The Best Tennis Apps 


Tennis fans can keep track of match scores, improve their shots, find other players, and even play electronic versions of tennis online. Many apps are available for tablets and smartphones to help us make the most of all these opportunities.  

We don’t want to fill our phones with useless apps, so we will focus on which apps are worth downloading. We’ll discuss four apps that will allow you to track your tennis scores at any level.  

There are four types of apps for game analysis and game improvement. Finally, three apps can provide hours of fun playing tennis. 

The top-rated tennis app currently available is 

  • Follow tennis scores: ATP and ITF. TNNS and Resulting. 
  • Improve your tennis game with a peak and Swingvision. 
  • To locate partners and courts: TennisPal. Courts. and TennisGroups. 

Top Apps to Follow Tennis Scores 

It also offers notifications when any of your favourite players are taking part. 

You can check the point-by-point progress of all matches in ITF events.  

It also offers detailed statistics and a results service. Although it does provide notifications about specific players and events, some users have had difficulty using this feature. 

The TNNS App claims it was created ‘by the fan, for the fan’ and provides information from ITFs and Challengers. TNNS can provide live scores, statistics and schedules of play.  

Most users like it. It can be slow, as indicated by the few negative reviews. The TNNS app, directly competing with Resulting, is quite well-liked. 

 It also provides statistics and scores for ATP and WTA, rankings, and notifications. It covers ITF events at both the junior and senior levels.  

Although users highly rate the app, some have encountered issues with the paid version. 

The Best Apps to Improve Your Game 

APEAK provides mental skill training apps. A training plan will be provided after you have completed an initial assessment.  

The plan will allow you to review your progress and help you improve your skills in weaker areas. You can also have regular reviews, especially after competitions. 

Swingvision, however, looks at your shots and matches statistics. It is compatible only with Apple devices and should be used with an Apple Watch.  

Although there were some bugs, users seemed to be happy with the software. The sensor provides detailed statistics on shot types, spins, speed, and how close you were to hitting the sweet spot.  

The app can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device so that you can analyse all details. It can improve your technique, practice specific skills and monitor the feedback.  

Although the device is popular, it is quite expensive. Hudl Method is a complimentary app that allows you to evaluate and improve your technique through video analysis.  

This app allows you to compare your shot with a coach or professional in slow motion to enable detailed comparisons. Although it only has a few features, it does a good job. 

The Best Apps to Find Partners and Courts 

TennisPAL is a simple app that connects you to practice partners or coaches and allows you to find a tennis court. A coach can also view your videos.  

Some users had difficulties with the functionality, but developers seemed eager to help. The Courts App allows you to find available courts and coaching groups and book and pay.  

Although it is popular, some users have experienced issues with the live database’s accuracy. TennisGroups is a tool that allows you to manage a tennis community.  

It also lets you post updates and organise events. It seems to be very popular among users. 

Best Apps For Tennis Games 

Tennis Clash is a free basic tennis game. Many users complained about the mismatches and in-app purchases. Tennis Open 2020 is another very popular game of tennis. According to some users, it can be completed in less than a week and is not challenging enough for long-term play. 

The Australian Open Game will be the official game. It is very popular among users.  

You can play against any real player or play a short match. You may find yourself winning too often and need to turn on manual movement. 

  1. ESPN 

ESPN is the home for the Grand Slams in the United States. It’s easy to follow along because they always have the latest scores for each match.  

It isn’t easy to keep track of all the tournaments in the world. ESPN offers all the scores in one place, which is great for those who want to lock in. 

Although it doesn’t have as much detail as other apps for tennis, it is still great for receiving consistent updates from one source. The ESPN app is already a staple for sports fans, which is another reason to keep it. 

2. AO Tennis Game 

To pass the time, playing any tennis game on your phone is great fun. AO Tennis is the most realistic game available on smartphones at the moment. 

Although this game isn’t as robust as the original, it’s still fun for all players looking for something more realistic. They have licensing rights for many players and the Australian Open.  

This is the most realistic tennis game available right now. Many games feel more like ping-pong than actual tennis.  

With the help of this app, you can compare different best tennis players in the world. You can also create challenging matches and relive legendary matches by using the scenario feature through this app. 

3. Tennis Channel 

The Tennis Channel has unparalleled access to players. They post interviews with players, show live matches, and provide lots of information about tennis.  

In this age of instant updates, tennis is almost a necessity. Many apps attempt this, but the Tennis Channel appears to be quicker.  

This is great news for those who don’t want the constant question of what the score is while they’re away from a TV. 

