What Are Tennis Grand Slams? Different Types and Examples

what is a grand slam in tennis

Grand Slams are a type of tennis tournament. They are the most prestigious and highest-level tournaments in professional tennis. There is only one Grand Slam each year, which can be any four of Australia’s major championships – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon Championships, US Open – unlike the Masters Series 1000 events, ATP Finals, and WTA Elite Trophy, they account for the most ranking points – 2000.

The idea behind this post is to help people who don’t know what a grand slam is by explaining everything there is to know about them.

Why Is it called grand slam?

The term “grand slam” has been around for quite some time, but many people are still unfamiliar with the definition. It was used in many sports to describe the achievement of winning all four major titles. A grand slam occurs when a player wins all four of tennis’ major tournaments in one calendar year (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open). Similar to how in bridge it means to pull off all the possible tricks.

It is important to know the origins of words in order to better understand them. The term ‘grand slam’ has many different meanings, but it originated from a card game and was first applied to tennis when Jack Crawford lost the US Open final in 1933.

People began using it as a marketing ploy for other sports in 1990 as well as tennis and today people refer to any major tournament as a grand slam. This has led people who were once unfamiliar with tennis terminology to think that all four majors are Grand Slam events, which is quite inaccurate when looking back in history.

what is a golden grand slam

What is a golden grand slam?

A tennis golden grand slam is a term used in the sport of Tennis to denote when an individual player has won all four major championships in the same calendar year. The Australian, Wimbledon, French Open, and US Open are considered to be the four majors of tennis competitions. If you were able to win one of these tournaments during the same year as any other three then it would be coined as an “unfinished” or “partial” golden slam because there are only 4 major championship titles given out at any time period for this sport.

There can only be one winner per season for this specific type of win. The term refers to winning every round at a tournament in a single year which is almost not possible with four different tournaments each year.

The best players reaching this goal are Steffi Graff and Rod Laver. While the first managed to get a complete golden grand slam including the Olympics medal, Laver didn’t get to this feat. If you’re planning on competing for the titles of all grand slams, it will take more than just practice and determination–you’ll also need some luck to have it fall on an Olympic year.

What is a career grand slam? 

A career grand slam is when a player has managed to win all four major grand slams in tennis, in his career timeframe. This means that they have won the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. However, this does not mean it must be done within the same calendar year as their career.

Calendar vs Non-calendar Grand Slam

What is the difference between a calendar and a non-calendar grand slam?

A non-calendar grand slam is a term used to describe when someone has managed to win all four major tournaments in one year, but it doesn’t have to be the same calendar year.  which would mean a player won at four out of the four majors during two different years instead of just having them consecutively within 12 months, Like Novak Djokovic has managed to.  In this case, it might be not in a calendar year, for example winning the French, Wimbledon, US Open, and then the Australian Open, is not considered a calendar grand slam.

A calendar grand slam is referring to winning the four major tournaments in a calendar year timeframe.

Which is the most demanding Grand Slam to win?

If you’re looking for a challenge, Wimbledon and the French Open are currently your best bet. Grass courts require a unique skill set that is hard to master but once conquered can be very rewarding while clay courts demand more of an all-around game that’s tough to perfect.

The timing of when you play them can make all of a difference on where your opponent will strike next; as well their rhythmic flow or momentum while playing could also affect how successful someone might have been with winning matches at this particular surface type. Overall, the most challenging grand slam to win is Wimbledon and the French Open.

What Are The 4 Grand Slams?

The US Open – Flushing Meadows in New York

The US Open is a hard-court tennis tournament, played annually at the end of August or early September. It is the last and most important of the four Grand Slam tournaments in men’s tennis, coming after (in chronological order) the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. In spite of its position between two other major tennis tournaments, the US Open has its own identity and is not seen as simply a “Keeper of the Grand Slam Flame”, as it has its unique history and traditions.

The first edition of the event was in 1881 and it became “open” to professional players in 1968. Since 1987, the tournament has been played at Flushing Meadows – Corona Park in New York City.

French Open in Paris

The tournament takes place in May /June in Paris, France. Rafael Nadal is the most prominent player in the history of the French Open, winning 13 titles to his name.  The Spaniard is also a record holder with never having lost 2 consecutive clay matches.


Held at All England Club in Wimbledon, London, UK it is one of the oldest and most prestigious events played on grass court. The first edition of this event was held in 1877 and has been ever since then one of the most important tournaments in the tennis calendar.

The Wimbledon event is played on a grass surface and it has been one of the few major tennis events to stay on a grass surface throughout its existence. Roger Federer is holding the most titles, with eight.

Australian Open in Melbourne Park

The Australian Open is the first of the world’s four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, held each January at Melbourne Park.

The Australian Open has been one of the most prestigious tournaments in tennis for less than a century. It was held at Melbourne Park from 1905-1967 and is now contested by top-ranked players from around the world every January. In 1968, it became an open event that allowed professional players to compete as well – adding more prestige to this already important tournament.

Mats Wilander has won this prestigious competition on both grass and hard courts, making him the only player who can claim such distinction.

Most Grand Slams In Women’s Tennis

We all know the Williams sisters as some of the most dominant female tennis players in history. But who has won more Grand Slam titles in the female’s department? Serena Williams is just one spot behind Margaret Court at 23, but Steffi Graf, Helen Wills Moody, and Chris Evert have 22, 19, and 18 grand slams respectively.

Most Grand Slams In Men’s Tennis

The GOAT of tennis is a hotly contested topic and it’s not clear who will be crowned. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are all vying for the title with 20 titles each so far in their careers. Will any of them ever win 21? With Pete Sampras retiring at 14 grand slams won, he’ll never get his chance to claim this honor but we can’t say the same about these three contenders.

After the US Open in September 2020, Novak has gotten close to winning his 21st Grand Slam with 20 titles; but he lost it against Daniil Medvedev in the final. There is still time left for one of these players to break the level – to 21 grand slams  – there is always next year!

For Federer, It will be an amazing achievement if he adds more than one to his total in whatever time his career has left to run. With Rafa on clay dominating so much of the game, it’s not impossible that he would add two or three more French Opens before hanging up his racket for good.

But surely Djoko is your favorite to break even? He still has the best chance of finishing with the highest total- being the youngest and in the best form. But anything could happen over the next couple of years.

Which Grand Slam tournament is the most famous?

Wimbledon is the most famous Grand Slam tournament. It’s also one of the longest-lasting tennis courts in its history, having hosted the first-ever major championship back in 1877. It has been around for more than 140 years and continues to grow in popularity with both fans and tennis players alike. Each year it attracts huge public interest and draws crowds from all over the world to watch some of the best players compete for their chance at winning this prestigious title.

Final Thoughts

There are four different grand slam tournaments in tennis. The most famous is the Wimbledon tournament, which is also one of the oldest and longest-running competitions on earth!

A grand slam, in tennis, is a player who wins all four major championships of the year. The term was not originally used for one victory at a single championship but its meaning has been expanded to include multiple victories. It can be applied to both men and women players.

As you can see from this list, there’s a lot to know about these glorious tournaments that make up what we call “grand slams.” Whether it be how they’re won or who has accomplished them most often, we hope our article has been helpful for your curiosity needs.

We’ll leave you with some final words on why these tournaments have such an intimidating name – if someone wins all 4 of them consecutively without dropping any games at each event, then they’ve achieved something truly special. They deserve the title of “Grand Slam Champion.”

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