The Best Energy Bars for Tennis Players 


It is vital to fuel your body while on the court properly. It is essential to eat healthy meals before and during your sessions. However, playing at the same level for over an hour is impossible without replenishing nutrition while on the court. It would be best if you ate both during training and competition. 

The best snack to keep on hand for court changeovers is energy bars. My experience with playing has shown me that I won and lost matches based on what I ate—after all the hard work and training, losing a game due to something entirely out of my control is frustrating.  

Be selective when choosing a bar. Many bars that you see on shelves are unhealthy and have harmful effects. These unhealthy bars can cause a crash rather than a pick-me-up. Bars with whole ingredients and simple ingredients are my favorite. My favorite ingredients are nuts and fruits, honey or some other natural sweetener, and salt. 

Carbohydrates can give you fast access to healthy energy, which will be great when you feel sluggish. 

What should you look out for in bars? 

A balanced amount of sugar and carbohydrates will give you the energy you need but not make you feel deprived. 

Pay attention to the ingredients. As a rule of thumb, keep bars to 7 ingredients or less. This will ensure that you are consuming only purposeful ingredients. Natural sources are the best source of food. 

Where did crabs originate? 

Carbohydrates can be found in fruits, nuts, and oats. It makes sense that the bars are made with these foods at the end. Although carbs are often thought to be heavy on the stomach, this is not true during exercise. 

My metabolism is high, so it was difficult for me to get enough carbs. I feel heavy if I overeat during matches, so I visited a nutritionist to discuss options. I was able to find bars that had dried fruits and nuts as the base from my nutritionist.

It is important to choose bars that have carbs as their base. This will ensure that your body uses all the food you eat and leaves no space. These were easy to eat, so I could eat them all through matches without feeling bloated. 

Everybody is different 

It would be best to remember that every person’s body is unique. Everybody burns calories, carbs, and fats in their way. The complexity of processed food can make things more difficult. Below are the best energy bars I’ve ever tried. 

Bar Recommendations That You Can Find Anywhere 

Bulletproof bar 

These products are high-quality, contain many healthy fats, and have collagen protein. These contain chicory root fiber which can cause GI problems for some people. This prebiotic may make it difficult for those with GI issues to consume. 

  • 11-13g protein from grass-fed collagen protein 
  • Fiber: 0-6g. Choose higher fiber flavor options like Lemon Cookie, Vanilla Shortbread, or Fudge Brownie. 
  • Although the ingredient list is long, it still contains quality ingredients and many healthy fats. 
  • 2-3 g sugar, sweetened by a little bit of stevia (which happens to be the last ingredient on this list). 

GoMacro Bar 

Vegan protein bars are made from high-quality, sustainable-sourced, plant-based ingredients. Enjoy a clean and healthy MacroBar to help spread awareness about the health benefits of a plant-based, balanced lifestyle.  

Get delicious, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, C.L.E.A.N.-friendly, soy-free, plant-based protein bars today!. The company believes natural food is closer to the earth and less processed is healthier for the body and soul.  

GoMacro only works with wholesalers and suppliers who follow their certifications and standards. A company with good taste and hygiene products can easily build its goodwill or reputation in the market.  


Larabars have high fiber content, mostly due to the dates used as the main ingredient. They are also rich in sugar which makes them a great energy source. The bar’s fiber content can slow down sugar metabolism and stabilize blood sugar levels. 

You might want to avoid Larabars if you have a medical condition restricting sugar or high glycemic foods. Talk to your doctor about what you can do to ensure you are doing the right thing. Larabars may contain up to 24 grams of sugar, depending on the type. 

The lack of water in dried fruit makes this sugar condensed. The bars are less filling and calorie-dense than whole fruits. This is good if you need energy but can also be detrimental if your goal is to lose calories. 

Luna Bar 

This bar is designed for women and comes in many delicious flavors. It’s ideal for long meetings or to keep you going between meals. 

Alspaugh was open to Luna Bars due to their nutritional profile, which includes 170 calories, 3 or 5 grams of fiber, 26 carbs, and 0.5 grams of saturated fat. 

These bars are great for active women trying to lose weight. Luna Bars are great for men, too, even though they may be targeted at women. 

Luna bar company owner and team did many innovations on their bars to make the best as compared to other bars in terms of good taste, nutrition, and other things. Every company makes their energy bars best from their end because the company knows that there are a lot of competitors in the market who are working to beat their company. 

The company newly launches energy bars in the flavor of raspberry, coconut, and lemon zest. You can eat Luna bars of different flavors according to your taste for different activities like the workout, working, playing, etc. 

These are the seven best foods to eat for professional tennis players. 

To fuel up for a long match in hot, humid conditions on a hard surface, it is necessary to have a different diet than the one you would use for running marathons, starting a football league, or playing in the NBA.

