How Much Does a Tennis Wheelchair Cost?

Last updated on September 28th, 2022

When purchasing a tennis wheelchair, one has to consider many factors, and it can be difficult to know where to start. In addition, different models come with different features, and it’s hard to know if the purchase is worth the price. 

For someone with limited mobility, the sight of a tennis wheelchair might be enough to lighten their mood and give them hope for the future. 

Tennis can be played by anyone, at any age, and almost anywhere you find an open space. But what if your disability means you cannot use your legs? That doesn’t mean you can’t play tennis! On the contrary, a tennis wheelchair can give you the physical and mental benefits of playing a game you love. 

The best news is that there are many tennis wheelchairs on the market for any budget and skill level. From basic wheelchairs to more advanced options, there’s always a solution for people who want to get active, stay comfortable, and have fun. 

There are many wheelchairs, and a typical everyday wheelchair will suffice for beginners. Serious tennis players, however, invest in special sports wheelchairs. These are designed to provide improved agility, responsiveness, and turn quickness. Unfortunately, they are light in weight and don’t feature armrests or push handles. 

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Getting Started With A Tennis Wheelchair 

Getting started with a tennis wheelchair can seem like an expensive venture. However, if you follow a few steps, you can be on your way to winning in no time.  

  • Variety of Features: A good chair should offer a variety of features and be tailored to the needs of the individual user. For instance, the Grand Slam tennis wheelchair is designed for a high-performance level, enabling users to improve their swing and serve. It has a low backrest and made-to-measure seat, allowing users to turn the chair with their core muscles. 
  • Overall Cost: When buying a tennis wheelchair, you’ll need to consider the overall cost and whether you’ll play in competitive tournaments or a friendly game of tennis with friends. The first one will likely cost thousands of dollars, but once you’ve bought it, you’ll be happy you did. In addition, wheelchair tennis clinics allow people with disabilities to try a new sport. 
  • Center of Mass and Size: Another factor to consider when choosing a tennis wheelchair is the center of mass and size. Large wheels are more stable than small ones, while smaller wheels offer better acceleration. In addition, you’ll want to look for wheelchairs with adjustable leg rests and belts. Some of the accessories for tennis wheelchairs include straps and supports. You’ll also need to consider the size and weight of the wheelchair. Then, you’ll want to decide on the accessories you’ll need for it. 
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Quickie Match Point Tennis Sports Wheelchair 

The cost of a Quickie Match Point Tennis sports wheelchair may surprise you. While it is a niche product, Quickie sports wheelchairs have gained popularity in the industry. These wheelchairs are designed to accommodate people who have varying physical limitations. They are also available for players of many sports, including tennis.  

  • The Quickie Match Point Tennis sports wheelchair is a great value that is designed specifically for the tennis court.  
  • This model is a versatile wheelchair with an adjustable seat angle and center of mass.  
  • It allows the user to adjust the height and angle of the seat without removing any components.  
  • It also features several options, including a wide footprint and a long anti-tipper tube. 
  • The Quickie Match Point Tennis sports wheelchair is lightweight and durable titanium tubing and seat frame.  
  • This frame provides unmatched power and maneuverability. 
  •  In addition, its single-wing number provides excellent stability for users when leaning forward and serving.  

The Quickie Match Point Tennis sports wheelchair is priced at $3385. However, it might not be affordable for everyone. The Quickie Match Point Tennis sports wheelchair is an excellent choice for many individuals with a range of physical limitations. 

RMA sport tennis wheelchair 

The frame of an RMA sport tennis wheelchair is made from lightweight steel or aluminum. It is usually fitted with large angled wheels for stability and balance during sharp turns, while one or two castor wheels are at the front.  

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Size of Wheels: The size of the wheel is another important consideration. Larger wheels give more momentum and faster acceleration. 

Overall Cost: Depending on the type and size of the tennis wheelchair, you may need to invest in accessories or tutoring. The overall cost of wheelchair tennis equipment is around $2,700. Your actual cost will depend on your body size, skill level, and access to the tennis courts. The standard RMA tennis club wheelchair costs $824. 

