What Do Tennis Players Wear In The Cold Plus Practical Guide

what do tennis players wear in the cold

What do tennis players wear in the cold? This is a question that I am sure has crossed your mind at some point, but never found an answer to. Well, today I have the answer for you! 

Tennis players have many different options when it comes to what they can wear during a match in colder weather. They can choose from long-sleeve shirts, gloves, and headbands all of which will keep them warm and cozy while playing. Wearing a windbreaker and thermal socks can help a lot also to keep warmth within the body.

The answer is layers. You can layer up with a hat, gloves, and scarf in addition to your clothing for the day. Make sure that whatever you put on under your clothes provides warmth but also breathability so that moisture doesn’t build up underneath your outfit even if you’re working hard throughout the game.

This includes wearing layers of clothing, using appropriate footwear and socks to stay warm, as well as keeping your head covered with a hat or hoodie if it’s really chilly out. Don’t forget that you’ll need good grips on your racket too!

tennis apparel for the cold

What to wear to tennis in cold weather

Cold Weather Tennis Apparel

As the cold weather approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what you should wear if you plan on spending any amount of time in the bleachers. It can get chilly during the fall and winter months depending on where you live, so make sure to dress well.

It’s always important to stay warm while playing sports. But when it comes to tennis, you have an additional challenge of being outside for a long time in the cold weather. We recommend wearing two layers (a base layer and an outer shell) to keep your body temperature regulated during these times.

If you’re a tennis player that lives in a colder climate, then the cold weather is probably not your favorite time of year. The good news is there are some great clothing options available to keep you warm and comfortable on the court this winter.

It’s important to dress for the cold weather when playing tennis. If you’re playing in the cold and need some inspiration on how to dress, look no further.

  1. Warm socks

If you’re looking for some footwear to keep your toes warm, but don’t want the bulk of a heavy shoe – wear warm thermal socks.

You need warm, moisture-wicking tennis socks (wool or synthetic) and then an outer shell that will keep you dry but not overheat your skin with sweat. If you’re looking for socks this winter, make sure they are made of wool or synthetics like polyester which will maintain heat better than cotton does. 

  1. Windbreakers

Windbreakers are a great way to stay warm in the winter. They’re made of lightweight material that will  protect you from the windy days in the winter, while still keeping your core at a reasonable temperature so you don’t overheat and get too hot. Try wearing one for your next game.

  1. Light jackets

The best way for this is by wearing a jacket that can protect you from rain, snow, wind, and will also help regulate your temperature so it doesn’t fluctuate too much during play. Luckily there are plenty of jackets out there made specifically for sports like tennis which have all these features, head over to a gear shop and find them.

  1. Long sleeve tennis tops

Long-sleeve tops are a great way to stay warm and dry on those cold, rainy days that can creep up in winter months. 

Long sleeves will help keep your body heat inside and protect you from wind or air that could potentially be blowing on you during play. If long sleeve tops seem too constricting for some activities, thermal top layers can still provide warmth without compromising mobility. Be mindful of how much skin is exposed when deciding what type of clothing to wear while playing tennis outdoors.

The more clothing, especially long sleeves and tops with zippers or buttons for your hands will help you stay warmer.

  1. Gloves

I recommend wearing thin, but warm and high friction gloves when playing tennis in the cold.A pair of gloves can help keep your hands warm while still giving you a good grip on your racquet. 

Make sure that the gloves are thin but breathable so sweat doesn’t build up inside them or make them too bulky.

Make sure your gloves are thin enough so that they don’t mess up with your grip on your racquet. The right pair of gloves will make playing tennis on chilly days more bearable and help you maintain a better grip on your racquet. If you’re looking for one go-to solution when winter arrives, wearing gloves will usually never let you down.

  1. Sunglasses

It is important to understand how different clothing and gear can affect your performance in the game. For example, while sunglasses are a must-have on sunny days, they will be just another layer of protection against cold weather during the winter months. 

You may want to consider wearing them around your eyes only if you find that the area is becoming colder than usual – this way you keep more heat close to your body without restricting movement or visibility too much.