Many tennis players have suffered from poor nutrition, as seen in the online video of Pete Sampras vomiting at the 1996 US Open. Sports nutritionists at Forest Hills warn that even small dietary errors can lead to serious losses. 

Page Love, the on-site nutritionist at the US Open last year and the head nutritionist for the men’s ATP Tour, says that matches can last several hours and may include running up to 10 miles long. Love and Susie Parker-Simmons (on-site dietitian at the US Open this year) share seven of the best foods for success in the most competitive tournament on American soil. 

1. Pasta.

Forest Hills is not the place for pro tennis players who don’t eat carbs, even though they exist on the ATP Tour. While there are some fats involved in the process, protein accounts for about five percent. Too many times, I have seen players suffer from insufficient carb intake.

Love and Parker-Simmons recommend that professional athletes eat low-fiber, carbohydrate-rich foods like pasta at least two hours before the court. Love says pasta is a tennis player’s favorite comfort food. It’s simple to digest and bland. Love claims that many tournaments cater to players who have food sensitivities. They also offer gluten-free pasta. 

2. Energy bars.

Players eat a lot of carbs before a match, including pasta. Love suggests that athletes eat a carb-rich energy bar about an hour before the match to replenish their glucose levels. Many energy bars are portable and can be used by players.

Love describes it as a bagel in the bar. Why not just eat a bagel? She adds that the best pre-match bars contain high amounts of carbs, not protein. Love says high-protein bars can feel like eating a whole chicken breast before a match. 

3. Energy gels.

Athletes have 90 seconds for changeovers after a match begins and 120 seconds for set breaks to rest, recharge, and rehydrate. Pro players have found energy gels (or packets of semifluid sugar) extremely useful. Love says that gels provide electrolytes and more digestible carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin.

This is a quick way to get fuel but also contains starch, so it doesn’t just sugar dump into your bloodstream. Parker-Simmons enjoys gels as they offer players a different option than traditional sports drinks. She says gels are a better choice than traditional sports drinks, which can be very sweet. However, gels have a higher concentration of carbs and require only a small amount of water. 

4. Energy Beans

These modern innovations in sports nutrition are known as energy beans, blocks and blasts, chews, and chomps. These sugar-packed beans are called block blasts, blocks, and chews. They look and taste like jelly bears, Starburst or Starburst. However, unlike sports gels, they provide athletes with quick access to electrolytes and a more digestible source for carbs.

The product category also has another benefit. Parker-Simmons says that there is a psychological component to the product. It’s comforting and can even influence their outlook,” says Parker-Simmons. 

5. Pickle juice.

You’ll see it at sporting events and gyms all the time. Love cautions professional players not to believe the hype. Pickle juice is not something you should consume after a tough match. One exception is tomato juice.

She says tomato juice is great for athletes who lose a lot of sodium during matches. Love says the juice has a few carbs and a good amount of salt. It’s also liquid. Love suggests drinking the juice between 30 and 45 minutes after a match because the drink is too acidic for athletes to consume before playing. 

6. You can have chocolate milk.

Your recovery nutrition is even more important when you play multiple matches in one day, which is what many of the top players at the US Open have done. Parker-Simmons states that recovery is essential if you want to be active again in eight hours.

Even though players know they need food, many find it difficult to consume solid food within 45 minutes of a match. This is the ideal time for your body to recover from muscle soreness. Liquids are better as they are easier to digest and don’t have as much filling. You can also drink them if you’re thirsty.

While recovery drinks like Muscle Milk are a great option for athletes, Parker-Simmons and Love agree that chocolate milk is equally effective in repairing tired, shredded muscles. Love states that it is a delicious way to get protein. This is important for players after they have exercised for muscle synthesis. 

7. Any complex carbohydrate.

Love states that players should consume complex carbs a few hours after finishing a match to replenish their muscle glycogen. They can eat any whole grain they want, including brown rice, whole-grain bread, and whole wheat pasta, and they can also eat whole grains like whole wheat pasta.

Parker-Simmons suggests athletes choose a few foods rich in complex carbs to ensure they are exposed to as many nutrients as possible during competition week. She says, “I like to see players eating a variety of grains–quinoa the one day, pasta another.” 

Final Thoughts 

There are a lot of energy bars and foods that tennis players can eat before their game or practice. Tennis players can eat types of energy bars according to their needs. Different energy bars have different tastes and quality, so it is upto the tennis player to taste what kind of energy they select to eat before going to the practice or game.

There are a lot of varieties of energy bars available for the tennis player to choose from. The energy bars carry carbohydrates and sugar, which helps tennis players to boost their energy. The Proper balance of sugar and carbs can help you to boost during your gameplay. You also pay attention to the ingredients of energy bars; if the energy bar has seven ingredients or fewer, then it’s good for you.

As we know that everyone’s body is different, and everyone does calories, carbs, and fats burn out in different ways, so the nutrition of one size never fits all. Best energy bars are the best snacks to boost your energy on the court. 

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