Customization: A wheelchair for the game can also be customized to fit your body type. The cost will be around $2,669 if you purchase a standard model. However, if you are looking to customize your wheelchair, you might want to consider a used model instead. These can be modified to suit your size and weight. 

Various Models: The RMA sport tennis wheelchair cost varies depending on the model. Some wheelchairs are more expensive than others, and the custom-made models are typically very expensive.  

New specialized wheelchairs are being made with less expensive materials, allowing more people to enjoy adaptive sports. But despite the high cost, these chairs are not without their advantages. 

SPEEDY 4tennis 

The SPEEDY F1 4tennis wheelchair is a highly robust chair with excellent maneuverability and handling properties. Its oversized tubes of up to 40 mm give excellent rigidity, direct response, and cushioning effect.  

  • The lightweight aluminum frame and rigid seat unit are made of a single aluminum tube, eliminating the risk of slack. 
  •  In addition, each wheelchair is custom-made and individually tailored to the individual user’s needs. 
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The cost of a SPEEDY 4tennis wheelchair will depend on the features you’re looking for. These chairs are designed for players who play tennis. They are lightweight and maneuverable and offer a superior range of motion.  

They’re also built to last and are specially designed to fit different types of courts. To maximize mobility, they can be easily adjusted to work on clay or grass courts. The wheels are also interchangeable to suit different court surfaces. 

Grand Slam tennis wheelchair 

The GrandSlam is the ultimate tennis wheelchair engineered and designed with the user’s exact measurements and style of play in mind. The GrandSlam features ergonomic seating positions, a ratchet adjustment system, and an adjustable knee support system. These features enable fast and effective reactions to balls. A GrandSlam is also available with a backrest that can be customized to fit the user’s height. 

All-sport wheelchairs 

  • Compared to standard wheelchairs, all-sport wheelchairs are more expensive.  
  • Most models come with standard features, but some add additional features like anti-tip wheels. 
  •  Integrated fifth-wheel anti-tips help shift the user’s weight to the rear wheels and boost maneuverability.  
  • Anti-tip wheels lock out rearward flex in the frame, providing extra power to the wheelchair user.  
  • The price of all-sport wheelchairs for tennis varies, but it is not uncommon for the chair to cost upwards of $2500. 
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All-sport wheelchairs for tennis are made specifically for individual players. Their lightweight steel or aluminum frames offer exceptional maneuverability and speed. Their manual or electric-powered wheels are adjustable, and their center of gravity is determined by the backrest and axle positions.  

Most tennis wheelchairs are strapped to maintain stability and balance at the ankles or waist. Some models also come with belts and straps. However, these sports wheelchairs are not appropriate for everyday use. 

Invacare Top End Pro-2 

  • Invacare’s Top End Pro-2 All Sport Wheelchair is designed specifically for court-based sports.  
  • The adjustable seat and back upholstery allow the user to find the perfect position for comfort and safety. 
  •  It also features a rear frame protector, side guards, and a single swivel Anti-Tip Bar.  
  • The Invacare Top End Pro-2 All Sport Wheelchair is available in three-seat widths but has adjustable seat depth upholstery.  
  • In addition, the Invacare Pro-2 All Sport Wheelchair comes with a seat cushion and is a budget-friendly choice.  

Invacare’s Top End Pro-2 All Sport Wheelchair is equipped with high-performance 25-inch wheels, a seat cushion, and high-pressure tires. It also comes with a seat cushion, side guards, rear frame protector, and a single swive 


Tennis wheelchairs can be expensive, and it can be difficult to find the time to speak to a physiotherapist or sports wheelchair expert about which one is best for you. 

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Wheelchairs are designed to help you enjoy life again, but the right support and advice are often needed. The good news is that tennis wheelchairs are becoming more and more accessible as well as advanced.  

A tennis wheelchair is an investment that can be costly. Several factors go into calculating the cost of a tennis wheelchair. First, there are many different types of chairs, ranging in price from $1,000 to $6,000. 

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