Tennis Vs Cricket 

Different sports have different rules. What is the difference between Tennis and cricket, and why should you play one over the other?  

Tennis: Generally speaking, Tennis is a racket sport that is played with a racket. A player strikes a ball with a racket to attempt to make it bounce on the opponent’s court.  

The game can be played against a single player or two teams, each consisting of two players. The game is played in a court divided by a net. During a match, each player hits a rubber ball with their racket, and the winner is the player who can hit the ball on his opponent’s court. 

Cricket: This game requires a lot of nerve and strength. Cricket is more about timing. Therefore, if you want to excel at cricket, you must consider training in other sports. A gym membership, jogging, or any other physical activity will help you stay in shape. 

Both cricket and Tennis are team sports. Cricket requires 11 players per team, while Tennis is played by two or four players.  

In a recent study by ESPN, sports were ranked according to their difficulty in ten skills. Tennis was ranked eighth globally and second in hand-eye coordination. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a solid understanding of the basics before you try to become a professional tennis player. There are several reasons for this. 

Tennis Shot: One of the most common shots used in Tennis is the serve. A serve is a ball hit into the air and returned in mid-air before it bounces. The ball is typically hit into the service box diagonally to the receiver’s court. The service can be hit with the underhand or overhand side of the racket. There are several other types of shots used in the game, including the bunt and the cannonball. 

Cricket Shots: In cricket, a batsman is at the center of the game, much like in Baseball. In cricket, a batsman can play many shots like Hook, Drive, Pull, and Sweep based on how high he can hit the ball. The opponent of the batsman is a bowler and not the other team’s batsman.  

Tennis Winning Rules: In a game of Tennis, one player serves at a time and alternates the serving rights in every game. A player wins a game by obtaining 4 points; in a tie, a player must have won by a difference of two points. The value of each tennis point varies depending on the order in which it is scored during the game. The chair umpire announces game points during tournament play. 

Cricket Winning Rules: In cricket, two teams with their 11 players bat after one another and play two innings. Whichever team scores more run wins. 

It has been said that technical skills are the hardest to master in Tennis compared to cricket. However, the game is much more complex, and a lot of time is needed to develop the skills needed for playing the game. In addition to this, it also demands endurance and balance, which are not easily acquired in other sports.  


The physical demands of Tennis are quite different from other sports. The high-level games of Tennis require players to sprint, lunge, change directions, and bend their knees.  

This game also demands high levels of mental and technical training. Most professional players in the world began playing the game at an early age and are now able to play at a high level.  

In a recent study, ESPN assessed the demands of 60 sports, and Tennis came out as the seventh most difficult. It is more demanding than cycling, cricket, and Baseball. 

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