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Tennis ball machines are an indispensable companion for players because they assist them in coordinating their feet with the stroke mechanism. By moving the players around the court, the machine prepares them for various shots.

Tennis players will have a lot of fun and improve their swing by using this fantastic tool. Tennis ball machines are expensive and out of reach for newcomers. A used tennis ball machine can help you save money while improving your game. 

Why Do Tennis Ball MAchines Cost So Much? 

Because of their high cost, most practitioners avoid purchasing tennis ball machines. They can undoubtedly provide you with the best training partner who will assist you in practicing whenever you want. They require a significant initial investment because of their high prices.

Tennis ball machines are expensive because they have special equipment with more moving parts and intricate electronics. They include a variety of settings that allow you to train at different speeds and alter characteristics such as height and more. Nevertheless, their complicated design and engineering are what drive up the price. 

The most basic models assist you in practicing various shot kinds. The more complicated ones allow you to change numerous settings to simulate a practice environment. You can easily alter the parameters to get backspin and topspin shots. Some machines even allow you to change the pace to offer you more practice time.

You may easily practice playing against powerful opponents and even lower the speed to practice to approach the net with these settings. The machine can also get configured to oscillate between low and high shots or from side to side. It can also be programmed to switch between forehand and backhand shots. 

Why Are Tennis Balls So Expensive?

How Much Do Tennis Ball Machines Cost? 

Tennis ball machines can cost anything from $500 for the simplest models to $5000 or more for the most complex. Choose a tennis ball machine with features appropriate for your skill level. Those priced under $1000 lack the characteristics that make the investment worthwhile. You look at models for about $1500 to find the essential features. 

Your level will determine how much you spend. For roughly $1500, you can get a decent one if you’re a beginner. If you’re an intermediate, you should budget between $250 and $3500 to meet your needs. Oscillation, mobility, wheels, ball carrying capacity, and weight, to name a few, should all be taken into account. 

Is it Worth Used Tennis Ball Machines?  

A training partner who is always available  

One of the most compelling reasons to get a tennis ball machine is to have a hitting partner ready to practice as much as desired. It enables you to improve your performance by practicing throughout the week. 

The practice is in your hands. 

The ability to focus on strokes you want to improve is a significant advantage of a tennis ball machine. You get to choose the type of stroke you want to practice and the length of time you spend doing it. You may wish to concentrate more on the forehand or backhand shots at any given time.

You may practice various types of Shots quickly and efficiently with a machine. Your practice is under your control. In any case, you don’t have to persuade someone to transition from one stroke or drill to the next. You’re not reliant on your partner’s practice to be consistent and accurate. 


Depending on where you place the ball, tennis ball machines can generate consistent shots. With a companion, this is more difficult. A skilled player might lose consistency and bore you by repeatedly feeding you the same Shot. It is not a problem with a machine because it will always stay consistent and never bored. 

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It helps to focus on the form. 

You can focus on your form by practicing using a tennis ball machine. This type of practice aids in muscle memory development, which is advantageous to performance. While you may always practice repeating strokes with a partner, they can only feed you so much. 

What Should You Look for in a Used Tennis Ball Machine? 


This feature is critical to your tennis ball machine’s functionality. You must also consider the machine’s weight, particularly if you purchase it online. 

However, delivery costs aren’t the only factor. Many larger devices are difficult to lift and carry, and you’ll be doing it frequently. You will dread going to the tennis court if you get a super-cool high-end tennis ball machine that is tough to maneuver and awkward to carry. You’ll also need it that’s not only easy to transport and tote but also fits into your car. 

The Battery Condition 

The battery condition may be the most significant disadvantage of old tennis ball machines. The battery will be the only component that does not perform at the same level as a new computer. Batteries deplete themselves in this way. The battery will maintain a charge for longer if the machine’s owner has taken good care of it. To obtain a clear picture of the battery state, make sure to ask how long it lasts. 


A used tennis ball machine protected by the manufacturer’s warranty provides further assurance. A machine like this will often cost a bit more than a similar device with a lapsed Warranty. The manufacturer may not be concerned with the name on the receipt and may honor the guarantee nonetheless. In some situations, the warranty may be limited to the first purchaser. 

Used tennis ball machines from a variety of companies are available for purchase. A reputable brand’s ball launching device, on the other hand, may endure longer than others. Consider the well-known names. 

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Lobster is one of the most dependable names in the ball machine industry. The majority of these devices are battery-operated and portable. 

Spin Fire 

It’s a well-known Australian brand that has released two models of a single machine. Despite its small selection, the denomination is known all over the globe for producing high-quality goods. 

Spin Shot 

You can choose from six portable tennis ball machines, each with distinct levels and styles, to suit any tennis player’s needs. 

Sports Tutor 

Unlike other brands, Sports Tutor is a little different. What sets it apart is that it also caters to the needs of other sports when it comes to ball feeding. Sports tutor ball machines can get used by volleyball, soccer, baseball, pickleball, and soccer players.

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