You can wear them under your hat or over it, but make sure they are not too tight. The best thing about wearing sunglasses during colder months of the year is that you will be able to see better when snow falls on the ground.

  1. Avoid skirts and shorts

For a lower body option, some players like wearing two pairs of tights or leggings and layering them on their calves or upper thighs. A skirt is not recommended as it offers little warmth and will likely keep warmth during high-intensity play. 

And while shorts may seem tempting because they offer more coverage than skirts, they also provide less insulation than pants so keep that in mind.

Skirts and shorts are great for warmer days but they can make you feel colder when temperatures drop. Consider wearing long pants or leggings under a skirt or short if you plan on going outside during winter months.

  1. Base layers

You may be surprised by how much of a difference wearing the right base layer can make. By trapping heat close to your body, long-sleeve thermal shirts are perfect for keeping you warm during winter activities like swinging a racquet. 

Avoid using short base layers when it’s cold outside since they have less insulation than anything else so they’ll just let more cool air get in contact with your skin which leads to quick cooling off.

  1. Warm tights

Wear a pair of tights underneath your shorts, skirt, or pants and you’ll be feeling so much better and warmer. They can be worn as a base layer or a standalone piece of gear, depending on your activity level and how much coverage you need.

  1. Hats

Hats are not just for ski slopes, but have you ever wondered why tennis players wear them? It turns out that hats help to regulate body temperature by absorbing sweat and releasing it back into the air. This keeps their head warm while they play in the cold. 

Make sure your head is covered with a hat that will keep your body heat from escaping as well as keeping those ears warm too. I also recommend using thermal headbands because they are great at keeping warmth in without being bulky like hats sometimes are.

  1. Hand warmers

When playing in the cold, it is essential to keep your hands warm and dry. One of the best ways to do so is with hand warmers which you can easily find at comfort shops. They are easy to carry around and will provide warmth for up to 12 hours which makes them perfect for those time periods when the temperatures dip below what we deem as comfortable.

The other option would be wearing two gloves but make sure that you still have control over your racquet. No matter how long you play, keeping your hands from feeling brittle due to freezing weather conditions should always be a top priority, especially in a sport like tennis that requires hand precision.

  1. Proper tennis shoes

You want to make sure that your feet are well protected and supported. A good pair of tennis shoes will help keep your feet warm and dry while giving you more traction on wet surfaces. 

If you find yourself in a situation where the weather is too bad for outdoor playtime, I encourage you to move indoors where the court is safer. In order to keep feet warm, dry, and protected from injury, it’s important to have proper winter footwear. The best option for this is a pair of winter tennis shoes with plenty of insulation so that water doesn’t seep through like in casual sneakers.

  1. Additional pair of socks and clothes

In the cold weather, it’s a good idea to bring an additional pair of socks and clothes in case your first ones get wet or sweaty. You can also exchange them if you’re not comfortable with what you have on. It’s always important to dress for the conditions, so be sure to think about those when packing that tennis bag before heading outside.

  1. A vest

In the cold winter months, it’s important to wear a vest under your jacket. This can be tricky because you want something that won’t get in the way of your swing. Vests designed for tennis players typically work best as they are lightweight and move with you when playing. 

You should also consider wearing a light vest over your base layer but make sure not to go too bulky or thick as this will make it hard to play

Final Thoughts

The cold weather can be a really big challenge for tennis players. If you want to stay warm and have your fingers, toes, body, and head all ready to go after the match is over then we recommend wearing appropriate clothes.

You may have been wondering what to wear while playing tennis in the cold. The answer is anything from a long sleeve shirt and pants, to shorts with warm tights! If your feet get too cold, make sure they are covered by thick socks for better traction. 

There are some tips that can help keep you warm and dry this winter season. First off, layer up! You want a light jacket made of synthetic materials with wicking properties so that sweat doesn’t soak through the fabric and chill your core. Next, consider wearing layers underneath—a long-sleeved shirt or thermal will do wonders in keeping heat trapped close to your body during playtime.

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