that the latter requires more decision-making. However, its rules make it a much safer sport than Basketball. Because the game only requires one player on the court, there are fewer chances of an injury.  

Also, players cannot hurt themselves by hitting the ball in the wrong spot. Moreover, tennis is more individualistic. Hence, it requires more decision-making abilities and less physical activity than Basketball. 

Since tennis is a solitary game, players must coach themselves. They are not allowed to receive outside help during a match. However, in most sports, players can seek advice from their coaches during halftime breaks or game time. The game also requires more mental strength as tennis players must be able to stay focused on each point to win. If they make a critical error, the match may be over. 

The sound of crowds is another factor that hampers the focus of a tennis player. While tennis players aspire to be completely silent, the fact is that it is nearly impossible to achieve in a stadium. Chair umpires frequently ask the crowd to remain silent so players can concentrate on their game. This silence helps them focus better. 


There are many different sports, and each sport has its own rules and characteristics. So finding a sport with the perfect mix of everything you’re looking for can be difficult. For example, tennis and Basketball are two sports that have some people confused because of the outer appearance of players.  

Which one is a better sport? 

When deciding between tennis or Basketball, it depends on what you’re looking for in a sport. If you want to focus on speed, then Basketball will be your best choice. 

 However, if you’re looking for something more endurance-based, tennis is most likely the way.  

No matter your interests, you deserve to find something that will make your time playing worthwhile and fun. 

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