What Is A Breakpoint In Tennis?

A breakpoint in tennisis a situation that occurs in the game of tennis when the receiver is just one point away from winning. In simple words, it means that the receiving player can easily win the game by scoring the next point. However, the situation that leads to the breaking point in the game is based on two main conditions:

  • One of the players is just one point away from winning the match
  • Their opposing player is serving

It precisely occurs when the scoring combinations are 0-40, 15-40, 30-40, or when the server does not have the advantage of a deuce. Although winning the breaking point is not easy, mainly because the server has a higher probability of winning the game.

Is breakpoint important in the game?

While the breakpoint in tennis is seen as just another point by many people, they are of great importance because they can, thereby, twist and turn the whole match.

A breakpoint is considered as one of the tense and crucial moments in any tennis match. This clearly shows that breakpoint is important in the game, and they cannot be neglected or taken for granted.

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Moreover, a breakpoint in tenniscan turn out to be one of the great opportunities to break an opponent’s flow. They can change the whole game and should be handled with seriousness.

Since it is already known that winning a service game is much easier and more controllable than winning a return game, This shows that the server has full control over where they want to serve and can do so according to their preference.

Additionally, the returner has little or no control over this, as everything is set according to the server. All such facts make breakpoints the most important points in a tennis match.

What strategies can be implemented to win the game with a breakpoint?

Many strategic options can be used when the player achieves a breakpoint in a tennis match. They can either use the strategy that created the situation of breakpoint or some other situation.

The players can hit with all force and become the winner of the game, or they can play smartly in which the opponent player is already under pressure and ultimately makes some mistake during the match, which makes it easy to win.

Players should highly observe and note the opponent’s weaknesses, as it can be a great way of winning. However, if the player cannot conclude anything about the opposing player in such cases, the player should completely focus on remaining patient and waiting for the right opportunity to attack.

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This is particularly a stressful moment for the players, as one has a scoring advantage, and the other is trying their best to defend to keep the game on.

Points that should be noted while dealing with a breakpoint

Some points should always be kept in mind while approaching breakpoint in tennis. It greatly helps in playing the match carefully and with complete focus. The important tips are as follows:

  • Do not be in a rush to play- It is very common for players to be in a rush to play as they are dealing with a lot of stress, pressure, and anxiety. However, it is important to understand that the player’s best chances of success depend on completing the usual pre-point ritual. Well-known and popular players implement strategies to slow down at the time of breakpoint and deeply analyze their thoughts and ensure that they are in the zone.
  • Always try to stay consistent in the match- At the breakpoint, make sure to play as consistently as before.
  • Continue to do what you know- The best thing the players can do is play according to their comfort and convenience.
  • Execute your plan smartly- If you have a strong opponent, hoping for a mistake from their side is not enough. You need to execute a smart plan to win and attack the opposing player. However, serving gives the player full power of control over the opposing player.
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What is the difference between single, double, and triple breakpoints?

Assuming that the returner has reached a score of 40 and the server is at a score of 0,15,30,40. In any of the first three scores, the returner has the advantage of a breakpoint in which winning the next point could make the returner the end winner of the whole game.

  • If the server has not won a single point during the whole match, then the returner has earned three opportunities to break. This is called the triple breakpoint.
  • If the server is at a score of 15, in such a case, the returner has two opportunities to break. This is called the double breakpoint.
  • Lastly, if the server is at a score of 30, the returner should win the next point to break serve, or else a deuce situation will occur.

Facing breakpoint as a server

If you face breakpoints as a server, it is very important to stay calm and relax in such a situation. Although it is quite obvious that a lot of panic and anxiety comes along with it, you should use some smart plan to come out of the situation. The server should play the match with his whole focus and concentration on the situation at the breaking point, which will turn the game. Serving your first serve correctly will result in two main situations: either you will win the point then and there, or you will receive a weaker return that can be handled easily. You have full control of the game, and it is important to use this opportunity fully.

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Facing breakpoint as a returner

If you earn a breakpoint as a returner, your opponent will be under pressure and often make some mistakes. You need to observe these points and make perfect and aggressive shots to win the match.

Therefore, as a returner, your ultimate goal should be to hit powerful shots that put the opposing player in a challenging position. Use some important and useful techniques while returning to make a sure win.

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