4. Tennis TV 

Basically, tennis TV is the platform providing you with the live video streaming of the ATP tour. Every tennis fan has been there and If you are unsure, check Tennis TV.  

They can choose from many tournaments around the globe, making it easy to follow along at home or on the move. Viewers can check in on their favourite players with just a few taps.  

They can’t access every match, but they do great at getting what they can. Although it’s still in its infancy, Tennis TV is something worth having. 

This app provides you with various features like you can see live video streaming on multiple devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and a TV connected with apple Tv, etc. 

5. Tennis Clash 

Tennis Clash is a more realistic simulation than AO Tennis and is a great option for those with little time. Although it is a simple game, people love its simplicity and ease of use. 

Tennis Clash does not have an official license, which can be a problem for people looking for authenticity. It is also easy to make in-app purchases, so calling the game free might not be accurate.  

People can still have fun with the game, even if they don’t want to spend any money. This genre is full of simple games that people enjoy when they have spare time.  

There’s a lot of competition. This one is the best because it’s realistic and has a fun element for all players. 

6. SwingVision: AI Tennis App 

This app is very innovative and can be used to help players improve their games. This app keeps track of every shot and movement, which is useful when making improvements. 

SwingVision is still in its early stages, so some issues will arise. Both see the investment as an opportunity to elevate a game beyond its current level.  

The app can also be used to assist coaches in their normal duties. This app has the greatest potential of any of the available apps for tennis. 

SwingVision is backed by former players Andy Roddick, James Blake and many others. 


Mental strength is as important as physical training in a sport such as a tennis. APEAK is a mental skills training app that supports more than tennis.  

It allows you to do a self-assessment and then goes on from there. APEAK helps identify individuals with weaknesses and then does everything it can to help them improve.  

APEAK is a sports psychologist that can help a lot of people. They are great at allowing people to personalise everything, so it doesn’t feel empty. 

Apk knows this; hence, it has paid more attention to the development of the app so that it can enable the players to experience the extreme mental tennis game every time. Apeak Tennis has 1K+ downloading and has access to the iOS and Android operating systems. 

Apeak Tennis is one of the best tennis Apps built with unique features to meet the overall gaming needs of the users. This app encourages players to develop and strengthen their mental habits of gaming.  

Unlike any other physical sporting activity, metal gaming has many benefits. 

8. TennisPal 

To play tennis matches, you need only one person. However, sometimes it is easier to find a good opponent.  

TennisPal is just one of many apps that aims to connect players to find a challenge. They seem to be getting the most out of them all, largely down to what a player can do on the app.  

When players add a bit of information to their profile, the app works best. It helps you find partners who are compatible with your values. 

Honesty is the best way for you to find good matches. It allows you to find players and provides access to free courts and other services that can be used at any time.  

Players don’t have to search for the perfect match every time. 

9. TNNS 

The TNNS app can be used to create a hub for all kinds of tennis. This app is not just for WTA and ATP.  

It can be used for all types of tennis. You can also find information about ITF tournaments and Challengers. 

Live scores and updates are available, along with statistics that allow you to see what was missed. You can even see a play schedule to know when to return and see your favourite player. 

It is very user-friendly, and users are happy with what they offer. Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other apps, it does the job. 

10. Resulting 

Resulting is another excellent app that allows you to follow scores from all over the world. There are statistics, live scoring and push notifications, so no one misses any point. 

Although it provides more information than TNNS, it comes at a higher cost. Many feel it’s worth paying for all the features. 

 However, some don’t mind spending more. This is a great option for those who are only concerned about the final scores and matches.  

Although it is not ideal for large tournaments, it can be very useful for smaller ones that traditional outlets don’t cover. 

11. Tennis Manager 2022 

Tennis Manager is an outstanding tennis App which allows you to play in the big leagues. This app gives you the feel of a virtual world of tennis game experience.  

This brilliant App Tennis Manager 2022 provides a rich as intricate experience as one would wish from a tennis game management stimulator. You can start the game by creating your manager using a basic character creator.  

Tennis Manager 2022 doesn’t have much to offer regarding graphics, either on the court or when managing your players and academy. Although it is functional, the colour scheme is dull-looking.  

The app has 1M+ downloads and is designed for Android and iOS operating systems. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many great apps available with different types of features. You can choose the best app from the apps list according to your needs. You won’t regret downloading a carefully-chosen collection of these apps. These apps can make your work easy and fast. 

By using these apps, you can get information about courts and different types of players easily. You can also book tennis courts online and easily. You can also see different players’ history, upcoming matches and present details. 

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